Sunday, December 30, 2012

Follow Your Heart

Media says: "THERE IS AN ENEMY OUT THERE", and in order to be a man, one must be rugged, drink beer, play football, follow the leader, take orders, join the armed forces, and learn to fight and kill others to get what you want. Heart says: To be a man, be one of your word, display good character and compassion onto others, take only what you need, walk your own path, and know that your only enemy lies within. "Follow your Heart, not the Media". (((Deep Breath)))

Sunday, December 23, 2012


If man was left to play as a child, as he was intended, in this (((Magical))) Garden of Life" and not "Taught" to be an adult, he would yet be playing. "A Child Will Lead The Way", not an "ADULT". Play with your Pets and Children, let them show you the way. PLAY

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nature's way

Man is to be awakened by the radiant warmth of the sun, the singing of a bird, the trickling of a water fall, the sound of a wave on the shoreline, the crow of a roster, the laughter of his child, a kiss from his lover, the lick from his pet, and not awakened abruptly by an (((Alarm Clock))), only to hurry off to school and work, to try to make a living and get ahead, only to die shortly after, missing the JOY, WONDER, & SPLENDOR of the (((Miracle))) of Life its self. His daily activities should consist of stretching, exercising, hunting, gathering and eating well, quieting his mind, walking along a river, the ocean, through the woods, playing with his children, looking closely at a flower, the joy of a seeing a dolphin and the likes. This was mans life stile for thousands of years, "IT WORKS", it is Natures "Way", and the way of "Abundance" for "ALL".

Sunday, December 16, 2012


No one or thing can make you "Happy", ( so give up on that "Idea" ), its not going to happen, stop searching out side yourself. As, "Happiness" is a joyous feeling which radiates from within. It blossoms like a flower, and it is pollinated by the amount of "Gratitude" that one has for "LIFE". And once it has fully matured, it will not wither. (((Deep Breath))) and smile.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Master Within

In theory, the atoms that made up the body of Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammad, etc., are yet, ever present, "Here & Now", (((Radiating))) in all bodies. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within. (((Radiate))) outward Gratitude, Love and Compassion, and you will harmonize with the "Masters Within". (((DEEP Breath))) (((AUM)))


I do not believe that anyone who elevates their minds to that of the "Buddha or Christ" state of Consciousness would desire to be known as anything "Special", they would not possess the "Egotistical" desire for "Followers". They would not desire to have trinkets and statures, molded in their image, like a modern day sports star. They could only hope that they served as good examples to those that they inspired. They knew that "ALL were Connected", and therefore, that which one did onto themselves and others, they did onto the "Whole". They knew that "All" could do as them, and greater, as "ALL" were of the same Source. They were (((Enlightened))). Amen

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"The Marvel of Life"

If one does not fill complete, with who and what they are, and feels a need to worship some one or thing, than they need only to worship & cherish their own "Existence", as it is certainly a (((Miracle))). "A Dream Come True". "Count your blessings", as it is all for you. (((Deep Breath)))

Thursday, December 6, 2012

God is Inside Looking Out, Not Outside Looking In

No matter the appearance of mans madness, it is yet a part of the "Ultimate Program" and the Harmonic Rhythm of the Universe. I do not believe that there is a "Flaw" in all of "Creation. As if there was, I would not be writing this very statement, nor would there be a reader. (((DEEP Breath))) "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father". ~Jesus All are fractals of the "Father, and or of their "Source". None could be outside of their source, nor could the "Source" be outside them. There is no "Us & Them", nor, "Us & God. Ye are gods, (((Awaken))) Would not one consider that "Existence" itself, is a God like quality?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flow On

One needs not to elect officials and their militaries to led the way, one needs only to follow the bliss of their hearts, and Life will flow into place as it is designed. "All are pieces of "One" Cosmic Puzzle", "This must be Understood", and therefore, all must fit into their own "Unique" Position and play their own roles, and not the roles of others. "Life, is an Ebb & Flow", play your role, Ever "Balanced" as you go.


The "Idea" of "Us and Them" is an illusion, this, we must see clearly, as there is no separation; ( one from another, nor one from their Source ). In our deepest essence, we are who we pry to. Amen.


The "Idea" of "Us and Them" is an illusion, this, we must see clearly, as there is no separation; ( one from another, nor one from their Source ). In our deepest essence, we are who we pry to. Amen.

"Be On (((ALERT)))"

"The alignment of the planets are now upon us". (((Emanate))) Compassion & Gratitude everyday, from now on, into 2013. Lets be the "Critical Mass" necessary to make a Paradigm Shift in human Consciousness. "Heaven, is Here & Now on Earth", it could not exisrt in any other time nor place, so, it is time for the human species to act accordingly, and walk softly upon our Great Grandmothers Breast. "The Mental Gates must be opened". (((DEEP Breath)))

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pharaoh's Illusion

Man does not need "Ownership" to add to his ego's title to survive, nor is there really such a thing. Ones body does not even belong to them, just try to keep it from dieing. Ask any Pharaoh that was buried with their worldly possessions.


Death liberates one from their possessions.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


One who quiets their mind, just for a moment, realizes at this time that there is not "Thought" to take them here or there. There is no "Idea" of a Good or Bad. Here, they do not even know their name, nor what they look like. There is just a sensation of an (((Aware))) Presence. "This is the Seat of ones Soul". "I AM"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Your Will

Our "Will", is the "Commander and Chief" of every cell in our bodies. Our bodies are made up of colonies of "Individual Beings", that live and die, that procreate, ingest and digest food, they go to work and are bathed in the chemistry of our emotions. Yes, it is what one "Thinks, Drinks and Eats" that regulates and controls the One Hundred Trillion "Individuals" that make up the body that we call "ME". So "Free Your Will" and be responsible for your command. Think, Eat, Drink and Exercise well. "No one can do this for you". (((DEEP Breath))) This also expresses that who or what we claim to be, is not the body, we are the "Conscious Presence" beyond the make up of the form of the body. And it would not appear that something outside the body of matter can be born nor die, as it contains no substance to do so. Signed: "I AM"

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Root of Belief

In order for one to claim to be an "Atheist or a Believer", they first must define what they believe, or have been "taught" to believe, to be God. If one claims that God is an old white man with a beard, separate from all people, creatures and things, than I am an Atheist. But if one claims God to be an (((Ever Aware Presence))) that looks through all eyes and Is and sees all things, than I am a Believer. This (((Ever Aware Presence))) is centered in both the Believer and the NonBeliever, it enables both to contemplate and "Believe". Signed: "I AM"

Friday, November 23, 2012

Holly Day

"If man could convince himself that everyday is a Holly Holiday, he would tend to be more compassionate to others". Well, I can assure you that it is, every day, is a Holly Day, as (((Existence))) itself, is an "Absolute Miracle". All should be in "Awe" of its "Grandeur". With no time to be board nor angry. "Celebrate (((Existence)))". "Dance, Sing, Share and Laugh".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some say that, they do not care what other people think of them, but at times, it can be good to know


Both, the "Atheist and Believer", have to agree that there is an "Aware Presence" centered "Within" them, from which within they argue, and that, it is the same "Aware Presence" that is harbored in all individuals, and that, peers through all eyes. And that, without this "Aware Presence", there would not be a "Believer" or a non-"Believer". Both sides harbor mere "Beliefs", ( Ideas; words in alignment ), empty of any meaning, other than what their "Consciousness" lends it. Both sides make up "One Whole". And in the (((Silence))), both, the "Atheist and the Believer" loose their EGO identity, their false sense of "Self "and separation, as they merge into the "Whole of Creation". Both, the Atheist and the Believer can State that "I AM". Signed: I AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perfectly Clear

One can not explain something that they have not personally experienced, as one has to be moved by an experience directly to attempt to explain the feeling of that particular experience. One can not read in a book of another's interpretation of an experience and truly know the experience first hand. If one has not personally seen the ocean, walked through a forest, the mountains, or that has not given birth to their own child, will not truly know the feeling of those experiences. And in the same manner, one can not know God, they can only imagine what they have been led to believe by others to be God. So, put down the books of others, and "Know God first hand, by Knowing Thy Self". As, "Ye are gods". "Lets make this perfectly clear" and move along. Its time to live and let live.

The Long Run

In order for man to shed his fear of death and not having enough time to achieve his goals, he must begin imagining in terms of existing in an eternal, ever present reality,"Here & Now"; a hypothetical moment in which all that is and ever will be is happening all at once. Here & Now", there is infinite time to achieve what ever it is that one believes that they must achieve, even though "Here & Now" all that is or ever will be is already done. Man has termed himself as Human "Beings", not human "Doings". Relax, take a (((Deep Breath))), as you are in it for the long run.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

True Friends

True friends don't expect, they allow.


Those who judge, set down laws and police others, do not themselves care to live under another's laws, nor to be judged or policed. Just watch a police car speed by you that is not on an emergency call, or someone with diplomatic immunity breaking the laws. They are the hypocrites that refuse to "Live & Let Live". They busy themselves minding others business. They run for office or any procession of authority. They are the weakest link, and therefore, they should not be given a procession of power. They need a course on self esteem, and an understanding of their union of the "Whole" "Good journey to all".

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Be in the Flow

Legs were not meant for sitting, so travel, exercise, stretch, walk and dance when you can. Let you life be one of poetry in motion, and have compassion for your fellow man. Know that, no one nor thing, is separate for the other, this we must understand. Walk softly upon your Earth Mother and carry a big heart, sounds like a plan.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


When one attempts to add something to their "Central Identity", their "I AM-ness" within, such as a name, tile, status, religion, country, person, political party, a team, etc............, they lose their sense of "Emptiness", and hence, their true sense of "Liberation". When one realizes that their "Core Essence" is inherently empty of matter, meaning & purpose, name & form, good & bad, birth & death, they will be at peace in their "Ever Alert Omnipotence". They will no longer claim that "I am This and That". "They will just be, "I AM", ever (((Aware))), at peace in the "Stillness". "Be still and Know" that "I AM", no more or less. (((DEEP BREATH)))

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beyond Death

Ones who 'Fears "DEATH", will live an agonizing life, never truly "FREE" to "Live", as they will always be a little on edge, "Thinking" that there is only one possibility, one with a heart breaking "END", void of another awakening. They hurry and worry through life, and this creates fiction and wars, as they are not in the flow. One who "Knows" of the emptiness of their body and the genius behind the light that emanates its form, lives a full an "Wondrous" life, always "Knowing" that their very essence is based on an eternal principle that houses infinite possibilities. They know that they will always awaken, as from a dream. Look closer at your body with an electron microscope, and you will see that, your body disappears back into the "Light", and that "Life, is a dream come true". So, shed your fear, drop your weapons and "Dance in "WONDER". (((Awaken)))

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Will

This is a test to see if ones "Will is some what Free", "stop the chatter in your mind for just 1 minute, void of all "Thought". Ready, begin..................................................Times up. How did it go, Is your "Will" somewhat Free? Once one attunes their minds to the "Silence", if only for a few seconds, they will find that their individual "Will", their sense of being separate from the "Whole", disappears into the unknown, their body fades into "No Thing", and their (((Spirit))) becomes Everything. All are "ONE". (((DEEP BREATH)))

No Longer Will Man Slumber

Man will no longer "THINK" in terms of "Us & Them; (You & Me, my Country is better than your Country, this Religion vs. that Religion, my team is better than your team, this Oil Company is mightier than that Oil Company, this Bank vs that Bank, my Child is better than your Child, etc...........................................................................), as first of all, no one nor thing is anybodies, (not even your body), just die and find out, and plus, man has sense discovered that "ALL" are connected as "ONE" Collective Hive Consciousness, in which "Every one & Thing", effects "Ever one & Thing" else. Every thing "IS" because Everything else "IS". He now has discovered that, "Thoughts are Things", even though one can not see them, as one may "Assume" that a butterfly in flight has little if any effect on the whole, but we now know that it does. Nature is subtle,it can sneak up on you. Mother Nature can be fooled, but it is not wise. That which one "THINKS" or does onto another, they do onto themselves as a "Whole". Man will "NOW" act as "ONE" Unified Field of Conscious, in which he has ever been present. "Adam has (((Awakened)))". Amen

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Governed by Intent

If everything is because everything else is, than a Personal "Free Will" would appear dim, as everything is influencing everything else that has ever been or ever will be, as in the "Butterfly Effect". ( In order for a butterfly to remain in flight, its wings have to apply force on something, that applies force on something else and so on and on.............., causing a hurricane on the other side of the world and or, buffering one out). And "Thoughts" are things, they create a ripple effect. The Whole of Creation is a massive and all pervasive program that appears chaotic to our present linear minds, but there may be enough lift and or light in ones "Intent" to influence the "Whole". So let your "Intent be one of Sharing, Kindness and Compassion for others, with the realization that, "THE OTHER IS YOU". Lets once again reach the critical mass that it takes to align the "Whole" in harmony. "It is done".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mans only enemy lies within

If everyone in the world quited their minds at the same time, at that moment, there would be "World Peace". It is that simple. "Mans only enemy lies within".

Monday, November 5, 2012

Energy in Motion

Man, and or, the "Image" there of, are dancing light forms, electromagnetic projections, holograms, shape shifters, dancing within an "Alert, Unified Field of Consciousness" upon the backdrop of eternity. And ones "Intent" attunes them to the Harmony and rhythm of their dance. Let your dance flow with the grace of Love & Compassion. Dance.

Energy in Motion

Man, and or, the "Image" there of, are dancing light forms, electromagnetic projections, holograms, shape shifters, dancing within an "Alert, Unified Field of Consciousness" upon the backdrop of eternity. And ones "Intent" attunes them to the Harmony and rhythm of their dance. Let your dance flow with the grace of Love & Compassion. Dance.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inside Looking Out

Why must man demand a God? Can he not fathom deep enough into his core essence, into the center of his soul, into his "I AM-ness", of his God like attributes? Can he not see that "Existence" itself, and or, the (((Consciousness))) there of, is certainly God like? Can he not see that he procreates and has the ability to "Reason" amidst that which otherwise "Appears" to be chaos? Can he not see that his "Concept" of God, is just that, a "Concept", an idea, a mental construct? Can he not hear the silence of his eternal presence through all of the chatter of his programed mind? God, is inside looking out, not outside looking in.

In Between and Beyond

Look in between the pages of your religion, and beyond its covers into the (((Silence))) of your mind, and "Know that "Ye are Gods", and or, a fractal there of.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fit To Lead

One who can center themselves, and look beyond another's negative remarks and actions, into the core of the programing, pain and suffering, that brought the others remarks and actions about, will understand the ignorance at hand. They will forgive the other, realizing that the other knows not what they say and do, other "Wise", the other would not be sayings and doing what they say and do, they would be at peace with themselves. They understand that the other is mentally ill and seeks to find them help. They practice "Compassion". One who can center themselves, and look beyond anothers negative remarks and actions, is mentally sound and fit to lead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let Be Let Go

One who refuses to let something go, that they "THink" of as being negative, has not yet experienced something that Paramount's the negative experience at hand, to draw their "Minds" attention away, of this, "They can count their blessings". One must always kind in mind, that there is a lesson behind all experiences, (Like them or not), this is all one needs to know, to relieve their soul. "Let Be, Let Go".

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fair Trade

Man doesn't "Need" to make a profit from others to survive, he only needs to be fair to others, and All will be provided for without fret. "Nature is patient, it does not toil, and yet, all gets done. "Fair Trade leads to compassion". "Capitalism leaves little room for Trust and Faith", as most are out to get ahead of the other, and the quicker, the better. The Capitalistic attitude is:"Out of the way, it's a busy day I've got things on my mind. THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON lyrics > Us and Them Lyrics This attitude is not good breeding grounds for "Compassion". "Be a true community, trade fairly, Barter". "Love thy neighbor".

Indentured Servants

Man has been in slaved for so long that he doesn't even realize that he is a slave, as he marches off to work. No other species charges themselves to live on an otherwise free spinning planet. Man is intelligent enough to deceive and take advantage of his own species, makingthem believe that one can own property and charge another to live there, but when the so-called "Land Lord" dies, the truth of the matter is revealed. The Native Americans where said to have difficulties comprehending land ownership. Mans ego believes that he is superior to all other species, so he takes everything for himself. He has been become so disconnected from nature that he doesn't even see it vanishing. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, all that is made of matter will die, fade and rust. Man is "Here & Now" on a "Spiritual" journey, not a financial one, of this, he must awaken. Man is inherently a nomadic species, (hence his feet), so it is time to take down the fences, take a walk about, and allow Nature to once again flourish. He must keep in mind that just a little over 200 years ago, this grand Continent of the America was free to roam, it was a national park, the Garden of Eden, there was no land ownership. Lets go on a permanent vacation and elevate our consciousness. With mans technology, it is feasible. We must only convince the 1% of our population, (the money men) to allow for our "Spiritual" transformation. "It is done". Namaste

Friday, October 26, 2012


"POLITICS ARE OBSOLETE", we no longer have to send candidates to office to represent us. As, "We the people", can now vote on the current issues at hand via our computers at home. Lets do away with these silly ass so-called elections. And by doing so, we will do away with the corruption that is breads, the money they cost and the wars they wage. We will no longer have a division of government or of the people, (US vs. THEM), Democrat & Republican. Our house will no longer be divided. Our foudation will be strong. We will be world leaders in peace, not in war. I personally don't require a leader.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fill Your Soul

"Don't Fill Your Pocket, as it will never be full, Fill Your Soul". It is the emptiness that one fills in their soul that makes them, "Want" for more. When one no longer "Wants" for more, they will truly be full. Feed your soul, do away with the false "Idea" of separation, let it be, let go.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Conflict is From Within

"If you are carrying a gun, you are afraid", and their are other people carrying guns that are afraid. And, "Like begets like", bang, bang, your dead, its simple shit. Fear has led man down a dark treacherous alley. Man is not born with a weapon strapped to his side. "All conflict is from "Within". So, we all most attend to our own conflicts, we do not have to bring others down with us. "It is an "Inside Job". "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds." ~Bob Marley

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"When one finds that someone or something is running late, at this time, it would serve them well to close their eyes and meditate". As one who finds themselves in a state of "Waiting!" will become anxious. Take advantage of this spare time, "Close your eyes, take a ((( Deep Breath ))) and relax. You will then be glad that your plans were delayed. Namaste

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Am

No one is born a Jew, a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, a Buddhist, an American, Russian, Indian, Japanese, a lawyer,carpenter, sailor, a Republican, Democrat, etc....................................................................,these are all titles handed down from one generation to another. In fact, no one is really Marry, Paul, Jane, Dick, Sally, Sue or any other name. Names and numbers are used, via mans liner mind to catigorize people, places and things, as it can not continplate the omnipresence of all that is, all at once. All come into this world nameless, and go out nameless. Our true identify is empty of name and form, meaning and purpose. "I Am that I Am", no more or less.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ever Wonder

What happens to the treasures that are found in the castles of the World Leaders, that are currently being over thrown by U.S. "FORCES". Are they shared equally amongst the people of that nation that were robed by their Leader, or are they stolen by the invaders, and then delivered to a select few? I haven't received a bar of gold nor a check in the mall. Have you? Maybe today. It may be a bit bloody, but it can be cleaned up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blessed are We

In order for our precious Earth Mother to mend her wounds, that man has etched deep into her Life Line, we must find a new form of housing and trade, one that carries a negative "Carbon Imprint", always giving more then we take, as any good guest would to their host. Man must delve deep into his soul and do away with his ego's "Wants", and only take what he "Needs". There is plenty to go round. With our technology, and sharing equally, man would no longer need money nor jobs, seldom would we need to "Work", and hence, all would once again have time to roam this beautiful "Heavenly Garden", as the nomadic species that lies deep in our nature, time to reharmonize our souls with Nature, realizing that our (((Existence))) in the depths of "Eternity, is absolutely astounding. All will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are truly blessed". Amen, So be it.

Occupy Wisdom

A people should not be ignorant enough to "pretend" to vote for a someone that they do not even know, and most, don't even know themselves. And anyone can be made to look good on TV, but one needs to look in their closet. Every local township has its own governing body, this is all we need, if we need them at all. We do not need someone who "Wants" to lead, we need a leader. And, a leader can not, and needs not, be elected, as it is known in the peoples hearts that they are leaders. Start teaching "Philosophy", which translates as, the (Love of Wisdom), to your children and local community, and there will be no need for anyone to be governed. "Politics is breeding grounds for Corruption", and it is rancid. "Incorporate Wisdom", and do away with "Politics", its kinder and cheaper. "Know thy self", so that you may know the other as yourself". "Awaken"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God Is Inside Looking Out, Not Outside Looking In

Although man has been led astray, programed in his current beliefs, do to his own ignorance and insecurity, I believe that he can be guided back into the (((Light))), in this, the information age, just as we are doing here, sharing information via the computer. All it takes is just one "thought and or idea" to change ones mind. It has happened to me many times throughout life. As a child, I was "taught" the Christian religion, but it didn't click with me, it was not heart felt, so I did my own self investigation. And now I am free, without need for an "Imagined" Man Like God to except me back into his flock. I now know that I am an "Aware" particle of the entire "Being" that man calls God. I know that none could be outside their source, that God, and or "Awareness, the I AM", is inside looking out, not outside, looking in". "Ye are gods" so "Unite" and use your God like talents and sine the (((Light))).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Here & Now

There is no Heaven elsewhere, you are in it "Here & Now". Nirvana, can only be "Here & Now". Hell, can only be "Here & Now". There is nothing outside the "Here & Now". Notice closely, that it is always "Here & Now", there is no escaping it. Therefore, "Heaven and Hell" are merely states of mind, located "Here & Now". So, if one does not like their present view, they need only to change their present perspective, or go into the (((stillness))), which also exist "Here & Now". We appear to have eternity to change our perspective, as "Here & Now" needs no time nor space to support it. It is yet "Here & Now", from beginning to end and in between, life itself, is a magical dream. "So, dream of always being in Nirvana, because in Nirvana, you have always been". ((( Awaken ))) Adam to his "Child Within".

There is Another Way

It is no longer about making more jobs, as technology is making manual labor obsolete, and most industries are technicians in manufacturing items with planned obsolescence in mind,( they want their items to break ), so that they can make and sale new ones, this madness allows the insane game of capitalism to play out at a deadly pace, devouring our "Only" living host,our Earth Mother. Man must now recognize the difference between his "Wants and Needs". No one "Needs" to make money to get ahead of another to thrive upon this Heavenlyrealm. This is childish behavior, it is mans "Insecurity" that makes one "Want" more then another. No other species charges themselves to live here upon this free spinning planet. It is time to grow up. It is time to recognize our "Oneness" and use our technology to supply everyone with their "Needs". It is about leaving the smallest carbon imprint as possible upon of Earth Mothers back. Man has occupied this planet for thousands of years without charging one another to live here, he bartered. It is time to use our technology to give "All" more leisure time to engage in their "(((Spiritual Awakening))). Man is not here, out in the mist of eternity, in a infinite universe to make money, plus, all that he acquires will be left behind, dust in the wind. He must recognize that he is here on a "Spiritual Journey", not a financial one. Close your eyes, take a (((Deep Breath))), and (((Awaken))).

Sunday, October 14, 2012


"It is seldom that one learns from those who agree". So, let them attack, it is a good thing, it makes one stand in question of the belief that they have "Adopted". And, the more willing one is to fight in the defence of their belief, the more it displays their lack of faith therein. Truth needs not a shield nor sword as it stands naked before you. One who has complete faith in their belief will not raise their voice nor arms against another in the defence there of, they allow for its genius, and " Let it Be ". They stand on solid ground. How firm are you in your belief?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Emanate Love & Compassion

Attempting to oppress the oppressors, is yet oppression. Insecurity breeds hatred and aggression. Ones willingness to fight for peace, is yet their willingness to fight, as "Like begets Like." The law of attraction joins intent with a like action. Fighting for peace is yet war, the reality of this truth we can not ignore. Allow, except, and let go, and inner peace will fill your soul. Emanate Love & Compassion.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


One who holds animosity for another, are themselves emotionally unstable and are in need of guidance, plus harboring animosity will only eat away at the health of the one that harbors it, while the other has excepted that their act was justified, and skip merrily away. Here, one must also keep in mind is that, what they do not like about another, may be something that they do not like about themselves. This deserves an honest and thural investigation of thy self. And if this does not hold true, than one must take into consideration the sickness of the other and be glad that they are not in their heads. What ever the case may be, see the experience as a stepping stone towards your own ((( Enlightenment ))). Good journey to all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"Drop your shield, put away your sword, and bare your own cross". Set your slaves free, whoever, or whatever, they may be.

Universal Understanding

Universal Understanding "Rich and Poor", are obsolete terms, in the New Age of "Equality". All have now centered themselves in the complete understanding , that All are connected as "ONE Conscious Being", therefore, as a collective, we now know, that the parts effect the "WHOLE". ( If one lost an arm, it would effect their entire body ). We now know that "ALL Thoughts, and or Actions", from everybody everywhere, changes the frequency of the our "Collective Being", as a butterfly in flight effects the weather patterns across the globe. Here, what one does onto themselves, or onto another, they also do unto the "Whole" of Creation, and the higher the spiritual frequency of the parts, the higher it raises the frequency of the "Whole", as ( Like Begets Like ), giving man God like abilities. United we fly, divided we flounder. "Fly". All now share equally the bounty of our Great Grand Mother Earth, with Her well being "FIRST" in mind. Love & Light to All

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lead, Don't Follow

A true leader is not elected, they rise to the top via their good deeds, such as, the Buddha, the Christ, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohamed Gandhi. So do away with your so-called elections, as they breed corruption, and attract the feeble minded, like a moth to a light. Be like those that I mentioned above, be your own leader, and for others, you will shine like a beacon in the night. Do not worship the "Spiritually" minded beings of your religions, be a "Spiritually" minded being. Amen

Monday, October 8, 2012


" FEAR ", is self defeating, it is the absence of the "Understanding" of the "Genius" behind ones own existence. It has no reality in and by itself, it is an impostor, disguised as, F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal. There can be nothing out of place in the "Genius of Existence", as all is in "Exact" order, all at once, "Here & Now". So, step up to the plate, and except the "Exactness' of this "Eternal Moment", as it is custom made by, through, and for you. Allow for, observe, learn from,"Know" and let go. ((( Deep Breath ))).

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Know Thy Self

Those who do not see the ((( Mgic )))have not yet looked close enough at life.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who Could Want for More

Desire or "Want" as you will, but it will not be until ones "Wants" subside that they will truly be free from mental slavery, the bondage of ego. In the silence there is no "Want", as here, all are full, ((( Deep Breath ))) and let go, be in the flow. It is believed that ones "Intent" is the ruling principle upon what they receive, so let your intent be one filled with compassion, and let it be. Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man That he didn't, didn't already have. Be full in the ((( Magic ))) of Existence itself, as without it, one could not "Want".

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Consciousness is Eternal

Lost in a dream, believing that we are awake, becoming personal with our surroundings, even though, close up, they are fake. Energy in motion, light trapped in a black hole, spinning in a cosmic ocean, thinking that we know. Our common denominator is ((( Awareness ))), as all "Conceive", and can claim that, "I AM". Keeping in mind that it is all an illusion, is helpful to understand, as it subsides the anxiety that pledges the minds of man.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Want & Need Are 2 Different Things

A society that teaches its members to "Want" more then they "Need", is a society destined to be pledged with greed, vanity, gambling, corruption and war, and this society will destroy its own environment. This practice is called "Capitalism", (to capitalize, to gain and or, take advantage of others ). One can make the most money when others encounter great lose. For one to gain, others have to lose, tension is on. "It is a society of anxiety". Man has survived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years without currency, he shared and bartered, It was "Fair Trade", and the Nature flourished. It is time to act from a place closer to the heart, and reconsider our form of trade and only take what we "Need'.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beliefs Change

One who becomes offended when another "Says" something that challenges their current belief, be it in religion, politics, sports, etc..... is not firm in their belief "Period". "Oh ye of little faith" that would "Allow" a ripple of "Thought" to become a tidal wave of war. Lay down your weapons of fear, and live and let live".

Friday, September 28, 2012

Financial Wealth

If all were financially wealthy, man would have already destroyed his environment, and therefore, would no longer be a guest upon his great Grand Mother Earth. Just observe what is happening in the money arena today, it doesn't matter what people make their money in, as long as they are making money, even if they are investing in prisons, violence and death onto their own family of man, and dumber yet, in the destruction of their own "Living Planetary Home". We must find a kinder form of trade, one with the well being of all other "Sentient Beings" in mind. One closer to the heart. Its time to barter, as there are enough "Things" already made. Let go.

Evolution of Consciousness

If all were financially wealthy, man would have already destroyed his environment, and therefore, would no longer be a guest upon his great Grand Mother Earth. Just observe what is happening in the money arena today, it doesn't matter what people make their money in, as long as they are making money, even if they are investing in prisons, violence and death onto their own family of man, and dumber yet, in the destruction of their own "Living Planetary Home". We must find a kinder form of trade, one with the well being of all other "Sentient Beings" in mind. One closer to the heart. Its time to barter, as there are enough "Things" already made. Let go.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


"Sex is not a sin, it is an instinct".

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Kingdom

Most have become so accustom to perceiving that there is an outside God, that they can't even imagine that their "Source" lies within. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you". "Its closer then your body".

There You Have It

The "Moment",(((Here & now))) is custom made by you, via your intent, observe closely. And if you discover that you would like change, then change your intent.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


One who is willing to fight over their belief, has little faith there in.


"I claim no religion", and yet, I feel full, connected to my source, with an inherent Love and Compassion for all beings.


One who knows, in their deepest essence, that they are one with their (((Source))), have no need for a religion.
What would appear to be good of the "Whole of Creation", is to "Let it Be", as it knows "Exactly" what it is doing to the highest degree.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Share Equally

Our collective effort as a species has brought forth where we are today and our technological advancements, it is time to share the rewards equally. Whether one is a factory worker or the owner of the factory, a corporate solider or the corporation that leases the solider to support the oil war, all have contributed, one to the other. As, there would not be a factory without the employee, nor a war, without the solider. It is the public who unknowingly pays for the bailout of other countries and corporations. It is the public that is being robbed of their money, and homes. Americans should at least be receiving free gas from the oil companies, as they pay for the equipment, room and board, and the transportation of their own "Children" to and from the war zone, if their "Children" make it home. If the tax payers no longer played in the game of "Dirty Politics", and refused to vote into office the 2 people, a (republican & a Democrat), that the corporations put forth for them to vote from, they would no longer be held responsible for the Governments dept. In fact, the tax payers should hold responsible the gov. officials responsible for robbing the peoples money from them and make the gov. officials pay for their own dept. If the gov. wants to tax someone, let it be themselves, as they are soley responsibly for the dept and the so-called war.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let it Be

There is simplicity in the complexity, order in chaos, or nothing would "BE". It is just that it all is happening at a higher vibration of light,a faster frequency, then the human eye can see. It obviously knows what it is doing, so "Let it Be".

A Plea to All Religious Leaders Across the World

"(((Please))) make a truce with one another", if only for 1 month, it will throw "Corporate Politics" for a loop. As they will have no one to point at while they are robbing the world of Its resources and Its people of their freedom. They will be exposed for the thieves that they are. They are the lost members of the flock and their numbers are small. This can be done. "Shut them down Now!". "It is in your hands", move on it. Amen

God Needs No Religion

Those who believe in the "POWER!" of God do not need a religion to support It, as It stands on its own without needing to be propped up by churches and followers. God is not to be idolized, as It is not some -" THING" that possesses an ego that feels a need to be obeyed, prayed to and worshiped. These are the traits of man, not of God. Man has created God in his own image, not vice verse. It is time to see God as a "Conscious Light Being", emanating "ALL" images all at once, looking through all eyes. Anything that needs a religion, to "Validate" it, is a lie. God needs no religion.

Led to Believe

Just because one has been led to believe that there is only one way of looking at something, be it in their belief in themselves, a God,religion, a flag,their school, water, etc......, does not mean that there is not another view. And in a world of infinite possibilities, "Wrong and Right" are relative terms.


"For ones mind to fully be open, it must be in the silence".

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It is not me who contains this information that I put before your eyes, as my mind is but that of a conduit,a transmitting and receiving device. I am not sitting here "thinking",("What am I going to write next?"),I await the information to channel through me and I take notes. I have no idea how the information will assemble its self. I have to read over it to see if it makes sense and holds a bit of truth. I am but the valley within the river that flows, I am a mere conduit,a TV set,radio, a computer. Man can only create or invent that which he is, but at a lesser degree then he is. We are conduits, so we naturally invent conduits,"As above so bellow". I am but that of a messenger. So, "if ones finds themselves becoming upset and personal with the information that is laid out here before them, may themselves live in doubt of the power in their own belief. It is something that is lodged within their own minds. As, one who is firm in their belief, fears no challenge. "IT IS A KNOWING", not a mere "belief". "True Love" is impersonal an unconditional", it can be felt in the silence Good journey to all.


One who gives with the intent to receive, will never know the true meaning of giving.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just Asking

So, lets get this straight, if the alleged terrorist who were directly responsible for 911 died in the tragedy that day and "if Iraq was not involved with 911 and there was no weapons of mass destruction found in the country as stated by the U.N. investigators before the attack,and if there was, they were not used.
And Bush has claimed that his biggest blunder of his administration was receiving false information from his sources that caused him to send (Our Children) to attack Iraq in the first place.
Here,if he is saying that his attack on Iraq was wrongfully done, then "Why are we yet over there and attacking more oil bearing countries that were not a problem and that were once our allies that the U.S. gov. sold weapons to?
Shouldn't we be aiding and apologising with deep regret that so many have been tortured and killed over a blunder.
Do the U.S. tax payers want to have blood on their hands by aiding this insanity.
Call your children home.
As things are sounding a bit suspicious.
Is it just a coincidence, an act of God,could it be Greed,has any one figured it out yet.
"JUST asking".
Good journey to all.

A Plea to All Religious Leaders Across the World

"(((Please))) make a truce with one another", if only for 1 month, it will throw "Corporate Politics" for a loop.
As they will have no one to point at while they are robbing the world of Its resources and Its people of their freedom.
They will be exposed for the thieves that they are.
They are the lost members of the flock and their numbers are small.
This can be done.
"Shut them down Now!".
"It is in your hands", move on it.


Flags are false idols and they are worshiped in all countries across the world,which artificially divides one from another, "Us vs. Them". It is childish behavior,(we are better then you). If one must worship and fly a flag, let it be one of the Earth, not one of division. Good journey to you my friend.


Even the Atheist has been given the Conscious" ability to "Believe".
(((Awareness))) is the common denominator for both the Atheist and the Believer in a separate outside God.
Both can stake claim to, and say that, "I AM".
A Creator & or a God is not necessary for something that always has been and always will be.
(((Awareness))) contains no substance to be given birth nor to die. It is ever present Here & Now". And "Here & Now" it has forever been.
Substance is an illusion, as it is in our so-called dreams, and one can not destroy "Emptiness".

"I AM"

A Dog Chasing Its Tail

"One can not find God, nor do they need to, as they are God".

"All are God".
Nothing could be outside Its vessel.
So cut through the chase and use your God Inherent Powers,"for Gods sakes!".

Monday, September 17, 2012

Find Your Spot

Whatever ones "Passion" is, follow it,if at all possible,as it is the key that opens the door to ones (((Bliss))), their calling in life.
All are encoded to preform a certain function for the "Entity of Existence" to take place, just as other species have their orderly fashion of behavior for survival.
Everything Is, because everything else Is.
And when all are in proper firing order, the machine runs smoothly, all cylinders are in sync.
But, when one does not find their calling in life because "they have to go to school and make a living" elsewhere in another Field,at random,they begin to feel empty, and life is just so,so.
Plus, it throws the machine out of balance, friction begins and the whole system suffers until failure takes place.
This is what is happening now upon this magnificent "Living Vessel of Life",Mother Earth.
It is going into failure do to our species being out of sync.
Solution, "find the child's interest early in live, and gear their studies around it, and place them in that area.
"Like a thief in the night",All will be more content,the system will run smoothly, and the joy of Heaven on Earth will be known.
"Find your spot".

most are missing this door as modern society


Bullying is nothing but the extension of ones own insecurities aimed at another in the attempt to rise above them. It is a back handed compliment. Have pity on the "Bully's, as they are weak.

Heart Felt

None have the power to break anothers heart, as ones heart becomes broken over their own expectations of the other.
No expectations, no broken heart.
Every one has their luggage.

A Run On Sentence

OK, so here we are within the absolute (((Magic))) of "Existence" its self, all interconnected within the labyrinth of Awareness, beating all odds that "LIFE" itself could take place,aboard a "Beautiful Living Star ship,with sisters and brothers of all colors,leaves,fins,feathers,faces and furs", moving at a high velocity through space and time, all in the same moment,(Here & Now),aloft the Heavens in the mist of eternity, existing in a universal field of infinite possibilities, thought forms, emanating fields of energy,dancing within the light, with the innate ability to stand in question of our own "Being", and most "WANT" for more, acting as if nothing special was going on as they go about their day, as most have lost sight of this mystery.
So, lets change our current paradigm of "Thinking", and do something with this (((Magic))).
Stop charging one another to live here. Take down the fences,allow Nature to gather Herself from our abuse, and delve into our "Spiritual Union with one another and come to the realization that we are "ONE" with who we pray to.
"As, the same (((Universal Awareness))) that looks through my eyes looks through yours.
There are not many, there is only "ONE".

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wake Up!

If Jesus returned today, would he be a Christian, a Jew, or do you think that at this point in time he would skip all of that, and ask,
"What the "F_ _ K" is wrong with you people?!".


If Nature had the "Vengeance" of man, man would have been annihilated by Her long ago for his abusive behavior onto Her "Cornucopia of Life".
It is a "SLAP!" in Her face, it is a crime to the highest degree.
How dare the children smite their only Mother.

Sticks and Stones

"Wars cost a lot of money".
So, the smaller the "Bank", the less money there is to support "War!",the less suffering there is, less debt to the public and less money is made by the wicked.
No bank,no war.
Let the wicked and the misguided fight on their own, with
Sticks and stones.

Silence is Golden

Our true nature would appear to be "ONE" with the "Silence", as from the "Silence" we come, and back into the "Silence" we go.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Impersonal Observer

Any time that one notices that their mind wonders off and begins to compare or judge another,pull back from it into the "Silence".
As in the "Silence", is your home.
"I AM"

Separation is an Illusion

When I look into the mirror, who is it that sees,who is this invisible inner conscious something that is looking at me?
And who is this me, this outer garment of flesh from which within, I can claim that "I AM" and perceive myself to be.
Is this the "Great I AM", that man spoke of throughout antiquity.
The "I AM" that looks through all eyes and sees all things.
The "I AM that I AM" is "ONE
This is why it has been said,that, "That which one does onto another,they so too, do unto themselves", as in reality, "ALL are One", one is the other.
Therefore, when one is at "WAR!" with another, they are at "WAR!" within themselves.
And when one shares Love & Compassion with another, they share Love & Compassion within themselves.
"Do yo wish to be at "WAR!" or in LOVE?".
"Separation is an Illusion".
"Love thy neighbor as thy self", because, that's the "REAL DEAL".

Friday, September 14, 2012

"In the silence there is no argument".
Lets meet there.

"Righteousness" Kills".

The Child is here to teach the adult to "PLAY", to remember the "Joy" in their hearts that has been covered up by layers and layers of programed assumptions, all gathered from the fruit from the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil".
In the Garden of Eden, nothing was believed by Adam, (Man), to be either "Good or Bad", everything just was as it was,(no more or less), everything flowed in harmony, no question was needed to add nor subtract from the perfection of the "Moment".
And it is of this limited belief of a superficial "Good & Evil" that takes man off to war.
"Righteousness" Kills".
There is an "Ultimate Good", and it can be witnessed only by "Letting the "Moment" Be", and allow for it's "Genius" of Creation to unfold before us, as it does for "ALL of Life".
"All are provided for", nothing goes unnoticed.
Man, is the only species that is holding things up.
It has been said that, "A Child shall lead the way", so "Allow" for them to uncover the joy in ours hearts, so that we can once again dance with the rest of the Universe.
"Dance On".
(((Deep Breath)))

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Follow your Heart, not the Dollar

If our children were conditioned by the philosophy of "Wisdom" and its practice of (((Compassion))), as much as they are "Vanity, Sports and Violence", our world would be less competitive and more at peace.
As, "Like Begets Like".

Why doesn't "Wisdom" get the air time that "Vanity, Sports and Violence" does?
Could this be by plan.
Could grown adults be so lost that they are willing to entice our children off to "WAR! for the "Almighty Dollar?"
"Is this what is happening?".
"Follow your Heart, not the Dollar".

Be Still

It is how one "Believes" that makes them act this way and that.
(((Still))) the mind, and there will be no "Belief" to act on.
"If "ALL" people from across the world (((Stilled))) their minds at the exact same time, there would be "World Peace", if only for a second.
Be still and know that "I AM".

History Doesn't Need To Repeat Itself

If not for the soldier, there would be no "WAR!", let the "WAR Makers" fight for their own "Insecurity" of "GREED".

It will not last long, if it takes place at all, and there will be millions less casualties to all "LIFE Forms",trillions saved, and massive amounts of emotional energy will be conserved to be used in a positive fashion.
All "WARS!" have been over the insecurity of "Temptation & Greed",(someone is trying to add to their sense of self).
The History of "WAR!" is recorded to learn from, not to repeat with the same preconceived vengeance of ignorance, over & over,again & again.........,as this is insanity.
Parents, find peace within yourselves, so that you may transfer it to your children.
Or better yet, learn from the wonder and joy in your children's eyes and hearts, before they are tainted by adult "Programing". "The Child shall lead the way".
As those who find (((Peace Within))) themselves, do not march off to "WAR!"
The "WAR Makers!" are mentally disturbed and it can be contagious, become immune, find (((Peace))) within your soul and pray for them.
("History Doesn't Need To Repeat Itself!")

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acts of Kindness

As long as man continues to teach his self to believe that he is not quite enough in being who he already is, he will continue to feel a need to add to his sense of self by giving his self awards and trophies for his accomplishments to feed his ego,here,he will never find inner peace, as he will always feel that he is lacking someone or something that he needs to make him whole.
On the other hand, if he would begin to award his children by teaching them that they are already whole in who they are, and teach them of the inner gift that they will receive from the "Acts of Kindness", he will find peace on Earth.
The "Act of Kindness" is the greatest gift that one can bestow upon another.

(((Deep Breath)))

Mother Earth

Man must learn to see Heaven as being here on Earth, a beautiful Living jewel in the mist of eternity from which he was given birth.
He must no longer see Nirvana as a place up high.
He must treat this planet as if it was his Mother and as if his Father as the Sky.
He must stop spraying his deadly chemicals into the air that "All of Life breathes.
He must stop poisoning our foods and punching holes in our Earth Mothers flesh to extract her oil and spilling it in her bountiful seas.
"He must stop with this "Make Believe" Money Thing" and believing that with it, he will get ahead.
He must see that "ALL are Connected as "ONE" Living Being",and that what he does onto the part, he does onto everyone and everything.
He must see that separation is merely an illusion, and that his battle is merely in his head.
This he must see, or he will no longer be, as the Living will be dead.

There is no math to be done here people, it pretty simple shit.
"If you Abuse it, you Lose it!".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The irony is that the Federal Reserve, (which is not Federal at all), can legally print any amount of money, at any time they want, and get away with it, (must be nice), but yet they want for more. It comes from them and goes back into their World Banks revolving door. And there is nothing to back it, another irony. The population gives it its only value, as in truth, it is worthless, as one can not eat it, but yet people will kill over it, another irony. therefore, World debts are a lie, as it is all make believe, a "Monopoly Game" for the insane. So, it is not about the money, it is about the "Power" that man has learned to give it. We do not "NEED" their dirty money, let them keep it. "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar". "Money takes, Barter Gives". "Barter".

Home Land Insecurity

We are told by our government that we are a "FREE" country,with the freedom of speech,but yet,one feels that they have to be careful upon what they say in public about our government.
This is not true "Freedom".
This is a dictatorship.

Know Thy Self

Those who identify via their worldly possession's loose touch with their core essence, their "Union Within the Whole",they are lost, so they live in a constant state of "FEAR" and "Anxiety", and hence, they "Believe" that they need to be found.
So, they begin to (((Imagin))) an "Outside God" and a savior, a messsinger,(a Hero) that this God will send to find and save them from themselves.

But a Wise one knows that they need for little, and that their core essence is empty of worldly possession's, as empty are they when they come into this world and empty will they be when they go out.
They always feel Whole from Within, as they have come to,"Know Thy Self".
They know that "I AM that I AM", and here,they are (((Full))).
That is all they need to know".

"The Egyptians proved that you can't take it with you no matter what you reap or sow, and I have yet to see a Hurst go down the highway with a U-Haul in tow".

The (((Messinger))) is ever present,(Here & Now), so be your own Hero and "Know Thy self".
Signed: I AM that I AM, no-thing more or less. (((Deep Breath)))

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Man can no longer pretend that he can put an "Individual" into a position of "Ultimate Power" and not expect that individual to become weak to the "Temptation of Greed and Power". We have witnessed this downfall of man sense the beginning of recorded history.
This is the Temptation that Christ was said to have been given via the Devil,(the dark side of man, the misguided half, his mind set), his belief that he is separate from the Whole.
There have been many studies on this, such as:

The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted at Stanford University from August 14 to August 20 of 1971 by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.[1] It was funded by the US Office of Naval Research[2] and was of interest to both the US Navy and Marine Corps as an investigation into the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners.

Twenty-four male students out of 75 were selected to take on randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. The participants adapted to their roles well beyond Zimbardo's expectations, as the guards enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some of the prisoners to psychological torture. Many of the prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, at the request of the guards, readily harassed other prisoners who attempted to prevent it. The experiment even affected Zimbardo himself, who, in his role as the superintendent, permitted the abuse to continue. Two of the prisoners quit the experiment early and the entire experiment was abruptly stopped after only six days. Certain portions of the experiment were filmed and excerpts of footage are publicly available.

War Crimes


Immediately Notify your Commanders and Chiefs; (the "CITIZENS" of your country), "TO WHOM YOU SERVE"), if your unit commander orders you to do anything that you feel in your heart is immoral or unethical.
Do not do anything that your Religions Spiritual Idle "Would NOT" do, if they were in your shoes.
Ask yourself; "What would the Buddha,the Christ,Muhammad,Mother Teresa, or Gandhi,do".
"Follow your (((HEART))) here, not your command, as "YOU ARE THE ONE THAT HAS TO LIVE WITH YOUR ACTIONS, NOT YOUR COMMANDER!".
The old men that plaided off "Your Government" to send (YOUR CHILDREN),WITH "YOUR MONEY" to "ATTACK and KILL" others that they don't even know",to take over the Middle East for their resources, is totality brutal and unnecessary, as there are many alternative fuel sources other then "Ripping" it from the flesh our Living Earth Mother. This is a "SIN" if there ever was one, to its highest degree.
Notice that our so-called leaders are swayed by money to only invade countries that have natural resources,(the "Life Blood") of our Earth Mother.
"WAR" is a Crime!", and those directly responsible for its makings are to be removed from their rank and given "Spiritual guidance" as they are truly lost sheep of our flock.
Remember to "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" and that, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL".

Sunday, September 9, 2012

There is a Kinder Way

The Natives had it going on, there was no land ownership nor its fences, so all could roam freely, following their source of food, as all of our brothers and sisters of Nature follow theirs. It is an ebb and flow, a give in take, a time to reap and sow, they were in rhythm with the heart beat of our Great Grand Mother Earth.
They were not taxed nor did they need a job, as their Earth Mother provided for all.
They were on a walk about, enjoying this Heavenly realm.
And today, the hunt is mostly unnecessary, our sisters and brothers of Nature can once again flourish, as we can now provide necessary proteins for the human body via our plant family.
Today the hunt is one mostly of the ego. For money, man is spraying deadly chemicals in Father Sky,and we are wounding our Earth Mother terribly, digging deep holes into her flesh, extracting her life blood, simply calling it resources and putting it up for sale.
The hunt now, has to be a hunt for "Wisdom" or we will loose our connection with "Life".
We are One. Aho


"Something that always has been and ever will be", does not require a Creator, as it always has been and ever will.
Stating that there is an outside God, is saying that there is a beginning, and if one does this, they will have to ask themselves, "what created God?"
Therefore, God is neither an option or a necessity, God is a mental construct,a mere "Idea", with its origin in mind alone.
"I AM"

One World, One People

This grand Continent of America, and the world as a whole, is not a business to be ran nor a law school to dictate to others what they must believe, and how they must live.
It is a Living soul, it is our Earth Mother,(THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE), and the ocean is her blood,(which is very similar in make up to our own),its arteries are the Gulf Stream and the likes,her veins are the rivers,her lungs are a combination of her (hair like follicles known to man as trees) and our Father Sky.
All continents are merely tips of the same iceberg, all are connected to "One Living planet, just as mans arms and legs are connect to one central body.
"Earth is alive!".
"Can you not see it?".
So, "STOP! with the politics", and rid yourselves of the World Bank,their propaganda,their fear tactics and wars,their lawyers and business men who currently control the masses of this (((Magical))) World, as they are filled with the "Temptation" of Greed,Power and Ownership.
This was the story that the Christ was said to have experienced when he was lead into temptation by the Devil.
Well Satin is here in the minds of man and it has taken on the form of insanity.
It is time to "Awaken Adam from its slumber!".
We are not meant to own this World, we are meant to roam this world, as all of our other brothers and sisters of nature.
It is truly the "Garden of Eden".
Lets take a walk about and smell the flowers along the way.
(((Deep Breath)))

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Moment is Exact

"The Moment, is the "Omnipresent Messenger",so monitor it closely,no matter how trivial it may appear within your "Idea" of time, as it is exactly what you are attracting, it is custom made for you via your own intent.
So, "Allow for, learn from, except and let go".
Know that All is in precise order and that you are at it control panel.
"Like begets Like".

Friday, September 7, 2012

Inner Peace

We don't need another "War Hero", we need people to find (((Peace))) within themselves.
(((Deep Breath)))


The dead "Past & its imagined Future" begin and end,"Here & Now",
both are mental constructs, an associative memory bank,a collective of our perceived experiences that we identify with as being who we are, such as, our "Beliefs"; (our color,country, enemies,race,family,name,job,age,etc.......) and it is known as the Ego,it is a mere program, in an unfathomable "Omnipresent Sea of Consciousness" and infinite possibilities.
But, in the "Silence", the Ego vanishes, it is deleted, as there is no "Thought" to associate with as being someone or thing, a (name, or form), becoming "One" with "Pure Awareness", with what some call, "The Great I AM", and we all can state that "I am".
This may be why most religions teach their followers to be "Still", to go into a meditative state and know their source first hand.
Here, one realizes that "ALL" are of the same (((Divine Source))), hence,they "Know" that what they do onto themselves and others, they do onto the Whole of their source.
So, Love thy neighbor as your brothers & sisters, as all are "ONE".
I AM that I AM", no more or less.

Signed: "I AM"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food Stamps

Yes, one should not feed the animals as long as they have a natural habitat and means to do so on their own.
But, one must feed their pets if their pets have been taken out of the wilderness and have no means to feed on their own. People feed their dogs and cats daily or else they would die. Cats of course would have a good chance for survival.
But, in the case of land ownership, most people do not have a means or location to grow food and feed themselves naturally, so they become dependent upon the society that created the greedy mess in the first place.
The Native Americans were not dependent on food stamps, and they did not let themselves go hungry, as the wilderness was yet wide open and free for them to hunt and fish. Now you will get arrested if you hunt and fish on anothers land.
So before you go judging and blaming the people, look at the society that they live in, and realise that you may be the next in line.

This Magic Moment

But,what I am theorising here,is that, within the pointless point of absolute (((Stillness))), "Here & Now", feathered in between the illusion of duality is balance , one fading into the other, the Ying into the Yang, both becoming "ONE" within the (((Stillness))).
Here, choice, and its apparent cause and effect are relative, as they have no where nor need to inter the emptiness of the (((Silence))),there is no in between, no edge to get under the exactness of the "Eternal Moment",Here & Now.
And, at this pointless point in the (((Stillness))), all are already "Enlightened", as "Enlightenment" is ever present.
One only needs to allow for it.
Be (((Still))) and know that "I AM" God.

(((Deep Breath)))

Wisdom vs Ignorance

Filling our children with "Wisdom" would appear better then putting a gun in their hands and marching them off to war to murder people that they don't even know, to acquire their resources for those who sit safely at home in their laavish mansions.
Go figure.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unconditional & Impersonal

"If all that is and ever will be" is (((Omnipresent))); happening all at once,(Here & Now), then "Meaning and Purpose" would be void, as there would not be a linear time nor space,(no outside, for a (point A) to be drawn to a (point B), no gap for a "Cause to have an Effect", or a life to followed by a death, nor a God to create.
It would appear that everything "Just Is" and always has been.
And centered within,there is an (((Aware Presence))), a sense that "I AM".
And this "I AM-ness" is sublime.
Who needs "Meaning & Purpose" when they have (((Existence)))?
Is (((Existence))) not enough, that one should want for more, that they should desire a meaning and a purpose to fill their void?
Be full of gratitude that you can state that "I AM" and always will be.
And if one yet desires for a "Meaning & a Purpose", then lend it to your experiences in life and not so much to the meaning of life.
As Unconditional & Impersonal appears to be the nature of (((Existence))).
Its a never ending story and it is written via ones intent.


"As long as there is "Land Ownership", there will be the Homeless".

The natives of this land were never homeless, as every where was their home, which nobody owned.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Politicians are Obsolete

"Politicians are obsolete", they are no longer needed to represent the people like they were in the horse and buggy days, as the people can now make the decisions for themselves on line. We no longer need a person to travel for us to be our voice in a distant place or state.
The public can be informed on whats going on around the world via the Internet and collectively vote as a whole and not just as one Representative, who seems to keep making the wrong decisions over and over..............throughout history for all countries.
And the trillions of dollars that the public would save by not having a governing body,its lobbyist,its house and senate,its elections,their parties,expenses,wars and over spending, and mainly on themselves, could be used for the well being of the whole and not just for a selected few.
We the people of the world must cease being followers and take the helm,no longer allowing the few to dictate to the many.
"So be it".


Insecurities attract followers.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sticks and Stones

No matter how strong ones "Belief" is, and how much time and effort that they put into it, they must "Reason and Except" that it is but that of a mere "Belief", an extension of (((Awareness))),( the "Common Denominator" and reservoir of "ALL Beliefs" ), and therefore, no "Belief" is worth taking personally and casting "JUDGEMENT" upon, nor fighting over.
"Beliefs", in and by themselves, are empty of any substance that could harm another.
So, it is not ones "Belief" that does harm onto another, it is the lack of faith in the "Believer" of their own "Belief" that inflicts the harm onto another.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but "Beliefs" will never hurt me".


Everything "Is" and it "Isn't".
When one gazes at an object, it appears to be there, and when one touches it, it even becomes more "Real",it is "Really" there, but when one zooms in closely to the same object with an electron microscope,the object becomes ethereal and disappears, only to reappear when the observer turns off his microscope.
It is the same in my so-called dreams, the objects and my body are "Real", I can see and touch them, but when I awaken, those objects disappear, and new objects appear, as if it were (((Magic))), "AND IT IS".
"The Observer and the Observed are "ONE" and stand on both sides of the curtain.
So, "Awaken to the (((Magic))) of Life and Dance throughout its eternity, as it is yours to do so".

Sunday, September 2, 2012


One who looks for miracles in Life, fails to see that they are one.

I Am that I Am

Both, the atheist,(the none "Believer")and the "Believer" in a God, share in common the "Conscious" ability to contemplate in "Believe".
(((Awareness))) is present in both "Believers", as both can state from the very core of their "Being" that "I AM", (a statement from their "Center" of origin).
Therefore God and (((Awareness))) are some what synonymous.
God, and or (((Awareness's))) Kingdom is centered within.
Without (((Awareness))) there would be no concept of a God, therefore (((Awareness))) is the "Prime Mover", the mere "IDEA" of there being an outside God is secondary.
"I AM" that "I AM", nothing more or less.
"Lets get on with it".

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Only a Fool Would "Judge".

So, if "Everything" is the result of "Everything Else Happening Everywhere" all at once in the same (((Magical Moment))), Here & Now, then how could anyone declair "Judgement" over another?
Only a fool would act here, as there are no separate events to be monitored in this "Unified Field of Infinite Possibilies".
None could possibily do the math on this one.
Here, its best to allow the genius to "Be", as it appears to know what it is doing withoout our assistance.
Here, only a fool would "Judge".

Friday, August 31, 2012

Collective Effort

Children, "Please" forgive your parents for any negative things that they may have downloaded into you, such as, their collective pain, (their anger & shame,their insecurities, their fears and singing the blues).
Please don't take it out on them, but more importantly, don't take it out on you, no matter what they say or do.
As their misery and pain was most likely downloaded into them via their parents, and so on and on....
I tell ya, its an insane mental zoo, and alot of parents don't even have a clue.
So,reprogram your mind, to get out of your mental bind, count your blessings and always remember any love that they shared with you.
Stay level headed, always keep you cool.
Don't be anybodies fool.

Children at Play

A new born would appear to have a "Desireless Trait", as they appear to be in the "(((Mystery))) of the (((Moment)))",Here & Now".
So, this trait,( A clean Slate),is there in the beginning of our lives, therefore, it is that of our nurture and nature,our upbringing,our education,(Eating from the Tree of Knowledge), that imbalances or spiritual equilibrium.
So, in order to have a more (((Peaceful))) world,we must only change the lesson plans that we teach our children.
In fact, we need to re-learn from our children's lesson plans, as "A Child shall lead the way", (not an adult!).
And "where there is PLAY, there is no war".
Now go play with your child for your first lesson.

A Beautiful Day

If I can sit here and complain on a "Beautiful day", it surely means that I have lost my way.

And its always a "Beautiful day", it is but that of a "Thought" that gets in its way.
So here, I must count my blessing, delete the "Thought",and skip along my way.

Have a (((Beautiful))) day.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


"I AM" infinitely beyond the outside, and deeper within then one can go.
"I AM" an invisible (((Consciousness))).
"I AM" beyond life,death,name and form.
"I AM" the Eternal Moment, ("Here & Now").
"I AM the core of your soul.
"I AM" you and you are me,this you need to know.
"I AM".

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Infinite Episodes

To gaze into the mirror and see beyond the flesh into the windows of the soul.
This is where we come from, and back into do we go.
But don't worry along the way, as there is an "Ever Present, Ever Aware, Universal Field of Being" looking through All eyes, and is being all things, that knows.
Always witnessing, but never expose.
And "Here & Now" conscious Life is bestowed, with "Infinite Episodes".

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Endless Possibilities

If "Existence" is possible, and apparently it is, or I would not be writing this statement, then anything that one can imagine therein is possible.
"You wish is at It's command", step right up, what would you like?

Monday, August 27, 2012

No Soldiers, No War

Mothers don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers,teach them of Love,Compassion and of our "Oneness", and such.
Teach them to be grateful even when they are down on their luck.
Mothers don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers.
Teach them of the (((Magic))) of the land,sea and air,show them understanding and that you really care.
Mothers, "Please", don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers.

No Soldiers, No War. Do the math.

Same Old Storty

The history our presidents have been paved with "Lies of Promises", to the point that it is sickening to even listen to them.
Their actions have been filled with greed and corruption, of which the people have only heard of but a few.
They are "Puppets of the Pockets" of the financiers of the wars of the world, but yet, we insist upon "Pretending" to elect another.
"What a joke".
"A house divided will surly fall".
"Elect no one", follow your heart.

Little Faith

Christ did not die "for" mans sins, he was murdered "because" of mans sins,(mans ignorance to his "Oneness") in that, "what man does onto the Christ, and all else, he does onto himself and the whole of God".
It is time to take Christ off of his cross and put him to rest, and allow his teachings to walk in your hearts and be seen in your actions,they are not just to be recited in yor heads.
Its time to step up to your own cross and bear it yourself.
Don't follow the Christ,"Be the Christ", as you can do as him and greater.
"Oh ye of little faith".

Sunday, August 26, 2012


"United, there is no one to fear".

Buy and Throw Away

Its time for "Fair Trade",as nothing more needs to be made.
Stop with the "Buy and Throw Away".
There is already plenty to around,stop with land fills packaging of "Planed Obsolescence", poisoning our Sky's and digging underground.
As, everything that we need has always been here, upon our Great Grand Mother Earth.
She provides for all of her children,(the fish,flower,the butterfly,man,bird,tree and the deer).
She is the Mother of "All Birth".
Our Grand Earth Mother is not Some-Thing" that one can "Buy, but She is "Someone" and everyone that we can Throw Away".
Stop and ask yourself,what is Her "Life" worth?

"Wake up!", no one has to do any math here.

"Get to know, and "Trade" with your neighbor, there is great strength here", as it builds a "Community Bond".

No one realy gets ahead

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Community Living

Favors are few and far between,as most have lost the sense of giving,if you know what I mean.
As we have learned to charge others for our helping hand, we have drifted away from compassion for our fellow man.
Capitalism becomes mans enemy,as man will do anything to get ahead, he will lie,cheat,torture and kill,his anxiety is in the red.
It allows a few to control the masses, making trillions,while millions go unfed.
On the other hand, the "Barter" is a form of sharing equally as a community,need anything else be said.
Love thy neighbor.

if you know what I mean.


I feel that ego is nothing more then the accumulation of info. (ones programing) which has been downloaded into their thinking mind via their nurture, as in the silence, there is no ego. The silence unites and or equalizes all as "One" Universal Field of Consciousness. Be still, and know that you are God.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Life is but a Dream

Until one realises that their "Core Existence" is (((Consciousness))), they will be lost in the (((Illusion))) of form, and its (((Imagined))) complications and obligations of ownership and its protection,lust and fear.
They will lust things to attempt to add their sense of self worth, as they are empty of (((Spiritual))) meaning.
They will have a fear of dieing, to be lost to eternity,never to arrive alive again, anywhere, at any time.
They will (((Imagine))) and demand an outside God to come in, take their hand and save them from their bodies impending death.
They will have the feeling of hopelessness and dread.
Their political and religious leaders will strike fear into their hearts, herding them into a status quo,raping them from their union with one another.
Their world will become violent, redden with greed,fear and war.
They will make laws that will imprison the masses as technology takes their jobs and prisons become big business.
Their homes will be foreclosed on, putting more homeless into the streets.
They will have lost their way.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shawdow Dance

Science has now determined that mans physical reality is unreal,(that there is no matter), that "Life" as man knows it is a hologram, a dreamers dream, and that all that truly exist is a "Conscious Observer", observing itself, of which it appears to influence via its own observation. It is a participant in its own movie.
And this "Silent Observer" is you, it looks through all eyes and sees all things, all at once,(Here & Now"), everywhere and nowhere at all.
"Lift a rock and it is there".
I tell you that it is "Absolute (((Magic)))", that we are visions of this that we pray to and attempt to influence via our prayers.
The part contains the "Whole" and therefore, influences the "Whole".
We are the "Ever Present Conscious Observer".
Ye are God and God is ye.
It is a "Shadow Dance", a dog chasing its own tail.
(((Magic))) I tell you, (((Pure Magic))).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go Within

Everyone wants to awaken in Nirvana, but, no one wants to die to get there.
Some religions say that Hell is hotter then a sauna and of a Devil they must beware.
They say that God is outside, but it is from the center of the "I AM" within ourselves that we pray.
Know that "ALL" is a part of the "Whole" no matter what they say.
Have Love & Compassion for the "Living" as you go about your day.

Bon Appetite

It is healthier to speak of our joys, of our gratitude towards the (((Magic))) of "Life" then it is to speak of that which one "perceives" as a "Negative" issue, as by speaking of our joys,the chemicals that are released into our bodies are healing in their nature, and it livens up ones surroundings and other within the surroundings. One can feel the exhilarating energy being released into their bodies.
Speaking of negative issues releases deadly chemicals,(neuropeptides) into ones blood stream and one can become addicted to them, they can feel them racing through their body as they grow depressed,angry,hurt, etc...... and the more one speaks of their imagined problems, the more receptor cites are manufactured on ones cells to receive the drugs, starving ones body of its vital proteins.
Speaking "Negatively" about anything has a deadening effect and will not help in finding a peaceful solution.
"Bon Appetite".


For one to determine "Anything" as being an "Absolute", they must first consider "Everything" into the factor, which would appear to be an impossibility, or at least at mans present state of consciousness, as "Everything" is the result of "Everything" else throughout eternity, all at once.
"Tho shalt not judge", and if you do, you are just being plain silly.
As the Universe knows "Exactly" what it is doing OR "IT WOULD NOT BE ", so let it "BE", and stand in wonder without "THOUGHTS" of "JUDGEMENT" this way or that,(GOOD or BAD).
Do not eat from the "Tree of Knowledge", as Knowledge will never fully know of the "Wisdom" and Nature of Eternity".

The only "Absolute" is that, "there is an "(((Aware Presence)))" in which all is considered, and this Presence is known by some, as the "Great "I Am",(((Awareness))) itself, and that's it!, no more or less.
This (((Aware Presence))) lives in the "Silence".
It is not contained in any shell, a nut shell or "other-WISE", as it is the shell, the nut and the "Observer".
It is time to Awaken Adam from its slumber.
Signed: "I AM"

Everybody wants good health,but not many do anything about it, they just uo their health insurance.


Everybody wants good health,but not many do anything about it, they just uo their health insurance.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


When we talk about our problems,we relive them, neuropeptides,(chemicals) are released into our blood stream and we begin to have the same feeling as when the initial problem occurred. This really stresses the body and can lead to more problems.
Every time that I catch self telling my sad story, I keep a check on my emotions, and I can feel them coming over me, as if I was there, in the very instant from which my story surfaced. And while I am telling my story, there is a voice in the back of my mind saying,"Stop telling the story, it only energizes it", and no one wants to hear it anyway,but, at times, I do it anyway,and I do not feel good about it afterward, as I know that I was weak.
This keeps me humble and it keeps me in check with what I have to work on.
I am doing much better then I use to, I see the progress.


Thou Shalt Not Worship False Idols

One who pledges allegiance to a flag, is worshipping a false idol, which separates the parts from the whole.
One who gives their allegiance to "Compassion and Gratitude", unites the parts with their Whole.
"Division is an (((Illusion))).

Nice is Nice

Man and women are only 1 consomme apart, and this consomme determines ones sex only, not their outlook on life, as we all are equally "Conscious Beings" with the same desires and needs.
Our hearts are not feminine and masculine and neither is "Consciousness".
If Nature needed us to be the opposite sex, it would have been an easy adjustment for Her to do so.
Ones sex is relative, so we need to get over it.
One can be just as upset with their same sex as they are with the opposite sex.
"Nice is Nice".

Pray, don't Worry

One does not need another to worry for them, this can only compound the issue at hand, as it reinforces the others aliment.
This could be considered a (Negative Effect).
But one who prays for another has been know to aid in soothing the others soul relieving the issue at hand.
And this could be considered a (Positive Effect).

(((Deep Breath))), relax, and let heal.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Until I meet someone who treats me as well as I do, I will remain single.

The World Is Our Stage

At birth, "Life" appears before us, it is fully automatic,it just happens,we do not have to do a thing, our bodies just slide out into it, it is already there to catch us.
And with it comes a clean slate, one upon which we can write our stories, the stories of how we respond to "Life's" presentation.
And in some schools of thought, it is believed that "Life's" presentation projects exactly what one attracts via their intent, ones reaction to their own self made play, as the world is their stage. (Like in "Ground Hog Day" with Eddie Murphy).
And upon this Omnipresent Stage of Conscious Presence we make alot of plans, but the direction of our intent plays our role, it matches our intents frequency, so things may not work out how we "WANT" them to, but they are exact.
So, it would appear that we are participants in a Fully Automatic Field of Conscious Presence, and this "Ever Aware Being" seeks its own (((Enlightenment))), and therefore, it would appear to have direction.
"Will good intent in all that you do", as it ultimately affects me and you.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” participiants and react to the present stiulus

Closer to the Heart

If we do not find a new method of payment, a new ideology, other then our current capitalistic world view, the World Bank and its present monetary system will imprison the whole of humanity. Nations own police and military personal will turn on its own public as they need the money to survive. This view must be changed.
There is another way, one closer to the heart.
"Wisdom" is the way", through love and compassion is how we start.

Awaken to the Silence

There are 3 ways of looking at things: 2 are related to the programed "Thinking" mind;(the Ego),a total collective of ones nurture and nature.
And ones Ego,has a superficial view, as it only sees the tip of the ice burg,and therefore, may see something in its presence as "Appearing Good", and see another thing as "Appearing Bad", depending upon what has been downloaded into its "Thinking" mind.
The 3rd way is to remain neutral, to witness from within the "Silence", where the idea of a "Good & Bad" fade from ones limited point of view, there is no meaning here, just the Divine presence of (((Being))).
Here, one is the ice burg, forming, only to melt.
Water, is neither good nor bad, it just is.
In the Garden all is relative, awaken Adam.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


It is not so much that man needs to find a meaning to Life, its that he understands its "Unity", and that there is "Absolute Genius" within its makeup.
He must know that "Life will go on without his acceptance or understanding".
So he can relax and admire its " Splendor ".

((( Deep Breath )))

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Part Contains the Whole

If man was raised in a peaceful world, one full of love & Compassion,with the understanding that all are "One Being", it may challenge his mind to conceive of war.
Just as in his current world, it challenges his mind to conceive of world peace as he has nothing to go by, Peace was never given a chance,there was no double blind study.
He would question,"why would anyone purposely injure themselves, as all are Connected as "ONE Being".
And therefore what one does onto themselves and others, they do onto the (((whole))).
And one that injures the (((Whole))), injures God itself.
The part contains the (((Whole))).
"Ye are gods", it is time to act like it, so put down your weapons, go home and love thy neighbor.

The Recipe For Peace

If man took only the "Wisdom" that is contained in all of his religions and their books,place them in one book, and left the rest of the stories behind, he would have the "Recipe for Peace", and its tile would be, "Patience".

(((Deep Breath)))


"Cleverness, without "Wisdom" applied can be dangerous".
This is where man currently stands.

Be Patient

It "IS", and has always been, "Here & Now",(this very moment),and our ((( Aware Presence ))) occupies "This Moment","Here & Now", or we would not notice it.
Take this moment to ( check to see if you are here now ).
If you have found this to be the case, continue reading. LOL
So, in conclusion, we are "ONE" with the moment,"Here & Now".
We are "The Moment", and the moment is ever present,one can not break into nor escape it. The passing of life and death are illusions of mind.
We are one with (((Eternity))), we are the "Universe", our ride will never be over, so be patient.

((( Deep Breath))).............................,Hold it..............................................."Now" exhale..................................................and know that ((((((( I AM )))))))

Friday, August 17, 2012

Follow Your Our Lead

Those who practice the patience of "Wisdom",gently disgust the issue at hand,remaining impersonal to its topic,as they know that they are backed by "Truth".
They are fit to lead.
Those who are insecure, argue with intensity,they live in a state of anxiety and are uncertain of their possession in life.
They are personal with the topic at hand,as they do not understand it's origin.
They demand to be right and are willing to fight to prove their position.
From these, you walk away.
Let them sit in their own dark corner for awhile,until their minds expands.
They are not fit to follow.
But, better yet, follow your own lead.


If the leaders of oppossing tribes,townships,states or countries can not come to a peacefull solution between themselves when there is a conflict, they should step down and find others that will.
This is the sign of "Wisdom" and true leadership.
A true leader will not take their people to war at any cost, as they know that they are only fighting against themselves, as all are "ONE".
They know that in time,Karma will resolve all issues.
A leader that is unwilling to step down, is the weakess of followers and should be removed from office and sit in the conner of their own dark and insecure minds until they can be at peace within themselves.
A leader who is not at peace within their own mind, is at war.
"What would,Jesus,the Buddha,Gandhi or Mother Teresa do?

Peace-Full Negotiations

"Avoid "CONFLICT!" at all cost".
One who learns to let go and walk away from anothers madness is never lost, as in their "Mind" they are centered, their emotions are not tossed.
They refrain from allowing their programed "Thoughts" to be their boss.
So,incorporate compassion and understanding into your daily routine.
Remain centered, walk away from others when their insecurities are abusive and mean.
And life will be more serene.
Avoid conflict at all cost.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Forked Tongue

Man says,that he praises God, but goes on to destroy It's Creation.
He says, "In Jesus's name we pray", as he cheats his neighbor and walks off to war.
He says,"In the Holly Spirit he Trust, but yet he invests in weapons of mass destruction.
Man says a lot of things, but he is hard to understand, as he speaks with a forked tongue.
"Oh ye of little faith".


I have observed that the human species is the only species that charges themselves to live on an other wise free planet.
No one owned the first peace of land that was sold,so there is no true ownership, none have the right to charge another for their occupation upon the world onto which they were born.
Therefore,the entire world is nobodies and equally every bodies.
There should be no penalties here.
Be good little boys and girls and Share, as there is more then enough to go around.
(((Deep Breath)))

Lets Get This Strait

Not many U.S. citizens take into consideration that they live on a continent, the North American continent. And that this continent houses 49 countries which we call states and extends into the whole of Canada.
And not many are aware that America has been sold out from under the feet of the American public to other countries,so the other countries have an interest in preserving it in one piece.
And I ask you,"What country or state from overseas could truly be a threat to the citizens of the North American continent"?
It would be like a state attempting to take over the entire continent overseas,from England to Japan. It is insanity.
Trying to take over Afghanistan alone dropped the Russian Bear to its financial knees.
All foreign countries are to small and to broke,to be a threat.
The World Banks propaganda and their Corporate Mobsters have taken over.
Put and end to the World bank and you will put an end to the financiers of war.
Putting away those directly responsible for war crimes and their loans would be a win win for the world and all of Nature.
The man power and the trilions of dollars that is curently being spent on war,could be spent on suppling all with their needs, across the globe.
If there must be fight, make them fight with their fist.
Say yes to Peace.
Peace is ever present,one needs only to "Allow" for it to be.
So, "Let it Be".

(((Deep Breath)))

In the Silence their is no Meaning

"OPINIONS" are empty, they have no Life nor "True" meaning on their own,they are not worth "FIGHTING!" over.

And just because everybody has one, does not mean that they are all "Right".
This is the Grand Illusion.
And most opinions are "Adopted" by those that pose them,they are "Hand me downs" from the generations before them,they are not "FULLY" researched by those who claim them, to find their "Opinions Origin", and reason and debate upon their findings.
I feel that if all would fully research their "Opinions Origin" they would have little reason to fight over who is right and who is wrong, because it is all relative.

In the "Silence" of ones mind there is no "Meaning",no "Opinion" to claim and fight over.
Of course, this is my current opinion in my investigation of life.
Good journey to all.
Live and let live.
(((Deep Breath)))

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work With Nature Not Against Her

Man must take into consideration that the oil that he extracts from Mother Earth to fuel his luxuries,may throw off the balance of the planet. The oil pockets may act as a vibrational dampening device to ease the jolt of earth quakes and plate tectonics;the Continental shifts.
Building a city;extracting weight from here, and placing it there,is equivalent to the weight of a small mountain range.
Damming up a river,flooding land for lakes,or shifting a river from this way to that,also bears great weight.
When balancing a tire, weights have to be placed in exact locations or the tire will wobble.
Man must always keep in mind, "The Straw that Breaks the Camels Back".
Everything is where it is to be,so leave it there,plus,its much less work for man to allow Nature to work for him.
She knows what she is doing.
PLease,let Her be.

Step up to the Plate

In the "Precision" of "Existence", "BLAME!" is an impostor.
"Batter up!".

Like it or Not

Mental suffering is self inflicted,it is harbored in ones mind alone,it is what is left over after the initial pain is gone.
To relieve suffering,one needs only to except the genius behind their own existence,every experience, (Like it or not).
They need only to surrender to their orderly past, "Knowing", beyond a Shadow of a doubt,that their journey through life is "Exact", and is the path to their own "Enlightenment'.
Live and let live.
Good journey to all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Money isn't real, it is pretend, as there is nothing to back it. It is no different then the money that is used in the game Monopoly. It is an illusion, and the magician is the World Bank. They own the money they lend, so it has always been theirs,not the public's. The public does not owe them a penny. If there is a dept, it is not the public's dept, it is the World Banks puppets dept, the politicians and their corporate lobbyist. Let them pay, they spent it.
Good journey to all.


"Existence" is not something that needs to be created, "Existence" is something that always has been and ever will be "Here & Now".
And "Here & Now", there is no time,room nor need for an outside Creator,as all is within "One Continuous "Moment", projected outwards, as it is in our so called dreams.
Awaken to the (((Magic))) and dance in its wonder.

Wake Up

"It is the "World Leaders" and their lobbyist that make the decisions to wage war", and not those who fight it,so let the (so-called) leaders, lead the way, and step up to the front line against themselves, and everybody can watch their battles on TV.
It could be held like the Olympics, but the arena would be small and their would be no damage to our Great Grandmother Earth and her children of the land,sea and air.
Make them use their fist so that they can really kick the shit out of one another and prolong their suffering,and not have the instant gratification of using their investors weapons of death and mass destruction.
I know that the fight would not be very exciting and even wimpy,girly like, and that it would only last for a few seconds before someone started begging for mercy,but nevertheless, it would be entertaining and even funny at times.
We can get plenty of popcorn and make it a family event for all and not a family tragedy.
"Let them fight amongst themselves".
It is their war,they are the ones making the money, so let them fight it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

C'est La Vie

When one is angry and makes irrational and abusive statements to another, its best to remain silent in the eye of the storm,and unattached to the statement, as one who argues with insanity will find themselves one with the insane.
Allow the storm to blow over, but if there are continuous feeder bands of rage, it is best to sail away and find new a new port of call.
Peace and Love to all.


In the back of mans mind,he knows that his existence is an apparent impossibility. He assumes that he is separate from his source and therefore,not an intricate part of it, and that it is not in any way of his doings,so,he simply attributes it to an outside source which he has labeled as God, an "Ultimate Creator".
He then takes on a religion to ease his mind and rid of his guilt's, never to consider the (((Magic))) of his own being ever again.
He leaves it up to the so-called experts of his religion to get him a connection and goes to their churches to find and know of God,so that he can one day awaken at Gods door,entering through the Pearly Gates, arriving in Heaven.
He is unaware that the Kingdom of God is here on Earth, "Within" his own "Being". He is unaware that he is an extension of his source, like the sunlight is an extension of the Sun.
One never sees the sun,they only see the light there of.
The Earth and its children, the seed and its flower, the Sun and its Light are one in the same,there is no separation.
We are the Sons and daughters,(extensions) of God, we are who we pray to.
That's why when we pray,we are praying from "Within".
Go "Within", and know that you are in your eternal home.

Man prays from within outwards

Sunday, August 12, 2012


"Religions can only "Tell" you a fractal about God,they can not experience Its Wholeness for you".
Put down you book, step out of your church, take a walk through nature and know God first hand, know God, as yourself.

Love Thy Neighbor

"WAR", is "CAPITAL Punishment",PERIOD,I do not care what "Excuses" one finds to wage them, nor how it is served.
War is inflicting the death penalty upon others, and in "FACT",upon (Others that we don't even know"), others that we have no personal issues with, we were only "TOLD" that "the others" were the "BAD" guys by our politicians and their privately owned media,and of course, that "We are the "GOOD" guys", so we are going to kill the "BAD" guys to show them how "GOOD" we really are. LOL
No "True Christian,Jew,Buddhist,etc......... will find themselves at war, nor in support there of,(What so Ever).
If the followers of all religions obeyed their commandments, "WAR" would be unheard of.
"Call your children home", it is time to stop this madness".

"Tho shalt not kill".
Love thy neighbor, etc...............

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Could It Be

When one talks to themselves,who are they really talking to,what is it that is listening,where is this "Conscious Witness" located, is it in the form that I see in the mirror, is it the witness of the form, could it be that it is both, the witness and the witnessed, the form and the formless, the observer and the observed,the created and the Creator all rolled into one?
Could we be that we are living in an endless (((Sea of Magic)))?
Could it be?
Well, "It Is"