Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beyond Sight

My body evaporates into the sky every day.
Chaffed skin falls to the ground and withers away.
My corpse will nourish another form into "Life".
But my "I AM-ness", will persevere beyond mortal sight.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Robed of Wonder

"Imagination", is robed from our children and they loose their "Wonder".
The teaching of "fact" and the discouragement from fiction, has been our biggest blunder, as what appears right today is wrong tomarrow, the facts are turned under.
Our teachers are yet students, but yet they lay down the "laws of ignorance", with a misguided hand of thunder.
All the while remaining oblivious in that their assumed facts where once fiction, blowing all reason asunder.
As they too where robed of their childhood "Wonder".
"Imagination Is More Imporant then Knowledge": Albert Einstein

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let It Rest

"When one is in "Deep Sleep", "everything is OK".
Here, they are no longer anxious,board,angry,sad,happy,handy cap or mad.
Here, their psychological and physical disorders are held at bay, there is no attention payed,and no age.
Here, they are in the seat of their soul, in the realm of the "impersonal and unconditional", they are "One with the Whole".
This is the "Place less Place" between "Birth and Death, Awake and Rest".
And it is said that, It runs on "Intent", and that "ALL", co invent.
So, for the "Good of the Whole", do whats best.
"Be content".

Don't Be Fooled

Ignorance does not need contrast to get into a fight. As we argue with ourselves in our own heads,and "hence", color fighting the same color, red against red, yellow on yellow, black on black, white on white, husband and wife.
Ganges, tribes, nations, religions, uniforms and jerseys come in handy though, as it is hard to tell whos who.
Ignorance does not need contrast to get in a fight, "only fools".

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A predator, that is not its self prey of another predator, may seek out it's own kind to war against.
"Oh", if only man would awaken from his slumber, and witness the "Freedom" of his dominance, instead of exercising his ignorance and might.
For the "Good of the Whole", unite.

Harmomnize With the Whole

By design, "All is perfect", in "mans mind", not so much.
"<<<>>> with the Whole".

Cosmic Banking

Our "Spiritual Account" is a long term investment.
Spend your karma "Wisely".

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ones strength is not measured by ones size and physical capabilities, but by ones character.

Be Still & Know

The "idea", of a God, no matter how complex or convincing in its "theory", is yet but that of an "idea", empty of substance or content.
Mind demands a reason, meaning or purpose to support it's own validity. It searches aimlessly outside it's own "Beingness" for a source, ever "Thinking", when all along, "mind" or "Awareness" its self, is of it's own source, ever observing it's own reflection in question, a bird in the mirror, a dog chasing it's own tail. Trapped between an imaginary "Heaven & Hell".
As when "question" arose, "stillness" ceased, and hence, the "Nature of the Beast".
Quite the analytical feast.
"Be still, and know".

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Separation Appears Only In Mind

Man must learn to see beyond the illusion of "separation"; the false division of name and form.
As there is but "ONE" Earth, not many countries.
"ONE" Spirit, not many religions.
"ONE" Light, not many colors.
"ONE" "Universal Awareness", not many minds.
"ONE LIFE", theirs,yours and mine.
"ONE LOVE", beyond "thought";name,form,space and time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Belief Is Neither Here Nor There

One does not need a religion to believe in God.
And even without a belief in a God, they would yet exist.
Here,"Belief, and or disbelief is relative".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tin Man

Man thinks that he has to establish & or add to his sense of self, believing that he is not quite enough in who he is.
So he fabricates and adopts a story to live by, so when questioned by others, he can tell them his story, hoping that the others will think that he is "special", or at least, "adequate";complete with a God, his Gods chosen religion,a name,status,political party,team,favorite movie,band and the likes. Hoping to "appear" to be more then he is in the publics eyes,building an "Empire of False Beliefs", that will again crumble, as him.
Merging back into the "emptiness" of his true nature,without name or form,only to once again be reborn.
Never realizing that he is always complete, as he is "one" in the "Totality of All that "Is", and ever will be". "None can add to this".

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life Is Happening Through Us

A TV, does not consider a program that emanates through, it to be either "Good" nor "Bad", it remains ever the same, impersonal and unconditional to "all programs.
"Be like the TV".
As "LIFE", is happening through us, not to us".
Set "Judgement" aside and "Enjoy the show".

Friday, July 15, 2011

True Essence

Our "True Essence" resides somewhere between life & death,awake & rest,knowing & a guess,no & yes,impeccable order or a cosmic mess,doing nothing or being on a quest,north,south,east or west,more or less,you get my jest.
Its even between "Here & Now",as by the time one even thinks to say it,it vanishes some how.
Ever "Aware" & alert,
One neither has to pray,beg nor bow.
As you are it.
Ye are gods of the Tao.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Child Within

How long has it been sense you danced with your "Inner Child"?
How long has it been sense you played?
Did you get caught up in being an adult?
We need our "Inner Child" to show us the way.
Focus upon the freedom and joy of "Nature".
Our "Earth Mother" speaks clearly to us, without words to say.
Be in awe of Her splendor and beauty.
Skip into your day.
A "Child" shall lead the way".

All But a Thought

What gives one more joy and promotes healing, a "positive" or a "negative" thought?
Here, it is clear that it would be beneficial for one to monitor and cultivate their minds, realizing that it is their "thinking" that influences their well being and their perception of the world.
Everything just "Is",it is our programing that makes it appear one way or another;good or bad.
"Believe that we receive what we need".

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Right Click

"Prejudice", or the "idea" there of, arises in the false belief of "separation".
And the "idea" of "prejudice", would not exist if it was not taught to the human species,handed down, one generation to the next. An "Egoic" grudge held against the previous generation,because of anthers color,belief,their politics,religion,country, length of hair,bigger,stronger,faster, their status,etc......
But, if we where taught instead, that we "All" are connected, all are reflections of one another, and that,the same "Awareness" that looks through my eyes into yours,looks back into mine, or we would not notice one another.
That we are "ALL" connected, and hence, that which we do onto ourselves and others, we do onto the "Whole of Creation".
"Delete" the program of,the "Illusion of Separation".
As it is a lie, and a loosing battle.

The Secret is in the Being

The owners manual for the human "Being" lies within.
None need a book to "know thy self".
In the silence, between ones thoughts, lies their "true essence".
Be <<<>>> and know.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

It is easy to argue in favor of "reality", as it appears crystal clear.
But when investigated, we find that the Earth is not flat, the sun does not rise nor set, there is no mass, time and space are an illusion, and it is always the same moment, "Here & Now".
"Magic" is the Moment".

Monday, July 11, 2011


To describe nothing that only the blind can see,
To embark on a journey with no destiny,
To listen to the silence, this the depth can hear.
To touch the untouchable,so far away but yet so near.
Ultimately there is nothing to fear.
But to most, this is clearly unclear.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Become Lucid

The Dreamer; the "I AM"ness, centered in all "Beings", became so in trawled in It's dream, that It forgot, that It was the "Dreamer".
The "Observer" became trapped in that which it was projecting and observing, much like our conscious does in our own dreams, they appear absolutely "real", until we do, what is called, "Waking" up. This false sense of self was later to be termed: the"Ego". A "form" based program of separation and individuality, appearing distant from the "Whole". The "fall from grace", and or "SIN", which means "Missing the Mark", not attuned to the "Christ & or Buddha Consciousness", The "I AM".
And it is time, "Here & Now" for the parts; "All Beings", to "Awaken", and be "ONE" in harmony, with their "Whole". "Amen", which means,"so be it".


If God, or the "concept" there of, is an all pervasive formless "Being of Awareness" and not one of a human form, then all that is "Aware" is in and of the presence of God.
"I Am"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Error in Judgement

Has anybody else out there, misjudged; been wrong about someone or thing,or misspell a word, forget a name, a number,a time or location,or any other information what so ever?
Well if you have not, then you stand a good chance of being the Messiah or something else of great stature.
But if you have, then it may be best to keep this in mind every time you decide to judge another,formulate a belief, or practice a religion that has been narrated by others of weak foundation.
"Count" on some "Major errors", to the extent of nullifying everything that you ever learned about what you believe in.

Make Peace with the Moment

If one is unhappy with, or fighting the present "Moment", and the eternal "Moment" is in the state of absolute perfection,and all are receiving that which they have attracted to them to awaken, then one is at war with eternity and their Divine nature. Make peace with, and be gracious for the "Moment", Here & Now", as it is the only home we have.
All are "One" with the "Moment", there is no escaping it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Life Force

None can loose "their "Life", there is no ownership here, as "Life It's Self" is "One" emanating force, generating "All" Beings". It "appears" to come and go at will, but It's presence remains a constant.
Therefore, no one can loose their life, as they are "Life", they can not loose that which they do not have. <<<<<"FOREVER MORE">>>>>

Sunday, July 3, 2011

One A Day

When one takes a deep "Conscious" breath, really focused on their inhalation and their exhalation, they then can sense the inner "Stillness" that backdrops & or pervades their very "Being". There is no "thinking" here.
And this realization enlightens them to the phrase: "Be Still And Know that "I AM" God."I AM that I am".
Take at least "one a day".
"Lose your ego.
Take a <<<>>> breath "NOW".

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Be Like the Background

The "Moment;, "Here & Now", is impersonally unconditional,nothing "good or bad". It is as it is; no more or less. A tornado doesn't care if it is a crack house or a church that it demolishes.
It is how one has been programed to perceive it that makes an experience appear conditional and personal. Or when they add the sense of "My" to it.
The background of the "Moment" is like a TV set, the TV remains unaffected by the programs being projected through it, it ever just "Is" as it "is".
And we have all experienced things that once appeared "bad", but later, ends up appearing "good". There does appear to be an "Ultimate Good" but it lies beyound our judgement.