Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forgive Them forThey Know Not What They Do

No one has ever died to save another from their sins, they die because of another's sins, and or lack of a "Holistic Understanding".
And this is why the siner must be forgiven,in order for healing to take place.

Input = Output

"(((Kindness))) works".
"Being [[[HATEful]]]! works".
At random, in the mist of that which man considers to be Chaos, there appears to be Order, as both (((Kindness))) and [[[HATE]]] appear to attract their like frequency, signal,vibration, reflection, reaction, and or, response.
There appears to be a comprehensible and or noticeable orderly fashion about the Universe, in that it follows a "Law of Attraction".
In conclusion, the only way to rid of [[[Hate]]]!, is to apply only (((Kindness))).
The Universe appears to be unconditional and user friendly, so it is up to us to live in (((Harmony))) within it, now that we know that we possess the instructions.
"Cause and Effect" coincide with one another.
So,"Let (((Kindness))) be our Cause", and (((Kindness))) our Effect".
"Like Begets Like".

Set Them Free

"If you love them, set them free", does not have to mean that one is going to leave the other.
It is "allowing" the other to be themselves.

Monday, January 30, 2012


(((Awareness))), in and by itself, is neutral; it ever just "IS". It is "thought" that declares something to be this way or that.
A quite mind is absent of "thought".
"Be (((still))) and know of your Purity".

So Close & Yet, So Far Away

One who is taught to seek God elsewhere, will not see the (((Divine))) within themselves, nor will they know that the Kingdom of Heaven is (((Here & Now))) on Earth.
Nirvana could have no other time nor placement, other then (((Here & Now))), in this (((Eternal Moment))).
"Such a pity".
"So Close & Yet, So Far Away".

Me Bio

Greetings, I am Kelly Hosterler, conduit of Spirit Dance art.
I am a self taught artist from Misawaka, Indiana.
My family moved to the Southwest when I was a small child; to Texas and Arizona. I have lived elsewhere sense, but I have spent most of my life here in the Florida Keys. I live off shore of the island called, Key Largo; in Tavernier, just bellow the southern tip of Florida in the US.
My paintings shed light upon the Southwest, Visionary, Native American, New Age, and and Sea Life Dreams capes.
I find myself writing most of my leisure time, and I am driven to share the information there in. And if this information aids another in understanding themselves and others, then I am (((Full))).
I began to question my philosophy through my poetry, and once I felt direction, it lead me to express my insights through the brush and the computer.
I feel that painting is an amazing medium, because it has the ability to touch all, via it's "Universal" silent language.
My goal is to express the relativity of conflict among men,for all to recognize the humor in the ignorance in it all, and to awaken us from our slumber, into our Spiritual Nature, to our "Oneness" with all that is and ever will be, and that "Heaven" is right "Here & Now" upon "Mother Earth". "Love & Light to All".
Check out my new web site @ www.spiritdanceart.com

Student And Teacher Are (((ONE)))

"[[[When one finds themselves inpatient with another]]]!!!", at this time, it may serve them well to look within themselves and ask, "why am I upset,in a Hurry!", and unwilling to give my "(((Full))) Attention" to this moment and the experience at hand.
Realizing, that this "Moment", and this meeting, are custom made for them and the other, and that some how, the "Other", is them.
So here, "there is something to learn here about ones self".
We are mere (((Reflections))) of "One' in the Other", and hence, that which one does onto the other, they do onto themselves and the (((Whole))).
There is no separation here.
Lending the "Other", ones "(((Full))) Attention" is the path to (((Salvation))) and "Heaven" on Earth.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thats Mine!!

In days of old, most species,including the human, had little understanding of individual ownership, as "All" was for the "Good" of the "Collective of the Community", and now, [[[Ownership]]], is all most understand.
"[[[Ownership]]] breeds Temptation; "Laws, Lawyers,Prisons & wars".

Heart Felt

Something only hurts to the degree that it is true.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vertual Reality

Could it be, that humans are "Bio Computers" and this is why our senses are able to read and download the data and or information from what we "Think" to be an outside world, (such as the information "here",and in the statement or wall above), as the data is being broadcast via our own senses, projected "Outward, From Within" upon the back drop of of an imagined, "Time & Space". No different then from in our "So-Called" Dreams.
"As Above, so Below". Man can only project that which he is, but lesser. The TV & the computer are extensions of our own senses.
Through the TV and computer, man broadcasts and or "Creates in his own Image".
And we too, are broadcast, "Dancing Holograms in the Night".
We are merely chasing our own reflection, as the "Observer & the Observed" are (((ONE))). "Virtual Reality" at it fineness.
This is why man will never find what he "Imagines" to be as his "God", as we are (((ONE))) with our "Source".
"You've got to (((LOVE))) it. Dance On!......

Thursday, January 26, 2012

And There Is more, All at Once

Man now possesses the ability to gaze down upon themselves from the heavens, an ability that they once "Thought" of, as God like.
"(((Imagine))) whats in store".

We Are Who We Pray To

Man, was granted what he considers himself, to be an "Impossibility", and that "Impossibility" being, "possessing a local; and or, "Individual" "Mind, and an apparent Form", in the bosom of an Omni Present (((Universal Field of Being))).
So from here, with his limited "Linear" perspective, he "Places, or Downloads, into his Mind, that of an outside "Creator", a [Beginning & an End], as he [Believes] that he surly could not do something like this on his own. So he feels that it must be done from afar, coming from an "Outside" Source, God or Creator".
"This is "Absolute (((Magic)))' I tell you!", "To (((BE)))", to hold form, and to posses an innate ability to "Reason", and to stand in question of the (((Whole Deal))); "All" of it.
Man identifies with (((Being))), as he can "Think" to say that, (((I AM))).
God, or mans limited "Idea" there of, is not [[[Outside]]] Lurking in, looking for mortal "Sin".
It is a (((Universal Field of Aware Presence))) Looking out from (((Within))).
"And we simply go about our day as if nothing were special, "Wanting for More".
"It is time to (((Awaken))) from our slumber".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thief in the Night

"All minds everywhere, all at once";(((Here & Now))), appear to regulate the totality of the (((Universal Mind Field))) that man "Thinks" of, as God.
If so, man could change the entire frequency of his reality in the "Blink of an Eye", by razing the level of his (((Compassion))) for the (((Good of the Whole)).
The "Magic Kingdom" would be exposed, right (((Here& Now))) on Earth.
"Like a Thief in the Night".
Let 2012 be the year of (((Enlightenment))).

Butterfly Effect

Everything that we "Think, Do and Say" influences the (((Whole))) of "Creation".
"What is your "Intent"?

Conceptual Exchange

"How old is the blind woman who grows from birth alone, and has never seen the growth and deterioration of time"?

As for her, mirrors and the calm water has never brought forth her physical reflection to mind.


It is (((Wise))) not to slap [[[Hatred]]] in the face, but instead, find it's core and defuse it.


"Revenge" is not sweet, it is the "Reaction" of ignorance in the weak.
(((Wisdom))) does not call upon "Revenge" to make things even, it relies upon the genius of (((Creation))) to keep it's own "Eternal Balance".
(((Wisdom))) knows that, "All that Is and ever will Be", is in the highest of order, or nothing could be perceived to (((Be))).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go Figure

As children, we are [[[FORCED]]] to remember many subjects, "or else", but most are not taught how to share, relax, let go, forgive and forget.
And hence, we have an adult population that is living is a state of anxiety, greed,fear and regret.
I believe that introducing "Philosophy"; which means,"The Love of Wisdom", into our schools, would be a great step in a positive direction.

To Become Affended or Not

If one should say something that offends anothers "Belief", then maybe, the one who becomes offended should remember to not become angry with the other, but instead, question the faith that they have for their "Belief".
"To Become Offended, or Not, will be the gage in which one can "Question" their Faith".
Offended = Little Faith
Not becoming Offended = Solid Foundation in ones "Belief".
And (((Please)))........., always keep in mind, that it is "All", but that of a "Belief", no more or less.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Typically, ones "Belief" about their origin and the religion that they were handed to guide them there, does not liberate them, it imprisons them.
It puts limits upon their "Omni Potent & Divine Nature".
It puts a cover on their book and tells them to read between the pages.

Nothing More or Less

(((Breathe))), and know that "I Am" always (((Home))), in this eternal moment; (((Here & Now))), and that, all is brought forth via my "Intent".
And that (((Here & Now))), "I Am" "Merged" with "All that Is, and Ever will Be".
Therefore, I Am not "Outside" to be "Saved", I have no enemies nor do I have anything to "Fear nor Gain", as there is nothing that "I Am" not.
" I Am" (((Whole)))
Omnipotent,Omniscient and Omniknowledge.
(((I AM that I AM)))
"No-Thing, "More or Less".

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beliefs Separate

"Beliefs" separate, (((Stillness))) unites.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cast the First Stone

Those who condemn others, are unconsciously pleading guilty of their own misdeeds.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Student and teacher are One

When I am troubled over anther's words or actions, I always try to keep in mind, that some how, I have attracted this.
This individual is my teacher, and too, is some how a reflection of myself.
As the Observer, and the Observed are "One' In the Same".
"There really is no other to blame".

Law of Attraction

It is believed by some, that "Intent" aligns the Universe.
And "Intent" would not appear to have a "Need" to "Think", to enable it to judge, this from that; one person, belief, & or religion from another.
It would appear to be "Unconditional and Impersonal" to the (((Highest))) degree.
To me, it would appear to only monitor the intensity of ones "Intent", and Align it with it's match.
"Input =ing Output", there is "No Thinking" necessary here.
It is the signal that it "Is", there can be no err for confusion.
So here, it would appear that one who raises their level of (((Gratitude))), will in turn, raise the frequency of their "Intent", in a more "Positive" and or pleasurable direction towards the (((Good of the Whole))).
(((THANK YOU))), (((Thank You))),(((thank you))),(((thk u)))................
I (((LOVE YOU))), (((Love You))), (((lov u)))........
Let (((Gratitude))) Feel your presence.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mixed Signals

Man takes his children to church and preaches to them that, "Thou Shalt Not KILL".
But when they are grown, he marches them off to religious and corparate wars.
They are told that, they are fighting for "their" country, but of no land do they themselves own.
And forign nations now own great intrest in the so-called, "Land of the Free".
And while off to war, his children are incouraged to be heros, and that, the more of the so-called enemy that they kill, the higher their score.
"Maybe even a Purple Heart is in store!"
"Is this what church is for?"

Change of Policies

"One who gets on top by standing on the rights of others, are at the bottom of the (((Spiritual))) pile" and therefore are not fit for leadership.
It is time to change the candidates and ellect only those with no hidden agenda, who rise to the top by setting go examples and doing good deeds, ones that are centered and can not be bought by the wicked hand of "GreeD".
Greed, is a mental illness which is highly contagious and should be treated as so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Is It

Man acts as if he has another planet in his pocket to live upon, the way he gambles with his only "Living Earth Mother".
He has become convinced via his "limited " perspectoive in "Belief", that Heaven is else where, so he says, " the Hell with this random planet", as I am certainly going to Heaven!!".
"All the while, he dismantles and distroys Nirvana'.
Man has gazed into the sky long enough and far enough to know that Heaven is "Here & Now" on Earth.
It is time to act accordingly.
"Hug a Tree".

Missing the Mark

(((Life))) is Special, its just that most are to busy gathering their living to see It's (((Majesty))).
The child knows of (((Life's Majesty))), and therefore shall lead the way.
It would do the Adults good to lighten up, learn from their children, and play.

One Can Only "Be Here Now"

Man "thinks" in a linear fashion; (one number,word & or "thought" after another), "Beginnings to Ends", just as I am typing this information here.
His local mind calculates in sequential order & or layering, of an imagined space & time, all the while he is surrounded by an (((Infinite Universe and Possibilities))).
And (((Awareness))) is obviously one of the possibilities, and from here, now, "any thing is possible".
Weather or not man is counting time & or thinking, he is (((Ever Present))) "Here & Now".
One can only "Be Here Now", not before or later.


Any time I "Think" about the Unnecessary, "What IFs", I remind my self, to take a (((Deep breath))) and ask my self, "what is the most important thing that I can do "Right Now"?, and the answer "Always" is, "Be in the "Moment", without "Question", As in the (((Stillness))) of the Moment; Here & Now, is the "Kingdom of (((Nirvana))", It could be no other place.
As, even if one found themselves in what they "Imagin" to be Heaven, it will be (((Here & Now))).
In the (((Here & Now))) is the (((Eternal House of Magic))) and (((Imagination))) is our wand, Our souls are designed to (((fly))).
We have been mentally grounded to long,
"Spread your wings"

Monday, January 16, 2012


Keep in mind that we only have "ONE" planet to live on, the others are either to hot, or they are to cold. Its like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" story, and it is "Here & Now upon our "Heavenly Earth Mother" that the temperature of the porridge "Is", "just right.... for (((Life))).
so, it would appear best, to keep our "WANTS" at bay, and take only from our (((Living Earth Mother))), our "needs".
Man must leave any "Idea" of a distant Heaven behind and take care of the only Heaven Realm that he knows of, Here & Now" on "Star Ship Earth".
"Have you hugged a tree today"?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Between the Thoughts

When one finds themselves talking to themselves, they should ponder upon the empty void into which their thoughts echo. As it is here, between ones "thoughts" that our true nature lies.
Be still & know.

Habitat For Calamity

Living in a "Habitat For Calamity, basing our lives upon "Material Gain".
Push and shove is running ramped, inflicting misery and pain.
Something is wrong with this picture, it has been out of focus from the start.
But its not to late to make a difference, so make it one that is (((Closer to the Heart))).

Linear Mind Set

It appears difficult for mans limited linear mind to wrap itself around an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Ever Present Being.
As it looks for beginnings and ends; a way in, and a way out.
It points to some one or thing to initiate the perpetual motion of creation.
"It appears to have difficulties fathoming something that "always has been and always will be".

The Follower and the Followed are One

All definitions of God, in all religions, suggest that God is an (((Aware Being))), but one that is more (((Aware))) then its offspring, and therefore, knows best.
But we must find the "common denominator" here to expose God, and see It for what It truly is, and not something that It is "Thought" to be.
And the "common denominator" is, (((Consciousness))) Itself.
There is no separation from It's source, (us from It) as "ALL" are (((Conscious Beings))), and would not be able to question, define or state that "I AM" without It.
(((Consciousness))), is One Entity.


"Wars do not happen by themselves".
It is mans ignorance which ignites and fuels their insanity.


"[[[CAPITALISM]]], does not "allow" for (((Equality)))."
While (((Compassion))) is (((Equalities))) reflection.

The Cart Before the Horse

One who is poor with no job, is considered a bum, and a menus to society.
While, one who is wealthy with no job, is envied.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I Am That I Am & You are Too

(((Consciousness is Consciousness))).
It is impersonal and unconditional, as it comes in all shapes and sizes.
There is no separation here, "one from the other"; "This from That, Her from Him, This Creature from that Creature", Light from Darkness, good from Bad, and so on & on.........into (((Eternity)))
It is all pervasive; (((Here & Now)))
It is color blind, but yet sees all colors.
And we "All" have it, and most likely always will, as it is appears to be based upon an "Infinite Principle" and contains no substance to die.
(((I am that I Am))) is its only reply"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart and let (((Wisdom))) be your guide.

Open Your Mind and Follow Your Heart

Religion is a pacifier, it numbs and robs man from his ((( Divine ))) potential.
Man adorns it with [[[Blind Faith]]], and reads about it second hand, in his "own" [[[Hand Written]]] books, but yet, his "FEARS" await.
The "Owners Manual" is downloaded into the hearts of man, as if it was a "Gods Will" to be found in a book, it would have been strapped to his side from the womb at birth.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There Is No Need For An Outside God

Man is eager to believe in hero's and saviors.
As he is lead to fear an imaginary end and separation from his source.
And therefore, he desires to be saved by someone or thing outside his own environment, unaware that his source radiates from within his own "Being" and therefore can never be severed, to ever have a "need" to be saved.
All are of (((ONE))) source.
(((Creation))) does no call for an outside God, as (((Creation))) is God.
And we are included in the package.
It is not us, & God.
It is not, "God is up there, and I am down here".
"It is God is us".
So stop praying and paying to be saved, and welcome the idea of your grave.
Then move along into the (((Omnipresence of Eternity))).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dream On

A phone call can travel the world in a matter of seconds, this is somewhat mind boggling and may lead one to believe that there is an Orderly Field of Intelligence which makes up and pervades the air and all else, which aids in teleporting not only our phone call,but too, projects our image.
Our instruments of study have verified this by probing closely into the illusive make up and or nature of our bodies,and that which we "believe" to be matter itself.
Here, all "THings" disappear.
We are composed of the things that dreams are made of.
So, (((Dream On)))

Friday, January 6, 2012

What if Greed Ruled the World

What if "Greed" got totally out of hand,where it enslaved,taxed and monitored "All of Man".
What if the weapons of war and prisons became corporate gain, profiting off of the persecution and death of children, "this would be insane".
What if TVs, computers, sports,work and lust consumed most human minds, along with "having to" be on time.
What if "Fear" and [[[Anxiety]]] overwhelmed the people of this world, living Hell would be unfureled.
And what if all along the people were led to look elsewhere for a savior and a better or more Heavenly place to live, and for this misguided promise, of their life they would give.
"What if".

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merrily Merrily, Life is But a Dream

Its Easy to Argue in Defence of Reality as Its appearance appears so "Real". "Its in you face!!"
Therefore, one of the hardest things to do, is except "Life" as being merely that of a (((Dreamers Dream))), an extension of an (((Aware BEING))), that has been termed from ancient times as the Great (((I AM))).
"Living in a Dream" takes the pressure off, as here, none are subject to a physical death.
And the Great (((I AM))) is centered in all, sealed at It's seams.
What if the (((Outside))) was an illusion, as in our dream, virtual reality at its best, lending us a sense of time and direction; north,south,east & west, and via our request.
"It doesn't get more (((Magical))) then this".
Now, if we could just learn to drive the thing.
It's manual is said to be downloaded into all of us.
Maybe at this point, it may do our "Great Grand Mother Earth", her children; our brothers and sisters of the land, sea and air and our species some good to do some soul searching and "Allow" this Divine information to rise to the top.
(((Awaken Adam from It's slumber))) & become the Christ, be the Buddha.