Thursday, March 31, 2011


To find neutrality,"one must argue their own arguement",study closely their own belief".
Look at it from "all angles".
Question,"how, and why they seek".
Now skan back into the distance,pinpoint your minute object in mind. Remaining ever "mind-full" that, "without an "Awareness" at hand,"All" would be deaf,dumb and blind,unaware of any beliefs,or space and time".
Here, they must understand,that they are of the labyrinth of "The Great 'I AM", master of "All Kinds".
And being ever presant,"Here & Now", is Its "Immaculate Sign".
Yes, our "Core Essence", is of "The Divine".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


To "accept" that which happens in "Life," as if one brought their experiences upon themselfs, is to acknowledge ones role as a co creator, whos intent manifest before them, cause & efect; karma,reeping what one sows,etc...., which in turn influences the whole of "Creation, as if "All" where connected. One who accepts this idea will be... at ease,in peace of mind. They will tend to do unto the "Whole", as they would like done unto them selves.

"To not "accept" that which happens in "Life", is a statement that declairs that,"the "Whole of Creation" is wrong and the part is right," and there for judgement and punishment need to be applied, and that the "Whole of Creation" is chaotic, unconnected and therefore goes uneffected.

One whom excepts this idea will become frustrated, and will not find peace of mind. They will tend to be more self centered, with disconcern for the "Whole".

Monday, March 28, 2011

Study Well

Every body owes it to themselves and "All Life forms" involved, to thoroughly investigate their core beliefs, be it in there religion, or other"wise".
And here, one has to acknowledge that "All" beliefs, are rooted in "Awareness" Its Self.
As without "Awareness", there would be no beliefs. Not even of a God.
Study Well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If we lived in another head, we would do as they do,it does not help to judge, and those that have not been lead astray and or have sinned, "if any," are few.

Change is in order, if one wishes to redirect the worlds,their own, or another current actions and beliefs.

It will take a paradigm shift,a leap of faith,a quantum jump,to completely release,our ways of old,by reflecting upon the "Wisdom," that has been told,so that mans vial of ignorance will permanently cease.

Einstein stated: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

Its time for new beliefs, "RELEASE".

Friday, March 18, 2011

One Source

If "All," are of "One Source," then "All," are "Equal" in their "Core Essence."
And if this be "True",then vanity and intimidation are imposter's, conceived in the "Ego" alone.
Mind made idols, that vanish at death as our "Core Essence" merges once again with our "Source".
"Separation is an illusion" "None should fear or envy another".

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Grand Magician

Like a magician, we appear to enter and exit this "Grand Stage of Life".
But there is something about our "Essenes of Awareness" that makes us think twice.
For what begot our "appearance"; that projects us upon "Center Stage"? This Central point of an "Aware Being" that does not seem to dissipate with age.
It has been termed as "The Great, "I AM"; the center of all "Beings".
Both,you and I can state that, "I AM",but what does this really mean?
Could it mean, "that we are "All," a part; fractals of this "Omnipresent and potent "Unified Supreme Mind"?
And "Here & Now" upon this Heavenly Stage,we experience space & time.
Could this be why it has been said that, "what we think and do unto ourselves and others, we do unto the "Whole"?
The "Butter Fly Effect", within the "Outer Net", and that which we reap, we to shall sow.
And if this is true, then it is up to me and you,to make a "Kinder" world for "All" to know. "Lets go, and believe it so".

Monday, March 14, 2011

To Reason

To gather and include all areas of mans available knowledge and current understandings; via his myths, mysticism, religion and science,"when in question",is to use to the fullest, his intuitive ability to "Reason".
And,"remaining ever neutral to the out come, is "Wisdom".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As consciousness investigates Its origin, it looks outward towards substance to be the barer of Its birth.
It searches high and low for an imaginary starting point,somewhere between an invisible here and there,a tick in time,atoms that collide;a big bang that constructed the "Earth".
It studies Its apparent evolution; taking thought,thinking in linear finite terms.
"There must be a cause for Its effect',with a desire for something to give It self worth".
But consciousness may be empty,with no time,space nor substance to physically live or die.
Its true essence may be eternal,all pervasive and ever present "Here and Now".
There may be no "how or why".
In the "Silence," may be where Its inner "Truth" lies.

Empty is Our True Essence

"Nothing can be known, other then, that there is an "Aware Being" & or "Beingness" in All", observing, asking and answering questions; theorizing this and that about It's nature.
But It's nature is beyond this and that; name and form.
It's very base unfolds into a "Unified Field" or reservoir and screen upon which name and form appear.
Pure "Awareness" is ever aware, untouched by appearance, perpetually neutral is It's essence.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Native Way

Those with pets,know that their pets possess their own unique character,ways and minds. They know that they feel pleasure and pain,learn and age with time.
So when one kills and or consumes another creature that they have not come to know and love as their own,please wish them well,in their new spiritual home.