Friday, February 26, 2010

Centered In God

To make and declare an Omnipotent God to be finite, by assigning or clothing It in a name and personal human form, limits It's very nature, power and glory. It sagest an end for eternity, and displacement from It's Omnipotent principle and source.
Nothing could be outside It's source, and there would appear to be of only One Source, One God Head and or Aware Beingness. All Beingness is, One Beingness. Being ness is, Beingness, this can not be denied.
All else, are but mere thoughts, housed in this Being.
Yes, All, are of One Beingness. And this Omnipotent Being knows and can declare that "I Am", but that's all, as any claim beyond, "I Am", is and illusion, thought driven from the Tree of Knowledge.
This "I Amness", is centered in All, without circumference. All can say that,"I Am".
All are centered in "One Aware Divine Being". Yes, All are in there totality, of One center, One Being, Here and Now, and have always been and will be.
So, Here and Now, one needs not search for, fear, suffer for, nor pray to an outside god, as they are in their purest state, God It's Self. One Self, beyond name and form. So when one wars onto another, they war unto themselves. Very uneventful. Love thy neighbor, as they are you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

True leaders are not elected.
They rise to the top unprotected.
One knows of their compassion and wisdom in their actions and in what they speak.
They do not strike fear in others hearts, and for followers they do not seek.
Their concern is for the good of the whole.
Of separation they do not know.
They look into all eyes as One, in the same, viewing All, as brothers and sisters of One Universal Reign.
They are unconcerned with money and fame.
They know that Heaven is right here and now on Earth.
They know of It's grandeur, It's splendor, they know of It's true worth.
They know that God sees through all eyes.
They speak in truth, with no need to lie.
They know that once All recognize their inherent Divine True Being, All will witness the power and glory of God as they rejoice and sing.