Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Believe or Not to Believe

"Believer",and "Nonbeliever" alike, share in common, that of the same field of "<<<>>>", in which they "Believe" in, be it, their "Belief",this way or that; if there is, or isn't a God, and or anything else that can be conceived to be "Believed".
And without "Awareness",there would not be a "Believer" or a "Nonbeliever",nor a concept of a God to be "Believed in.
"Here & Now", amist the "Magic of "Things", "<<<>>>" is the prime mover, "All" else, is secondary, and empty of "True" meaning and purpose.

Monday, May 30, 2011


When on "understands" that they can not be absolutely "certain" about anything, other then, that there is an "Aware" presence" about them,that stands in question & answer, of this and that,judgement will cease.
And this clarity of "Wisdom" will prevail.


Awaken the femininity in the masculine, and the masculinity in the feminine, and the illusion of separation will disappear.
And enlightenment will engulf man kind.
All, are "one in the same", and nipples appear upon both sexes.

Its the chase

Some times, our dreams are better left unmanifested, as once they are attained they tend to fade from incentive and are latter discarded and or divorced.
As in the hunt,so too, in our dreams.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Make Believe

There is "Awareness," beyond, in and between, all thoughts and words, life and death,in and of each breath,it needs no momentum, nor rest.
It too,is awake in our dreams, "The magic seam".
It lives in the silence and therefore,can not be disturbed.
It possesses no substance to die, nor does it have a reason to believe
It ever just "Is".
It is the master of "Make Believe".

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Like a bird pecking at it's own image in the mirror, we get hypnotised by our own reflection,captured by a false sense of who we think we are.

A True Servant

A "True" servant, must surrender to pride, bow to humility and do whats "WISE" for the whole.

Spiritually Deprived

The wealthiest people in the world are yet trying to acquire more money, as their souls are yet "empty".
They do not know that their "emptiness," arrives from being "Spiritually deprived".
May their thirst be quenched, and their wars ended.


If "death," should end our souls, then there will be plenty of time to quite the mind.
But, existing in the realm of infinite properties and probabilities, it may be good to start to quite the mind "Here & Now", as here, there is a long road to plow.
"Have a good eternity".

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bank On It

One should be to busy "enjoying "Life" to have a job.
Instead of to busy with thier job, to enjoy life.
Here one must ask themselves,"whats it all about"?
Am I on a financial journey, or a
Spiritual" one.
And seeing that we are aboard "Star Ship Earth" aloft in the Heavens", I would venture to say that, "we are on a "Spiritual Journey".
Smooth sailing to you my friends.


One who remains completely in the sensation of the moment;<<>> of "thinking", walks the path of least resistance,and therefore, "Life flows through them with abundance".

God Is

God is you.
God is me.
It is the ocean,the lions,tigers,butterflies,etc...... and trees.
God is the sky,earth,and the heavens above.
It is compassion.
God is love.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outside the Box

When the human body is examined closely with high powered microscopes, it disappears, as matter becomes illusive, possessing no "real" substance. This has been known for thousands of years.
The Mystics spoke of this phenomena, the Greeks, the Buddha did too,Jesus was said to transcend water by raising his vibration an octave or 2.
And now, our most advanced instruments of knowledge probe into this subatomic world.
I tell you my friends, this is "Magic",energy dancing in motion,a double step swirl.
And we appear to be the magicians of our own cosmic world.
Jump out of the box,let our wings of "Imagination" unfurl.

Mind Field

It is not so much that one knows more than another, it may be that one simply understands more than another at that particular time.
As one is only ignorant of a certain matter, until they are enlightened to its presents.
"All",is relative.
All, are equal in existence,centered in time.
"All", are connected, in one "Universal Mind".

Fine Line

Where in lies the fine line between the caterpillar and it's butterfly.
The seed and it's tree, the question and it's reply.
The waxing and waining of the moon,love and hate,the past and it's destiny.
There appears to be a timeless moment which "thought can not penetrate to perceive.
Here, there is nothing to be known,and therefore,nothing to be believed.
Here and now,in it's center,there would appear to be an absolute stillness,that the illusion of movement surrounds.
Silent is it's domain,with an eternal ground.
"It ever just is, that it is",no more nor less.
And "here & now" lies it's fine line, but this too, is an educated guess,so put judgement to rest.
May love & compassion be our only quest.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Core Essence

One can change their minds,cloths,the car they drive,their color,name political preference,their team,religion,etc......,but this does not change the "Essence" of that person.
"ALL", are of "ONE Essence", "ALL", are of "One "Being".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Is the Gratitude

Bagging "Creation", to reward us for our "WANTS", means that we are not quite satisfied that, our "NEEDS" are fulfilled, and therefore, we "desire" "MORE". And this type of "behavior" and or lack of "Gratitude",is a slap in the face to It's "Absolute "MAGIC".
As It gives us an "Amazing",
"Aware Beingness",to in able us to declare that, <<<"I AM">>>, from our very <<<"Center>>> of "BEING", and without this,"Certain", "I AM...ness", there would be no "Subject",which is "us", to ask for an "Object" which is our "WANTS".
And as a "bonus", we where given a "Glorious "Living" planet aloft in the "Heavens"
Can we not see the "Grandeur" before us.
"Will we not "Awaken" for our slumber?"


Are you waiting for a "Savior"?
Are you looking for a helping hand?
Do you wish to achieve the highest that you can receive?
But hoping that someone else or thing will do it for you,as you are busy making financial plans.
Are your excuses of many?
Are you waiting for a miraculous sign?
A Messiah in a rob,from the Book of Job, Mohamed from the middle east,an angle or a beast.
The Buddha to quite your mind,Gandhi at the front of the line,giving Mother Teressa your soul to find.
And if so you are running blind.
Its time to step up to the plate.
It can never be to late.
A the magical moment is always "Here & Now".
Take the harness of your own plow.
Wisdom and compassion is the way.
This "IS", your brightest day.
For your own "salvation",only you can pay.
"Except yourself as your own savior, when you pray."

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Future "IS "Ours To See

Everything is "Perfect", to the "Highest" degree.
Every grain of sand, drop of water,every leaf on every tree.
Everything, needs "everything", for "everything" to "BE".
Each experience attracts the next,via ones intent, manifesting their destiny.
And each individual adds to, and influences the "Whole","LOVE" is the key.
There is no separation "Here & Now", the past and the future is ours to see.
"What will i be"?

Tecno Destiny

Busy on the computer,watching the TV,talking on the cell phone,all, mindless activities.
No time for the birds song, or the "Wisdom" of philosophy.
Microwaves bombarding our flesh,we are taught what to believe.
Being absorbed by our inventions;such a sight to see.
Who would of thought, that our minds would get caught,trapped in our own techno destiny.


One who follows in another foot steps, leaves no impressions.
Follow your own lead.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chalice of Wisdom

The ignorant do not know who they are.
Their mirror is not clear; they can not see that far.
They must drink from the "Chalice of Wisdom" and quench their unending thirst.
They must know of their "Oneness", before things get much worst.
With "Wisdom", we must rehearse.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"Insecurity", points at others,so that it doesn't have to reflect back unto its own weakness.
Pointing at others, leaves 3 fingers, pointing back at the pointer.
So,whats the point?
Become enlightened, and "Go pointless".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Input = Output

If in "Deed",our unpleasant state of affairs & or world problems are fueled and manifested via the "Intent" of the "Collective" of the Whole of human consciousness, with each individual adding their personal "input", then, it would appear that if man changed the "Intent" of the "Collective,then he would in turn, change his world.
And this is doable, once it is understood by the "Whole", that "All", are "ONE" in the same.
This was understood by the mystics and now is being understood in quantum physics.
Input = Output.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Expand God - Ego = "Enlightenment"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

True Servant

"A "True" servant, does not ask for "money", nor for "diplomatic immunity", to be the servant of their people."
A "True" servant,offers their "all",with out thought for gain,nor do they need a way to protect themselves from their dirty deeds,"as,they are "True" to the "whole" of their people.
It is time to empty the pockets of our "so-call" elected officials & or servants,and allow the cream to rise to the top.
We are a "Spiritual Being" ,on a "Spiritual" journey,and not a commodity on a financial journey.
"Awaken & fly".


Just as we are "ALL" are electronically connected via the "inner net", we too, are spiritually connected via the "Outer net, in a "Universal"feild of consciousness.
As in the "micro cos om", so too, in the "Macro Cos om".
As above,so below.
"ALL" are "ONE".

The Constant

The "Moment", is a "Constant",but most see it as a sequence in time,as they are "Thinking", in terms,of a "dead Past",& or, an "Imagined Future",within the "Moments Presence".
As "Thought", is linear, in "idea";one thought, following another & another in an imaginary line;cycled with an associated memory.
Be "Here Now", and the only thing one will miss,is the mere thought or idea of a past & a future". Peace

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This "Human Behavior" "THING" is quite simple, even though man makes a chore of it.
It is a matter of, "INPUT" & "OUTPUT".
As "Like" begets "Like".
Set "GOOD" example.
Put "LOVE & Kindness", "IN".
Receive "LOVE & Kindness", "OUT".
"OUTPUT=INPUT" - "INPUT=OUTPUT", its a cycle.
"Teach your children well", and of this,they will teach theirs.

No Ego, No War

One who has complete faith in their belief,does not become offended when another challenges it. They do not flinch what so ever, as they are firm in their stance,stable,remaining ever present,unaffected.
And one who feels threatened, and feels a need to defend their belief,has little faith in the "power" of their belief, and they therefore stand upon shaky ground,emotions flair,chemicals rage and they find themselves ready to fight. Be firm in your belief,or better yet,have no belief at all. And there will be no war,as there will be no reason to fight for.

Do Your Homework

One who can not find contentment within themselves, Will not find themselves content with anybody else.
"Outer Peace", is an "Inside Job".
Do your home work.

Supposed To

There is no "supposed too", anything. It is based on the "law of attraction". Here, there does not have to be "meaning nor purpose",as "All", "just is, as it is". The Universe would appear to be unconditional and impersonal. Its "ALL" in Divine order.

Beyond Skin Deep

If "Beauty", disrobed and put on "Ugly's" garment, and "Ugly robed in Beauty's gament.
One would yet witness the "Beauty" in "Ugliness", and the "Ugliness's",in the Beautiful.
"Beauty & Ugliness's,are only skin deep", and is held in the eyes of the beholder.
As, "it is ones "Heart" that makes them shine.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have been awarded,"EXISTENCE" Its Self.
And we should "WANT" for "MORE".
Such a forgetful,ungracious species.
Living in a state of deplore.
Such a bore.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Division Wall

Our guardians and or government, was formed to be our servants and caretakers.
But, "We the People", became theirs.
It is time to take down the "Division Wall", of a house divided,and do whats best for the "Good of the Whole".
And,We the People of this "WORLD", must "Wisely", work together as "ONE Body", to make it so.
This learned behavior of separation,one from another, has got to go.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Color, is Skin Deep.

Man robes and marks his teams;in sports,government;its military,religions etc.,with identification #s,names,symbols,colors and so on,so that he does not loose track of his team,and who's,who. And the game,fight or war would most likely not go on for long without him doing so,as chaos would set in,if all involved, where suddenly disrobed of their outer garment or jerseys. One would not be able to tell one side from another.
This dis-plays a false division, an illusive mental projection of teams,colors and sides.
"ALL" are the same color under the skin.
And after "ALL: is said and dome, "All" are "ONE".

The Irony

Isn't it ironic,'that man, should desire or want for things that he will later fear of loosing".

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cosmic Game

"Life", is a "Cosmic Conscious Game", and every time that we mistrust Its genius;flinch,judge or fear,we loose.
Believe in the "Wisdom & Power" of "LIFE",as "LIFE" emanates you and "ALL" that you see,hear,touch,taste,smell and do.

Spiritual Journey

This is a "Spiritual Journey" that we are on,not a "financial" one.
We live in the Heavens and are powered by the sun.
We are "Angles of the Cosmos" and our wings, "Mother Earth".
We are on a "Spiritual Journey",priceless,beyond worth.

I Know, that I don't Know

"I know, that I don't know everything".
"And I know, that you don't know everything".
But I do know, that, "everything is know, or nothing would "BE".
And that something that knows,is inside you and me.
So put it in cruse control, and "LET IT BE".

Thursday, May 5, 2011


"Heaven" is not above".
"And "Hell" is not bellow". "All is "Here & Now",so there is really no time,place to be, nor go.
As matter,space and time are but relative projections of mind,as in my so-called dreams,they too are real,as in them,I can smell,taste,see,hear and feel.
My eyes are closed but yet I see. The sun is out,but yet where my body lays in bed asleep,it is as dark as can be.
Its "All" virtual reality.
A placeless place,where we "All" manifest as "ONE" our destiny. And here I know that what I do onto the "Whole",I do onto me.
Allowance and merging "All" intent with Love and Good Will" onto the "Whole" is the key.
Man must set his primitive belief in an "OUTSIDE GOD" free.
As we are "ALL" keepers of Its Soul,unite,harmonize and down load a Heavenly destiny.
Its time to shine,lets harmonize and glow.

Need Not Ask for More

"You are who and what you pray to, and are searching for", the "Magic Kingdoms Within".
You are part of "TOTALITY" Its Self, and "Here & Now," you have"forever been, where there is no beginning nor end". "You Infinitely extend".
There is nothing that you are lacking,as in your "Truest Essence",you are "God","Inside,looking out".
Yes, you are "Awareness" Its Self,the Great "I AM".
You are "ALL"about.
You are who and what you pray to, and are searching for,as the observer and the observed are "ONE",there is no more nor less then there will ever be.
You my brothers and sisters,of "Divine Nature",are "Eternity".
"Need not ask for more", this we must see.
So, "let it Be".

Our Heavenly Host

A guest does not expect from their host.
A "Good" guest, is their host servant and guardian.
It is time to give back to our host, our"Earth MOTHER",as our species have been beligerent upon Her Heavenly breast. A good guest is one who is gracious to their host.
And if we refuse, "All" will become barren wispery goast.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy Prey

Show me a people who believe exactly what their government says, and I will show you a people who are easily lead.

None Are Alone

Do away with this primitive "idea" of "separation"; of an "outside God", Its Heaven,Hell and Its Devil. Do away with Government,it's politics,their taxes, wars,police,lawyers,their laws and their prisions,as they are "all" for a lost cause.Just look around,watch the violence on the news,turn it off,center your self,and pause.
"Lets get things back on the level".
As, "Nature," and man needs none of the above to be born,live and surive. As our "Earth Mother" provides enough for "ALL" of Her children to thrive and stay alive.
All man has to do is set "Good Examples" for the good of the "Whole",teach "Compassion and to "Love thy neigbor as part of his own, and that "Heaven is our home". And that,"Here & Now", none are alone.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lets Say

So, lets say, that,"man was never taught that he was born in "SIN"!!..., and that Heaven was else where".
And in stead, he was taught, "that he is born in Heaven, and that his birth, is one of an immaculate conception,beating all odds,"here & now," upon his "Great Grand Mother Earth". And that he is to "Cherish", and walk softly upon Her Living Breast of Abundance". And, that "HELL", was but a "state of mind", and not a physical location, "to burn in the rest of his life".
"Its not to late to teach this "TRUTH".

Centered in "ALL" Without Circumference

"If God, was "Outside looking In",wouldn't It be lonely,disconnected,and "how would God, Its Self, begin?"
Omnipresent and "ALL Mighty",hidden benieth the magic vail;
Can't wrap ones mind around It, nor capture It to "Sale".
It can only be summonded in theory,infinitely abbreviated, then, "imprisioned in books".
But,"It", appears to be "Neutral", "In, between", and on both sides of duality,"esscaping "Death" It needs not rest,Its in every nook. It is "both","the "Observer and the Observed". It is everywhere one looks,"lift a rock, and It is there, It's "Awareness" is everywhere.
It is centered in "ALL", without circumference. Its is the "I AM," in you,and the "I AM" in me too.
"God is All about".
"It is Inside, looking Out".

Monday, May 2, 2011

Figure it Out

"God, is not outside looking in".
"God, is inside looking out".
And here,there is no need for a prayer nor a savior.
"Here & Now" there is no "place" for doubt.
As "ALL" are "ONE",separation is an illusion.
Heaven, is all about.
Rejoice,dance,sing and shout.
Figure it out.

Blind Faith

In antiquity,our world was thought by most, to be "flat";2 dimentional,with the illusion of only an up and down; with a God and Heaven above, and a "Devel and It's "Hell,"underground.
But now, we know, that our Living "Earth MOTHER," is round.
"How profound."
Our perspective was veiled.
And now we know,"that what is down for us, is up for China, and not "HELL".
"We orbit aloft the Heavens".
All where logical perspectives at the time, but nevertheless,they where "false beliefs"or paradigms that religions would tell.
"Blind Faith" for sale".
This "Truth" will prevail.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"No Sides, No War"

"No Sides", no "War".
What part don't we understand?
Do away with this false sense of separation from your planet and your fellow man. We most wave our conditioned desire to belong.
As there are no sides,in a world where "ALL" are "ONE".
"ALL" are of "One Family of "LIFE"; brothers and sisters of "ONE World", under "ONE SUN".
All are complete and there is nothing left undone.