Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beliefs Change

One who becomes offended when another "Says" something that challenges their current belief, be it in religion, politics, sports, etc..... is not firm in their belief "Period". "Oh ye of little faith" that would "Allow" a ripple of "Thought" to become a tidal wave of war. Lay down your weapons of fear, and live and let live".

Friday, September 28, 2012

Financial Wealth

If all were financially wealthy, man would have already destroyed his environment, and therefore, would no longer be a guest upon his great Grand Mother Earth. Just observe what is happening in the money arena today, it doesn't matter what people make their money in, as long as they are making money, even if they are investing in prisons, violence and death onto their own family of man, and dumber yet, in the destruction of their own "Living Planetary Home". We must find a kinder form of trade, one with the well being of all other "Sentient Beings" in mind. One closer to the heart. Its time to barter, as there are enough "Things" already made. Let go.

Evolution of Consciousness

If all were financially wealthy, man would have already destroyed his environment, and therefore, would no longer be a guest upon his great Grand Mother Earth. Just observe what is happening in the money arena today, it doesn't matter what people make their money in, as long as they are making money, even if they are investing in prisons, violence and death onto their own family of man, and dumber yet, in the destruction of their own "Living Planetary Home". We must find a kinder form of trade, one with the well being of all other "Sentient Beings" in mind. One closer to the heart. Its time to barter, as there are enough "Things" already made. Let go.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


"Sex is not a sin, it is an instinct".

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Kingdom

Most have become so accustom to perceiving that there is an outside God, that they can't even imagine that their "Source" lies within. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you". "Its closer then your body".

There You Have It

The "Moment",(((Here & now))) is custom made by you, via your intent, observe closely. And if you discover that you would like change, then change your intent.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


One who is willing to fight over their belief, has little faith there in.


"I claim no religion", and yet, I feel full, connected to my source, with an inherent Love and Compassion for all beings.


One who knows, in their deepest essence, that they are one with their (((Source))), have no need for a religion.
What would appear to be good of the "Whole of Creation", is to "Let it Be", as it knows "Exactly" what it is doing to the highest degree.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Share Equally

Our collective effort as a species has brought forth where we are today and our technological advancements, it is time to share the rewards equally. Whether one is a factory worker or the owner of the factory, a corporate solider or the corporation that leases the solider to support the oil war, all have contributed, one to the other. As, there would not be a factory without the employee, nor a war, without the solider. It is the public who unknowingly pays for the bailout of other countries and corporations. It is the public that is being robbed of their money, and homes. Americans should at least be receiving free gas from the oil companies, as they pay for the equipment, room and board, and the transportation of their own "Children" to and from the war zone, if their "Children" make it home. If the tax payers no longer played in the game of "Dirty Politics", and refused to vote into office the 2 people, a (republican & a Democrat), that the corporations put forth for them to vote from, they would no longer be held responsible for the Governments dept. In fact, the tax payers should hold responsible the gov. officials responsible for robbing the peoples money from them and make the gov. officials pay for their own dept. If the gov. wants to tax someone, let it be themselves, as they are soley responsibly for the dept and the so-called war.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let it Be

There is simplicity in the complexity, order in chaos, or nothing would "BE". It is just that it all is happening at a higher vibration of light,a faster frequency, then the human eye can see. It obviously knows what it is doing, so "Let it Be".

A Plea to All Religious Leaders Across the World

"(((Please))) make a truce with one another", if only for 1 month, it will throw "Corporate Politics" for a loop. As they will have no one to point at while they are robbing the world of Its resources and Its people of their freedom. They will be exposed for the thieves that they are. They are the lost members of the flock and their numbers are small. This can be done. "Shut them down Now!". "It is in your hands", move on it. Amen

God Needs No Religion

Those who believe in the "POWER!" of God do not need a religion to support It, as It stands on its own without needing to be propped up by churches and followers. God is not to be idolized, as It is not some -" THING" that possesses an ego that feels a need to be obeyed, prayed to and worshiped. These are the traits of man, not of God. Man has created God in his own image, not vice verse. It is time to see God as a "Conscious Light Being", emanating "ALL" images all at once, looking through all eyes. Anything that needs a religion, to "Validate" it, is a lie. God needs no religion.

Led to Believe

Just because one has been led to believe that there is only one way of looking at something, be it in their belief in themselves, a God,religion, a flag,their school, water, etc......, does not mean that there is not another view. And in a world of infinite possibilities, "Wrong and Right" are relative terms.


"For ones mind to fully be open, it must be in the silence".

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It is not me who contains this information that I put before your eyes, as my mind is but that of a conduit,a transmitting and receiving device. I am not sitting here "thinking",("What am I going to write next?"),I await the information to channel through me and I take notes. I have no idea how the information will assemble its self. I have to read over it to see if it makes sense and holds a bit of truth. I am but the valley within the river that flows, I am a mere conduit,a TV set,radio, a computer. Man can only create or invent that which he is, but at a lesser degree then he is. We are conduits, so we naturally invent conduits,"As above so bellow". I am but that of a messenger. So, "if ones finds themselves becoming upset and personal with the information that is laid out here before them, may themselves live in doubt of the power in their own belief. It is something that is lodged within their own minds. As, one who is firm in their belief, fears no challenge. "IT IS A KNOWING", not a mere "belief". "True Love" is impersonal an unconditional", it can be felt in the silence Good journey to all.


One who gives with the intent to receive, will never know the true meaning of giving.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just Asking

So, lets get this straight, if the alleged terrorist who were directly responsible for 911 died in the tragedy that day and "if Iraq was not involved with 911 and there was no weapons of mass destruction found in the country as stated by the U.N. investigators before the attack,and if there was, they were not used.
And Bush has claimed that his biggest blunder of his administration was receiving false information from his sources that caused him to send (Our Children) to attack Iraq in the first place.
Here,if he is saying that his attack on Iraq was wrongfully done, then "Why are we yet over there and attacking more oil bearing countries that were not a problem and that were once our allies that the U.S. gov. sold weapons to?
Shouldn't we be aiding and apologising with deep regret that so many have been tortured and killed over a blunder.
Do the U.S. tax payers want to have blood on their hands by aiding this insanity.
Call your children home.
As things are sounding a bit suspicious.
Is it just a coincidence, an act of God,could it be Greed,has any one figured it out yet.
"JUST asking".
Good journey to all.

A Plea to All Religious Leaders Across the World

"(((Please))) make a truce with one another", if only for 1 month, it will throw "Corporate Politics" for a loop.
As they will have no one to point at while they are robbing the world of Its resources and Its people of their freedom.
They will be exposed for the thieves that they are.
They are the lost members of the flock and their numbers are small.
This can be done.
"Shut them down Now!".
"It is in your hands", move on it.


Flags are false idols and they are worshiped in all countries across the world,which artificially divides one from another, "Us vs. Them". It is childish behavior,(we are better then you). If one must worship and fly a flag, let it be one of the Earth, not one of division. Good journey to you my friend.


Even the Atheist has been given the Conscious" ability to "Believe".
(((Awareness))) is the common denominator for both the Atheist and the Believer in a separate outside God.
Both can stake claim to, and say that, "I AM".
A Creator & or a God is not necessary for something that always has been and always will be.
(((Awareness))) contains no substance to be given birth nor to die. It is ever present Here & Now". And "Here & Now" it has forever been.
Substance is an illusion, as it is in our so-called dreams, and one can not destroy "Emptiness".

"I AM"

A Dog Chasing Its Tail

"One can not find God, nor do they need to, as they are God".

"All are God".
Nothing could be outside Its vessel.
So cut through the chase and use your God Inherent Powers,"for Gods sakes!".

Monday, September 17, 2012

Find Your Spot

Whatever ones "Passion" is, follow it,if at all possible,as it is the key that opens the door to ones (((Bliss))), their calling in life.
All are encoded to preform a certain function for the "Entity of Existence" to take place, just as other species have their orderly fashion of behavior for survival.
Everything Is, because everything else Is.
And when all are in proper firing order, the machine runs smoothly, all cylinders are in sync.
But, when one does not find their calling in life because "they have to go to school and make a living" elsewhere in another Field,at random,they begin to feel empty, and life is just so,so.
Plus, it throws the machine out of balance, friction begins and the whole system suffers until failure takes place.
This is what is happening now upon this magnificent "Living Vessel of Life",Mother Earth.
It is going into failure do to our species being out of sync.
Solution, "find the child's interest early in live, and gear their studies around it, and place them in that area.
"Like a thief in the night",All will be more content,the system will run smoothly, and the joy of Heaven on Earth will be known.
"Find your spot".

most are missing this door as modern society


Bullying is nothing but the extension of ones own insecurities aimed at another in the attempt to rise above them. It is a back handed compliment. Have pity on the "Bully's, as they are weak.

Heart Felt

None have the power to break anothers heart, as ones heart becomes broken over their own expectations of the other.
No expectations, no broken heart.
Every one has their luggage.

A Run On Sentence

OK, so here we are within the absolute (((Magic))) of "Existence" its self, all interconnected within the labyrinth of Awareness, beating all odds that "LIFE" itself could take place,aboard a "Beautiful Living Star ship,with sisters and brothers of all colors,leaves,fins,feathers,faces and furs", moving at a high velocity through space and time, all in the same moment,(Here & Now),aloft the Heavens in the mist of eternity, existing in a universal field of infinite possibilities, thought forms, emanating fields of energy,dancing within the light, with the innate ability to stand in question of our own "Being", and most "WANT" for more, acting as if nothing special was going on as they go about their day, as most have lost sight of this mystery.
So, lets change our current paradigm of "Thinking", and do something with this (((Magic))).
Stop charging one another to live here. Take down the fences,allow Nature to gather Herself from our abuse, and delve into our "Spiritual Union with one another and come to the realization that we are "ONE" with who we pray to.
"As, the same (((Universal Awareness))) that looks through my eyes looks through yours.
There are not many, there is only "ONE".

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wake Up!

If Jesus returned today, would he be a Christian, a Jew, or do you think that at this point in time he would skip all of that, and ask,
"What the "F_ _ K" is wrong with you people?!".


If Nature had the "Vengeance" of man, man would have been annihilated by Her long ago for his abusive behavior onto Her "Cornucopia of Life".
It is a "SLAP!" in Her face, it is a crime to the highest degree.
How dare the children smite their only Mother.

Sticks and Stones

"Wars cost a lot of money".
So, the smaller the "Bank", the less money there is to support "War!",the less suffering there is, less debt to the public and less money is made by the wicked.
No bank,no war.
Let the wicked and the misguided fight on their own, with
Sticks and stones.

Silence is Golden

Our true nature would appear to be "ONE" with the "Silence", as from the "Silence" we come, and back into the "Silence" we go.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Impersonal Observer

Any time that one notices that their mind wonders off and begins to compare or judge another,pull back from it into the "Silence".
As in the "Silence", is your home.
"I AM"

Separation is an Illusion

When I look into the mirror, who is it that sees,who is this invisible inner conscious something that is looking at me?
And who is this me, this outer garment of flesh from which within, I can claim that "I AM" and perceive myself to be.
Is this the "Great I AM", that man spoke of throughout antiquity.
The "I AM" that looks through all eyes and sees all things.
The "I AM that I AM" is "ONE
This is why it has been said,that, "That which one does onto another,they so too, do unto themselves", as in reality, "ALL are One", one is the other.
Therefore, when one is at "WAR!" with another, they are at "WAR!" within themselves.
And when one shares Love & Compassion with another, they share Love & Compassion within themselves.
"Do yo wish to be at "WAR!" or in LOVE?".
"Separation is an Illusion".
"Love thy neighbor as thy self", because, that's the "REAL DEAL".

Friday, September 14, 2012

"In the silence there is no argument".
Lets meet there.

"Righteousness" Kills".

The Child is here to teach the adult to "PLAY", to remember the "Joy" in their hearts that has been covered up by layers and layers of programed assumptions, all gathered from the fruit from the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil".
In the Garden of Eden, nothing was believed by Adam, (Man), to be either "Good or Bad", everything just was as it was,(no more or less), everything flowed in harmony, no question was needed to add nor subtract from the perfection of the "Moment".
And it is of this limited belief of a superficial "Good & Evil" that takes man off to war.
"Righteousness" Kills".
There is an "Ultimate Good", and it can be witnessed only by "Letting the "Moment" Be", and allow for it's "Genius" of Creation to unfold before us, as it does for "ALL of Life".
"All are provided for", nothing goes unnoticed.
Man, is the only species that is holding things up.
It has been said that, "A Child shall lead the way", so "Allow" for them to uncover the joy in ours hearts, so that we can once again dance with the rest of the Universe.
"Dance On".
(((Deep Breath)))

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Follow your Heart, not the Dollar

If our children were conditioned by the philosophy of "Wisdom" and its practice of (((Compassion))), as much as they are "Vanity, Sports and Violence", our world would be less competitive and more at peace.
As, "Like Begets Like".

Why doesn't "Wisdom" get the air time that "Vanity, Sports and Violence" does?
Could this be by plan.
Could grown adults be so lost that they are willing to entice our children off to "WAR! for the "Almighty Dollar?"
"Is this what is happening?".
"Follow your Heart, not the Dollar".

Be Still

It is how one "Believes" that makes them act this way and that.
(((Still))) the mind, and there will be no "Belief" to act on.
"If "ALL" people from across the world (((Stilled))) their minds at the exact same time, there would be "World Peace", if only for a second.
Be still and know that "I AM".

History Doesn't Need To Repeat Itself

If not for the soldier, there would be no "WAR!", let the "WAR Makers" fight for their own "Insecurity" of "GREED".

It will not last long, if it takes place at all, and there will be millions less casualties to all "LIFE Forms",trillions saved, and massive amounts of emotional energy will be conserved to be used in a positive fashion.
All "WARS!" have been over the insecurity of "Temptation & Greed",(someone is trying to add to their sense of self).
The History of "WAR!" is recorded to learn from, not to repeat with the same preconceived vengeance of ignorance, over & over,again & again.........,as this is insanity.
Parents, find peace within yourselves, so that you may transfer it to your children.
Or better yet, learn from the wonder and joy in your children's eyes and hearts, before they are tainted by adult "Programing". "The Child shall lead the way".
As those who find (((Peace Within))) themselves, do not march off to "WAR!"
The "WAR Makers!" are mentally disturbed and it can be contagious, become immune, find (((Peace))) within your soul and pray for them.
("History Doesn't Need To Repeat Itself!")

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acts of Kindness

As long as man continues to teach his self to believe that he is not quite enough in being who he already is, he will continue to feel a need to add to his sense of self by giving his self awards and trophies for his accomplishments to feed his ego,here,he will never find inner peace, as he will always feel that he is lacking someone or something that he needs to make him whole.
On the other hand, if he would begin to award his children by teaching them that they are already whole in who they are, and teach them of the inner gift that they will receive from the "Acts of Kindness", he will find peace on Earth.
The "Act of Kindness" is the greatest gift that one can bestow upon another.

(((Deep Breath)))

Mother Earth

Man must learn to see Heaven as being here on Earth, a beautiful Living jewel in the mist of eternity from which he was given birth.
He must no longer see Nirvana as a place up high.
He must treat this planet as if it was his Mother and as if his Father as the Sky.
He must stop spraying his deadly chemicals into the air that "All of Life breathes.
He must stop poisoning our foods and punching holes in our Earth Mothers flesh to extract her oil and spilling it in her bountiful seas.
"He must stop with this "Make Believe" Money Thing" and believing that with it, he will get ahead.
He must see that "ALL are Connected as "ONE" Living Being",and that what he does onto the part, he does onto everyone and everything.
He must see that separation is merely an illusion, and that his battle is merely in his head.
This he must see, or he will no longer be, as the Living will be dead.

There is no math to be done here people, it pretty simple shit.
"If you Abuse it, you Lose it!".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The irony is that the Federal Reserve, (which is not Federal at all), can legally print any amount of money, at any time they want, and get away with it, (must be nice), but yet they want for more. It comes from them and goes back into their World Banks revolving door. And there is nothing to back it, another irony. The population gives it its only value, as in truth, it is worthless, as one can not eat it, but yet people will kill over it, another irony. therefore, World debts are a lie, as it is all make believe, a "Monopoly Game" for the insane. So, it is not about the money, it is about the "Power" that man has learned to give it. We do not "NEED" their dirty money, let them keep it. "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar". "Money takes, Barter Gives". "Barter".

Home Land Insecurity

We are told by our government that we are a "FREE" country,with the freedom of speech,but yet,one feels that they have to be careful upon what they say in public about our government.
This is not true "Freedom".
This is a dictatorship.

Know Thy Self

Those who identify via their worldly possession's loose touch with their core essence, their "Union Within the Whole",they are lost, so they live in a constant state of "FEAR" and "Anxiety", and hence, they "Believe" that they need to be found.
So, they begin to (((Imagin))) an "Outside God" and a savior, a messsinger,(a Hero) that this God will send to find and save them from themselves.

But a Wise one knows that they need for little, and that their core essence is empty of worldly possession's, as empty are they when they come into this world and empty will they be when they go out.
They always feel Whole from Within, as they have come to,"Know Thy Self".
They know that "I AM that I AM", and here,they are (((Full))).
That is all they need to know".

"The Egyptians proved that you can't take it with you no matter what you reap or sow, and I have yet to see a Hurst go down the highway with a U-Haul in tow".

The (((Messinger))) is ever present,(Here & Now), so be your own Hero and "Know Thy self".
Signed: I AM that I AM, no-thing more or less. (((Deep Breath)))

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Man can no longer pretend that he can put an "Individual" into a position of "Ultimate Power" and not expect that individual to become weak to the "Temptation of Greed and Power". We have witnessed this downfall of man sense the beginning of recorded history.
This is the Temptation that Christ was said to have been given via the Devil,(the dark side of man, the misguided half, his mind set), his belief that he is separate from the Whole.
There have been many studies on this, such as:

The Stanford prison experiment was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted at Stanford University from August 14 to August 20 of 1971 by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.[1] It was funded by the US Office of Naval Research[2] and was of interest to both the US Navy and Marine Corps as an investigation into the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners.

Twenty-four male students out of 75 were selected to take on randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. The participants adapted to their roles well beyond Zimbardo's expectations, as the guards enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some of the prisoners to psychological torture. Many of the prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, at the request of the guards, readily harassed other prisoners who attempted to prevent it. The experiment even affected Zimbardo himself, who, in his role as the superintendent, permitted the abuse to continue. Two of the prisoners quit the experiment early and the entire experiment was abruptly stopped after only six days. Certain portions of the experiment were filmed and excerpts of footage are publicly available.

War Crimes


Immediately Notify your Commanders and Chiefs; (the "CITIZENS" of your country), "TO WHOM YOU SERVE"), if your unit commander orders you to do anything that you feel in your heart is immoral or unethical.
Do not do anything that your Religions Spiritual Idle "Would NOT" do, if they were in your shoes.
Ask yourself; "What would the Buddha,the Christ,Muhammad,Mother Teresa, or Gandhi,do".
"Follow your (((HEART))) here, not your command, as "YOU ARE THE ONE THAT HAS TO LIVE WITH YOUR ACTIONS, NOT YOUR COMMANDER!".
The old men that plaided off "Your Government" to send (YOUR CHILDREN),WITH "YOUR MONEY" to "ATTACK and KILL" others that they don't even know",to take over the Middle East for their resources, is totality brutal and unnecessary, as there are many alternative fuel sources other then "Ripping" it from the flesh our Living Earth Mother. This is a "SIN" if there ever was one, to its highest degree.
Notice that our so-called leaders are swayed by money to only invade countries that have natural resources,(the "Life Blood") of our Earth Mother.
"WAR" is a Crime!", and those directly responsible for its makings are to be removed from their rank and given "Spiritual guidance" as they are truly lost sheep of our flock.
Remember to "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" and that, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL".

Sunday, September 9, 2012

There is a Kinder Way

The Natives had it going on, there was no land ownership nor its fences, so all could roam freely, following their source of food, as all of our brothers and sisters of Nature follow theirs. It is an ebb and flow, a give in take, a time to reap and sow, they were in rhythm with the heart beat of our Great Grand Mother Earth.
They were not taxed nor did they need a job, as their Earth Mother provided for all.
They were on a walk about, enjoying this Heavenly realm.
And today, the hunt is mostly unnecessary, our sisters and brothers of Nature can once again flourish, as we can now provide necessary proteins for the human body via our plant family.
Today the hunt is one mostly of the ego. For money, man is spraying deadly chemicals in Father Sky,and we are wounding our Earth Mother terribly, digging deep holes into her flesh, extracting her life blood, simply calling it resources and putting it up for sale.
The hunt now, has to be a hunt for "Wisdom" or we will loose our connection with "Life".
We are One. Aho


"Something that always has been and ever will be", does not require a Creator, as it always has been and ever will.
Stating that there is an outside God, is saying that there is a beginning, and if one does this, they will have to ask themselves, "what created God?"
Therefore, God is neither an option or a necessity, God is a mental construct,a mere "Idea", with its origin in mind alone.
"I AM"

One World, One People

This grand Continent of America, and the world as a whole, is not a business to be ran nor a law school to dictate to others what they must believe, and how they must live.
It is a Living soul, it is our Earth Mother,(THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE), and the ocean is her blood,(which is very similar in make up to our own),its arteries are the Gulf Stream and the likes,her veins are the rivers,her lungs are a combination of her (hair like follicles known to man as trees) and our Father Sky.
All continents are merely tips of the same iceberg, all are connected to "One Living planet, just as mans arms and legs are connect to one central body.
"Earth is alive!".
"Can you not see it?".
So, "STOP! with the politics", and rid yourselves of the World Bank,their propaganda,their fear tactics and wars,their lawyers and business men who currently control the masses of this (((Magical))) World, as they are filled with the "Temptation" of Greed,Power and Ownership.
This was the story that the Christ was said to have experienced when he was lead into temptation by the Devil.
Well Satin is here in the minds of man and it has taken on the form of insanity.
It is time to "Awaken Adam from its slumber!".
We are not meant to own this World, we are meant to roam this world, as all of our other brothers and sisters of nature.
It is truly the "Garden of Eden".
Lets take a walk about and smell the flowers along the way.
(((Deep Breath)))

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Moment is Exact

"The Moment, is the "Omnipresent Messenger",so monitor it closely,no matter how trivial it may appear within your "Idea" of time, as it is exactly what you are attracting, it is custom made for you via your own intent.
So, "Allow for, learn from, except and let go".
Know that All is in precise order and that you are at it control panel.
"Like begets Like".

Friday, September 7, 2012

Inner Peace

We don't need another "War Hero", we need people to find (((Peace))) within themselves.
(((Deep Breath)))


The dead "Past & its imagined Future" begin and end,"Here & Now",
both are mental constructs, an associative memory bank,a collective of our perceived experiences that we identify with as being who we are, such as, our "Beliefs"; (our color,country, enemies,race,family,name,job,age,etc.......) and it is known as the Ego,it is a mere program, in an unfathomable "Omnipresent Sea of Consciousness" and infinite possibilities.
But, in the "Silence", the Ego vanishes, it is deleted, as there is no "Thought" to associate with as being someone or thing, a (name, or form), becoming "One" with "Pure Awareness", with what some call, "The Great I AM", and we all can state that "I am".
This may be why most religions teach their followers to be "Still", to go into a meditative state and know their source first hand.
Here, one realizes that "ALL" are of the same (((Divine Source))), hence,they "Know" that what they do onto themselves and others, they do onto the Whole of their source.
So, Love thy neighbor as your brothers & sisters, as all are "ONE".
I AM that I AM", no more or less.

Signed: "I AM"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food Stamps

Yes, one should not feed the animals as long as they have a natural habitat and means to do so on their own.
But, one must feed their pets if their pets have been taken out of the wilderness and have no means to feed on their own. People feed their dogs and cats daily or else they would die. Cats of course would have a good chance for survival.
But, in the case of land ownership, most people do not have a means or location to grow food and feed themselves naturally, so they become dependent upon the society that created the greedy mess in the first place.
The Native Americans were not dependent on food stamps, and they did not let themselves go hungry, as the wilderness was yet wide open and free for them to hunt and fish. Now you will get arrested if you hunt and fish on anothers land.
So before you go judging and blaming the people, look at the society that they live in, and realise that you may be the next in line.

This Magic Moment

But,what I am theorising here,is that, within the pointless point of absolute (((Stillness))), "Here & Now", feathered in between the illusion of duality is balance , one fading into the other, the Ying into the Yang, both becoming "ONE" within the (((Stillness))).
Here, choice, and its apparent cause and effect are relative, as they have no where nor need to inter the emptiness of the (((Silence))),there is no in between, no edge to get under the exactness of the "Eternal Moment",Here & Now.
And, at this pointless point in the (((Stillness))), all are already "Enlightened", as "Enlightenment" is ever present.
One only needs to allow for it.
Be (((Still))) and know that "I AM" God.

(((Deep Breath)))

Wisdom vs Ignorance

Filling our children with "Wisdom" would appear better then putting a gun in their hands and marching them off to war to murder people that they don't even know, to acquire their resources for those who sit safely at home in their laavish mansions.
Go figure.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unconditional & Impersonal

"If all that is and ever will be" is (((Omnipresent))); happening all at once,(Here & Now), then "Meaning and Purpose" would be void, as there would not be a linear time nor space,(no outside, for a (point A) to be drawn to a (point B), no gap for a "Cause to have an Effect", or a life to followed by a death, nor a God to create.
It would appear that everything "Just Is" and always has been.
And centered within,there is an (((Aware Presence))), a sense that "I AM".
And this "I AM-ness" is sublime.
Who needs "Meaning & Purpose" when they have (((Existence)))?
Is (((Existence))) not enough, that one should want for more, that they should desire a meaning and a purpose to fill their void?
Be full of gratitude that you can state that "I AM" and always will be.
And if one yet desires for a "Meaning & a Purpose", then lend it to your experiences in life and not so much to the meaning of life.
As Unconditional & Impersonal appears to be the nature of (((Existence))).
Its a never ending story and it is written via ones intent.


"As long as there is "Land Ownership", there will be the Homeless".

The natives of this land were never homeless, as every where was their home, which nobody owned.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Politicians are Obsolete

"Politicians are obsolete", they are no longer needed to represent the people like they were in the horse and buggy days, as the people can now make the decisions for themselves on line. We no longer need a person to travel for us to be our voice in a distant place or state.
The public can be informed on whats going on around the world via the Internet and collectively vote as a whole and not just as one Representative, who seems to keep making the wrong decisions over and over..............throughout history for all countries.
And the trillions of dollars that the public would save by not having a governing body,its lobbyist,its house and senate,its elections,their parties,expenses,wars and over spending, and mainly on themselves, could be used for the well being of the whole and not just for a selected few.
We the people of the world must cease being followers and take the helm,no longer allowing the few to dictate to the many.
"So be it".


Insecurities attract followers.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sticks and Stones

No matter how strong ones "Belief" is, and how much time and effort that they put into it, they must "Reason and Except" that it is but that of a mere "Belief", an extension of (((Awareness))),( the "Common Denominator" and reservoir of "ALL Beliefs" ), and therefore, no "Belief" is worth taking personally and casting "JUDGEMENT" upon, nor fighting over.
"Beliefs", in and by themselves, are empty of any substance that could harm another.
So, it is not ones "Belief" that does harm onto another, it is the lack of faith in the "Believer" of their own "Belief" that inflicts the harm onto another.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but "Beliefs" will never hurt me".


Everything "Is" and it "Isn't".
When one gazes at an object, it appears to be there, and when one touches it, it even becomes more "Real",it is "Really" there, but when one zooms in closely to the same object with an electron microscope,the object becomes ethereal and disappears, only to reappear when the observer turns off his microscope.
It is the same in my so-called dreams, the objects and my body are "Real", I can see and touch them, but when I awaken, those objects disappear, and new objects appear, as if it were (((Magic))), "AND IT IS".
"The Observer and the Observed are "ONE" and stand on both sides of the curtain.
So, "Awaken to the (((Magic))) of Life and Dance throughout its eternity, as it is yours to do so".

Sunday, September 2, 2012


One who looks for miracles in Life, fails to see that they are one.

I Am that I Am

Both, the atheist,(the none "Believer")and the "Believer" in a God, share in common the "Conscious" ability to contemplate in "Believe".
(((Awareness))) is present in both "Believers", as both can state from the very core of their "Being" that "I AM", (a statement from their "Center" of origin).
Therefore God and (((Awareness))) are some what synonymous.
God, and or (((Awareness's))) Kingdom is centered within.
Without (((Awareness))) there would be no concept of a God, therefore (((Awareness))) is the "Prime Mover", the mere "IDEA" of there being an outside God is secondary.
"I AM" that "I AM", nothing more or less.
"Lets get on with it".

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Only a Fool Would "Judge".

So, if "Everything" is the result of "Everything Else Happening Everywhere" all at once in the same (((Magical Moment))), Here & Now, then how could anyone declair "Judgement" over another?
Only a fool would act here, as there are no separate events to be monitored in this "Unified Field of Infinite Possibilies".
None could possibily do the math on this one.
Here, its best to allow the genius to "Be", as it appears to know what it is doing withoout our assistance.
Here, only a fool would "Judge".