Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forgive Them

"Forgive them for they know not what they do", questions the validity of ones true "free will", in that which they "think", act and pursue.
Here ones actions and inaction's would appear to be the results of many generations of programing in belief. All lending to one probable outcome; cause & effect,tension or relief.
And infinite appears to be this program, it's depths unknown by thought or word, so to judge another, would appear to be completely absurd,as our vision is blurred.

Us and Them are One

There were no political nor religious wars before politics and religions.
Sides were limited,mass identities were unheard of. "Us and them" were more a part of the "Whole". Division had not yet eroded our connection to our Divine Source.
Commuication was limited; the masses could not be easily swade and controlled by one belief. Us and them are "One".

Monday, September 26, 2011


Those who were known to be the "Enlightened ones"; the saviors,the main charactors of the major religions; Christ, the Buddha, Mohammad and the likes,taught of understanding,Love,Compassion and to be nonjudgemental onto others.
And they would have set in the same circle,hand and hand, mind to mind, as they spoke of "Wisdom".
Now, only if their followers could do the same.
I see few true deciples out there.
Their teaching were not to be practiced only one day a week, for an 1 hour or 2, and then go back to war,or argue with your neighbor.
It was to be a life time dedication, for the "Good of the Whole".
So, if you identify with one of these great teachers, and claim to be a follower of a religion that was formed in behalf of these great minds, then please,"practice what you preach". Namaste

Be the Fisherman

It has been said that,"it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch".
This applies too, when a people except or elect a leader who is weaker then their followers, and therefore, not fit to lead.
And this is what is currently happening in our world today.
A true leader is not lead into temptation and does not encourage others to follow them, but to become their own leaders and walk their own paths, as this allows for the variety and fullness that "Life" has to offer.
Be the "Fisherman" and not the fish.
This makes for a more pleasant dish.
"To eat, or to be eaten", that is the question.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Nation Gone Mad

A Nation that knowingly "drugs" their children with sugars,caffeine,violence on computers, TV and the likes, is bound to raise a Nation of over anxious,violent minded addicts, of whom latter are encouraged to march off to war, or are locked down in prisons, because of their erratic behaviors.
"Inner Peace" can not be found in a society that implements this practice.
And in a Nation where prisons and wars are a trillion dollar industry, the more laws,inmates,prisons and wars the better, "it is just good business sense".
Great investment opportunities.


One who finds "Peace" within themselves,finds peace in their surroundings.
And if all could find "Peace" within them selves,they would know of "World Peace", and the "Kingdom of Heaven" would be upon them.
As "PEACE", is the only ingredient missing from this Heavenly realm, and only "We the people" can make it happen, as all of our other sisters and brothers of Nature are already there.
It is time to join our "Family".

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pushers of Death

To market; to advertise on TV, and go to our schools and sell our Innocent children on "WAR,and the pride,stature and glamor there of, is "Obscene".
War, is an abomination to all of Nature and "Life" It's Self.
War should be viewed as being "absolutely appalling" and not as something that only the few,strong and brave can participate in. We should be ashamed of our selves as a species.
"How dare we do this to our children".
Let the old men and their money fight for themselves.
PS: When I was in college, there was a bumper sticker that read: "What if they had a war, and no one came". This would certainly piss off the banks, weapon manufactures and their investors.


The "concept" of an "outside God", needs to be once again contemplated via our Wisdom, our knowledge ,and its science of today, and redefined.
And to do this, we must leave all stories and theories behind, get them out of our minds.
We must not see It robed only in mans limited finite image; as being white,black,red or yellow with a long beard and hair.
We must see It looking through all eyes and in the emptiness our our breaths of air.
We must see It as being all pervasive,omni knowledge,science, power and the likes.
In ourselves and in all religions and their books and in everything we read and write.
It is time to see the light.
Take out our mental spikes.
We are "ONE", Unite.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shine On

The "concept" of a God, needs to once again be contemplated by our knowledge and science of today, and redefined.
And to do this, one must leave "all" stories' and "theories" of old behind, get them out of our minds.
We must not see It as robbed only in mans finite image; white,black, red or yellow, with a beard and long hair.
We must see it as looking through "All" eyes, and in the emptiness of our breath of air.
We must see It as being all pervasive,omni scient; knowledge,power and the likes.
In our selves,in every blade of grass and in every theory, religions and their books, in everything we write.
We must take out our mental spikes. Its time to see the light.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lead us not into Temptation

The politics of government is a "Sleeping Giant", ignorant to their "Spirit's' Call", and are only awakened by the lure of money, via the lobbyist of the "mindset" of individuals and their ruthless corporations.
It is time to "Awaken" all spirits; our brothers and sisters of "One Nature", of whom are disconnected to their "Omni potence", and display our "Power as One".
As, "the more "Awakened" a people are, the less governing do they need".
"Forgive them, as they know not what they do".
Lead us not into temptation, "Awaken".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lead Them not into Temptation

Government is a "Sleeping Giant", who has lost It's way, ignorant to their "Spirits" call, as they are only awakened by the lure of money, via the lobbyist of ruthless corporations.
It is time to awaken all "Spirits" whom are disconnected from their "Divinity Within", as "they know not what they do".
And the more "Awakened" a people are,the less governing do they need, and the less temptation will there be.
We must not forget that we are paying for our gov. servos, and for them to send our innocent child off to "their" wars, and that they are our servants and not our commanders and chiefs.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Shadow of Thinking

The dark side of ones mind, is but a shadow of their negitive thinking.
Be (((still))), let go, and the veil will lift,and the light shinhing.


"Pride", is the Downfall of Man.
(((Deep breath)))
Let go.
Love is "All Pervasive", it is not something that comes and goes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Victors Write the History

So, one reads a "story", that is "said" to be "True", by their Church or state.
They then buy into the "story",as they trust their source; which we all would like to do, and they then, claim it as their own, and will not listen to, nor read any other opposing "story". Even if their "Story" teller lied to control it's reader.
One that does not weigh both sides of any "story" is bound to live a life of deception. "Followers', will they be".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Few Years Back

I had a few kids from Mexico and South America, come into the gallery a few years back. They were 12 to 16 years old. And one of them said that, they were Catholic, and it came to me to ask them, "why they were Catholic?" They could not answer. So I suggested that they were Catholic, maybe because their parents were. And they all shook their heads yes. And that their parents were Catholic because their parents were and so on. But then I said that, your great,great,great grand parents became Catholic because the Spanish Inquisition was going to put them to death by sword,in fount of their family otherwise. It was an offer that they could not refuse.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its Now or Never

Stop waiting for a savior to come to your door, as it happens to be of your own helping hand that you are looking for.
For yourself,if not for your own efforts, little would get done, so if you are looking for a savior my friend, you are the one.
Others can give you sign post, but you must walk your own path, so if you want to get er done, you must fill the task.
Live for the moment, stop dwelling in the past.
God helps those who help themselves.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wisdom is the Way

There is nothing about Jesus Christ, to our present culture, that is not a story, all of his fame deeds and glory. As it is said that, nothing in writing did he leave behind, others can only tell of this story, but to his actual works they are blind.
The story was forced upon the people to believe, by Inquisition: the sword and Christmas Eve. Marketing can lie and deceive.
Now I am not taking anything away from the man, as he was said to speak of "Wisdom" and lending a hand.
But he had nothing to do with the Bible of today, he did not read, write or edit it, in it, he had no say.
Of this matter, most have been lead astray.
Wisdom" is the way.
It is said that his real name was Yeshua, which was a very good name in the Hebrew tradition. It meant – “Yahweh (God) is savior (helper)”. It was no more then a "name".

Monday, September 5, 2011

Can't We See

Our species now needs paper work and documents to show where on Earth they are from, but this is most relative, as all are "One". All other species comes and goes as they please, for them, there is no money,boarders,licencing nor deeds. Mans endeavors to separate one from all others, all add up to territorial "greed". We are One World, One people,One Life, One family tree. "Live and let live, let it "BE".
Our Great Grand Mother Earth begs us "Please", must we drop Her to Her knees.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Set Them Free

No book nor person can claim "Wisdom" for its own, as it is the same in all languages, it leads us into enlightenment, our true home.
It is time for It's power to be spoken, in all schools, to children across this world.
And leave behind beliefs that separate and imprison our minds, and allow for their "Imagination" to unfurl. "Free our boys and girls.
"A Child Shall lead the way".

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Close Your Eyes and See

The outside is projected from within, which occupies no time nor distance in and by its self, therefore, all time and space emanates from within this pointless point.
The center is located in "All" at once, "Here & Now".
This ((((Aware Being))) has been termed by some, as "The Great, "I AM".
We all identity with this title and declare that, I AM "!!
All are indeed, one "Entity"; "One" Being, being itself, and therefore, when we find ourselves in a argument or fight, we are in reality, only fighting ourselves.
What part are we failing to understand, in this, the information age of modern man.
From within outwards do we truly see, it is time to Full-fill our Divine destiny.
"Close your eyes and see".

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Like Begets Like

If you where sitting at home enjoying dinner with your family; lets say, and a foreign army came barging into your house, made you drop to the floor and put a rifle to your head. How would you react; (A) you would be really happy to see them and offer them dinner. (B) You would be totally pissed or (C) none of the above.
Well my friends, this is what our countries representives are encouraging our "Children to do in other countries. And "World Peace" is a little hard to attain with this tactic. The "Peace Corps" may be a better approach.


"Lead them not into temptation", all the while, there is money,violence,corruption,diamonds,silver and gold radiating from our TV's. We call ourselves a religious nation, but this is hard to see.
Grown adults, leading our children astray, sending them off for the old mans war, so that their corporate members will receive a higher pay.
This is bull shit, I say.
"There has to be a better way".