Friday, July 31, 2009

Recipe For Life

That which you save you earn.
Be patient, wait your turn.
Keep it simple.
Don't live beyond your means.
Stay healthy.
Live in the green.
Practice wisdom whenever you get a chance.
Smile and dance.
Do others right.
This is a recipe for a happy life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Think About The Others

Servants of ignorance.
Followers of greed.
Afraid, in the dark.
Off of others do we feed.
Living way beyond our needs.
Dealing in dirty deeds.
We are the weakest of species, but yet, the mightiest of them all.
We can determine the fate of the totality of all others and with us they will fall. This is a heavy weight upon our shoulders.
My sisters and brothers.
What will it be?
I beg you.
Think about the others.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What If

What if Life is to be lived simply. And all that we toil for is in vain.
What if we are to be living for the moment. To take a deep breath, still the mind, not looking for fortune nor fame.
What if Life is really empty of substance. A hologram. An illusion staged in mind.
What if space has no place, where distance is erased, doing away with the idea of time.
What if Life is a Grand Field of eternal Awareness. Living vicariously through Its dreams. Virtual reality at its finest. That the observer, is too ,the observed. Duality is teamed.
What if Life is to be lived simply. Do you know what I mean?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prestine Presants

When one preceives a flaw or that something is bad in the fabric of creation, they have not taken into consideration the genious of creation Its Self. The totality of "The All that Is," Being every thing all of the time.
The calculation of Its splender is beyond the comprehention of the mortal mind and all of its tools of extension that it invents to probe Its unfathumable depths.
There would not be enough calculators, telescopes, microscopes or computers to even come close to, or monator Its vastness, let alone to understand Its prestine presants.
When one preceives a flaw or that something is bad in the fabric of creation, they need to look closer than they can see.
As "The All that Is" is in impecable order, or nothing would be. Including you and me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When one makes a critical statement and another tells them not to judge, is a judgement in its self.
One can not find themselves out of this maze until they become a true observer, the ultimate witness,
Ever observing, with out comment.
Like watching or viewing a fictitious movie from a distance, a third party as such, a silent participant.
Remaining impersonal and unconditional through out its play.
This is our true nature, as a human, Being.
That's all, no more or less.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ebb & Flow

As a species, our main concern, when it comes right down to it , is the health and well being of our survival, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
And the one and only way to achieve this goal is to live in harmony with nature, our only home and learn from Its inner connected web of wisdom.
The survival of the fittest, appears to be the way in which nature weeds out Its weakest link, to maintain Its balance, Its ebb & flow.
Like a river, It follows the path of least resistance, to and fro, steady as She goes.
When a species carbon imprint is deep, consuming more than its weight, sort of speak, when its consumption of energy is more than its output of energy, it will either be realigned and or balanced by the abrupt force of nature or eliminated all together, off the grid.
Nothing good or bad.
Its just how energy works.
The ebb & flow of Nature is the pinnacle of perpetual motion, remaining at a constant.
The delicate balance of Nature here in the Florida Keys is more obvious than some other areas of our living planet, our Mother Earth, as we witness the effects of our imprint upon the surface of our reefs and back country more readily.
Its in our face.
And our economy, no matter its amount, will not buy back, the extinct.
So if we must attract tourist to aid us economically.
Educate them about this delicate balance.
But, more importantly, set good examples for them to follow.