Monday, December 17, 2012

Nature's way

Man is to be awakened by the radiant warmth of the sun, the singing of a bird, the trickling of a water fall, the sound of a wave on the shoreline, the crow of a roster, the laughter of his child, a kiss from his lover, the lick from his pet, and not awakened abruptly by an (((Alarm Clock))), only to hurry off to school and work, to try to make a living and get ahead, only to die shortly after, missing the JOY, WONDER, & SPLENDOR of the (((Miracle))) of Life its self. His daily activities should consist of stretching, exercising, hunting, gathering and eating well, quieting his mind, walking along a river, the ocean, through the woods, playing with his children, looking closely at a flower, the joy of a seeing a dolphin and the likes. This was mans life stile for thousands of years, "IT WORKS", it is Natures "Way", and the way of "Abundance" for "ALL".

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