Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do You Like Who You Are

Do you like who you are?
Not your body, but your mind.
Do you enjoy your own company, to pass through alone times.
Are you secure in you spiritual nature.
Or do you live in doubt.
Do you regret your past, or has it shown you a way out.
Do you think that you can become more then who you already are, to add to your egos collectives.
Working hard to adorn your self with great riches and drive a fancy car.
Have you left behind any wisdom, to others along the way.
Or is wisdom a foreign word to you.
It is said that," one who knows, has little to say".
Do you like who you are.
Are you a good caretaker of your body and mind.
Do you think pleasant thoughts about yourself most of the time.
Do you like who you are?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Division is an Illusion

Division is an illusion.
As nothing can be separate from the whole.
Any body that claims to be an expert or wise man, surely means that they do not know.
A god could not be outside Its heavens nor Its creation.
Here and now, there is no segregation, And It would have no need for Its streets to be paved in gold.
If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, matter can not truly die,age, nor grow old.
All are merely speculations and stories handed down by scientist, false prophets and sages, that where embellished then told.
Division is an illusion.
As nothing can be separated from the whole.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Thy Self

Love thy self.
Let the body know, that Its soul cares for Its presence.
This, has nothing to do with ego.
As there is no truer love, then our love onto ourselves, that we can give.
Love thy self.
Live and let live.
Your body is your temple.
And your mind rules Its realm.
Your soul is the navigator.
Your spirits at the helm.
Eat well, exercise body and mind.
No one can do this for you.
And Now is the time.
Love thy self.
And this, unto others you will reflect.
Lend others your help.
The Earth, you do not neglect.
Love thy self.
As you are your own personal safety net.
Love thy self.
And this you will never regret.
Love thy self.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome From Your Slumber

Right, wrong.

Happy, sad.

Good, bad.

This is this.

Don't toil over things that you lost or might of had.

You stand here now, in one moment of time.

Deduce and reason.

Get out of your mind.

The miracle is upon us.

And in order to see, we must set aside all that we know and believe.

Now, you may at first feel empty, with no ego to tell you who you are, with nothing to believe in , not seeking riches, fame, a god, a sign or a star.

The true seer then emerges. And here and now it has always been.

We awaken from our slumber.

Welcome back in.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If modern man was as driven to seek out enlightenment as he is monetary gain.
Nirvana would be upon him, as Heaven here on Earth would be witnessed.
An when the Earth is witnessed as Heaven, man will nurture It with compassion and no longer rape and pillage Its very essence.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be Open, Patient and Kind

It is unfair to put down another's religion, no matter if yours disagrees.
As you where not born nor raised in the others environment nor country.
And if you where, through their eyes, you too, may see and believe.
Relative is perspective.
As infinite possibilities bathe the human mind.
It can be harmful to be over protective.
Be open, patient and kind.

Monday, September 7, 2009

If God Was A Person

If God was a person, what would they do ?
What would be their goal ?
What would they pursue ?
Would they have a religion ?
What color of skin would they prefer ?
Would they have a favorite language ?
Would they be pleasing to the eye ? Would they rather be a him or a her ?
If God was a person, they would watch everything live and die.
They may feel alone.
Would God cry.
If God was a person, would they chose only upon this planet to live ?
Where did they reside before this world evolved ?
What begot their essence to give ?
If God was a person.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its Always Going To Be Alright

Its always going to be alright,
Got to get this in our minds.
Its always going to be alright.
Got to think this all of the time.
Its always going to be alright.
No matter what we believe or fill.
Its always going to be alright.
And it always will.
Its always going to be alright.
Whether we live or we die.
Its always going to be alright.
Don't even ask me how or why.
Its always going to be alright.
As our spirits touch the sky.
Its always going to be alright.
As there is genius behind Life's plan.
Its always going to be alright.
Some day we will understand.
Its always going to be alright.
As All total One.
Its always going to be alright.
We are eternal Child of the Sun.
Its always going to be alright.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hind sight

If hind sight is 20/20, our future should be clear.
As we are to learn from our mistakes, apply this wisdom to our present and hold all life as dear.
But this is not how it appears to happen, as there are wars and rumors of more.
Our planet is diseased and dieing, but to Its suffering we turn our heads and ignore.
Many civilizations have come and gone, as they failed to take heed of Natures vital signs.
They mismanaged their environment and death and destruction would leave them behind.
And now the population of civilizations is at an all time high.
We are now gambling on a global scale and the extinct we can not resurrect nor buy.
At what degree has the scale tipped already?
Only time will tell.
If hind sight is 20/20. we are turning heaven into hell.
We can only hope that wisdom will prevail.