Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Neutral Appears Gods Nature

The Nature of God, is in Nature.
And Nature appears to be impersonal and unconditional.
A tornado does not care if it hits a crack house or a church.
A lion will take down a baby lamb.
An earthquake will rock the Innocent.
A shark may bite your hand.
Nature appears neutral in It's very essence.
As in judgement, of a moral good or bad, It makes no stand.
Gods nature too, is in the spirit of man.
Refrain from judgement.
Allow our Spirits to expand.

Do We Become As We Believe

DO we plan our future, when we talk to ourselves of our beliefs in our heads?
Only to mirror our past, a premeditated self proficy, a proxlimation of the dieing and the dead.
Do we keep ourselves in the same rut, time after time?
Can we exscape this madness, by silencing the mind? Can we teach our children at a young age, to preserve their inocense by focusing in the moment, upon their joy?
No longer wanting of outside intertainment, fotune, fame nor toys.
Can we recognize our Oneness and divine potentual which enlightened ones shared with us that we could achieve?
Do we become exactly as we believe?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Recognize me as your equal, so that we may see eye to eye.
We will then look beyond the thin color of skin, sex, religion, tribe and or country, no longer over an outer "Imagined" identity will we have to be separated, argue, fight and die.
Recognize me as your equal.
So that we may resonate and live in harmony as One.
Recognize me as your equal.
As there is no one stronger then All of Us to get things done.
We are All sisters and brothers of the Sun.
One Love has come.
I reconize "All" as "Being" equal.
(((Shine On))).

Monday, December 7, 2009


It is absolutely amazing, that Awareness Its Self, has always been and always will Be.
That, there is no begining nor end to Its essence.
That It needs no matter to saport It, no space to house It, time to determine Its unfathuable void, nor mathmatics to calculate and order Its nature, as It is in a constant state of perfection.
But yet the idea of space and time exist within Its realm. They are a means to a hypothetical end, a stage for Awareness to express Its Self.
Thought is a tool of Awareness, but yet pure Awareness can not be thought about.
It needs no outside god to create It nor to determine Its fate.
It is both, cause and effect of Its Self.
Awareness by Its very nature, is impersonal and uncoditional.
It ever just Is.
Have a good eternity.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Observe The Flow

Ah..... to observe the flow is enlightenment, with out taking a thought.
To view Life as an impersonal movie.
With no idea of a good or bad, no desire is sought.
Just ever the witness,viewing this magical holographic,ethereal show.
You are eternal Awareness Its Self, the God Head.
The props dance in your imagination.
Both subject, and object are an emanation of One Aware Universal Soul.
Quite the mind and observe.
There is nothing one needs to reap or sow
Just notice the flow.
This is entertainment at its finest.
Be still and know.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing To Prove

One who is secure in themselves, have nothing to prove.
They have no need for titles,fortune nor fame.
And no one do they use nor abuse.
They give of themselves and pay their dues.
One who is secure in themselves, have nothing to prove.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gods Of The Tao

Our True Essence lies somewhere between life and death, awake and rest,knowing and a guess, no and yes, impeccable order and a cosmic mess, doing nothing or being on a guest, north, south, east and west, more or less you get my jest.
Its even between the here and now, as by the time one even thinks to say it, it vanishes some how.
Ever aware and alert, and to It, one neither has to beg nor bow.
As you are It.
Ye are gods of the Tao.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skip Into Your Day

Has it been a while sense you have spoken to and danced with your Inner Child?
How long has it been sense you have played?
Have you got caught up in being an adult?
We need our Inner Child to show us the way.
Focus upon the freedom and joy of Nature.
It speaks clearly to us and has no thing to say.
Be in Awe of It's splendor and Beauty.
Skip into your day.
The Child knows the way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Are One With The Moment

Miraculous is the moment.
It can not be captured in space and time.
Found in an imagined future,nor sought after from behind.
It is an illusive emanating presence.
An ever alert awareness of the consciousness of mind.
From It, illusions are broadcast.
Holograms appearing in depth, in a sequential line.
In It, no thing can truly be created nor destroyed, as when looked at quantum closely there is no substance to build with nor break down.
Miraculous is the moment.
Its mystical presence is eternal and all around.
And you are one with this very moment.
Its principles and properties belong to you.
You are Godly in your very nature.
There is no Deity that you need to bow to nor pursue, gather rewards from nor pay dues.
Miraculous is the Moment.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Through The Eyes of Inocense - Remember?

Precious are the Meek.
Oh... If only we could once again see through their eyes.
No thought of lack, anger, strife nor regret, no need to wonder how or why.
Just ever in the moment.
They are the ones in the flow.
Innocence emanates through their very Being.
There is nothing they need to know.
Their rhythm beats from one heart.
Their dance, swrils with elegance,grace and beauty to and fro.
Through the eyes of the babe, we need to learn to sow.
At birth, we have all seen through these eyes.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


As I reflect, I have always received what I need.
Anything that I ever wanted was excess, lust and greed.
Of this I now take heed.
Programed to always want and be more.
To get ahead and learn to keep score.
But now, when I add it all up, it is empty and my true essence is no more then before.
I realize that I Am, already All that I will ever Be.
Always will and have been, this I now see.
I Am of the Divine and Its totality.
As I reflect, I have always received what I need.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Failure to Practice what I Preach

A failure to practice what I preach, has shortened my very reach and not a good example to those that I teach.
I have become the student once again.
I will that you hold forgiveness in your hands.
As I can see the disapointment in your eyes.
The mentor has been self crusified.
But I am aware of this apparent flaw and I will correct now that I know its cause.
So bare with me as I find my way.
Be my teacher when I have strayed.
As in my heart I am one with you.
Take my hand as you understand as I do.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walk It When You Can

One can always practice or meditate in Being in the Eternal Moment without their eyes closed and their bodies still.
Just be ever aware of your senses, without thought upon what you are doing at any particular time, work or play, etc.
Notice your breathing, really focus with your eyes, hear with your ears, touch, taste, and be completely absorbed in what you are doing at the moment.
While cleaning the sink, feel the sensation of the wetness on your hands, brushing your teeth, notice the movement, look around where you stand.
This is the path of enlightenment.
Walk it when you can.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Marketing religion, the military and it's impersonal brutal force or any other establishment and or institution that separates and divides the whole of mankind, is not only unnatural, it is a lie, the pinnacle of sin onto Creation and or God Its Self.
We should be ashamed, not proud to send our children off to war.
There are none stronger and wiser then All of Us.
"Its time to unite, not fight."
Recognise that we are One, therefore, that which we do unto others we, do unto ourselves.
Lead Us not into temptation and deliver Us from evil.
As, a house divided shall surely fall.
How many ways do we need to hear this?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Emptyness Fills Our Souls

Later in life or at Its end, one finds that all that they have strived for is empty, coming in and going out, moth to dust.
But at this moment of understanding, they become enlightened, to the true meaning of emptiness, their pure essence.
Now, this may sound depressing to those who are young and adding to their egos collective, to attempt to acquire a greater sense of self and do not know of emptiness or remember emptiness before their birth here on Earth.
Emptiness is Awareness without subject nor object and or thought thing or word.
Emptiness, is just, ever present and aware.
Mankind is now discovering this via his science.
He now uses the invisible to send signals, radio, cell phone, computer, TV, scan groceries, etc. etc.
There would appear to have to be an intelligent Universal Field of Aware Beingness, filled with information for our signals to work and for us to be able to put to work in a methodological order and direction these signals. An adhesive mind force that holds form together, even if the forms we witness are but holograms & or illusions of mind Itself.
There is a connection here and the connection appears to be universal and eternal in It's principle.
Be still and know that Emptiness fills our souls.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Is as It Is

Let it be and it will come.
Focus in the moment, on your breath, sensation and Life's animation.
Nothing needs to be done.
As everything that will ever be already is.
At tone to the moment.
Be in the state of bliss.
What ever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye have it and ye will have it.
No effort nor questions need to be asked.
It just is as it is.
Follow Life's lead and you will succeed.
Being in the moment is our only task.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Are humans to become enlightened?
Is their something beyond their view?
Do they possess a spiritual angelical nature?
Does the law of attraction make them pay their dues?
Are the other species awaiting this awakening, for man to catch up & act together as One?
Or is man a mere mortal, destine to toil in ignorance under a dying sun?
Could it be for entertainment and fun?

Play It Safe

Demand gets no respect.
Lost are the things that we over protect.
Fear begets the very thing that it focuses upon the most.
A down fall will become those whom boast.
Over spending makes one uneasy and deeper in dept.
Refrain from words that will later haunt you with regret.
An unhealthy body is the result of neglect.
Being good to yourself and others is the best safety net.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All that Is

Can Oneness add to Its collective?
When It is already "All that Is".
Would It have an objective or feel a need for judgement or be protective?
Or would Its original state be the witness of Its own bliss?
With the knowing that, It is already,"The All that Is.
And of this Isness, is who you really are. And One can not and need not add to their collective.
It is of your own essence that you pray to.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eb, Flow and Rest

The human body is not designed to hit, be hit and compressed.
It has no horns,hooves nor exoskeleton to absorb and protect.
It is designed to flex and flow, easy as it goes.
Balanced at the core.
Symmetrical is its nature.
Its health is not to be ignored.
It is here to share, wonder and explore.
Not to fight, kill or sent off to war.
The human body is not designed to hit, be hit and compressed.
Eb, flow and rest.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Meeting has Been a Blessing

Our meeting has been a blessing.
Soul to soul.
Hand in hand.
Intertwined, caressing.
We are now more complete as one.
Even though it may appear at times as if we where growing apart, regressing.
Our meeting has been a blessing.
During times of madness and fun.
And if we should walk a separate path.
We are now more complete as one. We are All, Children of the Light.
The making of the sun.
Good, bad, happy or sad.
Our meeting has been a blessing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do You Like Who You Are

Do you like who you are?
Not your body, but your mind.
Do you enjoy your own company, to pass through alone times.
Are you secure in you spiritual nature.
Or do you live in doubt.
Do you regret your past, or has it shown you a way out.
Do you think that you can become more then who you already are, to add to your egos collectives.
Working hard to adorn your self with great riches and drive a fancy car.
Have you left behind any wisdom, to others along the way.
Or is wisdom a foreign word to you.
It is said that," one who knows, has little to say".
Do you like who you are.
Are you a good caretaker of your body and mind.
Do you think pleasant thoughts about yourself most of the time.
Do you like who you are?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Division is an Illusion

Division is an illusion.
As nothing can be separate from the whole.
Any body that claims to be an expert or wise man, surely means that they do not know.
A god could not be outside Its heavens nor Its creation.
Here and now, there is no segregation, And It would have no need for Its streets to be paved in gold.
If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, matter can not truly die,age, nor grow old.
All are merely speculations and stories handed down by scientist, false prophets and sages, that where embellished then told.
Division is an illusion.
As nothing can be separated from the whole.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Thy Self

Love thy self.
Let the body know, that Its soul cares for Its presence.
This, has nothing to do with ego.
As there is no truer love, then our love onto ourselves, that we can give.
Love thy self.
Live and let live.
Your body is your temple.
And your mind rules Its realm.
Your soul is the navigator.
Your spirits at the helm.
Eat well, exercise body and mind.
No one can do this for you.
And Now is the time.
Love thy self.
And this, unto others you will reflect.
Lend others your help.
The Earth, you do not neglect.
Love thy self.
As you are your own personal safety net.
Love thy self.
And this you will never regret.
Love thy self.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome From Your Slumber

Right, wrong.

Happy, sad.

Good, bad.

This is this.

Don't toil over things that you lost or might of had.

You stand here now, in one moment of time.

Deduce and reason.

Get out of your mind.

The miracle is upon us.

And in order to see, we must set aside all that we know and believe.

Now, you may at first feel empty, with no ego to tell you who you are, with nothing to believe in , not seeking riches, fame, a god, a sign or a star.

The true seer then emerges. And here and now it has always been.

We awaken from our slumber.

Welcome back in.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If modern man was as driven to seek out enlightenment as he is monetary gain.
Nirvana would be upon him, as Heaven here on Earth would be witnessed.
An when the Earth is witnessed as Heaven, man will nurture It with compassion and no longer rape and pillage Its very essence.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be Open, Patient and Kind

It is unfair to put down another's religion, no matter if yours disagrees.
As you where not born nor raised in the others environment nor country.
And if you where, through their eyes, you too, may see and believe.
Relative is perspective.
As infinite possibilities bathe the human mind.
It can be harmful to be over protective.
Be open, patient and kind.

Monday, September 7, 2009

If God Was A Person

If God was a person, what would they do ?
What would be their goal ?
What would they pursue ?
Would they have a religion ?
What color of skin would they prefer ?
Would they have a favorite language ?
Would they be pleasing to the eye ? Would they rather be a him or a her ?
If God was a person, they would watch everything live and die.
They may feel alone.
Would God cry.
If God was a person, would they chose only upon this planet to live ?
Where did they reside before this world evolved ?
What begot their essence to give ?
If God was a person.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its Always Going To Be Alright

Its always going to be alright,
Got to get this in our minds.
Its always going to be alright.
Got to think this all of the time.
Its always going to be alright.
No matter what we believe or fill.
Its always going to be alright.
And it always will.
Its always going to be alright.
Whether we live or we die.
Its always going to be alright.
Don't even ask me how or why.
Its always going to be alright.
As our spirits touch the sky.
Its always going to be alright.
As there is genius behind Life's plan.
Its always going to be alright.
Some day we will understand.
Its always going to be alright.
As All total One.
Its always going to be alright.
We are eternal Child of the Sun.
Its always going to be alright.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hind sight

If hind sight is 20/20, our future should be clear.
As we are to learn from our mistakes, apply this wisdom to our present and hold all life as dear.
But this is not how it appears to happen, as there are wars and rumors of more.
Our planet is diseased and dieing, but to Its suffering we turn our heads and ignore.
Many civilizations have come and gone, as they failed to take heed of Natures vital signs.
They mismanaged their environment and death and destruction would leave them behind.
And now the population of civilizations is at an all time high.
We are now gambling on a global scale and the extinct we can not resurrect nor buy.
At what degree has the scale tipped already?
Only time will tell.
If hind sight is 20/20. we are turning heaven into hell.
We can only hope that wisdom will prevail.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Invisible is the power that conducts life, the computer, cell phone and TV. It broadcast our image in Its likeness.
A reflection of what is to be.
It regulates our bodies.
It is awake in our dreams.
It sees beyond forever.
It reveals the unseen.
Magical is Its presents, shifting in and out of form.
It is the last breath that we take .
And the first breath of the new born.
Recycling at its finest.
Nothing does It waste.
Precisely perpetual in motion.
Balanced in place.
We call this god, but this too, is you, me and all that we think do and see.
Ye are gods.
Eternal is our destiny.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sink or Swim

The blind, would love to see throw your dim and blurry eyes.
The deaf, would love to hear, even a rude reply.
One whom is severely burned would love to wear your ageing skin, with your wrinkles to share with others where their smiles have been.
One whom has no legs would love to lip upon your crippled limbs.
Its all in ones perspective, whether they sink or swim. Stroke......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Set Judgement Free

We are the only ones that can speak for ourselves. And at times, we are unsure why it was that we did what we did and not really sure what or why we say the things that we say, as unconscious clouds of past memories get in the way.
But yet we summon friends and hire interpreters, judges and lawyers to place in a perceived order, under rigid laws and guide lines our dilemmas, trails and tribulations and for their services, penalties and rewards are served and big bucks do we pay.
Well, its not quite that simple, as true judgement is beyond mans call.
As he can not comprehend the vastness of the Universal principles, laws and Its infinite possibilities. He can not see the scope of it all.
We can only speak for ourselves, but it is but an echo in an empty hall.
Judgement needs to be annulled.
Thou shalt not judge.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The ultimate truth can not be spoken.
As It rest beyond pen and word.
But if I may, It would appear to be the vortex of open.
No thought there in for judgement to occur.
It would be simultaneously everything, so nothing would It prefer.
A constant blur.
A cosmic slur.
A balanced beam.
Upon no side would It lean.
Truth would have no purpose or nothing to mean.
It is perfectly placed and therefore unseen.
In between.
Ever alert, even in our dreams.
The pinnacle of keen.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Recipe For Life

That which you save you earn.
Be patient, wait your turn.
Keep it simple.
Don't live beyond your means.
Stay healthy.
Live in the green.
Practice wisdom whenever you get a chance.
Smile and dance.
Do others right.
This is a recipe for a happy life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Think About The Others

Servants of ignorance.
Followers of greed.
Afraid, in the dark.
Off of others do we feed.
Living way beyond our needs.
Dealing in dirty deeds.
We are the weakest of species, but yet, the mightiest of them all.
We can determine the fate of the totality of all others and with us they will fall. This is a heavy weight upon our shoulders.
My sisters and brothers.
What will it be?
I beg you.
Think about the others.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What If

What if Life is to be lived simply. And all that we toil for is in vain.
What if we are to be living for the moment. To take a deep breath, still the mind, not looking for fortune nor fame.
What if Life is really empty of substance. A hologram. An illusion staged in mind.
What if space has no place, where distance is erased, doing away with the idea of time.
What if Life is a Grand Field of eternal Awareness. Living vicariously through Its dreams. Virtual reality at its finest. That the observer, is too ,the observed. Duality is teamed.
What if Life is to be lived simply. Do you know what I mean?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prestine Presants

When one preceives a flaw or that something is bad in the fabric of creation, they have not taken into consideration the genious of creation Its Self. The totality of "The All that Is," Being every thing all of the time.
The calculation of Its splender is beyond the comprehention of the mortal mind and all of its tools of extension that it invents to probe Its unfathumable depths.
There would not be enough calculators, telescopes, microscopes or computers to even come close to, or monator Its vastness, let alone to understand Its prestine presants.
When one preceives a flaw or that something is bad in the fabric of creation, they need to look closer than they can see.
As "The All that Is" is in impecable order, or nothing would be. Including you and me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When one makes a critical statement and another tells them not to judge, is a judgement in its self.
One can not find themselves out of this maze until they become a true observer, the ultimate witness,
Ever observing, with out comment.
Like watching or viewing a fictitious movie from a distance, a third party as such, a silent participant.
Remaining impersonal and unconditional through out its play.
This is our true nature, as a human, Being.
That's all, no more or less.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ebb & Flow

As a species, our main concern, when it comes right down to it , is the health and well being of our survival, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
And the one and only way to achieve this goal is to live in harmony with nature, our only home and learn from Its inner connected web of wisdom.
The survival of the fittest, appears to be the way in which nature weeds out Its weakest link, to maintain Its balance, Its ebb & flow.
Like a river, It follows the path of least resistance, to and fro, steady as She goes.
When a species carbon imprint is deep, consuming more than its weight, sort of speak, when its consumption of energy is more than its output of energy, it will either be realigned and or balanced by the abrupt force of nature or eliminated all together, off the grid.
Nothing good or bad.
Its just how energy works.
The ebb & flow of Nature is the pinnacle of perpetual motion, remaining at a constant.
The delicate balance of Nature here in the Florida Keys is more obvious than some other areas of our living planet, our Mother Earth, as we witness the effects of our imprint upon the surface of our reefs and back country more readily.
Its in our face.
And our economy, no matter its amount, will not buy back, the extinct.
So if we must attract tourist to aid us economically.
Educate them about this delicate balance.
But, more importantly, set good examples for them to follow.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Argument can go on forever, if one can not let it Be.
As duality splits the target, with equal distance on both sides.
Here, there are countless ideas of good and bad, further than the eye can see.
It is futile to even get started.
As from it, nothing can one gain, other than frustration, mental constipation, sarrow, separation and pain.
From argument, we must refrain.
There are 2 sides to every story,
And the Truth exist inbetween.
Its wisdom need not be uddered.
But Its essense can be felt and Its beauty seen.
Argument can go on forever, so let it pass us by.
It is realitive, with no means to an end.
And I would rather see the smile in your eyes.
Let argument pass us by.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep your competition peaceful, if you fell that you must compete and can not share.
As there is no one outside your Being.
You are One with everybody and thing.
Therefore it is only your Self that you conker, defeat or dare.
Everybody and thing you meet.
Yes, you are part of One Aware Being.
Separation is but an illusion of mind.
You are not truly seeing.
So, be peaceful amongst one another as they are your spiritual sisters and brothers.
Coexisting in One space and time.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Dogs, Cats, and most other pets are not indigenous to the Florida Keys.
And...What about those Humans? The worst of all!
They even charge each others fees.
They devour the environment and point blame upon the innocent.
The lion fish, iguana, insects and the such.
They war upon themselves and Mother Nature.
Now that's just too much!
What a silly species, lost in their world of blame.
The blind leading the blind.
How insane!
And if they don't watch out, they will have missed their train.
What a shame.