Monday, October 31, 2011


If it were natural for our species to be married,divorce rate would not be so high.
And if a couple are to stay together,they will, married or not;they do not need to make a contract that is later negotiated by lawyers.
Marriage, has become an industry more so then a spiritual union.
As I recall, marriage in the achient Chinese culture ment; the union of ones local conscious mind with their subconsciousness. It was the union of enlghtenment, not one of expence.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Fruit does not Fall Far From It's Tree

As grown ups, we take full advantage of our knowledge in marketing and the physiological lures ans leavers there of, and proceed to take advantage of the public at large.
We are "Capitalizing", upon their ignorance,via our knowledge. We tell them what to buy, and when to buy it.
And worst of all,we prey upon the innocence of our children,"just to make a buck!".
We place candy at their eye level in our supper markets. We intentionally encourage violence upon the screens that they monitor several hours a day.
And then we tell them not to fight,and to love and share with others,why we ourselves are off to war.
This, I just don't understand, "it is the seed of greed, in the "Empty & Dieing Field of Temptation".

The Moment is Exact

One who desires a different "Moment", and it's current experience, then the one that they find themselves in, have not yet learned from and excepted fully, their lesson at hand. Here, one must except their lesson plan, release and move on.
As all are stepping stones to ones enlightenment.
"Be Here Now", as there is no other place that one can be.
Always welcome the genius of the "Moment".
Good journey to all.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Are the Other

To be prejudice over "appearance",is to be ignorant of ones "Totality",in that, they are too,that which they view, to be this way or that.
Yes, we are the other, "ALL" are "ONE".

Mental Neglect

Man does not have to go overseas to look for a fight.
As his aggressions lies in his own mind,right here at home,be its appearance over another's religion,country,team,money,hair length,his color; red,yellow,black or white.
Finding "Inner Peace" is the solution for this insane cause of his effect, and only then will he see the light,in that, of these things, his "Ego" needs not to protect.
"Take a (((deep breath)))".

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adrenaline junkies

It is the mere "idea" of winning,losing; good or bad, that excites the secretion of chemicals;(opiate based)neuropeptides,into our bloodstream,spawning our emotions,causing us to act,this way and that.
At this time we are no longer in complete control,and can not truly be held responsible for our actions. And the more that we "think" of things as being "good and bad";"happy & sad",the more drugs are releasted into our bodies, and the more drugs are required to stimulate us into a "higher high & a lowere low".
Yes, "thoughts" can be "Addictive" and most are drug addicts.
Here it may be best to monitor ones "thought" and recognize that, that is all they are, mere "Thoughts",nothing "good or bad".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Set Good Examples

If man would cease judging and punishing his "Sisters & Brothers" of our Human Family, for their "ill programed" behavior, and start setting "Good Examples",for them to learn from and be re programed by. Realizing,that all along,the fight is within our own minds.
Government; it's laws,wars and their "Enforcers" would no longer be "Needed" to "Control" the masses, as the masses would learn to monitor themselves, and in turn, "Peace" would prevail, and our "Energy" could be use else where.


"Getting what we want!",should not interfere with anothers God given needs and natural rights ,including our "Earth Mother", and "ALL" of Her "Precious Life Forms".
And if we are to be "Responsible Adults" as we would like to consider ourselves, then we have to quite "Acting" childish,throwing tantrums;arguing,fighting,going of to'"WAR", when all along, the fight is in our own minds.
We must negotiate via "Peace-Full Reasoning".
"We have to Grow Up!" and "Live & let Live", as there is no other alternitive.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Power of Sugestion

It would not appear to be beneficial for one to "believe" that they will be inflicted by the same problems, ailments and or diseases as their parents or members of their immediate family,simply because "some" studies have revealed this to be so, via genetics and DNA. As, by "thinking" this to be so, is a powerful suggestion to the one who fears for a "life time" that the same problems will overcome them. As new studies are now finding that both nurture and nature are powerful elements in ones health and well being.
So, it may be best here, to do what one can do with preventative maintenance: stay fit and have a good attitude.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Words of Wisdom

When one does not like and or agree with what another says,thinks or believes; at that time,they need to "remind" themselves that they too,would say,think and believe as the other, if they themselves learned as, and walked the "EXACT" same path of the one that they "problem themselves" over, by definition.
They would have to be a "mirror image" of the accused, in every way; DNA,nurture,nature, shape and form, to judge the other.
Hence, there are as many ways to view and defined things as there are people to ponder,varying only by degree.
Here, it would appear best to "let it Be".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take the Money Out Of It

Man can no longer act as if he knows what he is doing.
Planned obsolescence; buy & throw away, buy & throw a major problem, and not a solution.
"Capitalism", and or to "take advantage" of others, is not "Fair Trade", not to mention its vengeance and mass polution.
It is time to make a "Wholelistic Constitution".
Lobbyist have got to go, lets make this our resolution.
To "Barter" encourages "Fair Trade and acts of Kindness", this could be a conclusion.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Man Had no Idea that the Earth was Round

Now, lets do away with this obscene primitive "idea" of a fiery "Hell", and It's Devil from our minds,go outside,look around,take a (((deep breath))), gaze into the Heavens,"LIFE" is our vital sign.
We now know that what is down for the U.S., is not "HELL", but it is up, for China,this is no longer hard to tell.
Awaken Adam from It's slumber, put our imagination back into "WONDER",and remember that,"our souls are not for sell".
:(The "fiery idea" and a hell being underground, most likely came from mans limited perspective of volcanoes, and not knowing that the Earth was round, they only knew of an up;Heaven & down; the ground. Its as silly as it sounds.
Take another look and Scratch it from the books.

Feel Loves Glory

That which you think and believe,manifests your destiny.
As "every thought is a prayer",creating your own story.
Of this you must be aware, in your heart you have to be compassionate and share, to feel Loves glory.
Yes, you create your own world,you receive back that which you unfurl.
So remember that, "every thought is a prayer",creating your own story.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Omnipotent Reservoir

To argue the "Unknown",is foolish, but yet we will wage war in the name of our ignorance in belief. And nothing is more believed in and or embedded, then that which is least known.
Such as, mans primative "concept" of God, and the likes.
All, are mere "concepts".
Including this.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Prejudice is Downloaded

When a prejudice thought enters ones mind, know that it is not your "Bass Consciousness"; The "I AM", your "Core Essence" that is speaking. As it is your Ego;the preconditioned programing of both your nurture and nature, your up bringing.
Decipher this, and let it go, as it is not you.
As our true home is the "(((Stillness)))".
And "Always remember, that the other, is you".

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Outter Peace is an Inside Job.

Argue not for reasons why you and others think that "World Peace" shall not prevail over all of mankind, because of this or that in the past.
Ask,"What can I do to make it so,"Here & NOw"?

"Begin Within", and the rest will follow.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Be Still and Know

Something that always has been and always will be, does not demand a Creator, simply because, it always has been and will be.
And here, if one calls for a Creator, they too, are calling for a Creator of the Creator, and so on.....into eternity.
This is "linear thinking"; begining to end, and not something that is "All Pervasive", and therefore,always has been, and will be.
Here, one is asking for a "cause of our effect" and not something that is "Cause of it's Self".
And I do not "think" that one can get there from here,sort of speak, by using a limited thought process,one word after another. As "thought' can only give sign post towards our "Divine Nature", but not pin point it.
It would appear that one can only reach it in the (((Sillness))).
And hence, the saying;"Be (((still))) and know that I Am God".

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

God Is an Empty Book

To translate something that was never written.
To personally speak of words in their precise order,punctuation and meaning,from which they were uttered over 2000 years ago from an enlightened tongue.
Then to scribe this limited definition in a self proclaimed holy book as fact in God's word and scripture,has got the cart before the horse, the moon without the sun.
One only has to reach into the wisdom of their hearts,for truth and meaning,to know what the masters had said,they did not have to open any book to know better,their spirit,as here, they could be mislead.
God,is an empty book, never to be read.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Adorn our children with "Wisdom and Compassion" and have them pledge allegiance to only their hearts.

Coinciding Cohesion

"The Moment", is as it is,this is this,nothing more or less,cause and effect,so put your body at ease and your mind to rest.
"Except It" without labling it as being either good or bad,as it could be no other way,so don't "think" yourself to be sad.
As the "law of attraction" brings upon "All" perceptual seasons,into coinciding cohesion.
It is beyond name,form,and our currnet level of reason.
It is automatic;responding to our every thought and intension,like to like,pole to pole,an idea just has to be mentioned.
So,it would appear to be best to aline ones thoughts with Love and Compassion,and do that which is good for the whole, as "like begets like", and receive the same reaction.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Better Man

Can you go to a place where words can not hurt you,where you can see beyond their cutting edge. A place where you can share compassion for their speaker,recognizing too,that they are equally your teacher,and not allowing their words to become mentally wedged.
Can you see this person as your own reflection, and that which you may not care for in them, may be a bit in yourself, a place where you will be the better man,by lending them your helping hand,as deep within,you know that their behavior, is their lonely cry for help.Can this be felt?