Monday, April 30, 2012


One who is (((Enlightened))) sees the ignorance and the suffering in those who have been "led" to [[[Hate]]], they do not take the others projection of [[[Hate]]] personally and mirror back the same negative energy, they remain centered and shift the energy elsewhere, which allows for (((Compassion))) to shine through, lending peace an opening to be expressed.
The Buddha, the Christ, Gandhi and others employed this form of non-violent civil disobedience.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Reaction

One who does not "REACT" hatefully to a hateful action, will not cause a chain of hateful reactions.
War can not be ignited in such an enviornment.

Ye of Little Faith

One who harbors hateful thoughts against those who have appeared to have done them wrong, will not find (((Peace))), as they have "Little Faith" in the absolute genius of "Creation", and or, in their God.
"(((Peace))) can only be found through forgiveness", with the understanding and acceptance that, "All is in the highest of order, "like it or not".
One who believes that "All" is in the highest of Divine order, no matter it's appearance of a "good or bad", will know of (((Peace))), as they have complete faith in the genius of "Creation", and or, in their God.
They "Know" that they are upon their path to (((Enlightenment))).

Friday, April 27, 2012

Origin of Fear

"Depression", is an addiction brought forth from the past, its downloaded into ones memories, as the original experience no longer last.
"Anxiety", barrows from the past, lends to the future, the "what ifs" swarm in ones mind, here, there is no place for peace, as I have to be there on time.
But "Inner Peace" is ever present, it is always "Now & Here", and if one could quite their mind, doing away with the illusion of time, they would find that their is nothing to "Fear" and (((Inner Peace))) would appear.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Return To the Flow

No ownership of land, no boarders, no local identity, no war, what part does man fail to understand?
We are a nomadic species, hence the legs, and the "Flow" of nature.
We are "One" human family, upon "One" world.
The Ego's claim of " My & Mine" is an illusion, as at death do we part.
It is time to take down the fences, freeing nature and ourselves to do a walk about.
It is time to give up our empty deeds and give the rightful ownership back to our Earth Mother, as She is the elixir, the magician and keeper of life.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream Scape

There is no outside, nor its imagined time and distance to look around in, its all within. As within a dream, The Kingdom of Heaven is within, "Here & Now" before us.
(((Awareness))), is the "Omnipresent keeper" and witness of all possibilities, Lift a rock, and (((Awareness))) is there.
There is no spot where (((Awareness))) is not.
(((Awareness))) is the conceptual "I Am", centered within all "Beings".
All are of "ONE" Conscious Entity, Universal Mind Field, (((Aware Being))) and or God Head, all at once "Here & Now", that looks through all eyes and sees all things.
It is absolutely amazing, but yet most go about our day as if nothing supernatural is happening.
We have become "Capitalistically" blinded to our (((Spiritual Nature))).
"It is time to (((Awaken)))to the (((Magic))).


Success is not in ones attainment of fortune and fame.
Success is in ones ability to make it a better world for all to live in.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take the Wind Out of the Sail

We "Allow" ourselves to become upset over an other's "Uncontrolled" words and actions, unaware that this does not have to be, if we ourselves could remain in control.
So next time someone around you is out of control, remain centered, have compassion on them, keeping in mind that most of us have seen from behind this familiar face of insanity, and most likely will again.
"Self Control" is something that should be learned at and early age, across the globe, remembering that our child merely mimic adult behavior, from their nurture and nature. It would save man and nature from the costly expense of "War".
A "Hug" may be more in line at this time.
"Love & Light to all".

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Leader

A "True Leader" needs not to be elected, nor do they feel a need to stand over their followers. As they rise to the top and to the occasion at hand. They live simply, with no need for body guards nor castles. They are not led into temptation, excepting personal payoffs that will lead their followers down the road to hell. They are the ones in the forefront, with acts of Wisdom, Love and Compassion.

Be Wise

"Lend a politician your ear, but not your children and money".

Sunday, April 22, 2012


One who plays "Follow the Leader", is bound to step in the leaders shit.
Keep your feet clean.
Follow your bliss, be your own leader.

First Hand

Should not the one that wants another dead, personally take the others life, as it is of their own ill will that they wish to see the other suffer and die, it seems that it would be much more satisfying.
Hiring a "Hit Man" to do the dirty work, is an "Act of Fear",it is the cowards way.
"Politicians" should not be given the right to send "Others Children" off to war to be their hired assassins, killing people that they don't even know, this is the Devils work.
If a King, Queen, president and or Dictator should wish death onto another, the tax payers should purchase a round trip ticket, to and from their "So-Called" leaders intended targets location, it would be much more humane and less costly then "WAR".
It could be a prime time TV event.
And it may only be a one way flight, if our "So-Called" leaders had balls enough to even take the trip.
LOve and Light to all.

If their were not guns for hire there would be much fewer deaths as most would fear of being the one to die in combat

Hug a Tree

Is our Mother Earth becoming over populated by our species, is She producing to many children, or could it be that "All" souls that have ever spent time upon our Earth Mother's Breast, and that have generated "Intent", are returning for a reunion, to be the witness to the unfolding of the results our "Collective Intent".
If our Earth Mother is as personal as her children, and possesses vengeance, we are in for a rude awakening, as we have not served Her well. We can only hope that She is impersonal, unconditional and has compassion upon our species.
It is time to generate "Healing, Loving and Compassionate Intent" towards our Earth Mother.
"Hug a tree".

This is just a passing idea out of an infinite sea of others.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Merrily Merrily Life is but a Dream

(((Awareness))), is on both sides, and in between, what man perceives as being a physical life and death, directing one into other, giving and receiving our first and last breath.
(((Awareness))) is too, with us in our so-called dreams, It is empty of substance, so It needs not rest, nor fear of death.
It is the Eternal Keeper of the "Sacred Seam", the Magic Waiver of that which can be sensed; touched, smelled,head and seen.
Unconditional and impersonal, It's center is within all, "Equal" is It's mean.
(((Awareness))) does not rise and fall.
"I AM, that I am, "ONE in All".

Friday, April 20, 2012

Be, As You Are

One who neglects their health, (spiritually, mentally and physically), to "one day" acquire their imagined, and or programed desire for fortune and fame, will not find rest, nor will they know of true liberation.
"Be in the silence of the (((Moment))), "As You Are", and (((Breathe))).


"REVENGE", is a misguided premeditated reaction, one that does not understand the union of our "Oneness", in that, what one does unto others, they do unto the "Whole".
There are no independent events; one separate from the other, everything is, because everything else is.
Like fish in a stream, a swarm of insects or flock of birds, one senses the other, and responds accordingly to continue the flow. And when this flow becomes interrupted or unbalanced, it will be corrected, violently or harmoniously.
So, when there appears to be an injustice done unto another, state or country, please keep in mind, that it is best here to practice "Wisdom", remembering our connection, and "Forgive, Forget, and move along in a harmonious flow". As the other alternitive is to act with the ignorance of "REVEVGE",it's wars,cruelty and violence, compounding our injuries unto the "Whole".

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Follow the Leader

A "Leader" does not call for war and then call from behind enemy lines, (setting in a comfortable leather chair, in a mansion called the White House) to send his troops; (others "Children") into battle overseas, while they themselves are far from harms way.
A "Leader", leads their troops into battle, and this is why they are called "Leaders".
In conclusion, any leader; the World Bank, a dictating president, his hired officials, their puppeteer & or corporate lobbies, stockholders in weapons industry and religious leaders that call for war, should have to be the first in line at their own battles.
I believe that if the tax payers and their children that flip the bill, the horror, the injuries, death and nightmares for their "Leader" wars, were to make this mandatory, there would be fewer battles waged.
Our so-called leaders come and go, election after election, proving that they are not necessary for the leadership, safety and well being of their followers.
It would serve a people well to take on their own responsibilities and become their own leaders, acting from their hearts and not from greed.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Part Effects the Whole

Man must begin seeing his "True Nature" as being based upon an (((Eternal))) and "Omnipotent" Principle. That his True (((Essence))) is and always has been "Here & Now", It merely "Shape Shifts" into this and that.
Nothing here can truly disappear, nor does it have a need it be saved.
He must recognize that "All" are of "ONE BEING", being everyone and thing, and therefore, what he does unto the part, he does onto the (((Whole))).

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Its better to "Think" in ways of how all can live with (((Harmony & Peace))) in their hearts, then it is to "Think" of reasons why it can not take place.
" As a man thinketh in his heart so he is". Proverbs 3:27

"Look for solutions, not problems".

Walk With Peace

"Heaven" is not some Exclusive" and distant cloudy place above, and "Hell" is not some fiery place of [[[Judgement]]] bellow, as both "Live" in ones own state of mind, and one attracts just what they sow.
"Walk with (((Peace))) in your heart".

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


To "Accept", and make the best out of ones own self made "Hell", is the road to recovery.
It is the "Path to Enlightenment".


When one becomes "Honest" with themselves and others, and "Excepts" what they have been "Led" to "Believe" as being their faults and imperfections, and the faults and imperfections that they "Think" that they see in others, as all being in Divine and precise order, they will then free themselves and others to follow their own (((Bliss))), to walk their own path of (((Enlightenment))).
They learn to, "Let it Be".

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When mentally challenged by another,"Except the Genius" of the Moment without Judgement", and that the other is some how you. They are your teachers, and you theirs, and the more one understands this, the more at ease they are with an uncomfortable situation. The law of attract does not skip a beat. One is in the "Exact" Moment; Here & Now, that they are to be in for their own (((Enlightenment))).
"Acceptance",is the key.

My Destiny

I have excepted that, "where ever I am, is "Exactly" where I am to be", and that "Here & Now", this is the path that I have paved into my own destiny, and when I study closely, the thoughts and actions of my past, its easy see.
I no longer hold others accountable, as they are but a part of my stage, and I have attracted them here, according to the "Ancient Sage".
My "Compassionate "Intent" onto others, appears to hold the key.
And in my heart, I (((Feel))) that the other is me, and (((Life))) knows what it is doing, so, I "Let it Be".

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wisdom is the Path

Most would not go into business, trust another with their possessions & or children, to an individual that they did not personally know, but yet we are "Handed" 2 people on TV to vote from, to rule a country and or, the entire world, placing our world,children, all other creatures and our possessions in dire risk.
This is not rational.
"One" person, or a hand full of people, should not be given "Absolute Power, as corruption is ever present, and it will empty their very soul and they will look through hollow eyes.
And, in all honestly, who has ever "truly" known a person that they "Thought" was capable of ruling the world.
"True leaders are (((Spiritual))) in their nature, they follow the achient "Path of Wisdom",rising to the top by setting good examples, they do not come and go with a vote".
They have existed though out history, but they are usually silenced or put to death.
It is time to "Live, & Let Live", and follow the achient Wisdom of the masters.

This is Intertainment at It's Best

If the possibilities of the probabilities for (((Existence))) to take place, were calculated and carefully weighed by the human species with their latest technology, all thumbs would be down. Man would conclude that "Life" could not take center stage.
(((Existence))), is beyond "Substance, Birth & Death", and therefore, is the "Ultimate Miracle", anything that can be witnessed within this "Universal Field" of (((Existence))) is secondary, a mere movie in the sky.
"Here, walking on water and raising the dead, is child's play, and there is no true substance to be born to die, to be saved.
We are composed of the (((Spirit))), we are the (((Light))) and we are dealing with (((Eternity))) "Here, Now".
We must consider the depth of our True (((Essence))), and that our (((Presence))) is far greater then our wildest "Imagination".
"We are truly blessed to be "One" with the (((Magic))).

I said, "You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High". King James Bible.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


One who gives the "Power and Will of their Faith" to another, or to an "Imagined Outside" God, robs themselves of their own "Inner" (((Omnipotence))).
One who Fears of an "Evil Force", will attack that Force unto them.
One who believes that their very (((Essence, radiates)))) with "Divine Nature", "Fear Not, and know of the "Kingdom Within".

The Magic Garden

Our nomadic ancestors would have been considered to be living in poverty and homeless by our modern day perspective, but yet, they were "In the Flow",free to roam at will, as all of our other brothers and sisters of Nature.
They lived a full and rich life.
Now, the flow has ceased by land ownership and it's fences. The rhythm of (((Life))) has been dulled and has become stagnant. Our water, soil and air are posined by deadly man made chemicals, we are losing many of our sisters and brothers of Nature forever do to our arrogance, and have become our own worst enemy.
I tell you, that our "Great Grand Mother Earth" is the Garden, and that, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you", but yet in defiles ignorance, we turn our backs on her and look the other way into the distance, for a place for our "imagined" souls to live after our bodies die, no longer living a full, joyest and rich life in this Magic Garden.
Life is (((Whole))), simple, automatic and self contained, but yet we complicate and separate it's "Oneness" via our lack of faith, judgement and greed.

All Is Connected

If in deed we only have one turn at life, and there is no consequences for our actions after our death, then why not rape and pillage?
But, if we were wrong, eternity is long, and there is no place to hide in a "Universal village".

When one observes closely their thoughts and actions in their life, and to the reactions of their actions upon their environment; other people,creatures, places and things, they witness that they cause an effect that transfers over into all facets of life.
It is a "Domino Effect".
The part does effect the (((Whole))) of eternity.
So, "Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you", as you, and the other are "One".

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Child Shall Lead the Way

We are forced to believe as children that, "If we do not pay complete attention in school, we will blow our only chance to ever learn anything again, and lose out on life.
Like in Pink Floyd's lyrics from (Another Brick in the Wall) "How can you have your pudding, if you don't eat your meat?!!!!!
Well, this form of bias prejudice screws up the imagination and innocence of the child's radiating beauty, and their out look on life, and therefore, "the out look upon the world as a whole", causing undo conflict and stress across the globe, and this form of education is a "Dead Lie".
Einstein stated that: "Imagination is more important then knowledge".
All of our "Spiritual Masters" in which religions are based upon, went into Nature to collect their thoughts and find their "True" self, and become "one" with the "Holly Spirit".
Have you ever wondered where the (((Radiant Face))) of the child goes, when, and where along the way it gets lost?
It is possible that "The Face of the Child" would remain upon us through out life, if man would only "Allow" Nature to once again teach him, as our Earth Mother teaches all of her children, of the land, sea & air.
And, it is when we get out of school,that our "Real Study" begins.
Its like in the song by: Paul Simon, "When I think back on all of the crap that I learned in high school, its a wonder that I can think at all, and though my lack of education hasn't hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall.
.Good day to all".

Friday, April 6, 2012


When "Philosophy" was imprisoned in books of religions, It lost it's "Universal" freedom of speech.
Philosophy means: "The Love of Wisdom". It holds no expectations, laws nor punishment. And It is for all to share equality.
"Wisdom, ever just Is".
And It's message is, "Let it Be".


Artificial money is unnecessary where there is a labor of (((Love))), directed towards the "Good of the Whole".
This was the method of trade that our species and our communities use for thousands of years. It was the truest form of "Fair Trade" and bartering system.
We all really work for free, but we are given artificial monopoly money by our governments, to lure us into believing that we are receiving something valuable, while they set upon their cold heavy gold and silver, "Thinking" that they are wealthy.
And we go to wars and fight over this empty value.
"This is insanity".
"Let the labor of (((Love))) be renewed as our form of trade.

Leasd Us Not Into Temptation

A message to the "World as a Whole":
"Without tax payers, there would be no government, it's corruption" and the wars that stem form the temptation there of.
And if one must pay taxes in their own community, it should be the tax payers choice where their hard earned money goes, to fit the "Needs" of the Whole, and not the "WANTS" of the few.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inside Looking Out

One who "Imagines" an "Outside" God looking down onto them with "Stern Judgement", will create their own living "Hell", ever living in fear of not being excepted back into It's flock.
One who "Imagines" their Creator to be "Inside" looking out, lives in (((Peace))) and sees the "Kingdom of Heaven before them.

Ye of Little Faith

"It absolutly amazes me, that everything works out in spite of my self", that there appears to be a "Universal Intelligence" that I am merged within, that regulates my very (((Being))), orchestrating the whole show, and that "I Am" one of the players in this "Cosmic Game', that we simply call "Life".
"I am truly blessed".

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Had no Idea

I had no idea when I was in school, that my passion was philosophy. I never even heard of the word, and did not know of its meaning. It means the "Love of Wisdom". And "Wisdom" is liberating. And, one does not need a book, church nor university to study "Wisdom", all they have to do is, observe Nature, themselves and their surroundings, and they will see the (((Magic))). Good journey to all.

Do as You Say

"Setting a good example, is the best teacher".
"What is on your lesson plan"?
Are you one that saids,"Do what I say", Preaching, "ACTing Righteous", but not a true follower of your own word, setting poor examples when you are "alone", or are you one that "gets er done", setting good examples, being the lead for others to follow, so that they, one day, may lead themselves.
"Be Strong, Do as you say".

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Man is not born with a book of God in his hand.
Man is born with "Innocence in his heart".
Religions have to be taught to their followers.
Therefore, they appear to be unnatural, and it is unnecessary for one to "have to claim" a religion to be born into, and thrive in this world.
One who lives in the silence, "Thinks" not of a religion.

True Sportmanship

A "True" sportsman, is one who loves the sport for the "Fun" of the "Game", and therefore, cares not who wins or looses.
One who cares who wins, is either gambling on the game, and or, is living vicariously through it.


This "I Am" Thing, is as (((Mysterious))) as it gets, this silent witness that is "One" Being, harbored within all (((Beings))), all at once, all of the time.
It is an "Impersonal & Unconditional Witness" that sees from behind all human eyes, and the Innocent eyes of all of our brothers and sisters of our Mother Earth.
We must no longer "Think" in "Separation", nor eat of the fruit from the "Tree of our limited linear "Idea" of a Good & an Evil", understanding that "All" is in the highest degree of order, or nothing would (((Be))).
"It is time to recognize our (((Oneness))) and see (((Clearly)))as a (((Whole)))".
"Take no fear, as we are who we pray to".


I am thankful, for being thankful. Thankyou.

You Only Live Once

We only live (((Life))) once, and that's forever.
"Have a good (((Eternity)))".
...............(((Deep Breath)))................

Be Yourself

Everyone can fill their natural potential and be the best @ being themselves, if they would only stop being an imposter for someone else.
Follow your "Bliss

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Am

Be aware of the (((Silent Witness))) of your thoughts, the (((I Am-ness))) that is centered in all (((Beings))), as this (((Silent Witness))) is "One Conscious Being", being all Beings, looking through all eyes, all at once, "Here & Now", and it is of our deepest essence.
"Be still and know that (((I Am))) God.
Signed: (((I AM)))


One who "Demands" Respect from others, is insecure, and they will never know of its true meaning, and those that serve them, will live in contempt for them.
One who earns "Respect" is grounded, therefore, they do not have to ask for it, as Respect emanates from their hearts, and in the hearts of those they serve.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Happiness is ever present ,and when one drops their expectations of someone or thing in the future to make them happy. Happiness appears.


(((Love))), is not something that comes and goes, (((Love))) is ever present.
Only an [[[Addiction]]] has the trait of coming and going.


As a member of the most unaware, violent, weakest, noisiest and most destructive species on Earth, I apologise to our Mother Earth and all of our other sisters and brothers of nature, in hopes that we may be forgiven for our arrogance.


Fate= F-rom A-ll T-hought E-verywhere. Man, as a whole, is "One" collective consciousness, therefore, all thoughts and their intent that are radiated and or generated outward, affect the whole. If all would quite their minds and radiate with (((Love))) at the same time, a universal healing would take place and (((Peace))) would be know, if only for a moment. And the longer we hold the frequency of (((Love))), the more healing will take place. This can be done, as "Like begets Like." (((Deep Breath))), Go into the (((Silence))), Now".

Bear Naked

Man attempts to add accomplishments, titles, awards, material possessions, and the likes, to his sense of self, not realizing that he has always been complete.
("But Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have".) A lyrics from the group America.
Good journey to all.