Thursday, November 29, 2012


One who quiets their mind, just for a moment, realizes at this time that there is not "Thought" to take them here or there. There is no "Idea" of a Good or Bad. Here, they do not even know their name, nor what they look like. There is just a sensation of an (((Aware))) Presence. "This is the Seat of ones Soul". "I AM"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Your Will

Our "Will", is the "Commander and Chief" of every cell in our bodies. Our bodies are made up of colonies of "Individual Beings", that live and die, that procreate, ingest and digest food, they go to work and are bathed in the chemistry of our emotions. Yes, it is what one "Thinks, Drinks and Eats" that regulates and controls the One Hundred Trillion "Individuals" that make up the body that we call "ME". So "Free Your Will" and be responsible for your command. Think, Eat, Drink and Exercise well. "No one can do this for you". (((DEEP Breath))) This also expresses that who or what we claim to be, is not the body, we are the "Conscious Presence" beyond the make up of the form of the body. And it would not appear that something outside the body of matter can be born nor die, as it contains no substance to do so. Signed: "I AM"

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Root of Belief

In order for one to claim to be an "Atheist or a Believer", they first must define what they believe, or have been "taught" to believe, to be God. If one claims that God is an old white man with a beard, separate from all people, creatures and things, than I am an Atheist. But if one claims God to be an (((Ever Aware Presence))) that looks through all eyes and Is and sees all things, than I am a Believer. This (((Ever Aware Presence))) is centered in both the Believer and the NonBeliever, it enables both to contemplate and "Believe". Signed: "I AM"

Friday, November 23, 2012

Holly Day

"If man could convince himself that everyday is a Holly Holiday, he would tend to be more compassionate to others". Well, I can assure you that it is, every day, is a Holly Day, as (((Existence))) itself, is an "Absolute Miracle". All should be in "Awe" of its "Grandeur". With no time to be board nor angry. "Celebrate (((Existence)))". "Dance, Sing, Share and Laugh".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some say that, they do not care what other people think of them, but at times, it can be good to know


Both, the "Atheist and Believer", have to agree that there is an "Aware Presence" centered "Within" them, from which within they argue, and that, it is the same "Aware Presence" that is harbored in all individuals, and that, peers through all eyes. And that, without this "Aware Presence", there would not be a "Believer" or a non-"Believer". Both sides harbor mere "Beliefs", ( Ideas; words in alignment ), empty of any meaning, other than what their "Consciousness" lends it. Both sides make up "One Whole". And in the (((Silence))), both, the "Atheist and the Believer" loose their EGO identity, their false sense of "Self "and separation, as they merge into the "Whole of Creation". Both, the Atheist and the Believer can State that "I AM". Signed: I AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perfectly Clear

One can not explain something that they have not personally experienced, as one has to be moved by an experience directly to attempt to explain the feeling of that particular experience. One can not read in a book of another's interpretation of an experience and truly know the experience first hand. If one has not personally seen the ocean, walked through a forest, the mountains, or that has not given birth to their own child, will not truly know the feeling of those experiences. And in the same manner, one can not know God, they can only imagine what they have been led to believe by others to be God. So, put down the books of others, and "Know God first hand, by Knowing Thy Self". As, "Ye are gods". "Lets make this perfectly clear" and move along. Its time to live and let live.

The Long Run

In order for man to shed his fear of death and not having enough time to achieve his goals, he must begin imagining in terms of existing in an eternal, ever present reality,"Here & Now"; a hypothetical moment in which all that is and ever will be is happening all at once. Here & Now", there is infinite time to achieve what ever it is that one believes that they must achieve, even though "Here & Now" all that is or ever will be is already done. Man has termed himself as Human "Beings", not human "Doings". Relax, take a (((Deep Breath))), as you are in it for the long run.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

True Friends

True friends don't expect, they allow.


Those who judge, set down laws and police others, do not themselves care to live under another's laws, nor to be judged or policed. Just watch a police car speed by you that is not on an emergency call, or someone with diplomatic immunity breaking the laws. They are the hypocrites that refuse to "Live & Let Live". They busy themselves minding others business. They run for office or any procession of authority. They are the weakest link, and therefore, they should not be given a procession of power. They need a course on self esteem, and an understanding of their union of the "Whole" "Good journey to all".

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Be in the Flow

Legs were not meant for sitting, so travel, exercise, stretch, walk and dance when you can. Let you life be one of poetry in motion, and have compassion for your fellow man. Know that, no one nor thing, is separate for the other, this we must understand. Walk softly upon your Earth Mother and carry a big heart, sounds like a plan.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


When one attempts to add something to their "Central Identity", their "I AM-ness" within, such as a name, tile, status, religion, country, person, political party, a team, etc............, they lose their sense of "Emptiness", and hence, their true sense of "Liberation". When one realizes that their "Core Essence" is inherently empty of matter, meaning & purpose, name & form, good & bad, birth & death, they will be at peace in their "Ever Alert Omnipotence". They will no longer claim that "I am This and That". "They will just be, "I AM", ever (((Aware))), at peace in the "Stillness". "Be still and Know" that "I AM", no more or less. (((DEEP BREATH)))

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beyond Death

Ones who 'Fears "DEATH", will live an agonizing life, never truly "FREE" to "Live", as they will always be a little on edge, "Thinking" that there is only one possibility, one with a heart breaking "END", void of another awakening. They hurry and worry through life, and this creates fiction and wars, as they are not in the flow. One who "Knows" of the emptiness of their body and the genius behind the light that emanates its form, lives a full an "Wondrous" life, always "Knowing" that their very essence is based on an eternal principle that houses infinite possibilities. They know that they will always awaken, as from a dream. Look closer at your body with an electron microscope, and you will see that, your body disappears back into the "Light", and that "Life, is a dream come true". So, shed your fear, drop your weapons and "Dance in "WONDER". (((Awaken)))

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Will

This is a test to see if ones "Will is some what Free", "stop the chatter in your mind for just 1 minute, void of all "Thought". Ready, begin..................................................Times up. How did it go, Is your "Will" somewhat Free? Once one attunes their minds to the "Silence", if only for a few seconds, they will find that their individual "Will", their sense of being separate from the "Whole", disappears into the unknown, their body fades into "No Thing", and their (((Spirit))) becomes Everything. All are "ONE". (((DEEP BREATH)))

No Longer Will Man Slumber

Man will no longer "THINK" in terms of "Us & Them; (You & Me, my Country is better than your Country, this Religion vs. that Religion, my team is better than your team, this Oil Company is mightier than that Oil Company, this Bank vs that Bank, my Child is better than your Child, etc...........................................................................), as first of all, no one nor thing is anybodies, (not even your body), just die and find out, and plus, man has sense discovered that "ALL" are connected as "ONE" Collective Hive Consciousness, in which "Every one & Thing", effects "Ever one & Thing" else. Every thing "IS" because Everything else "IS". He now has discovered that, "Thoughts are Things", even though one can not see them, as one may "Assume" that a butterfly in flight has little if any effect on the whole, but we now know that it does. Nature is subtle,it can sneak up on you. Mother Nature can be fooled, but it is not wise. That which one "THINKS" or does onto another, they do onto themselves as a "Whole". Man will "NOW" act as "ONE" Unified Field of Conscious, in which he has ever been present. "Adam has (((Awakened)))". Amen

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Governed by Intent

If everything is because everything else is, than a Personal "Free Will" would appear dim, as everything is influencing everything else that has ever been or ever will be, as in the "Butterfly Effect". ( In order for a butterfly to remain in flight, its wings have to apply force on something, that applies force on something else and so on and on.............., causing a hurricane on the other side of the world and or, buffering one out). And "Thoughts" are things, they create a ripple effect. The Whole of Creation is a massive and all pervasive program that appears chaotic to our present linear minds, but there may be enough lift and or light in ones "Intent" to influence the "Whole". So let your "Intent be one of Sharing, Kindness and Compassion for others, with the realization that, "THE OTHER IS YOU". Lets once again reach the critical mass that it takes to align the "Whole" in harmony. "It is done".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mans only enemy lies within

If everyone in the world quited their minds at the same time, at that moment, there would be "World Peace". It is that simple. "Mans only enemy lies within".

Monday, November 5, 2012

Energy in Motion

Man, and or, the "Image" there of, are dancing light forms, electromagnetic projections, holograms, shape shifters, dancing within an "Alert, Unified Field of Consciousness" upon the backdrop of eternity. And ones "Intent" attunes them to the Harmony and rhythm of their dance. Let your dance flow with the grace of Love & Compassion. Dance.

Energy in Motion

Man, and or, the "Image" there of, are dancing light forms, electromagnetic projections, holograms, shape shifters, dancing within an "Alert, Unified Field of Consciousness" upon the backdrop of eternity. And ones "Intent" attunes them to the Harmony and rhythm of their dance. Let your dance flow with the grace of Love & Compassion. Dance.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inside Looking Out

Why must man demand a God? Can he not fathom deep enough into his core essence, into the center of his soul, into his "I AM-ness", of his God like attributes? Can he not see that "Existence" itself, and or, the (((Consciousness))) there of, is certainly God like? Can he not see that he procreates and has the ability to "Reason" amidst that which otherwise "Appears" to be chaos? Can he not see that his "Concept" of God, is just that, a "Concept", an idea, a mental construct? Can he not hear the silence of his eternal presence through all of the chatter of his programed mind? God, is inside looking out, not outside looking in.

In Between and Beyond

Look in between the pages of your religion, and beyond its covers into the (((Silence))) of your mind, and "Know that "Ye are Gods", and or, a fractal there of.