Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Born Again

Our false assumptions get caught up in the reality of Life and we miss It's magic.
And this reality as we know it has been proven to be unreal.
There really is no physical substance.
As when gazed upon with magnifying instruments we see through it's illusive atomic nature.
There is no thing nor solid structure that can be erected to fall die nor be killed.
And even in our so-called dreams we are alive, breath, touch, taste and feel.
Now we must take this information and apply it to our daily application, setting aside our limited point of view.
Drop judgement, be still and know that you are of the essence of God, the ever "Aware Witness", the "I Am" and see the magic, it is not just for the few.
Be born again, anew.


Monday, January 18, 2010


The Observer and the Observed are one.
IT recognizes It's own reflection, the dance of an illusive sun.
It believes that It is separated, a dog chasing It's tail.
It's caught up in a mind made, make believe duality, up & down, love and hate, life and death, heaven and hell.
Lost to It's Divine Nature, devouring It's own Being.
Wake up Adam, its time to play.
You have been asleep in a dream.
You are one with the seen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We are One, with our mothers and fathers, and so too, with our Grand Mother Earth, as if not for Her Heavenly realm, there would be no where to take birth.
We too, are One with our Universe, Great Grand Father Sky, as without Its vastness, Our Great Grand Mother would have no room to be placed.
We are One People, One Life, One Being. We are of One Divine Race.
In Oneness we have been placed.
Time to slow down Our pace.

All..........., Windows of One Soul

One does not sincerely bow with respect to another, do to commands.
One bows with respect to another, when through their eyes, they recognize the grandeur of their oneness, the Enlightened One within.

Friday, January 8, 2010


By being against something, that very thing that one is against, gains controll of them. They become their own adversary and or enemy. That which one resist, persist.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Be Strong

Saviors are for the weak.
For followers do they seek.
Be strong and know that you are of the essence of that which you pray to and of which most call God.
It is not outside you, this teaching is a fasod.
You are one with your source.
There is no one nor thing that you must confess or bow to, or to whom you must live in remorse.
It is time to travel our Divine coarse.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Unknown

Knowledge, is that which is thought to be known at the time about our reality. It is a speck or minute portion of the unknown. And when more of the unknown is known, that which was once known, becomes obsolete or proven wrong. For instance, the Earth, was once known, to be flat, and that the sun revolved around It. We now know, that the sun does not rise nor set, even though most yet use these terms.. Therefore, when one claims to know, and or be an expert, it surely means that they do not know. I do know, that I don't know. This, I know well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missing Our Mark

All that exist is thought, beliefs in our head.
Scenery perception, its context misread.
An outside reflection of something that is happening within.
The make believe movement of time, the illusion of sin.
Missing our mark, because we are not attuned to our source.
Lost, in a sleep in The Garden, way off coarse.
Four hundred billion bits of information are being processed by our brains, but on an average, do to programing and prejudice of belief, only 2,ooo bits can be witnessed, while unseen, our divine ice burg remains.
It is but a speck that we see.
If we change our way of thinking, we change the way we believe.
Heaven is amongst us.
Enlightenment, is closer than our hands and feet.
Take a deep breath, be still, there is nothing to seek.
Yes, you are of the magic, splendor and love, Divine in your very essence.
Hell, is our ignorance, it is not a physical location somewhere bellow.
And Heaven, is not somewhere above.
As Heaven, is right here, now, and here & now, It has always been.
Welcome home, go within.