Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Windows of the Soul

To gaze into the mirror and see beyond the flesh into the window of the soul.
This eternal void of emptiness is where we come from, and back into it we will go.
But don't worry along the way, in between the gap, as there is an omnipotent field of aware presence that forever knows.
Here in lies the ever present witness that sees, but is never exposed.
Here and now conscious life is bestowed.
Clothed in infinite episodes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It is Me and You

What is it that man desires to know, that isn't some how already known?
It would appear that from a preexisting Divine presence, that we receive our innate ability to question and answer, imagining and believing in a grand field of "Awareness" and It's infinite possibilities, radiating within It's twilight zone.
The whole of things would appear to know what It is doing, "this should be obvious". It is the things or parts that have little clue, other then, "that there is the genius Awareness amongst us".
And It's particles of Nature appear dual.
Some how, some non-thing, already knew. It's parts tend to label the whole of It's majesty as "God", picturing It's omnipotent presence in their own limited view.
But, of It's omnipresent depth and splendor, there is no reason to pursue.
As "IT", is "Being" me and you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blessed are Those

When one finds that they can remain relatively resilient and impersonal to that which appears to be a negative encounter, staying level headed, balanced and in harmony with the moment, unaffected by the experience at hand, no matter the outcome, they themselves are witnessing a glimpse of their faith in of the genius of their very nature, the Christ and or Buddha consciousness within their very souls.
Here, they know that ALL, is in Divine order and that Here and Now, the "Kingdom of Heaven" lies. Few get a view of It's glory.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Makes Ya Sick

There are many ways to destroy Life upon this beautiful planet and so little time.
"Lets see", how can we move faster toward our own under mind?"
As we already have meteorites, solar flairs, earthquakes,tsunamis, hurricanes and spinning upon an axis that shifts.
Why do we think that we have to add to our natural threats by living in technical ignorance that can slip.
Makes ya sick.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Heart of the Soul

When one points to, and or identifies with themselves, they usually point to their chest or heart region and state that, "this is me". Now this is a curious positioning of what they identify as their center of Being, as their brain appears to be the central location of thinking and believing. Could the heart or solar plexus be the point of origin, the central location of Awareness It's Self, the Great "I Am" and or the point from which their souls emanate?
Could all of us as a collective and or whole, be the totality of the God Head that we pray to? And if so, it may be that, what we do onto others, we do unto ourselves, as we are all connected as ONE.
It may do us well to act closer to our hearts.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Will?

We speak of having a free will, but then our emotions get in it's way. Mere thoughts can take us on a wild ride, chemically altering our body for insanity to lead us astray and our free will is then held at bay. Captives of what others may say.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Great "I AM"

Everything is happening all at once, all time, space and experiences.
Faster then the speed of light.
As "Here and Now" appears to be a constant.
And the Great "I Am", is centered in the mist of It's own conscious sight.
The Great "I am", is ever present, and It too, is centered within All souls, as All can identify with It's eternal Essence, as their "I Amness" is with them every where they go.
We All can say, "I am", and then we usually add a label or concept to It, to identify with an outter ego sense of self.
Such as "I am", a carpenter, doctor, lawyer, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, young, or old.
Never the less, we can All identify with the Great "I AM".
As It is the seat of All Soul.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lead Us not into Temptation

It is powerful to know, that we as a spices, have the ability to conker, and destroy all other spices,the Earth,and indeed,our selves.
" Wisdom must Now, be applied here."
We shalt not let the lure of monetary value and it's arrogance over throw our Mother, "Nature",or hell shall be our destination.

Do Onto Others

Man should rejoice that another species does not open hunting season on him because he is over populated, as he does unto other species. We must count our blessings.