Saturday, March 31, 2012


Success, has everything to do with ones perception".
As one could consider themselves highly successful just by being alive, by venturing into (((Existence))) itself, without desire for material gain, recognition or fame.
One could consider themselves successful by walking their own path without casting blame.
Success, is understanding that we are all "One "In" the Same", that (((Life))) itself is a mysterious magical cosmic game.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Origin of Fears

Man is stubborn, from where did this rear, hes anxious for the future, but stuck in the same gear, could it be from what he sees, reads and hears.
Could his nurture and nature be the origin of his fears.
A paradigm shift is needed here.

Inner Peace

Both, "mans enemy, and his savior, lies within".

Therefore, when man makes (((Peace))) within himself, he makes (((Peace))) with his world.

"(((Inner Peace))) is ever present, and awaits mans arrival".
"Both, mans enemy, and his savior, lies within".

Therefore, when he makes (((Peace))) within himself, he makes peace with the world.

Origin of Fears

Man is stubborn, from where did this rear, hes anxious for the future, but stuck in the same gear, could it be from what he sees, reads and hears.
Could his nurture and nature be the origin of his fears.
A paradigm shift is needed here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


This was my reply to a post from another site on FB, that channeled through me to the question, "What does one tell someone whos son has a terminal illness":

This may take a leap of faith, but, she must "Know" that there is "Divine Genius" behind every action, that (((Creation))) is in a constant state of perfection, or nothing would exist. Every leaf from every tree, falls in a order,only to become born again into another form. The caterpillar constructs its own coffin, only escape & fly. Nothing ever vanishes from this eternal moment, (((Here & Now))), there is no way out, it just changes frequencies. Her son will always be with her, and always has been. There is no death nor ends, in this, "The Never Ending Story". They will meet up again, if her son's soul is ready to make the crossing.
Many blessing to her & her beloved. Good journey to all, we have been together forever, as we are "One".

Fault Finding

"One who looks for anothers faults, finds their own".


Most hatred that emanates from the human species is not directed towards those who we personally know, but is aimed towards those that we don't know, via propaganda; of the news, religions, political views, etc....
Our species is so vulnerable, that they can be lead to hate anyone at any time, anywhere, just air it on TV and we are ready to attack.
Our species does not have to go overseass to fight, as we can even be lead to hate an apposing sports team that is not from our home town, and fight over the loss of mere numbers; 14 to 6.
It would serve the human species well to recognize their "Oneness",that what they do unto others, they do onto themselves, and direct their energy towards (((Inner peace))) and not be enticed via negitive propaganda.
((( Deep Breath ))) & "Let it Be".

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Be Your Leader

When one can love, respect and praise themselves as highly as they do their spiritual leaders of the past or present, the less they need the guidance of their leaders, as they no longer have a need to be a follower.
A true leader does not seek followers, they teach others the way, so that "All" may follow their own lead.

What One Fears the Most

It may be that, the more one worries over themselves or a loved one, no matter the reason, the more the energy of the worry is projected outward, attracting and aligning with the undesired outcome of the worry, like in the idea of voodoo.
And the more people that fear and worry over a particular outcome, the more energy is releast, to aid and bring the undesired outcome about.
"What one fears the most will come upon them".
Project (((Love))), and see yourself and your loved ones in good health and vigor.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Thy Will

If none plan their port of origin, (their birth place),color,sex,or beliefs, then what is the difference where another is from, their color or sex.
Man has learned to judge and incriminate others as if it were the others fault for their existence and differences.
This is insanity, a witch hunt.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


One who finds themselves becoming offended over what another says, is not fit to lead, as they would take their followers to war.
A true leader should be stable,free of all identities that they feel that they need to protect, free of all possessions, politics, religions and any hidden agenda.
They should only state that, "I AM".
One who claims nothing as theirs will become liberated and therefore,fit to lead.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


(((Peace))) Is Ever Present

One only must let go of all of their thoughts and beliefs, to be at (((Peace))).

"Take a .........(((deep breath)))........, be (((still))), quite the mind, close your eyes, and know of ((( Peace )))".

Friday, March 23, 2012


As the mystics found to be true in antiquity, modern man has proven with his instruments of knowledge, that nothing is composed of substance, that he sees upside down and the brain turns over and processes the information, and then projects outward from within, like Google, the data that it has concluded someone or thing to be, that all, is an illusion, dancing in an ethereal field of consciousness. He has concluded that time and space are relative concepts in mind alone. That ageing and dieing are impossibilities, as there is no substance to decay and die.
But yet he toils and fights in this dream as if it were real.
The Heavens echo with laughter.

emanating in an Omnipotent

But yet he fights

Thursday, March 22, 2012

All Are Pieces of One Cosmic Puzzle

To lend another my undivided attention, is to honor the genius of (((Moment))), and the other, as being one with myself. I feel that they have stepped into my life, and I into theirs, out of infinite possibilities, billions of people and experiences, for me to learn through and for them to learn through me, no matter the simplicity or degree of the lesson, "good or bad". I feel that all experiences are absolute, and that, I have attracted every one of them, enabling me to walk the "Path of Enlightenment", and "Allowing" others to walk theirs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Live to Love

One who can swallow their pride and walk away, lives to love another day.
"Let it (((Be)))".

Shakey Grounds

One who plays head games with their lover, will apply undo force upon their bond, standing on shakey grounds, eroding their foundation, creating a miserable environment for their relationship to adhere, forcing a violent end to their union, losing the very one they love.

"Don't make your lover "Call your Bluff".

"Playing head games can become an addiction".

Delete the program.
"Go exercise instead, blow of some steam".

"Don't play head games with the one you love.
(((Deep Breath)))

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back into the Innocence

Or children are taught, "not to talk to, nor trust strangers".
And this behavior can only create paranoia, it can not be conducive to building a functional society and knowing of world peace.
And the irony is that, "everybody we know or are friends with, were once strangers, even our parents, our family, the Buddha, Christ, etc.....
All are of "One" family", of "One Living Being".
The innocence of a puppy will warm up to any open hand.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

There is Genius Amongst Us

I do not believe that man would be revealed, and enabled the ability to decode and or comprehend the language of the universe, utilizing its omnipresent power, if it were not to be so. That, there is a monitor that governs mans input and output, only allowing for a certain degree of information to be channeled through him, to save him from his own insanity and self annihilation.
Lending man the appearance of his own evolution, in this eternal moment, of the (((Here & Now))).
But this too, is but that of a belief, an educated guess.
Good journey to ALL.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Live and Let Live

To "Conquer and Divide", is to dismantle the (((Whole))), stopping its natural ebb & flow.
"Live & let Live, let the "Ego" go.
"A CLOSER LOOK" reveals that all are connected, [[[Separation]]] is an illusion in mind alone.
There is no enemy, land, nor thing to conquer or divide that is not a part of ones very soul.
"Live & Let Live", let the "Ego" go.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family of Man

Here upon this continent, we as a people, identify our union as the United States, many "Mind Made" [[[Territorial Boundaries]]] are lowered to form "One Nation", bonding the people in trade and labor, "Allowing" for them to recognize their needs and emotions in common.
Here, the "Nature of the Beast" is soothed.
All become some what a family.
Here we learn, that when these "Mind Made" boundaries are erased, so are our differences.
All are upon many continents, but at the bottom of the ocean floor, they merge as "One World", making all, "One Humann Family".
For those who claim Christainity as a [[[Mental Boundary]]], "It is time for Adam & Eve to sommon their children, "All" children, in all "Beliefs", for their family reunion".
It is time to set aside "All" [[[Mental Boundaries]]] and (((Love thy neighbor as thy self))).
As, in our (((Deepest Essence))), "We are thy neighbor".

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heart Felt

One does not have to possess a degree,read nor write, claim a God nor religion to know of the "Splendor" of (((Life))).
They bow to Its "Majesty" in their hearts and know that they are connected in their very soul.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Being is Being

One thing that everybody can identify with and agree upon, as the axis of their inner most (((Being))),their core essence, beyond name and form, is that, "I Am".
This "I AM-ness" is "One" (((Being))), being all (((Beings))), all at once, all the time.
There is no opponent.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Equal Rights

((( Breathing ))), is automatic and impersonal, as it gives (((Life))) to all sentient ((( Beings ))), equally, without judgement.
The Sun, cast its (((Light))) upon all men, without concern of who they are, or what they have done, good or bad.
The flower, shares its sent upon any foot that steps upon it's peddles.
So why would man "Think" that a (((Creative Power & or Force))) behind the many faces of (((Life))), be any different?
"It would serve man well to step down from his thrown", and walk "Equally" beside his sisters and brothers here in the Heavens, upon Mother Earth.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silence Belief and Know

Ones "belief" in God, hinders their inherent ability to know thy God.
Look within thy self, in the (((Silence))) of your mind, without "Thought" and it's stories of "Beginnings and Ends", and you will know of God, and that, "All" are "ONE" within Its (((Omni Presence))), every action, reaction, everybody, creature, thing, everywhere, all at once, (((Here & Now))).
"(((Silence))) "Belief", and Know that "I AM" in the presence of Holy Spirit; the (((Magic))), the Divine", "Here & Now".
"Close your eyes, take a ( ( ((( Deep Breath ))) ) ) and embrace your (((Oneness))) "Within" God, & or, the ever "(((Aware))) Presence" from which the "word" God, came to be uttered, from the very core of our (((Being))), from which we all can claim that, "I Am".
Cease the "Witch Hunt, "Call the search off", as your source is not "Outside you, looking in".
Your source is, "Inside, looking out".

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All In All

(((I Am)))) all that "Is" and ever will "Be", all at once, all the time, "Here & Now".
So being anxious, in a hurry, attempting to add to ones sense of self, this or that, in time imagined, making them more then who they already are, is futile, and is self defeating.
As "All", is in "All", all at once, all of the time, "Here & Now".

Befriend the Moment

To panic, or become fearful, and lose control over ones experience at hand,is a failure to realize that this very experience is precise, custom made, brought forth via ones own (((Attraction))), all in order to guide them on the path towards their own (((Enlightenment))).
Therefore, if one can keep this in mind, at the time of their troubling experiences, remaining ever so calm and (((Focused))), in the sensation of the moment, without "Thinking", they will defeat their [[[Fear]]] and befriend the "Genius of the (((Moment)))".

"Let the force be with you", not against you".
"Go with the flow".
( ( (((Deep Breath))) ) )

Monday, March 5, 2012

United We Stand

One can not draw a line in the sands of time and say, "it is their fault, over there, and that, they should be punished for their wrong doings", because they are certainly, personally responsible for the conflict amongst all of man kind.
As for centuries the fire has been burning, it has been a "Collective Effort" of all beings, of all times, behind all unfolding.
Everything is, because ever thing else is. One thing or action could not be without the other.
The tree could not be without it's fruit, nor could the fruit, be without it's tree, and so on. All, are "One" in the same, adhered via the same intelligence source, and composed of the same elements.
We must work together as the collective we are, as a "Hive Consciousness", and or, Universal Field (((Being))), in "Love & Favor" towards the "Good of the Whole".

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Living the Dream

"(((Life)))) is a dream come true", as there is no matter to it. It becomes ethereal when investigated closely, under the microscope, and the microscope itself vanishes when it peers into itself.
Here, there is no-"Thing" to die nor destroy.
"Here & Now", all is housed in a "Universal Mind Field; a master computer, an(((Aware))) Presence, (((Aware))) of it self; It is both, the "Obsever & the Observed".
And this "Conscious Presence", which is centered in "All" (((Beings))),has been termed by some as the, Great "I Am", and or, God like Presence.

Albert Einstein: Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended (as fields).

Living Dream

Friday, March 2, 2012

We Are At War Within Our Self

One thing that everybody states when they introduce themselves, or are asked to identify themselves, is that,(((I Am))), (followed by their "given" name).
They say that, (((I Am))) Mark, Mary, John, Teresa and so on.
Its like a number or a code that we identify our products with.
But yet, the (((I Am))), our deepest (((Essence))), is the reservoir in which we "Truly" exist. It is "One" Entity looking through all eyes.
This is why, what we do onto ourselves and others, we do onto the (((Whole))), as "one is the other".
So, treat yourself well, and in turn, your will serve others well.
Its (((PURE MAGIC))).
"Its time to make (((Peace)))within our own minds", and (((Peace)))) will become the world.
Signed: (((I AM))).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Death, Is but an Idea

Those who "Fear Death", or, their "Idea" there of, have little faith in their Gods Divine plan. As they want to be kept alive by drugs, machines, etc..... so that they do not lose their personal "Identity", their "Ego", or programed sense of self.
To this, I say, "let go", let "Death" consume you.
Have faith from where you came from before you were born into this world.
One does not need to prolong their suffering.
"Death", is but an empty "Idea".
None who are living have any "True Knowledge" of what "Death" really means.
To the Caterpillar, "Death" becomes (((Flight))).
To the seed, "Death" become (((Growth))).
"Death" appears friendly and compassionate, in that, when it is ready for you, it comes to get you. Be available when it beacons at your door.
I wonder if "DEATH" fears life, as much as life fears "Death"? lol
Both, are merely "Ideas".
There is only (((Consciousness))), and it exist on both sides, bringing one into the other.
"Have a good eternity".

Dust To Dust

Like a dog that pees on an object to claim it's territory, man fabricates paper deeds and marriage contracts to claim his, but the paper is of no more value then the dogs piss when divorce or death becomes them.
No one, or thing, is truely anybodies.
"I asked my father on his death bed if any material thing that he aquired in life had any value to him now. He just shook his head no, as he could no longer speak from his paralyzing stroke.
"Dust to dust".