Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Listen Closely

"Silence" is difficult for the "Thinking" mind to comprehend,as it has no edge to get under,there is no action,no-thing or concept for it to bite into and digest.
Therefore,to the "Thinking" mind, "Silence" appears quite boring,but yet in the "Silence" is were all begins and ends,all at once,(((Here & Now))).
Listen closely.

Current Experience

If something outside your current experience,(((Here & Now))),is currently troubling you,then, before you take your next "THOUGHT", ask yourself, "OK Self", "How am I right "Now"?
And your answer will be,"I am fine "Right Now".
So in actuality, your current "Moment",(((Here & Now))) is free of calamity and danger.
So,"keep an eye on what you are Currently "Thinking",as it's content of a dead past or an imagined future, can rob one from the (((Peace))) which is ever present in the eternity of "Moment", (((Here & Now))) .
"Be here Now", as it is the only place that one can truly be.

Of coarse this is easier said then done, but with this understanding and practice, things will lighten up and the silence in the "Moment" will become more obvious.
(((Deep Breath)))


In some schools of "Thought", it is "Believed" that,in this "Precise Moment",(((Here& Now))), all are experiencing in their Lives's,"Exactly" what they have "Attracted" to experience, for their journey through Life,upon the path through their own evolution of (((Consciousness))).
"Like it or Not".
And,there can be no argument that,"one is "Exactly" where they are" and experiencing "Exactly" what they are experiencing,(((Here & Now))).
They must come to the realization that in this very "Moment",("This is "Exactly" This"), and that,it does not become more ""This, then This").
Its in your face,"Cut and dry",here you are. Now What?
"Take a (((Deep Breath)))".
After all is said and done,it would appear that, ones "Allowance and Acceptance" of the Genius of the "Moment" and what they have "Attracted" in the "Moment",(Like it or Not"),holds the Key" to their own (((Enlightenment))).
So,in order to turn the key,one must "Accept" and "Let it Be".
One must know that,others can only point the way for them,and that,another can not save you or live your Life for you,as your Life is custom made by you and for you.
"This you have to do on your own".
And even if this sigh post that I leave here, is pointed in the wrong direction,one must ask themselves,"is there a better way right "Here & Now" for me to look at my Life and my "apparent" calamities, is not "Allowing for, and Accepting" the Genius behind my "apparent" calamities reduce my "Suffering".
Bottom Line:
"Accept and Forgive quickly, or suffer needlessly".

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Wizard of Awes

"Seek not, and ye shall find", that all is One, all of the time.
Their is nothing outside ones self to seek nor find, no loss or gain, so clear your mind.
Take a (((Deep Breath))), as all is fine.
"Oz never did give nothin' to the Tin Man, that he didn't, didn't already have."
"We are in the Land of Awes".
"Nothing good or bad".
And Why?
Because because because because. Because of the wonderful things it does!

Ultimate Understanding

To be angry is to let others' mistakes punish yourself.
To forgive others is to be good to yourself. - Master Cheng Yen

And too, realizing that the others mistakes were not mistakes at all, they were stepping stones, all in order, for the other to reach their own (((Enlightenment))).
"Now, to practice this "Ultimate Understanding", would set man free".
Why are we not expressing this ideology to our children, by teaching this method of "Thinking" to them at home and in elementary school, setting as good examples for them to follow? ~ KHos

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Predator and Prey

Man has no idea how fortunate he is, having no natural "Predator".
You would think that he would be at peace, but conflict lies within his own mind, In his limited "Idea" of being separate from the whole and its accompanyng insecurities, has made him both, the predator and its prey of his own Human Family. Such a shame.

Numb to the Genius

Man plays God when he judges and accuses someone or thing for being out of order .
Such a feeble minded,fear ridden,insecure species he has become.
Oh...,what became of the day in the Garden,when man "Knew" of his (((Divinity))),his precise placement within the Absolute (((Magic))) of this "VERY MOMENT";Here & Now",placed within a "Reality" for him to appear.
This, is "Absolute Genius" I say.
Is man so drunk within his own Ego,intoxicated by the root of the Forbidden Fruit of "The Tree of Knowledge, of a good and an evil",(the chatter of his "Thinking Mind"),that he does not see,that when he calculates(((LIFE))) itself,it appears to be an empty impossibility.
"ALL" is in impeccable order (beyond our site),or nothing would "BE".
It is time to get back to the "Garden" an awaken Adam;(man) from his slumber,(his Thinking Mind) and welcome him to "Heaven on Earth".
He must cease "Thinking" that Nirvana is else where, off in the distant sky.


If everybody,all at once,could stop their "THINKING Minds",and be in the (((Silence))), across our Great Grandmother Earth, there would be (((World Peace))), if only for an instant.
And man appears to be housed in "One" eternal instant,(((Here & Now))),"So hold off the "Thought",leave its fruit on it's tree.
"Allow and let (((BE)))".
So be it.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Witch Hunt

A society that punishes their criminal minded citizens,are criminally minded themselves to inflect punishment upon those who they accused,they are "One in the Same" as those who they are judging.
And such a society is not treating the "Cause", they are punishing the "Effect", which is never ending,and hence there is a lot of money to now be made in the prison industry.
And,an "Eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth" will devour all of man kind and the world upon which he lives.
This is insanity.
As,there are none among us that can cast the first stone.
So try to leave your judgement at home.


Before one adopts and takes to heart their societies "Beliefs",(their societies habits,their politicians propaganda,their laws and religions), and dedicates their life time to it, it may serve them well to first research the "Beliefs" history, to see if there are any discrepancies or deceptions in the "Belief" that their predecessors were aware or unaware of.
But most important of all, always keep in mind that, "it is just a "Belief",nothing worth fighting over.
(((Deep Breath))


I pledge allegiance to this "World" and all of (((Life))) upon it, and to the ancient "Wisdom" from which it stands, "One World" within God,indivisible,with liberty and justice for all.

Like Begets Like

"Mind itself is what it is", it is neither good or bad, it is a specialized instrument,a hard drive of (((Awareness))). And it becomes, or "acts" in "reaction" to it's programing; it's stimulus,it's (nurture & nature),cause & effect.
Therefore,it is that which is downloaded into ones mind that makes them act this way and that, good or bad.
So,if man truly desires to live in a (((Peace Full))) world, then he only needs to set (((Peacce Full))) examples for his children.

Program your children with violence,death and destruction on computers and TVs and send them off to war, and they will tend to "act" in a like manner.
Teach them by setting good examples of (((Love & Compassion))),and that we are "One Being", they will tend to act in a like manner.
Input = Output.
The math is simple, it all adds up,as "Like Begets Like".
(((Deep Breath))).......

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Could it Be

Could it be that the totality of the "Universal Mind Field" that man calls God, is in conflict within itself.
Could it be that, if man,(Gods parts), would find (((Peace))) within themselves, that the "Whole" of this "Universal Mind Field" would be at rest, and Heaven on Earth would be known.
Could it be?


You are a "Beautiful Divine" (((Being))), so treat yourself like one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream On

If "(((Life))) is but a Dream", then there is no one or thing to own or fight over.


Measurement, as all else, begins and ends in consciousness alone, there is no outside nor inside to measure, in this infinity small moment, "Here & Now".
And it is "ALL" orchestrated by the (((Magic))) of what some have termed as "Mya", the Grand wizard of illusion.
I thought that you knew, being a Buddhist and all, that nothing is real, as far as man can measure and define his "Apparent" reality.
As matter, when it is broken down into its tiniest components, is composed of high frequency light waves, (dancing energy, "Spirit" in motion, reduced to the point of human visibility).
Its "ALL" an illusion.
And it becomes (((Magical))) to the highest degree, when one sees through the veil of the illusion,and sees that, "Life is but a Dream".
Here,they can smile with a light heart and allow their (((Imagination))) to run free.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Open Your Heart

(((Happiness))) is ever present, one merely needs to delete their minds and open their hearts, allowing their "Child Within" back into their lives to play.
(((Happiness))) is an inside job.

Children of the Light

"Until one recognizes themselves as the (((Sacred Being))) that they are, they will not know of true liberation".
Can one not see that there is absolute "Genius" within the orchestration of the Universe and all that is, all at once.
It is utterly amazing.
We are (((Children of the Light))),energy in motion,dancing waves,animated souls projected upon an Earhtly Stage in the middle of the night.
Shine on.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Way Out

When I notice that I am becoming anxious,(the feeling that; (I've Got To Get Things Done, or Else. The old, "I need to get out that door" and get started feeling) and I find myself becoming frustrated over something simple that I currently am doing to prepare to go, such as; the phone rings, but I don't "Think" that I have the time to talk to the person, so I cut them short or don't answer my phone, as I have more important things to do. Or when I find myself becoming inpatient because the computer is not fast enough or not working right, and or, I am untangling wires, a line to my boat,etc........ and the puzzle is not solving itself as fast as I would like.
At this time, "I take hold of my self and make myself take a (((Deep Breath))), relax and exercise my patience with who or what I am "Currently dealing with, (((Here & Now))).
And when I do this, the knot seems magically fall out of the line,the computer turns out to be fine, the person that I was going to cut short had an important message for me, and or, the meeting that I was in such a hurry to get to was canceled, etc........................
This method is the way out,and it takes alot of practice to resolve a life time of impatience.
It also helps to believe that all is in impeccable order (((Here & Now))), in that,
The grass does not toil, the ocean does not tire, nature is patient, but yet, it all gets done.
Hopefully,one does not have to be on their deathbed to come to the realization that,they should have taken their time to smell the roses along the way and comfort those in need,including themselves, as that is really what life is all about.

(((Deep Breath)))

Its Now or Never

To focus completely within the sensation of the Moment, to feel the sensation of water on their hands, to notice their breathing, (inhaling and exhaling), the color of a flower,etc.........to be (((Here, Now))) without a "Thought" in their mind, such as in meditation, is known to some as (((Enlightenment)))). And if one is "Thinking" of the "Dead past or of their Imagined future, they are wasting their energy and are not decoding the message that lies for them in the Moment, and will have to relive it over and over.............throughout eternity until they do. And its never to late to get started, as its always (((Here & Now))).

Mind Control

There are no real problems that one has that can not be taken care of, one at a time, as they "ALWAYS" have, and there is plenty of help out here. It only sounds difficult when one "Thinks" of them all at once. As when one "Thinks" about them all at once, especially first thing in the morning, they become overwhelmed, and chemicals are released into their bodies which excites them, making them anxious, and this can take them into a tail spin for the rest of the day, as their brain is releasing chemicals into their bodies throughout the day. And the receptor sites on their cells that ingest these chemicals multiply,which robs the cells form their necessary proteins that it takes to keep them healthy, and these emotional chemicals,(neuropeptides) makes their body crave for more. And so the revolving door begins.
And these emotional chemicals need to be counteracted with other artificial chemicals,which one can become dependent upon, and or they can go through therapy,listening to motivational speakers,etc....., changing the way in which they "Think",so that the neurpeptides will subside.
Plus adding "Exercise" to ones daily routine will help to rid and or burn off the emotional chemicals released from ones body, do to their way of "Thinking" and or lack of mind controll, and "Exercises" has many other benefits.
And when one hangs around others that are also overwhelmed in life, there appears to be a transfer of emotional energy between them, making both even more anxious and depressed, as "LIKE BEGETS LIKE".
One needs to remove themselves from any body or thing, (within reason), that triggers their undesired emotional reactions if possible.
Taking a (((Deep Breath))) throughout the day helps me to relax, but it also delivers much needed oxygen to the blood. I have signs throughout my house that reads,"SHOULDERS BACK, (((DEEP BREATH)))". They help. and I get plenty of fresh air and exercise. This is just an idea that may aid others in their endeavors to practice mind control. I have a long way to go, but I have also come along way.
Plus, in my heart, I know that,"It is always going to be alright, whether I like it or not". And, I feel that it all takes me one step closer to my own (((Enlightenment))).
Except it, or fight it.
(((Deep Breath)))

Sunday, July 22, 2012

(((Here & Now)))

Time appears to pass, but it doesn't change the absolute fact, that it is always (((Here & Now))).
There is not somewhere else for one to "BE",as (((Here & Now))) holds the (((Magic))) key.
Heaven is not up, and Hell is not down,as (((Here & Now))) is all around.
When I first began this rhyme,(((Here & Now))) was the time, and (((Here & Now))) it still appears, and (((Here & Now))), there is nothing outside one to fear.
So,"know that your (((Existence))) is of Divine (((Magic)))",with some of your experiences appearing happy, while others may appear tragic.
Know that, "All" experiences add up to "One Total Sum", and that is what is "Good" for the (((Whole))) of everyone.
Of this, become (((Enlightened))), (((Here & Now))) under the Morning Sun.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Walk Into the Light

Trapped in a "Thought",prisoner in ones own mind.
Needless suffering over an empty "Idea" that one has "Negatively Defined".
And there is only one way out, and that is to "STOP!" and reverse ones "Thoughts", to see their "Imagined" problem from another perspective,one with a "Positive Light".
Here,they must come to the ultimate conclusion that, "there is genius within Creation" and in their journey,and that, (((Here & Now))),everything is some how,positioned absolutely right",even the things that one does not, or did not like.
"Our paths, are exact".
Walk your path without fear in you heart, knowing that you are upon your own path of (((Enlightenment))).

Harmonize the Parts and You will Harmonize the Whole

It appears that, throughout antiquity, all of those who desired to "Know Thy Self", and the (((Magical))) world in and around them, looked closely into the intricate web of nature, and learned of "Genius",of it's union,it's "Oneness".
They found that all was "One Organism", all interconnected, and therefore they discovered that, "what one does onto another person,place or thing, they also, do onto themselves and onto the whole.
It is time to digest this "Ultimate Understanding" & find " Peace and Compassion Within" our own hearts, so that "Peace and Compassion" can be felt within the (((Whole))).

In a world where every person,place and thing are parts of "One Organism, and or One Being", "There is no Enemy".

Friday, July 20, 2012

So What

Not many take the time in life to contemplate the (((Moment))) in which they appear to exist,this "Eternal Instant" in which they have always been and ever will be,the(((Here & Now))),this timeless dimension which contains all time,space and realities, and all of the information there in,all at once,every person,place and thing that ever was or ever will be.
"Pretty impressive stuff I would say".

But so what, who cares, I have work to do and money to make.
I don't have the time to talk that nonsense.
"And the beat goes on", and most live a mundane life just making ends meet,never realizing that there is something that is "Absolutely Astounding" going on in and around them, all of the time, all at once.
They do not know of their Divinity, their omnipresence and power.
They are "Spiritually Deprived", and hence mans battles within, and without.
Awaken to the "Genius" amongst us, it is never to late, as it is always, (((Here & Now))).

(Please press 1 for an operator) LOL

Spiritual Journey

"I feel that we are on a (((Spiritual))) journey, not a financial one".

I always keep this in mind, especially when it comes to my own well being,and the well being of others.
I mean, look around, we are the result of the Grand Miracle of "EXISTENCE" its self, which would appear to be an impossibility if one were to fugue on it, and we are spinning upon a living organism and or planet amidst an infinite universe ,which is all fully automatic, we do not even have to try to make the sun shine, or to make our heart beat,nor to breathe.
There is some special stuff going on here.
And its time to awaken to our divine presence, to our (((Spiritual))) nature, and to the (((Miracle))) of life itself.
We are, and always have been in Heaven.
Look around.

Love Story

There is no reason that a couple should not get along with one another in their personal relationship, as well as most do with their pets.
As ones relationship with their pets is, or should be, impersonal and unconditional, here, there are no expectations, and there should be none, only a mutual understanding that, "Love means, never having to say you're sorry".(a quote from the movie Love Story).
This is an (((Enlightened))) relationship here,there is a common bond here that can not be broken by expectation,or otherwise.
As, their union is in their hearts and not signed on paper".
(((Soul Mates))), as such.

Signed: True Love

Pets, unknowingly teach their care takers the art of patience, as they radiate 0nto them, the joy that flows in an impersonal & unconditional world of imagination and play.
"The Child Shall Lead the Way".
A Love without definition nor boundaries.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


When one looks close enough, there is no physical structure nor a universe to be in, or belong too, there is only (((Awareness))), and the projection and reception there of.
Right now, with mans modern technology, he can not prove that he exist in a physical structure, in fact, there is more proof that he does not. It is my understanding that this "Idea" of "Emptiness" is one of the main teachings of Mahayana Buddhism,(Emptiness is form, form is Emptiness).
And (((Awareness))), known to some as, the Great "I AM", is empty of substance." Try to catch it". Try to escape it.
As Jesus was to have said to his disciples: "Split wood and you will find me there, Lift a rock and you will find me there. (((Awareness))) is all pervasive.
"There is no spot, where IS-ness is Not".
"I Am, that I Am", no more or less.
Nothing can be added to, nor subtracted from our Omnipresence, (((Here Now))).
Dreams are substantial, as I see,touch,hear,smell and taste in them,they appear absolutely "REAL", and "my body that is at rest in bed, does not even know the difference) between the two alleged realities, as when I appear to awaken into this reality, my body may be covered in sweat from the experiences I had in my so-called dream. Merrily merrily.
(((Deep Breath)))

"Life is a Dream".

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Mans "Knowledge" appears to evolve with time, where as (((Wisdom))), has remained ever the same throughout antiquity.
People seek to be more "Knowledgeable then others, but few practice in the art of(((Wisdom))),and (((Wisdom))) was not and is not taught by the schools or the governments or the world. As the rulers know that with the practice of (((Wisdom))), man could not, and would be ruled.
(((Wisdom))) is based upon solid foundation, where as "knowledge", in some cases, can prove to be wrong.

Maybe this supports Einstein's quote: "Imagination is more important then knowledge".

It Is Aways Here & Now

As on a TV set or a computer, "LIFE IS HAPPENING THROUGH US, NOT TO US", we are conduits of impeccable order,so refrain from becoming alarmed.
And, by the time one is able to even "Think" to say (((Here & Now))),their once coinciding experience is over, "Memory" is all that is left, and "Memory",in and by itself, unaccompanied by ones pre-programed way of "Thinking" of there being a "Good or Bad", can do no harm.
The memory that is stored in a computer bank lays dorment,it is impersonal and unconditional and lays at rest even when it is retrieved.
How one "Thinks", is how they believe.
"Let go,be open and receive".

Its always (((Here & Now))).
Life is Just Passing Through.

Most Flowers do not have Thorns

If everybody and thing,their actions and reactions are the result of everything else that is or ever will be throughout eternity, (like in the butterfly effect, which influences the whole),then it would not appear to help to blame, pointing at others, putting them to shame.
It is a waste of time, as it is a collective effort,find a solution, and have peace of mind.
And, just as a butterfly can aid in shifting a gentle breeze into a storm, forgive, live and let live, use kind actions and words, do not scold and warn.

Monday, July 16, 2012


"War,is not a Cause, it is an Effect of insanity".

To Conquer FEAR

One must simply understand that they are a part of the (((Whole))) of Existence, that there is no "Separation" (there is not one galaxy,person,place or thing that is out of place or that is independent and or separate from another), and therefore, nothing is outside ones (((Deepest Essence))) to "FEAR", nor to be their enemy.
That "All" are in and of "ONE" (((Magical, Ever Present "BEING" of Consciousness))) and it's corresponding action,of which "ALL" appear to influence and are influenced by. This (((Omnipresent BEING))) looks through all eyes, all at once, and it regulates all forms and the formless.
"We are in Good hands",sort of speak.
"Fear", has its base in ones mind alone, it does not exist anywhere else.
"FEAR",can be exposed and broken down into it's true "Emptiness" :
F-alse, E-vidence, A-ppearing, R-eal.
As it would appear if one were to attempt to rob another with just their hand in their coat pocket and their finger pointing out ward like a gun barrel. This is an example of "False Evidence Appearing Real".
When one is in deep sleep, there is nothing to "FEAR".
Sweet Dreams.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We Are Family

Peace is not to be found in removing certain humans from their life,acting with the authority of a violent God. That has been done throughout history,and it is happening right now as wee speak.
Ones "Beliefs" are handed down to them via their past generation, it is not genetics, it is mostly of ones nurture and nature that makes one act this way and that.
All children are convinced to pledge an allegiance to their countries fag, what ever country it may be, and die in it's honor. How could this ever work?, as it is self defeating, this is not the way, and hence mans violent past.
Peace can not to be bought,fought for, nor found in ones outside world.
Peace is ever present within, it is a constant state of being, one most only "Allow" for it. It just needs to be uncovered, by deleting ones past programing of their imagined enemies and the "Idea" of separation from the whole.
We are One.
"Outer Peace is an inside job".
"Lets get busy".

Follow No One

"Be your own Savior", keep a check on your thoughts and behavior, always give from your heart and lend your hand, as this is the path of (((Enlightenment))), this is the destiny meant for man

Heaven is not a Far Away Place

To be filled with (((Existence))) and it's ability to ponder, built into a structured body to breathe,feel and wander, "Truly a (((Miracle))) we are".
Yes,(((Here & Now))) we exist in "Heaven",in Nirvana we have always been,as there is no empty place in between, up or down, for a beginning nor an end.
"Heaven is not a Far Away Place",It is (((Here & Now))),and in our "conditioned" imagination of It being else where,we need no longer to pretend.
Its time for man to take a (((Deep Breath))) and Awaken, "Allowing" for this realization to sink in, to give this "Heavenly Realm", It's due respect, and walk softly upon our Earth Mother's breast again".



Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Federal Reserve is not Federal

In our high stressed monetary society, man has allowed artificial money to influence his emotional stability, driving him to do unethical things that he normally would not do, all the while loosing his health and his compassion for others and the world upon which he lives.
And money, in and by itself, is empty, it has no true value. Only about 3% of mans currency is printed on paper, the rest is empty #s on a computer.
This whole "Capitalistic" thing is a lie, it is all controlled by the World bank; a hand full of criminally minded people who have lost their way, as they are blinded by greed, and their agenda is a One World Order, the ultimate control over the masses.
The Federal Reserve is not Federal at all, it has nothing to do with our gov. it is a privately owned business ran by gangsters.
We do not need them to print our money and charge us for it, as our gov. can print our own money, by the people and for the people, and not, by the rich and for the rich.
Bring justice onto these gangsters and end world dept immediately.
We are on a (((Spiritual))) Journey, not a financial one, always keep this in mind.

There is another way.


We all touch one another directly or indirectly,in our thoughts, and in our actions, as in the "Butter Fly Effect", as all, are housed in "ONE BEING".
Here,"Separation" is an illusion of our finite and linear minds, we see only a small fraction of what is really happening in and around us, missing the total picture; the "Omni Present,Omni Science,and Omni Knowledge field of information in which we are emerged in, in which is projecting and or, "Being" us.
It is believed that on the average, do to ones up bringing; "the programing of ones thoughts and beliefs", that, most human minds are only capable of decoding 2,000 bits of information out of the 400,000,000,000 bits of information that is being received by the human brain.
So here, it may be best to hold our "JUDGEMENTS" at bay, and "Do onto others as we would have them do onto us.
As, "You are the other, and the other is you".
Here, "There is no enemy".
(((Deep Breath)))

Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Butterfly Effect

One can only mend and free their own mind from mental slavery, as the helping hand that they are looking for in life, is at the end of their own arm, but too, one can also extend their hands and touch others with compassion, aiding them to also find their way.
So therefore, having (((Compassion))) onto ones self and onto others would appear to be the way.
And that is all it takes to live in a world of peace.
As here, one has no need to war onto others, to follow a book , a person or a thing. They only need to follow their heart, filling their heart with (((Gratitude, Love and Compassion))), always keeping in mind that there is no separation; ( one person, place or thing that is independent from the other), as "All", are of "ONE BEING", and therefore what one does onto themselves and onto others, they do onto the (((Whole BEING))).
Know and Love thy self, and you will know and Love the (((Whole))), as yourself.

Good journey to all, KHos.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Eyes

It is my understanding that it only takes 1% of the human population to initiate an evolutionary movement in human consciousness, it is (the critical mass) necessary to bring forth a paradigm shift in mans current beliefs. Revealing an ever present, coexisting world that has remained unseen by mans limited perspective, do to his current programing,his pre-learned behavior and or "Status Quo".

"Are you part of that 1%?"
"Are you ready to see the world through new eyes?"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Post War Symdrome

"As in the movie Avatar",Corporations are now renting militaries,leasing out the children of our world to geniuses,murder and rob other countries of their "so-called" resources and material wealth, the "Life Blood" of our Great Grandmother Earth, as if She was hated for being alive, to give birth to her Grand Children, all of our sisters and brothers, of all shapes,colors,sizes, of all faces, feathers and furs.
It is time to "Just say NO to to War" and its insanity.
Allow our children to sleep at night without the heavy burden, that they have been a part of these hideous war crimes.
There is another way that is closer to the heart.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Its a Money Thing

This is to all of those that do not believe that (((World Peace))) can happen, or at least, not in their life time, you my brothers and sisters of our Great Grandmother Earth, may be the ones holding us back from making it so.
As it most likely is not held at bay by the "Few" that are presently at war, as they are a small percentage out of 7 billion people who live aboard Starship Earth, and most of the wars are propaganda enticed and are corporate battles, they are no longer, this country vs that country, they are, this bank vs that bank, meaning that the current wars are unnecessary, they are only do to greed. Its a money thing.
Do not under estimate the power of belief and your contribution there of.
And that, as a hive and or collective consciousness, our power "United" is grand.
And remember the phrases: "Oh ye of little faith", and "as a man thinketh, in his heart so shall he be.
(((Peace))), has never truly been given a chance, lets bring it forth.

This is the Garden

Man has ended in his participation of his migration with the flow with Nature, damming up the intricate pattern of (((LIFE))) It's Self. "Claiming "this and that", building fences and static homes, setting our Great Grandmother Earth off of her balance.
We are a nomadic species, hence the legs and feet.
It is time to take a walk about, as man is losing his health, and is becoming an infectious disease over all other (((Life))) forms, the straw that breaks the camel's back.
And, all over the temptation, over the illusion of "Ownership" and separation from the whole.
"We are one people, this is One World, Lets flow".

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Power of Suggestion

It would appear that the "Negatives", (the "No's" and the "DON'TS"", ultimately register as "Dos" to the subconscious mind.
In that,telling others to "Just say "NO" to drugs", is really suggesting and or advertising to them, to say, "Yes", or at least, to "Think" about them, where as, they were most likely not "Thinking" about "Drugs" before this was suggested to them.
As, "what is the first thing that comes to ones mind when they are told to " Just Say "NO" to Drugs?", "is it the word "No" or the word "Drugs?"
If I were to say, "Don't" think about the Olympic Rings, the color of your pants, or your past romance, "what is the first thing that comes to your mind,the "Don't", or the Olympic Rings, the color of your pants or your past romance?
If I were to yawn,you may also yawn or come close to doing so.
The "Negatives" do not appear to hold much value when it comes to "Subliminal Suggestion".
So here,one must monitor closely, how they say or suggest things to themselves and or others, as they may themselves be the cause of what they do not want themselves or others to do.
Just tell someone that they are not allowed to do something, or that they can't do something, that it is an open invitation to succeed in doing the oppocite.
Food for thought.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


"Forgive quickly, or suffer needlessly".

Friday, July 6, 2012

Awake In A Dream

I now get along with myself better then ever,but in romantic relationships I haven't appeared to cleaver, but I am getting better.
My love for life is at an extreme, knowing that I am a projection of a solar beam.
At night when I look into the infinite sky,my imagination soars, its an ultimate high, that I am a part of an (((Omnipresent Being))), being myself, awake in It's dream.


Caught up in the same routine, asking ones self, "What does it all really mean",separated from your spirit, your body and mind don't know were to go, life appears to be just so so, the same ole, same ole episode.
And one may tell themselves that they don't have the time to reconnect, but spend hours watching TV and on the computer, what the heck.
Isn't funny how it is of our body, mind and spirit that we neglect.
Its time to reconnect.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is only when one frees themselves of all "FEAR", over the loss of anyone or thing, including their own life, that they truly become liberated.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I AM that I AM

"To have a God, or not to have a God, that is the question".
On one hand, there would appear a need for a Creator to fabricate creation, on the other hand, something that always has been and always will be, has no need for a Creator, simply because, It always has been and always will be, "there is no place "in between" ( no beginning nor end), to pry open some hidden seam in time to create.
But one thing that the "Atheist and the Believer" have in common, is (((Awareness))), as without (((Awareness))), there would not be the "Atheist or the Believer" to stand in question.
Therefore (((Awareness))) is the prime mover of both, the "Believer, and the non Believer, the conscious presence in all of us, centered within our very souls, the Grand Wizard of them all, the "Great, I AM"


In times of frustration, in a personal relationship, when an argument breaks out between the two, and its really over nothing,(where no one lied too, or cheated on the other),at this time,it would appear best for both to "attempt" to embrace one another, & or quietly sit down across from one another, close their eyes, gently hold hands or remain embraced, and begin to take (((Deep Breaths))) in harmony with one another, feeling one anothers hearts, until the chemicals reside from their bodies and they are themselves once again. The one that Loves you.
Understanding that the "apparent issue at hand had nothing to do with the "Love" that one holds for the other,but that the "Core" issue stems from the collective pre-programing, the daily stress, and the corresponding frustration that both have acquire long before they even met.
"It is seldom over the augment at hand".
Now, I have never personally practiced this, as it has only occurred to me recently to do this, but I hope to practice it in the future and become a master of my domain. Good journey to all. ...............(((DEEP BREATH)))...............

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Capitalism, No War

"Capitalism" started out with the deck loaded, in favor of a "GREEDY" few, this how wars unfolded, and the wealthy did not have to pay their dues.
As when every thing is equal, there is nothing to steal, your neighbor is your friend, there is no dirty, under the table deals.
John down at the saw mill is slaving his life away, why Mary works as a cashier for very little pay. All the while, banks are stealing their families home, based upon an empty lone, by those that can't feel, most are living in dept, not even day to day.
Relationships are faltering, as families live in turmoil, "Forced" to make ends meet,or they lose everything that they own, its hard to stay on your feet, when you have no where to call home, and by a few others, all the land is owned.
It is not that the "LOVE" is gone, when we look at the divorce rate, its just gets covered up in rages of uncontrollable hate, but we do not have to live like this, this does not have to be our fate.
As just a hundred years ago, when the Natives yet ran (((FREE))), no one "HAD" to go to work, pay tax's, buy land or a home, they were mobile,they would hunt, pick berries and plow fields.
And (((Here & Now))),with technology, man can easily house and sustain all of his "Sisters and Brothers' around the world, it is time to end "Capitalism", and (((Allow))) OUR Great Grandmother Earth to lick her "Deep Wounds" and revive, (((Allowing))) for "True" liberty and Justus unfurl.

Monday, July 2, 2012


The Buddha, the Christ, Mohamed Gandhi, Moses, etc.................................................. all had their "Issues".
Their appears to be "Issues" that everybody has. (I'm in on that one.)
We appear to live in an "Issue" dimension and or, "Causal plain of reality".
This appears to be a school for solving "Issues".
We appear to be "Issue and or Problem" solving "Beings".
Therefore, to solve an "Issue" and or an "Apparent" problem, one might look into the core or roots from which the "Issues" steams, and apply a cure for the cause.
Most "Issues" would appear to arise via not having "COMPLETE FAITH IN THE GENIUS LIFE ITSELF" and or, that which has been termed by man, as God; the "Creative Force" over all that "IS", and ever will "BE", and that "All", is in "Impeccable Order", or "Nothing" would nor could exist.
That "Every Experience" that one has, is too, in impeccable order, via the "Law of Attraction", this is a school for learning.
"Like it or not!".
"This is the "Path to one own Enlightenment"
It is time to have faith in your Savior, who, or what that may be.
But having "Faith" in the "Genius Within" oneself would appear to be the key.
The Buddha, the Christ, Mohamed Gandhi, Moses, etc....... all came to the conclusion to "LET It BE".
Of this, we must clear our eyes and see, and awaken the "Children of the Light".

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Deep Breath

To treat depression or anxiety dis-order, one has look deeply into their own minds,monitoring and taming the wild monkey that lives there,and not suppress the monkey with drugs, tobacco and alcohol, as this is an escape, and here, one will never find peace within themselves or with others. In fact, things will worsen. Understanding what "THOUGHTS" triggers ones wild monkey and letting go of the cause, via a change in ones beliefs, their life style, their work,through meditation,(((Deep Breathing))) and exercise "WILL" aid in quiting the wild monkey.If one is experiencing depression and or anxiety, its time to put aside ones pacifiers, (their excuses), and step up to the plate and tame your monkey,and not blame others for your own insanity.It is all in how one "THINKS" and "Believes" that makes them this way or that. "You've got to want it!", or remain were you are.If one is physically injured and do not attempt to rehabilitate their wound, they will not get any better. No one can do this for you, just as none can eat for you, breath for you, or pay for what you "Think" to be your sins.They can only point the way, as a sign post that tells one how fast to go and what is in the road ahead.The helping hand that one is looking for in life, is at the end of their own arm."Us it, or lose it". Their is no math to be done on this one.
Good journey to all. KHos