Saturday, August 15, 2009


Invisible is the power that conducts life, the computer, cell phone and TV. It broadcast our image in Its likeness.
A reflection of what is to be.
It regulates our bodies.
It is awake in our dreams.
It sees beyond forever.
It reveals the unseen.
Magical is Its presents, shifting in and out of form.
It is the last breath that we take .
And the first breath of the new born.
Recycling at its finest.
Nothing does It waste.
Precisely perpetual in motion.
Balanced in place.
We call this god, but this too, is you, me and all that we think do and see.
Ye are gods.
Eternal is our destiny.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sink or Swim

The blind, would love to see throw your dim and blurry eyes.
The deaf, would love to hear, even a rude reply.
One whom is severely burned would love to wear your ageing skin, with your wrinkles to share with others where their smiles have been.
One whom has no legs would love to lip upon your crippled limbs.
Its all in ones perspective, whether they sink or swim. Stroke......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Set Judgement Free

We are the only ones that can speak for ourselves. And at times, we are unsure why it was that we did what we did and not really sure what or why we say the things that we say, as unconscious clouds of past memories get in the way.
But yet we summon friends and hire interpreters, judges and lawyers to place in a perceived order, under rigid laws and guide lines our dilemmas, trails and tribulations and for their services, penalties and rewards are served and big bucks do we pay.
Well, its not quite that simple, as true judgement is beyond mans call.
As he can not comprehend the vastness of the Universal principles, laws and Its infinite possibilities. He can not see the scope of it all.
We can only speak for ourselves, but it is but an echo in an empty hall.
Judgement needs to be annulled.
Thou shalt not judge.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The ultimate truth can not be spoken.
As It rest beyond pen and word.
But if I may, It would appear to be the vortex of open.
No thought there in for judgement to occur.
It would be simultaneously everything, so nothing would It prefer.
A constant blur.
A cosmic slur.
A balanced beam.
Upon no side would It lean.
Truth would have no purpose or nothing to mean.
It is perfectly placed and therefore unseen.
In between.
Ever alert, even in our dreams.
The pinnacle of keen.