Monday, January 31, 2011

The Big Picture

When one believes that they are more important then another, it is time for them to examine and reconsider the equal distribution and balance in Nature, and It's natural order of things.
And witness that their up most importance is dependant equally upon every other thing to assist; act and react in harmonic precision.
The tree, is too, equally the land; it's soil, the sky; it's sun, rain, wind, bird, and bee.
All coexisting in rhythmic harmony.
All, are equally of "One" importance.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Grim Reaper is at our door

Do away with capitalism and it's marketing. It is unnecessary, costly and therefore dangerous to all walks of life, all kidding aside.
Our survival now depends only for the wise.
It is time to open our eyes and compromise.
"Its simple," "do away with corparate competition and artificial division" and give to the people the best products and healthiest information and produce, no corparate lables necessary, and all designed for the optimum health and well being of our Mother Earth and all of her precious beings.
Take the greed of money out of it and our false concepts of god. We all can live our dreams.
Construct spiritual institutions where there currently are military bases; it is an easy makeover, for kids and young adults from all places, colors and faces.
The newly established Dept. of "Peace" will do away with the need for a Dept. of "War".
We will see each other as "One", and "together there is more".
Everybody will do what they are here for; to find peace of mind, spiritually excel and explore.
As,the grim reaper is now at our door.
We must exercise Wisdom, Love and Compassion to it's very core.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When one focuses and worries upon an imaginary ailment or an existing ailment, this may encourage an ailment to manifest where there was none, and or worsen where there was.
Worries beget worries, and can not encourage healing. And the cells of our bodies are sensitive to our emotions and the chemicals which they summon via the hypothalamus.
The "power of suggestion" is mighty! When one sees another "yawn," is a good example.
So, if one must make a suggestion to themselves, let them smile, dance,laugh and see themselves as vibrant beings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


To "know thy selves," in depth, is the cohesive force which allows one to bond with others in successful relationships.
To study ones own actions and reactions to the experiences and stimulus of their surroundings.
To figure what triggers ones undesired emotions, and then apply wisdom to formulate true understanding to the programed dilemmas at hand, and in turn, one learns, what troubles man as a whole.
As it is all how one believes that they shall receive.
To know ones self, is to know others.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Dreams are Made of

Consciousness declaress the body to be It's own; my arm, my leg,head,nose,heart,brain,etc....
This may sagest a separation; one from the other, 2 entities coexisting simultaneously alone. One clothed in perception, the other of flesh and bone.
But when consciousness magnifies closely It's stake to claim; It's bodily possession and mater vanishes into stardust; subatomic particles zipping around in space.
Is Life a dream,virtual reality at it's finest, no-thing to die, is it with eternity that all are embraced?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ripple Affect

But ripples, are the conscious thoughts upon the surface of an infinite subconscious mind.
Mans natural capacity is vast, but most are hypnotised by primitive inherent beliefs; handed down from generation to generation, encapsulated,confined.
But the ripples can become mighty in depth when focused upon, as giant oceanic waves thundering down upon the beach.
And all one has to do, is go within,"Here and Now", and the power is in reach.
None need to believe in a religion, someone or thing, nor preach.
"BE STILL", and of this, become the student of what you teach.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Self Infliction

As long as one argues in defence for their anger and or hurts over someone, or about this or that,in which they have no control,they are not yet ready and or willing to forgive and be healed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open Mind

One may be the teacher this moment, but the student the next.
So, one must keep their minds open to this.
As to acquire wisdom this appears to be the best.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

United, One Stands

For one to neglect and punish their body; their only biological life support system and means of locomotion, because of the weaknesses in ones mind; thinking negative thoughts about themselves and others, craving and refusing this and that, is to form an arrogant dictatorship over a colony of trillions of individual cells; all of which are believed to be experiencing their own independent life's; working together in harmony, consuming and discharging nutrients, dividing; giving birth, and with the ability to experience emotions, is to condemn life It's Self.
Be considerate to those which support you, as there is more then just ones mind involved here.
Gather will power; think,eat and exercise for the good of the whole, not just ones mind. Look into the mirror and say,"I Love You," and mean it, and leave you old ways behind.
Make peace with yourself.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Face It

Man appears to identify and be identified through his face; as he grooms it, looking in the mirror, and becomes offended when it is slapped, quickly posing a look to be feared.
But he points at his heart or chest region to identify with who he is; his center, his core essence, his very Being. Saying that this is who "I am" as he makes his stand, and shouts to the heavens, "need I say more"!
But his challenge is ignored, and of his core essence, he needs to further explore.
To meditate upon the silence, centering his very Being, uniting once again with the totality of "All that Is" and ever will be,all beyond his wildest thoughts and dreams.
Far beyond the seen, where his body is not a personal thing, and all is serene.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spiritual Extortion

Beliefs in that "Old Time Religion," is destroying our world and limiting and killing It's people.
Conquering and dividing under many steeples.
The cross points in 4 directions, the pyramid in 3,but I tell you my brothers and sisters of the cosmos, that there is no difference between you and me, nor is there in the Christ, The Buddha, Mohamed, Mother Teressa or Gandhi.
As we are all of "One Humane Family".
Yes, all are children housed within "One Conscious Cathedral of a Omnipotent God".
And in our modern day world this concept should not appear to be so odd.
We must do away with the idea of God appearing in man's finite image and take a quantum leap.
Seeing God as being everywhere and in everything and all souls does It keep.
See It as a Unified Field of Conscious Being" and that you are It and of It, and of an ultimate "Good" does It bring.
And when one adds an o to the word God,they've got "GOOD".
Now do away with judgement and it's separation and all will be understood.

Harmonize Insecurities

One should not become offended over a false accusation that another may say.
Because, if one knows that it is not true, they should wish the other well, and be on their way; knowing at times, we all have our insecurities, and that this wise inaction will bring unto us a brighter day.
And if it is true; and one does not like it about themselves, acknowledge and correct it, and at peace one shall stay.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Understanding

I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing that I can do,whatever the experience is at hand,whether it appears challenging,good,mild, bad or anywhere in between, is to remain totally focused in the sensation of the moment,noticing my surroundings completely,all of my senses,touch,taste,hearing,smell,my breathing,the color of the flowers,sky,the feel of my pen in my hand,etc....
As when I am totally focused in the sensation of the moment,present here and now,there is no thinking involved to act upon either this way or that way,as my mind is totally emerged in the sensation of the moment.
Here,"to do,or not to do",is not in question to be answered. Here I can observe a word without reading it,to say it in my head,it just appears before me without meaning,that's all.
At this time I am in the uncontaminated flow of "Conscious Life It's Self", the absolute God Head,the Great "I AM" in which "All",idea,person,place and thing is housed, and therefore had never left home to be lost or found.
It is an "Omnipotent River of an Aware Beingness" that is being all that is and ever will be, and all at once,"Here & Now.
My challenge is to remain in It's unfathomable flow,without thinking this or that.
As I feel that It's current of infinite possibilities is in the highest of intelligent Divine order,placed upon the pinnacle of perfection,operating the whole show,and there is alot going on in the totality of creation.
I find that when I tame my mind,to be in It's flow,no matter how limited of a time that it may be, my experience at hand appears to be more harmonious.
And all of those who have been worshiped through various religions learned to go with It's flow. They followed the path of least resistance.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Believe,or Not Believe

To believe, or not to believe in a Supreme Being and or God,are both equally beliefs constructed in mind alone.
Conscious is the prime mover of all beliefs,including this one,as without consciousness there would be no beliefs.
Anything that can be witnessed or thought to be believed,including that of a God created in man's image,is secondary,fractals adrift in a "Universal Sea of Awareness",mere ripples upon It's surface. Flickering extensions of It's majesty.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heaven is Today

We are All of the same "Universal Field of Awareness"and ageless age,as "Here and Now" eternity sets the stage.
In the "Here and Now" there is not one tick of time,no depth to space,only ideas to fill an empty mind.
There is no movement forward nor backwards,no one or thing that one has to reunite with,as there is no separation from ones source.
It is a pointless point,so words are way off course.
But words can act as sign post,whispering to us the way.
Guiding us into the silence,to be the witness,that Heaven is "Here and Now"today.

Heaven is Today

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Don't "Intimidate".
And "Wisdom" will arise.
"Force" will subside,ego without pride.
Let it "Be".
Let it ride.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dream Come True

"LIFE"is a dream come true,virtual reality at it's pinnacle,appearing from out of the blue.
Consciousness believing that It is physically living in the realm of matter,embodied in flesh,captives of limited beliefs,where the mind gets no rest.
But deep inside the projector of the dream,is an impersonal Awareness of a world without name or form.
Here,there is no thing to think about to stake claim to, as yours and mine, and there is no space nor time to house matter to die or to be born.
And Here and Now, in It's stillness, it is always forever.
With omnipresence and omnipotence,"LIFE"is adorned.
Dream on.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merrily Go Round

You get back what you put out.
This conductivity of life is simple,there should not be any doubt.
Like begets like.
As above,so bellow.
What one reaps,so shall they sow.
All,are connected,so do what is best for the good of the whole.
This is all one really has to know.
Keep it simple.
Dosey doe.

Home Base

To yearn for the future or attach ones self to the past, robs one from the grandeur of the moment,Here & Now,which forever lasts.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Omnipotent Probabilities

Existence always works it's self out,whether one likes the outcome or not.
There is always an extension of awareness to fill the void with another happening,experience,action and or inaction,not allowing for a beginning or and end to manifest or take root.
Awareness is eternally entertained by It's own nature.
The "Show" will go on.
"You may want to get some popcorn".

High Investment

Which possesses a greater value,"Earth,teaming with LIFE and the Wisdom of It's delicate balance,or the riches and total annihilation made from the ignorance of War"?
Which will it be,"WISDOM or WAR?"
Here,one must keep in mind that,without our Earth Mother,it will be difficult to spend money.

The Unexpected

Expect the unexpected,but don't fear it.

Understand,Be the Better Man

They say that "blood is thicker then water".
But it is thinned by the wager of money,shit now covers the honey.
As when a finical dispute arises,it can separate mothers,fathers,sons and daughters.
It is amazing that something with only an outside mental monetary value can break the bonds of those that eternally love from within the inner depths of their hearts.
Something that can devalue in time, and love is forever and a "fool and their money will soon part".
So,if one finds themselves caught up in this predicament,gather some wisdom here,stay collected,be the better man,see beyond this ignorance,and in your mind be at peace if you can.
And remember,that dis-ease and negativity run hand and hand.
If only for your own health,"be the better man".

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tears are Impersonal

The tears of joy and sorrow are equally wet,impersonal to the experience at hand.
And it is ones thoughts that make them appear.
So,if one must shed a tear,let it be of joy.
Let it be of the positive nature that we employ.

Awaken from the Shadows in the Dream

To be "Self Aware", conscious of ones own being,is "The Miracle" in and by it's self,it is an astonishing seen. And to top that,we too are aware of our surroundings, and can probe and investigate the beings that occupy it's depth and appear to evolve and shift in it's time.
Yes,"Here & Now" there appears to be an omnipresent consciousness, centered within us all,peering through all eyes and "The Witness" of all things,"believing It's Self to be separate",but It is "ONE AWARE BEING".
We sit upon God's thrown but are lost in the shadows of our beliefs, asleep in a dream.
It is time to awaken Adam from It's slumber.