Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One can not see the emptiness of "Awareness" or It's invisible intelligence.
They can only witness It's effects. The observer witnesses the reflection of it's own essence, dancing upon a holographic stage of imagination. This is magical stuff, here in the eternal now-ness of things.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Being Yourself Is The Main Thing

One who puts on an act for another, for fear that their true self expression my not be liked, is not only a lie unto themselves, but it restricts their inner strength and Divine potential. "Shine on".

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dancing In The Light

Why is it that man thinks that he needs an outside savior or god to protect and give him salvation? While all along the "Kingdom of Heaven" lies within. "Awareness" It's Self, "The Great I Am-ness" houses both, the observer and the observed. To believe and identify with false idles or titles, separates and robs man of It's Divinity, power and glory. Our prayers arise within ourselves and then are projected outwards. This outwardness is but that of an illusion of mind, as in a dream, a mere reflection in the mirror of "Awareness", dancing in the Light of It's own creation.

No Expectations

One who expects anything from a friend, is not a true friend.
Soul mates or true friends harmonize, they do not expect.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Awaken From The Slumber

I find it utterly amazing that we, (man), can complain about anything.
When "Creation It's Self", is in our face.
I find it interesting that an absolute state of Omnipotent perfection could bestow a conscious state of Being onto every one of us, man, fish, bird and beast, and all else, to say the least.
And all the while, this miracle is hardly glanced at or noticed.
As man is working at mundane jobs of industrialization and this is robbing our spiritual exploration and consuming the only Heavenly realm that we know of.
It is time to awaken "Adam" from It's slumber.
We are aloft the Heavens.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It is not how much one acquires in Life that makes them successful and gives them a sense of well being. It is how little they can live without. Kiss, ("Keep it simple stupid".)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Follow Her Lead

Man's greatest knowledge knows little if not less.
And at this point in understanding, the ancient path of the "Wisdom of Mother Nature" might be best. As "Mother Earth" is our only Heavenly nest. Please give Her a rest. But this too, is but an educated, uneducated guess.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

On To You

If ones "True Essence" was beyond space, time, matter, and It's appearance, would they worry or care over the mundane, money, age or looks.
And if they "Truly had Faith" in that which they call their (Omnipotent) God, they would stop their judgements, bitching and complaining, and realize that Christ did not write nor edit the little black book.
They would take Jesus off the cross, release and "forgive the others, for they know not what they do".
They would not harm any of God's Creation.
You would do unto them, as you would want done unto you.
And that is cool.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Life

Once one tags or places a name or number on someone or thing, they artificially separate them or it from the whole of creation. It is an illusion in the mind alone.
In Life's deepest essence, "All are "One". "One Life, One Being".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romancing the Ballance

In order to have a good balanced relationship with another, one has to 'feather together" in a harmonious overlay with the other.
Allowing the other their own space to eb and flow.
Excepting what they have to offer for the good of the "Whole", and letting all else go.
And when balance is sound, harmony will be bestowed.
Staying forever young at heart, while the romance grows old.
Or so I am told.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Acts of Kindness

If we believe as a species that we must give and be given awards for our personal achievements in life, then award our children by teaching them of the heart felt value that they will gather from preforming "Acts of Kindness" onto others. And not with trophies and money. The "Act of Kindness" onto others will allow our children to experience Compassion and the purity of "True Love", first hand, for the first time. We can then follow their lead.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Man's Only Sin, is Living In Doubt.

The ability to "BE", obviously exist.
Wow, holy cow, but what is it that we missed?
To not be Living in wonder and in a constant state mystery.
To imprison our minds in the mundane, same ole same, such a shame.
This is not how we are to "Be".
What seems to be the forgotten key, for man to unlock his "Divinity".
Could it be how he is taught to perceive and believe?
What will it take to awaken man, (Adam), from his slumber of the "Darkness of doubt?"
And realize that he is always at home and never alone or without.
And that he is nestled in an "Omnipotent Garden of Guidance", in which there is genius all about.
All, powered from within, and there is no way out.
"Man's only "Sin", is living in doubt".

Truly Believe

"Truly believe", that All of Creation, is in the hands of Divine intelligence and order. And that nothing is out of place, absolutely nothing.
Therefore, there is no reason to judge any outcome and or event, no matter if it is thought to be good or bad in it's appearance.
This is not only liberating, but too, it would appear to be a fact, when "Life" It's Self is investigated closely. This "Existence Thing" is absolutely mind boggling.


"Always remember, that we are guest of this world, not It's host".
This is a bit more humbling.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Self Employed

Some religions promise "ever lasting life", which is very enticing to the mortal Being.
All, ego driven, something that the mortal desire brings. To be who we are throughout eternity, to resurrect our personal identity.
But it would appear that one does not have to follow the right religion to receive "ever lasting life", nor It's eternal gift. As It appears that all are inter twined in "One" Moment of time, Here & Now, and nothing is missed. Not even a kiss.
Energy or spirit appears to be held at a constant, with no properties nor substance to wear, be created or destroyed. All is Here & Now. Life Forever is employed.

Cosmic High

Follow your own lead.
Go where you go.
Do as you do.
Reap as you sow.
And know, that no one knows.
So, don't wait for another to show you the way.
Your "Spirit" is made of fire, your body of clay.
Follow your bliss.
Arms reached out to fly.
On your mark, get set, now touch the sky.
A "Cosmic High".

Health = Wealth

One who neglects their "Health", be it physically, mentally, or Spiritually, to gain fame or wealth, " are the Poorest of them all".

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Awe

Past and future can never be known.
As it is forever "HERE & NOW".
All captured in "ONE" Eternal Instant, alone.
"Here & Now", there are no loose ends, to attach a beginning to an end.
Time and space appear to be figments of an "Omnipotent Imagination".
Living in a wondrous virtual Field of Pretend and speculation.
"What a sensation".

Shine On

When one frees themselves of mental slavery, they free others.
When others are freed, we free the World.
When the Earth is freed, we free God from within.
When we free God from within, we free the whole of "All that Is and ever will Be".
And we are a part of the whole of "All that Is and ever will Be".
We must stop looking else where for our Divine source.
As we are "ONE" with our source.
We must get this through our thick heads and it's programing.
We are of Gods image, the things that dreams are made of, "we are the Light",of the Divine Spirit It's Self.
Shine on.

Monday, June 7, 2010

True Love Has No Limits

If you Love your country, what makes you think that you could not Love the World?
Do you Love your children, be it a boy or girl?
And if you where another parent of another child who was from overseas.
What makes you think that you would not Love them too, bouncing them on your knee?
Well, I tell you its like that, as "True Love" has no boundaries, judgement nor prejudice to display.
As "True Love is ONE LOVE".
Play, children play.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In God We Trust?

If it is "Truly", "In God that We Trust", not only as a nation, but across the globe, then what are we fighting for?
Why we do we cast judgement upon God's Children?
Upon our own sisters and brothers of our nature, who live over seas and right next door?
There must be some doubt in It's omnipotent presents.
A flaw or glitch in It's very Being.
Why do we feel that we must protect It's stature, with wars and their fighting machines?
Is it possible to believe in God more fully?
Is it programing, or is it in our genes?
Because if we "Truly" believed in Gods power and glory, our World would be Serene.
"Do you know what I mean?"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slippery Rock

Religion is a slippery rock.
And even though the basis of It's Divine message was lost in translation.
It still draws quite the flock.
And around the clock.
It's Spiritual foundation was simple, but solid was It's grounds.
As It was secured by "LOVE and COMPASSION" for All Beings.
There was harmony all around.
But then grew the "Tree of Knowledge",speculation and the written language was formed.
The omnipotent "TRUTH" was then dissected and dismantled.
The Eve of Consciousness was born.
And "Thought" became It's thorns.
As now there was an idea of a good and evil.
Suspicion grew it's wings.
Witch hunts gathered their women.
Prejudice marches across the globe, and only more war can it bring.
And all of this disharmony was erected, by the stories that where told.
And to this day only a few have decoded the babble and what "TRUTH" realy means.
And all the while that man has been lost in this Garden, the flowers grow and the birds yet sing.
Get a grip and "let Freedom ring"

Friday, June 4, 2010

"I AM that IAM"

God is make believe.
Awareness It's Self.
And therefore It is the maker of All believers, believing as they do.
And All, believe that they are.
And this is why All, can think or say that, "I AM".
The "I AM" is centered in All, without circumference.
"I AM that I AM".
With a magical scene.
Heaven is about me.
Life is a dream.
"I AM that I AM", nothing more or less.
"I AM that I AM" and so are the rest.

Heaven or Hell

By not believing that "EARTH is HEAVEN".
We make It "HELL".

Wear No Feather in You Hat

"Wanting to be right, is so wrong".
If one is right, they are right.
That's it.
No more, no less.
They are merely more up to date on the issue at hand, then another.
Being right does not make one better then another.
And the more one boast,the more likely they will be the next in line to be wrong.
An impersonal silence can be good here.
Does this sound right?

Teach Spirituality In Our Schools

In these great times of knowledge and it's technology, combined with our ability to lend application to what we have learned and the potential catastrophic repercussions there of.
We must now sit back and ask ourselves, "do we want a smarter and more impersonal society, one that has lost it's ground to Nature and will march on command to the tone and lures of money"?
One that does not trust the other, for fear of economic loss.
Or do we desire one that is compassionate to others and this Great World as a whole?
Smarter may not be better. But when knowledge is accompanied with Wisdom we can soar.
Fly on.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy Stuff

This is "EXISTENCE ITS SELF", that we are talking about here, and that we appear to be Nestled within. I mean, "how could this possibly be happening?" How is it that there is a certain sense of Beingness about us and we do not have to do anything to experience it?
It is happening automatically. In the middle of "No Where and Nothingness". It comes complete with a conscious observer and something to be observed, and the idea of time and space for the observed to be witnessed within. This is absolutely phenomenal, but most go about their day in a mundane way, as if nothing utterly astonishing was happening. And "EXISTENCE IT'S SELF" is staring them dead centered in the face. But they continue to complain about their day and this and that. Hoping that one day before they die that they will witness what they believe to be a miracle.
"Well friends, if you haven't already figured it out".
Without "EXISTENCE," there would be no stage for a miracle to take place.
Therefore, "EXISTENCE IT'S SELF" is the miracle.

Crazy Stuff

Give Meaning To The Moment

One who awaits a brighter day, lives in the darkness of the past.
Cease the Moment, and give meaning to your life, right "Here & Now".
As "Here & Now", is the only "REAL" TIME that one has.
The "Moment," is an eternal instant and therefore can not be captured nor counted.
But one can count in & on the "Moment".
It is absolutely amazing, that all that is, or ever will be, exist HERE & Now, in One Eternal Moment.
"Absolutely Astonishing".


Take note, that this information in which I share with you and others is not intentional. It is not something that I "Try" to do. It is an automatic pilot thing. I feel that I am driven to express this information as many others that have walked this Earth before me. I do not stake claim to it's origin or content, nor do I care to. I am but a conduit. This information has always been in place, long before I took my first step upon this Magical Globe, that we simply label and call, earth. Most do not truly see It's grandeur, as they have been blinded by fables, myths, and stories of the mundane, as I was. The information that I share appears to be peaceful at it's core Essenes, It sounds true and can be understood when one allows for it's "ENTRANCE". It is the path that our great teachers walked and spoke of. It appears to be, the "science of our souls." And even if one disagrees after all is said and done. They will see how I came to be enchanted with intrigue. And here, there really is no-thing to disagree about, as sides diminish as thought subsides. Here & Now lies, "The Eternal Magic Kingdom of Power and Glory" that our spiritual leaders could see. Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is upon us, and most are taught to look the other way. See it Here & Now and you will be there. "Welcome to Heaven".

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Horse to Water

I do not seek followers, nor am I looking for a leader. As "I AM" on my own path and accountable for my own soul.
None can save another's soul, they can only point them in the right direction.
Its a horse to water thing.
Drink up.

Do As They Say

Why is it that we worship the spiritual leaders of the past and write and read about them in our Holy books, but not do as they say. I believe that if we did as they say, and not as we do, we would ALL, find ourselves at Peace. Peace in, Peace out. Shake it all about.
As a people, we need to make our government accountable, as they are our servants. Administer lie detector and other brain wave test to them before they are put on the ballot, during and after office, and they should insist upon these test. We can not afford to have weak minded people in charge, as they will take bribes from corporate lobbyist etc......They should not be exempt from anything, nor have a so-called, diplomatic immunity. As this, can lead to an injustice of criminal behavior. They do not need to live in big white houses, nor be chauffeured around in big black cars, etc.......If "ANY", and I mean ANY question and or conspiracy accusations should arise, of any sort, of an alleged improper or unethical conduct and or behavior of one of our servants. An uncorrupted investigation, if there is such a thing, should immediately go into effect with no legalities and or paper work to stifle the investigation at hand. We act upon it, RIGHT NOW. And there are many powerful accusations and or conspiracy allegations on the burner, RIGHT NOW. And if true, these acts can literally "rock our world". And one of the accusations is, the tie between OIL & WAR, & OIL & It's control over our Governing body. Put these conspiracy claims to rest. We owe it to ourselves & to the WORLD as a "WHOLE".


When one can look into their eyes in the mirror and say, "I love you". And mean it.
When they can say that, "I love my life," without hesitation.
When they can Cherish All Life, and treat It as equal.
When they have given meaning to Life, and there fore are not looking for Life's meaning.
They have become centered and grounded in the seat of their very soul.