Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peace & Quite

If all would quite their minds at the same time across the globe, "World Peace" would sweep the planet, and Heaven on Earth would be revealed, if only for a few seconds.
The possibility does exist.
Close your eyes, (((Deep Breath)))...., and (((Attune))).

Keep It Simple

Those who have adopted the 10 Commandments as the path of "Wisdom", will not find themselves judging others nor at war.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out of Sight But Not Out of Spirit

In the (((Here & Now))), there is no room for a "Second Coming" of anyone or thing.
As "Everyone and Thing" is happening all at once, (((Here & Now))).
Just because one is watching one channel on their TV or computer, does not mean that there are not other frequencies or channels coexisting all at once, just grab your remote, and surf.
So, just because one can not see the Buddha,the Christ,your departed loved ones, etc.............................. does not mean that they are not coexisting (((Here & Now))) with you in spirit.
So everyone can stop holding their breath,worrying, depending on, praying to, or planning an "Armageddon", and get on with it.
There is no gain nor lose in this Momentous Magic Moment (((Here & Now))).
(((Deep Breath))), hold........., release..........and "Let Be".
Thank You.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Its All But A Thought

The only boarders that divide man, is in his mind.

(((PLEASE))) Let It Go

If man truly believed that he will be punished by God for his "Sins", then why does he busy his self with courts, judges, juries, prisons, millitaries and the likes.
"Why not let God take care of it".
If man would cease "JUDGING" one another, and minding his own dam business, there would be little, if any, [[[Conflict]]].
"It would serve man well to (((STOP))) this childish game of "Righteousness", "WANTING" to be [[[RIGHT]]], (with a gunslingers attitude), this B.S. of,"my way is better the yours, by God!", and I have a military to prove it.
Those who "Truly" believe in God, must move aside, and allow for Its (((Magic))to take place.
"How quickly we forget the (((Wisdom))) of old.
" Turn the other cheek".
"Forgive them, for they know not what they do".
The author's name of the last 2 sentences or quotes is well known, but if you are unfamiliar with his teachings, you can Google it.
(((Allow, and Let Go))).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Like To Like

What we do onto ourselves and others is what we do onto the whole. Therefore,one who treats themselves and others (((Kindly))), will in turn, aid in making a kinder world for themselves and others to live in. This is no secret, this is a fact.

Like Attracts Like

How one feels and reacts to the stress in their lives today, will influence their tomorrows. Just being grateful for "What Ever", is attracting better days to come. It is the only possible out come.

Today Is The Day

If all of the possibilities were weighed, for (((Existence))) to take place, all thumbs would be down.
"Certainly, (((Existence))) its self, is "God Like".
But yet, most walk about, wanting for more, praying to, and for, this and that, never counting their blessings, nor realizing, that they themselves, are a Living (((Miracle))), ever dreaming that, "One Day", I will findly be here or there, and then, at last, I will be happy or saved.
Today is the day, "Here & Now".
Lets count our blessiings.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Go Within & Play

If all could find themselves in "Awe", filled with (((Gratitude)))), just to be Experiencing the (((Magic))) of "Existence" Itself, without desire for anything else,"Here & Now", like a new born gazing off into the distance at nothing that the adult eye can see,(((Smiling))) and gurgling for no apparent reason, "there would be "World Peace" and the "Kingdom of Heaven" would be upon us.
What is this that the new born sees, that the adults eye does not?
It has been estimated that the human brain is processing approximately 400,000,000,000 bits of information "Here & NOW", but do to programing and prejudice in belief, the average human can only decode approximately 2,000 bits. And in comparison, this is a speck that human eye can not see. We are only seeing a fractal of the "Mansion of (((Existence)))".
It has been said that, "The Child Shall Lead the Way".

We must only (((Allow))) for it".
(((Deep Breath))), now go "Within, & Play".
( ( ((((((Thank You)))))) ) )

One Life

I assure you, that it is not "Us verses Them", it is only "Us".
As it is "One Conscious (((Being))), One Life Force" looking through all eyes, and running through all veins.
We are all reflections of "One" Source, dancing in the Light.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Point of Reference

All that one can be sure of, is that there is an (((Awareness))), a point of reference, from which they identify from, and "Believe" that they are.
And this point of reference is "I AM". It is centered in all, without circumference.
It is "One" (((Being))), (((Being))) the many.

All Is Now

Heaven, Hell, or anywhere or anything else, can only be (((Here & Now)).
They will not come upon us some day, nor time in the (((Imagined))) future, as there is no time slot nor space between (((Here Now))) to fit some "Thing" composed of matter into, nor lend distance for the tick of the hands of time.
It is "One" continuous (((Instant))) appearing as many, composed of (((Infinite Possibilities))) all at once.
And at least one of the possibilities is "World Peace", right (((Here & Now))).
We must only "Allow" for it to manifest before our eyes.
So,seek not for the Kingdom of Heaven to be elsewhere, off in the distance, nor fear the fiery pits of Hell somewhere down bellow, just be (((Still))) and "Allow" for Its (((Magic))), and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, "I Am" is God.
And the "I Am" resides in all Beings and looks through all eyes, It is the very core of our essence, as all Beings can declare that, "(((I Am)))".

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Wish Is Your Command

Nothing could be out of place; no invention, no job lost or found, no gathering or separation from her, him, this, that or the other thing, no toe that is stubbed, no bird that falls from the sky, nor a hair from a head, that is not part of the unfolding of the Precision of a Universe that is regulated via the (((Law of Attraction))).
"So, amongst the genius of "All that is, and ever will be, "Here & Now", one must be precise upon what they ask for, and their intent behind it".
"Ask and you will receive, knock and the door shall be opened".
One may choose to step into the waiting room to ponder for a while before knocking.

Relative Is Appearence

A dog walked up to me the other day, and latter, I learned that it was from India, I had no idea where it was from, nor did I care, as it was a good dog.
Now, if man could only learn to view his Human Family in the same light, not caring this way or that, where they are from or what they believe, as they are good people.
"Inner Peace to All".

(((Inner Peace))) Is The Way

Those who have no desire to control others, are themselves controlled by those that do.
Those who desire to control others are "In Deed", the weakest link and need to do a bit of soul searching, to "Know Thy Self" and discover that they are the other.
To gather control of ones self, is to allow the other to walk their own path, so that you may walk yours.
"All paths merge, and @ their axis, is (((God))), "Pure Awareness", Nirvana, the Great "I Am", (((Here & Now))).
"Know Thy Self, As The Other".
"By freeing others, one frees themselves".
"Inner Peace is the way".

(((Allow for the Flow))).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Am

Pure (((Awareness))), notices the passage of time and the depth of space, (as in our dreams), but Pure (((Awareness))) itself, remains ever the same, unmoved by either, "Here & Now" in the (((Stillness))). Just as a TV or computer screen would not appear affected by what channels through them, they ever just are; impersonal and unconditional.
It is but that of ones conditioned or programed "Thinking" and it's associated memory, that passes through (((Awareness))) that takes them for a ride; up,down,good to bad.
Be (((Still))) and know of your impersonal nature.


If one could be any where they wanted to be, "Chose to be in the (((Moment))".

Walk On

That which is "DOWN" for those on the North American continent is not [[[Hell]]], it is "UP" for China. It points towards their heavens.
Therefore,(((Nirvana))) is not far above ones head awaiting the "Dead", nor is [[[Hell]]] a fiery place bellow ones feet, they exist "Here & Now" for the (((Living))).
One who is (((Greatful))) to experience the "Absolute Miricle" of (((Life))) it's self, walks in (((Heaven))).
One who is "Ungrateful" in life, tortures themselves and others, and burns in their own [[[Hell]]].
"Heaven & Hell" are merely states of "MIND", and "MIND" is all there is.
So in conclusion, one who becomes more and more (((Grateful)))every day, can rise from [[[Hell]]] and walk in ((Heaven))).
Walk on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"We must get over this [[[Separation]]] thing"; one from the other, man from his Earth Mother and from God.
As in our "Deepest (((Essence)))" we are one another, our bodies are composed of the elements of Earth and we are who we pray to.
We must awaken from our slumber.

Just Look Around

If one could spend a fraction of their time in the (((Silence))), "Completely in the sensation of the "Moment", (being "One" with "Nature", noticing their breathing, the butterfly on the flower,the feathers on the bird or leaves in the tree, and so on), as they spend trapped in the obsessive and compulsive loop of associated memory in the programed chatter of their minds, all would (((Awaken))) to their Buddha & or Christ Conscious Divine Nature.
Right (((Here & Now))), they would know themselves as (((God))), and that "Heaven is, and always has been upon them.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

See, I Told You So

One who defends their right to their ailments, and complains while they lay helplessly aside, withering away, doing noting to exercise,stretch or nourish their bodies defence mechanisms to allow for healing to take place, are fulfilling a self prophecy.
They are in a pitiful condition.
"Get on it!".

There is a grave stone in Key West Florida and on it is scribed: "See, I told you I was sick".


Treat others as you would like to be treated, and even if equal treatment is not done onto you in return, your intent will uplift the whole and therefore you will benefit yourself, as all are one.
It would appear that some times one has to put forth more effort then another to stablize the whole. This has been witnessed throughout history, but this is done with Understanding,Love and Compassion in ones heart, and therefore ones effort is filled with Gratitude.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spiritual Exchange

One does not have to capitalize off of another to get ahead, they can share equally amongst themselves and all can enjoy great wealth.

Friday, February 17, 2012

(((Omni Present Moment)))

If one finds themselves upset, or desiring for anything, they are not completely in the sensation of the (((Moment)); "Here & Now".
Because, if one was completely in the sesation of the (((Moment))); "Here & Now", there would be no "Thought" to activive the (((Emotional Signals))) and coresponding chemicals of anger or desire into ones body.
Therefore, it would appear that the most important place for one to be, no matter their present circumstances, is to, (((Be))) "Here, Now".
(((Deep Breath))).........., and allow for your "Thoughts" to subside.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life In A Dream

Life In A Dream

"One would have to first, (((Consciously Exist))); in order to be the witness", to desire, to Love, to (((Share Compassion))), to find themselves within a (((Living))) Garden, "Here & Now", aboard "Mother Earth", to posses the ability to "Reason, to Think & Believe" in a distant Heaven", a Creator, or anything else that requires an (((Observer))), as a "Witness".
The (((Observer))), the "I Am'ness" in all of us, is (((One Conscious Being))), and needs not the flesh to (((Believe))) that (((Life))) is "Real", (as in our "Dreams"), but the flesh,( the observed), needs the (((Observer))), or there would be no "Belief" in our Individual forms.
Matter is empty,"Death" is an (((Illusion))), we merely (((Awaken))) into another "Dream". There is only (((Conscious Life))).
"It is time to (((Awaken))) Adam from It's slumber" and move into our (((Divinity)))

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't Box Them In

Those who intrigue or inspire their children's imagination, (((Enlighten))) them, save money on toys, and hence, aid the environment.
It a win, win proposal.
Keep the children out of the status quo box.


There is no plagiarism when all are (((One))). All information would appear to be ever present; (((Here & Now))) awaiting those with a heightened imagination, to attune to the frequency of their desire, in a universe of infinite possibilities. Such as the physics, prophets, writers and inventors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All is Divine

When man ceases to see God created in his own image, he will "Awaken" to his own (((Divinity))).

Deepest Essence

The "Centered Point of Reference" from within, that all can claim that, (((I AM))), (((Emanates))) from "One" Universal Mind Field; it is "One" (((Source))) from which all manifest.
It is "One" Omni Present Conscious Entity or God like (((Being))), which looks through "All" eyes and wears "All" colors, furs, fins, feathers and forms.
It is (((One Being)),) "Being" all that "Is", all at once, (((Here & Now))).
Therefore, one can not be separated from their Source,to become lost in time or space, to have a "Need" to be found, repent or be saved.
There is no escaping ones deepest (((Essence))); the "Absolute" Fact that, (((I Am))) that (((I Am))), and always will be.
No more or less, no begging nor end.
Here, it is clear, that what one does onto the part, they so too, do onto the (((Whole))).
Therefore, when one is in conflict with another, they are merely in conflict with themselves.
How foolish.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nuture & Nature

Variety has been said to be the "Spice of "Life", but yet, when man sees or hears something that differs from his "Local Belief", his linearly narrow point of view, he attempts to put it to death.
It also has been said that,"while in Rome, (it is wise to) do as the Romans do", (or else).
But one who becomes Diverse; Universally Modified, open to all that "Is", knows of the "Spice of Life", and breathes in It's bouquet of "Infinite Possibilities and Omnipotence".
They "Peacefully" set good examples and teach the Romans to take down their walls and rest without their swords beside them.
Ones "Nurture and Nature" is Programmable.
"Imagine" how our world would be, if all violence was removed from our children's environment; their "Electronic Teachers"; their computers and TVs.
"Input = Output", do the math.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reap & Sow, Cause & Effect

When one gets [[[MAD]]]!, they tend to want to become "Even" with the person, place or thing that they "Believe" did them [[[Wrong]]].
Here, one attempts to reverse and reenact the "Wrong" done unto them by the other person, place or thing.
If it is a person that appeared to do them [[[Wrong]]], they attempt to do the same unto them. If it was a thing that made them mad, they throw it down or attempt to break it, if it was a place, they attempt to leave it, "Get Out!".
And this "Chemically Induced Reaction", do to ones definition of a "Good & Bad, Right & Wrong"", puts them on the same page in the dictionary with the person, place or thing that they believe did them [[[Wrong]]], under the heading of "Insanity".
It is but that of ones false "Belief" in ones mind, that they have been done [[[Wrong]]], as every experience is "Exactly" in alignment with ones (((Intent))) via the (((Law of Attraction))).
There is nothing out of place, in this (((Magic Moment))), "Here & Now".
"We merely Reap What We Sow".
" One who changes their definition, changes the page that they are on, and in turn, changes their world".

Saturday, February 11, 2012


When one finds themselves troubled over another, at this time, they must always keep in mind that, "the other, is some how a reflection of themselves".
Therefore, work needs to be done from within the "Judgement" of the troubled one, and not so much the accused.

(((Sacred Grounds)))

As a (((Collective))), "Unversal" or "Hive Consciousness", we must keep in mind that every one of our "Thoughts", and the "Intent" behind them, influence not only the (((Thinker))), but too, the "Entire" (((Collective))).
Therefore, the more one generates unselfish, and (((Positive))) "Intent" for themselves, the more (((Positive))) becomes the (((Whole))), as "All" are (((Conected))). One (((Awareness))) peers through all eyes.
By helping oneself, it helps others to help themselves.
This is not selfish "Intent" that I am speaking of here, this is that we (((All))), including our "Sisters & Brothers" of Nature, receive the highest of (((Blessings))) that our (((Heavenly Earth Mother))) has to offer.
If we can (((Awaken))) to our (((Oneness))), and not allow for our "Wants", to exceed our "Needs", our "Gracious Host, "Grand Mother Earth" can Joyously support all of Her children of the Land, Sea, and Air.
"Please show that you care".
And, "Do Onto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Onto You".
We are standing on "Sacred Grounds".

Friday, February 10, 2012

(((Magic Moment)))

This Magic (((Moment)))"; Here & Now, appears to be an "Eternal (((Constant)))", therefore, It can not run out of time.
So, being in a hurry "Here & Now", would appear relative at best.

Your In Good Hands

Your In Good Hands
"One could not "Want" for more without (((Existence)))".
And honestly, when the possibility for (((Existence))) to (((BE)))) is thoroughly examined and digested, (((Existence))) Its Self, can be viewed as the "Grandest of Miracles, It is "Primary", "Want", is secondary.
"Who could ask for "MORE"?
So,when one finds themselves "Bitching" about this or that in (((Life))), reflect upon the "Fact", that without (((Conscious))) Life, there would be "Absolutely" no complaining to "BITCH" about.
And, even upon ones [[[Death Bed]]], they should not say, "Domed am I, oh... woe is me".
They should (o: Smile :o) with confidence, that the "Genius", that brought them forth into (((Existence))), will not loose them.
"So, be ever present in the (((Eternal Moment))); Here & Now", smile and pass on".
There would appear no "End" where there is no "Begining".
"(((Eternal))) appears our Essence".
:o) on....................

Thursday, February 9, 2012


To allow oneself to become angry enough to fight another over an opposing chain of "Thoughts"; Story, Religion, "Belief", a mental fabrication of words, one set of letters following another, constructed without substance to physically do harm, existing in mind alone, could be defined as "Insanity".

(((All In ONE)))

How far outward into the (((Imaginary Infinite Void))) does one have to project their "Thoughts"" to "Believe",and declare that, "Yes, this is IT!", Heaven at last!".
Heaven, is but that of an Imaginary "Idea"; a mere "Belief",handed down through the ages, constructed via mans [[[Ego]]], to save it's false identity.
If man was never "TAUGHT" that Nirvana was elsewhere, he would not waste his precious time praying, to one day be saved, and to be kind and loving onto others, he would do it in the only moment that he has ever had, (((Here & Now))).
"I say onto you, that Heaven is upon us", and has always been.
As,the location and direction from which the (((Observer))) "Thinks" to point from, is primary; it is mover and maker of the "Observed".
The (((Observer))) and the Observed, are One in the same. The imaginary sequence or delay, between the (((Observer))) witnessing its own reflection, lends us, the (((Observer))), the "Idea" of time.
It is time for the (((Observer))) to (((Harmonize))) and make Love with Its own reflection.
"All in One".

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


NASA has just received a message, that they believe came from creations Source and or, God Its self.
And it reads:
You have always been in Heaven. You have been given "Existence" its self, a place to call home amidst an "Infinite Darkness", with galaxies to surround you, to breathe in a Living Body, and an imagination to bathe in, to Love one anther and bare young, here upon your Earth Mother's Breast.
But yet, with all Her Majesty and wonder, you preach that, "Nirvana is elsewhere", off in the distance, and hence, "you treat Heaven like its Hell".
It is time to "CEASE" this insanity, and walk upon your Earth Mother gently,as She is all you have. There are no more.
Oh, and "don't depend on me to save your asses".
You break it, you bought it.

Be (((Still))) and Know

In the (((Silence))), beyond the (((echo))) of "Thought", is where "All" (((Merge))) as "One" Conscious "Being", being "All that Is, and ever will be".
And (((Here & Now))), "Within" the (((Silence))) of the Timeless Mansion of Eternity, "All" can sense and know that, (((I Am)), and forever will be.
[[[Thought]]], Can't Touch Our Essence.
"Be (((Still))) and Know" that "I Am" is God".

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Self Defeat

Fighting is "Insanity!", "Emotions" out of control, and here, there are no winners, as "All" are (((ONE))), so what one does onto the part, they do onto themselves and the (((whole))).


One can only tell another what they "Think" about something; their "Idea", or the "Idea" that they have adopted.
And there are as many "Perspectives or "Ideas" as there are individuals.
So here, it would appear foolish to "Expect" others to believe "Exactly" the same way, as no two individuals have had "Exactly" the same experiences.
"Right and Wrong", are relative terms in a world of infinite perspectives and possibilities.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


"Consciousness is Consciousness".
It is not this conscious and that conscious; hers, mine, the dogs, cats, fish, birds, aliens and other beings.
It is "One Consciousness being every body and thing.
Just as one computer may contain many programs, all (((Beings))) are contained in "One Universal Consciousness", or none would witness another.
We are "One (((Being)))", and therefore, all influence the Whole.
So do unto the Whole as you would like done unto yourself.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Those who believe that a God favors a particular tribe of people, are stating that,"God is Prejudice" of It's own creation.


"This old "Idea" that a "God will take care of it", and that man needs to be saved, renders man useless and helpless".
Man is of the very (((Essence))) that he prays to.
One can only help themselves, by helping others, as the other, is also themselves.
"If one does not feed themselves, they will starve".
It is time to stand up to the batters plate and take on our own responsibilities.
And, if one feels that they have need to be saved, then get after it.


Cast the First Stone

Those who condemn others, are unconsciously pleading guilty of their own misdeeds, and feel that someone needs to be punished, as long as it is not them.
Ah...., "Its good to be King".

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greed Anonymous

Those who control "World Economics" are "Addicts of Greed", and need medical assistance.
There is no difference between them, and any other "Junkie".
They need to attend, "Greed Anonymous".
It would do them good to step down from their Empty "Mountain of Money,and walk with the common folk for a while, and see how the command folk feel. And figure out how they can assist in right actions, that are "Good for the Whole".
Who knows, they may feel "Good" about themselves, instead of carrying around an empty void that can never be filled.
They could use our prayers, as they are getting out of hand.
"Love & Light", Kelly.

Cut and Dry

One will not find themselves in Nirvana or Heaven because they choose or adopted the right religion, they will find themselves there because they were "Good Souls.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Us and Them are (((ONE)))

In most history books, on religions, wars, and the likes, man boldly [[[States]]]!, that "he will never experience peace on Earth, and that peace can only be found, off in the distant Heavens. And hence his testimony, that "there will always be "Wars and (((Rumours))) of War", and that history is doomed to repeat itself, so lets keep the "Fire of Fear" lit, because one never knows what "They" may do.
But, with this very "Belief", entrenched in the minds of most, man is destine to repeat his History. As "Like Begets Like", as Above, so Bellow.
He is led into battle by politics, religions and the likes.
History is written by the victors; those that have the power to publish, such as, Kings,Emperors,Popes, Presidents, Corporations and the likes.
It is time to clear our minds and rewrite history, and merge once again into our "Oneness".
All are "One (((Being)))", being the Many.
We need to get over it.

Batters Box

Being in a "Hurry" is not Natures way, and would not appear to be beneficial for Her Precious Life to flourish.
Man could learn her Her Majesty.
As, that which took Nature billions of years to delicately prepare, man now destroys in a day.
Man has got to awaken to the fact,that if he devours his "Gracious" host; "Mother Earth", he will not have a place to stand and await that which he has been "
led" to believe in, as Heaven; a better place somewhere off in a distant sky.
"There will be no "Batters Box", to await in "judgement".