Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Leader

A true leader does not allow themselves to get caught up in the calamities of others.
Remaining ever present,in the moment,to make the right decisions for their followers.
A true leader remains at peace,even with the threat of war,as when one is shakened, they can only make emotional chemical induced reactions,be it either, fight or flight,and of man's emotional history, we all know to well.
Wars and rumors of wars can only beget more of the same. A true leader is a servant that speaks wisely,sets good examples and remains focused at all times, and that is why a true leader is hard to find.

Hand me Downs

If one already adopted and or was handed down a religion, but in hindsight, heard for the first time, of the miraculous claims that their present religion allegedly possesses, they may chuckle, as one might do at the claims of another religion other then their own.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Moment is the Miracle

Most, miss the "Miracle of Life," while hopelessly waiting for the promise of miracles in Life.
Unaware that "Awareness" it's Self, is the miracle, anything that can be witnessed via Awareness is secondary, merely a reflection of the nature of It's own inner Being.
If someone feels the need to worship someone or thing, make it the presents of their own "Aware Beingness." Here & Now.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Universal Being

When the conscious observer reflects upon It's own nature, It recognizes It's self in the "Mirror of It's Imagination", and admires and believes what It perceives.
The observer and the subject which It observes, is one in the same,taking place simultaneously in the same fractal of space and time,"Here and Now".
Yes, the very same conscious "Being" which gazes from my eyes into yours and from yours into mine,is of One Universal Awareness & or field of "Beingness",witnessing It' Self.
There is no separation here, no division of "us and them",just One 'Being".
Therefore that which one does unto themselves and others, they do unto the "Whole of Creation". Which is All of, "One Family of Beingness".
Being is Being.
Let it "Be".

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christ Consciousness

If it is always "HERE & NOW," and it, appears to be so, then Christ is never coming back to rescue His flock, as there is no time, forward or backward to do so. If it is always "HERE & NOW," Christ is ever present in the moment, residing within, not without.
"The Christ Consciousness" & the "Buddha Conscious" are "ONE" in the same, they are not outer beings clothed in flesh to be worshiped, or expected to arrive at any time, it is an inner way of "BEING," to be lived "HERE and NOW".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Increase Wisdom

"Increasing Wisdom", will decrease the need for "ENFORCEMENT".


Wisdom does not require weapons to employ.
It is ECO friendly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Path of Least Resistance

If one must give to Caesar that which is his,"and most do", then while in Rome,its best to do as the Romans. But also,while in Rome,help the Romans find a better path to roam.
Lets walk the "Path of Least Resistance", one that is "Free to Roam",and let our guide be "Wisdom".
And our "Mother Earth, ONE Home".
Some might call it "Being in the Zone".

Keep It Open

To claim or personalize a belief that limits ones imagination, not only can cause one friction with other's beliefs, but too, stifles the genius of ones very "essence", erecting a mental wall of resistance to "The Omnipotent Bounty of Creation It's Self".

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing Left to Lose

It may be best not to possess that which one will fear loosing.
And ultimately, nothing is anybodies to begin with, be it, person,place,or thing.
As in loss,divorce and death, do they part.
And emptiness does it bring, which may be a good thing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flow On

Nothing in Nature moves or exist out side the whole,everything depends upon everything else and the more harmonious the parts,the smoother the flow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ancient Path

It is seldom that one learns from those who agree, and there are infinite possibilities.
What one does unto others,so shall they receive.
So,it may be best to research and monitor closely what one believes, as there are those out there which desire to manipulate and deceive.
Follow the ancient path of wisdom, and for the good of the whole, manifest our destiny.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School of Hard Knocks

When one is "absolutely" ready to break an undesired habit,be it a person, place or thing,they will. Drug rehabs have a very low percent rate of success.
It is a waste of time,energy,money and emotion to attempt to stop something that they themselves are not willing to moderate or end,no matter how hard they kick and scream,"that they want to be liberated from their addiction".
Changing ones beliefs can be enough to alter ones path.
For some,loosing their health or a loved one due to their addiction can be a catalyst for ending their suffering,and for others, they will take it to their grave.
Bless their souls.
"It is all how one thinks, that makes them float or sink".