Friday, July 30, 2010


It may be, that man inherits the programing of the sins and or fears of at least 7 generations, as according to the Bible. But he too may inherit the energy transference of the programing of fears of his present day family, tribe, and or society in which he is nurtured and or raised. To me this is obvious. This is the aggressive side or programing of man that can lead to argument and war.
But the duality is, that he too inherits or reaps the beneficial or positive side or programing of his cohabitation with his fellow man, "All, sons and daughters" of one family, of Adam and Eve. Quite the incestral story of the family of man, or at least according to the Bible.
Nevertheless man appears to adopt the positive traits of wisdom and technology across the globe, as most nations are willing to better their way of life via technology, which is a collective of many men and women world wide.
There is great potential here in energy and creation to aid the whole.
To unite in that in which we have in common and utilize the positive side of man.
This is the key to living in harmony not only with them selves, but too with the Living world as a whole.
Input and output are one in the same. Teach and set good examples of wisdom, love and compassion and the output should in theory be the same.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cast The first Stone

It would appear that nothing could be proven, to truly judge and condemn anyone or thing. As everything appears to be the result and or effect, of everything else that has ever been or will be, and all at once, Here and Now.
This is far out stuff, existing in a massive program.


Once one knows, that no one truly knows anything, they are at last, free to dance and follow their dreams.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Patita, My Love

Your very presents gives vitality to my soul.
Eternal is our connection.
Your genuine elegance flows.
You are the angle of my heart, and your smile, my wings.
Your enthusiasm lifts my spirit and makes me want to sing.
You have always been in my life, this is not our first time around.
You are my "Cosmic Wife".
We stand with solid grounds.
My love for you is swift, with no distance in between.
You are my love, my angle, my darling.
You are my everything.

Prejudice, Is but a Thought

The tree, does not appear to care who it shades, nor the flower, who smells it's sent.
The dog does not care who pets it's back, as it appears equally content.
Water will quench every ones thirst.
The sea, does not care who within it swims.
The air, gives life to all that breathe.
To all, the newborn grins.
The song bird and the coyote do not care by whom they are heard.
Prejudice is unnatural and a learned behavior, handed down by man via thought, belief and word.

Here and Now

"Here and now", appeared in the past, as there and then.
And so too will it pervade the then and there of the future.
Here and now is all at once, everywhere.
One can not contemplate or escape it's absolute presents, as the eternal "Here and Now" can not be known nor timed.
As the very instant that it is thought to mention, it vanishes without a sign, and with anything to find, but an empty mind.
"Here and Now".

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Butterfly Effect

There appears to be a transference of emotional energy, from one to another, everyone is included, siblings, couples, your next door neighbor, overseas, all creatures and their sons and daughters.
The human collective magnetic mind field, set and or mood, as our worlds oceans high and low tides on one side of the world influences the other.
There appears to be an energetic gravitational shift, or transfer that in turn and in tune fluctuates the whole, upon our Earthly Mother.
Yes, that which we think or do onto others, attracts and transfers back onto ourselves the same.
So look into the mirror and reflect for a moment, if you are looking for someone to blame.
Pleasant thoughts to you, be selective.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ricashae, what you do unto others will come back at you.
Ricashae, your own thoughts can attack you.
So quite your mind and live for the day.....
Ricashae, what will be will be.
Ricashae, the future is not ours to see.
Ricashae, things just happen that way.


To disgust the mundane is hardly worth disgusting.
As it is the same ole same.
Most are hustling, busheling, dazed, confused and fussing.
Take hold of your mind, venture out of time, trust in the divine and gentle nature of your soul.
See the signs, step out of line and freedom you will know.
Spread the wings of imagination and fly, come on lets go.
Follow your heart and flow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fancy Free

What would one be without an ego driven sense of me?
Without all that they have acquired and learned to believe.
What would they be?
Born again naturally.
Like a child fancy and free.
Laughing and dancing, shinning the way into a gentler destiny.
Radiate kindness and kindness you shall receive.
Just be.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Deception Is An Art

How can one truly own the sun or it's moon light that dances upon the water, a grain of sand, a piece of land, a flowers sent, another's intent, or someone else's son or daughter?
Got ya with the tie and collar, makes ya want to howler.
Contracts speak in forked tongues, jagged are their edge.
Nature lies on the gambling table, dangling on the ledge.
Politicians stand in line with closed minds and open pockets.
They declare war for special interest groups that deal in drugs, oil, guns and rockets.
Slaying our young on their battle fields while the tax payer flips the bill. How many more will we send off to war and how many more will they have to kill? All the while our so-called leaders are lieing through their teeth and to their hearts.
Cashing in on Mother Nature, while broadcasting false propaganda to the masses.
Deception is an art.
Will it be life, or ashes?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


To fret or worry over things that we fear the most, that could come to be, is to attract the very same into our destiny.
Whether it is over our location, our health or financially.
Now, this is a form of insanity.
So, believe in the genius of creation and that there are solutions to every situation. And that there is an "Ultimate Divine Order in Harmony" beyond our present imagination and how we perceive.
Now relax, and download this into the human collective of "Wisdom" and practice it's philosophy.
This is all that one has to foresee.
Oh, and refrain from living beyond our needs in vanity. Not just for the survival of our species, but too, for the good of the whole of our "Living Earthly Sanctuary".

Monday, July 12, 2010


What are the chances that "Awareness" could come into being?
How is it that it can perceive, receive, and believe, and all housed within One divine entity, into infinity.
My reality certainly seems and feels real enough, but so do my dreams.
This is amazing stuff here, existing within and without magical seams, and ever so keen.
This, in between.

Only Awareness knows

Does death fear life, like life fears death?
Is there an in between where we can get some rest?
Is it all part of a cosmic self help test, for whats best for our souls and more so, for the good of the whole, as we reap what we sow.
Will we ever know?
Awareness, on the go.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Can Not Buy Back The Extinct

Man needs Earth more then jobs.
How much more must we rob, from Nature and all that we hold dear? Why are most living in financial fear?
As "The Kingdom of Living" has always been here.
There is no "NEED" for our wants, for bigger toys and extravagant luxuries to flaunt.
No other creature charges one another to live upon "Mother Earth", and without Her presents, "Life" could not give birth.
How much is "Life" worth?

Friday, July 9, 2010

On And On.....

There appears to be no spot where "Is-ness" is not.
Lift a rock and "I Am" there.
"Awareness," can be witnessed everywhere.
"I Am" in my father, and my father is in me.
In the drop of water, so is the sea.
In the acorn, awaits the tree.
All information is in every grain of sand and every seed.
All is recorded, every thought, action, reaction and deed.
And so on and on........ through out eternity.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One does not have to learn to love innocence, as innocence, is Love's self expression, admiring It's own essence in reflection.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What Is It?

So, what is this "I Am", that we can all claim to be?
What is it feels, hears, taste, smells and sees?
What is it that is the witness of change, watching the body and it's surroundings grow old, but yet it's very essence appears to remain the same?
What is it that request a god, a beginning and end?
What is it that ask these very questions, investigates there probabilities and is the master of pretend?
What is it that chases it's own tail, back and into the future, yet it is stationed in one eternal moment and is both, the observer and the observed?
What is it that knows all languages and is the thinker of all words?
How can one tell?
What is it?
What is it?
Oh, what the hell.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Give It Up

Why is it that we allow others limited opinions to take us up and bring us down?
Is it of our own mental weakness, an insecurity that is not sound, not standing with a solid ground.
As others have no right to judge us, other then shear ignorance, not looking into there own mirror.
As judgement is a cop out, a weak imitation of fear.
"Why is this not clear, and year after year"?
Do away with judgement, relinquish our tears.
"Know this".