Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Neutral Appears Gods Nature

The Nature of God, is in Nature.
And Nature appears to be impersonal and unconditional.
A tornado does not care if it hits a crack house or a church.
A lion will take down a baby lamb.
An earthquake will rock the Innocent.
A shark may bite your hand.
Nature appears neutral in It's very essence.
As in judgement, of a moral good or bad, It makes no stand.
Gods nature too, is in the spirit of man.
Refrain from judgement.
Allow our Spirits to expand.

Do We Become As We Believe

DO we plan our future, when we talk to ourselves of our beliefs in our heads?
Only to mirror our past, a premeditated self proficy, a proxlimation of the dieing and the dead.
Do we keep ourselves in the same rut, time after time?
Can we exscape this madness, by silencing the mind? Can we teach our children at a young age, to preserve their inocense by focusing in the moment, upon their joy?
No longer wanting of outside intertainment, fotune, fame nor toys.
Can we recognize our Oneness and divine potentual which enlightened ones shared with us that we could achieve?
Do we become exactly as we believe?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Recognize me as your equal, so that we may see eye to eye.
We will then look beyond the thin color of skin, sex, religion, tribe and or country, no longer over an outer "Imagined" identity will we have to be separated, argue, fight and die.
Recognize me as your equal.
So that we may resonate and live in harmony as One.
Recognize me as your equal.
As there is no one stronger then All of Us to get things done.
We are All sisters and brothers of the Sun.
One Love has come.
I reconize "All" as "Being" equal.
(((Shine On))).

Monday, December 7, 2009


It is absolutely amazing, that Awareness Its Self, has always been and always will Be.
That, there is no begining nor end to Its essence.
That It needs no matter to saport It, no space to house It, time to determine Its unfathuable void, nor mathmatics to calculate and order Its nature, as It is in a constant state of perfection.
But yet the idea of space and time exist within Its realm. They are a means to a hypothetical end, a stage for Awareness to express Its Self.
Thought is a tool of Awareness, but yet pure Awareness can not be thought about.
It needs no outside god to create It nor to determine Its fate.
It is both, cause and effect of Its Self.
Awareness by Its very nature, is impersonal and uncoditional.
It ever just Is.
Have a good eternity.