Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fit To Lead

One who can center themselves, and look beyond another's negative remarks and actions, into the core of the programing, pain and suffering, that brought the others remarks and actions about, will understand the ignorance at hand. They will forgive the other, realizing that the other knows not what they say and do, other "Wise", the other would not be sayings and doing what they say and do, they would be at peace with themselves. They understand that the other is mentally ill and seeks to find them help. They practice "Compassion". One who can center themselves, and look beyond anothers negative remarks and actions, is mentally sound and fit to lead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let Be Let Go

One who refuses to let something go, that they "THink" of as being negative, has not yet experienced something that Paramount's the negative experience at hand, to draw their "Minds" attention away, of this, "They can count their blessings". One must always kind in mind, that there is a lesson behind all experiences, (Like them or not), this is all one needs to know, to relieve their soul. "Let Be, Let Go".

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fair Trade

Man doesn't "Need" to make a profit from others to survive, he only needs to be fair to others, and All will be provided for without fret. "Nature is patient, it does not toil, and yet, all gets done. "Fair Trade leads to compassion". "Capitalism leaves little room for Trust and Faith", as most are out to get ahead of the other, and the quicker, the better. The Capitalistic attitude is:"Out of the way, it's a busy day I've got things on my mind. THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON lyrics > Us and Them Lyrics This attitude is not good breeding grounds for "Compassion". "Be a true community, trade fairly, Barter". "Love thy neighbor".

Indentured Servants

Man has been in slaved for so long that he doesn't even realize that he is a slave, as he marches off to work. No other species charges themselves to live on an otherwise free spinning planet. Man is intelligent enough to deceive and take advantage of his own species, makingthem believe that one can own property and charge another to live there, but when the so-called "Land Lord" dies, the truth of the matter is revealed. The Native Americans where said to have difficulties comprehending land ownership. Mans ego believes that he is superior to all other species, so he takes everything for himself. He has been become so disconnected from nature that he doesn't even see it vanishing. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, all that is made of matter will die, fade and rust. Man is "Here & Now" on a "Spiritual" journey, not a financial one, of this, he must awaken. Man is inherently a nomadic species, (hence his feet), so it is time to take down the fences, take a walk about, and allow Nature to once again flourish. He must keep in mind that just a little over 200 years ago, this grand Continent of the America was free to roam, it was a national park, the Garden of Eden, there was no land ownership. Lets go on a permanent vacation and elevate our consciousness. With mans technology, it is feasible. We must only convince the 1% of our population, (the money men) to allow for our "Spiritual" transformation. "It is done". Namaste

Friday, October 26, 2012


"POLITICS ARE OBSOLETE", we no longer have to send candidates to office to represent us. As, "We the people", can now vote on the current issues at hand via our computers at home. Lets do away with these silly ass so-called elections. And by doing so, we will do away with the corruption that is breads, the money they cost and the wars they wage. We will no longer have a division of government or of the people, (US vs. THEM), Democrat & Republican. Our house will no longer be divided. Our foudation will be strong. We will be world leaders in peace, not in war. I personally don't require a leader.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fill Your Soul

"Don't Fill Your Pocket, as it will never be full, Fill Your Soul". It is the emptiness that one fills in their soul that makes them, "Want" for more. When one no longer "Wants" for more, they will truly be full. Feed your soul, do away with the false "Idea" of separation, let it be, let go.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Conflict is From Within

"If you are carrying a gun, you are afraid", and their are other people carrying guns that are afraid. And, "Like begets like", bang, bang, your dead, its simple shit. Fear has led man down a dark treacherous alley. Man is not born with a weapon strapped to his side. "All conflict is from "Within". So, we all most attend to our own conflicts, we do not have to bring others down with us. "It is an "Inside Job". "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds." ~Bob Marley

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"When one finds that someone or something is running late, at this time, it would serve them well to close their eyes and meditate". As one who finds themselves in a state of "Waiting!" will become anxious. Take advantage of this spare time, "Close your eyes, take a ((( Deep Breath ))) and relax. You will then be glad that your plans were delayed. Namaste

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Am

No one is born a Jew, a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, a Buddhist, an American, Russian, Indian, Japanese, a lawyer,carpenter, sailor, a Republican, Democrat, etc....................................................................,these are all titles handed down from one generation to another. In fact, no one is really Marry, Paul, Jane, Dick, Sally, Sue or any other name. Names and numbers are used, via mans liner mind to catigorize people, places and things, as it can not continplate the omnipresence of all that is, all at once. All come into this world nameless, and go out nameless. Our true identify is empty of name and form, meaning and purpose. "I Am that I Am", no more or less.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ever Wonder

What happens to the treasures that are found in the castles of the World Leaders, that are currently being over thrown by U.S. "FORCES". Are they shared equally amongst the people of that nation that were robed by their Leader, or are they stolen by the invaders, and then delivered to a select few? I haven't received a bar of gold nor a check in the mall. Have you? Maybe today. It may be a bit bloody, but it can be cleaned up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blessed are We

In order for our precious Earth Mother to mend her wounds, that man has etched deep into her Life Line, we must find a new form of housing and trade, one that carries a negative "Carbon Imprint", always giving more then we take, as any good guest would to their host. Man must delve deep into his soul and do away with his ego's "Wants", and only take what he "Needs". There is plenty to go round. With our technology, and sharing equally, man would no longer need money nor jobs, seldom would we need to "Work", and hence, all would once again have time to roam this beautiful "Heavenly Garden", as the nomadic species that lies deep in our nature, time to reharmonize our souls with Nature, realizing that our (((Existence))) in the depths of "Eternity, is absolutely astounding. All will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are truly blessed". Amen, So be it.

Occupy Wisdom

A people should not be ignorant enough to "pretend" to vote for a someone that they do not even know, and most, don't even know themselves. And anyone can be made to look good on TV, but one needs to look in their closet. Every local township has its own governing body, this is all we need, if we need them at all. We do not need someone who "Wants" to lead, we need a leader. And, a leader can not, and needs not, be elected, as it is known in the peoples hearts that they are leaders. Start teaching "Philosophy", which translates as, the (Love of Wisdom), to your children and local community, and there will be no need for anyone to be governed. "Politics is breeding grounds for Corruption", and it is rancid. "Incorporate Wisdom", and do away with "Politics", its kinder and cheaper. "Know thy self", so that you may know the other as yourself". "Awaken"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God Is Inside Looking Out, Not Outside Looking In

Although man has been led astray, programed in his current beliefs, do to his own ignorance and insecurity, I believe that he can be guided back into the (((Light))), in this, the information age, just as we are doing here, sharing information via the computer. All it takes is just one "thought and or idea" to change ones mind. It has happened to me many times throughout life. As a child, I was "taught" the Christian religion, but it didn't click with me, it was not heart felt, so I did my own self investigation. And now I am free, without need for an "Imagined" Man Like God to except me back into his flock. I now know that I am an "Aware" particle of the entire "Being" that man calls God. I know that none could be outside their source, that God, and or "Awareness, the I AM", is inside looking out, not outside, looking in". "Ye are gods" so "Unite" and use your God like talents and sine the (((Light))).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Here & Now

There is no Heaven elsewhere, you are in it "Here & Now". Nirvana, can only be "Here & Now". Hell, can only be "Here & Now". There is nothing outside the "Here & Now". Notice closely, that it is always "Here & Now", there is no escaping it. Therefore, "Heaven and Hell" are merely states of mind, located "Here & Now". So, if one does not like their present view, they need only to change their present perspective, or go into the (((stillness))), which also exist "Here & Now". We appear to have eternity to change our perspective, as "Here & Now" needs no time nor space to support it. It is yet "Here & Now", from beginning to end and in between, life itself, is a magical dream. "So, dream of always being in Nirvana, because in Nirvana, you have always been". ((( Awaken ))) Adam to his "Child Within".

There is Another Way

It is no longer about making more jobs, as technology is making manual labor obsolete, and most industries are technicians in manufacturing items with planned obsolescence in mind,( they want their items to break ), so that they can make and sale new ones, this madness allows the insane game of capitalism to play out at a deadly pace, devouring our "Only" living host,our Earth Mother. Man must now recognize the difference between his "Wants and Needs". No one "Needs" to make money to get ahead of another to thrive upon this Heavenlyrealm. This is childish behavior, it is mans "Insecurity" that makes one "Want" more then another. No other species charges themselves to live here upon this free spinning planet. It is time to grow up. It is time to recognize our "Oneness" and use our technology to supply everyone with their "Needs". It is about leaving the smallest carbon imprint as possible upon of Earth Mothers back. Man has occupied this planet for thousands of years without charging one another to live here, he bartered. It is time to use our technology to give "All" more leisure time to engage in their "(((Spiritual Awakening))). Man is not here, out in the mist of eternity, in a infinite universe to make money, plus, all that he acquires will be left behind, dust in the wind. He must recognize that he is here on a "Spiritual Journey", not a financial one. Close your eyes, take a (((Deep Breath))), and (((Awaken))).

Sunday, October 14, 2012


"It is seldom that one learns from those who agree". So, let them attack, it is a good thing, it makes one stand in question of the belief that they have "Adopted". And, the more willing one is to fight in the defence of their belief, the more it displays their lack of faith therein. Truth needs not a shield nor sword as it stands naked before you. One who has complete faith in their belief will not raise their voice nor arms against another in the defence there of, they allow for its genius, and " Let it Be ". They stand on solid ground. How firm are you in your belief?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Emanate Love & Compassion

Attempting to oppress the oppressors, is yet oppression. Insecurity breeds hatred and aggression. Ones willingness to fight for peace, is yet their willingness to fight, as "Like begets Like." The law of attraction joins intent with a like action. Fighting for peace is yet war, the reality of this truth we can not ignore. Allow, except, and let go, and inner peace will fill your soul. Emanate Love & Compassion.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


One who holds animosity for another, are themselves emotionally unstable and are in need of guidance, plus harboring animosity will only eat away at the health of the one that harbors it, while the other has excepted that their act was justified, and skip merrily away. Here, one must also keep in mind is that, what they do not like about another, may be something that they do not like about themselves. This deserves an honest and thural investigation of thy self. And if this does not hold true, than one must take into consideration the sickness of the other and be glad that they are not in their heads. What ever the case may be, see the experience as a stepping stone towards your own ((( Enlightenment ))). Good journey to all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"Drop your shield, put away your sword, and bare your own cross". Set your slaves free, whoever, or whatever, they may be.

Universal Understanding

Universal Understanding "Rich and Poor", are obsolete terms, in the New Age of "Equality". All have now centered themselves in the complete understanding , that All are connected as "ONE Conscious Being", therefore, as a collective, we now know, that the parts effect the "WHOLE". ( If one lost an arm, it would effect their entire body ). We now know that "ALL Thoughts, and or Actions", from everybody everywhere, changes the frequency of the our "Collective Being", as a butterfly in flight effects the weather patterns across the globe. Here, what one does onto themselves, or onto another, they also do unto the "Whole" of Creation, and the higher the spiritual frequency of the parts, the higher it raises the frequency of the "Whole", as ( Like Begets Like ), giving man God like abilities. United we fly, divided we flounder. "Fly". All now share equally the bounty of our Great Grand Mother Earth, with Her well being "FIRST" in mind. Love & Light to All

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lead, Don't Follow

A true leader is not elected, they rise to the top via their good deeds, such as, the Buddha, the Christ, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohamed Gandhi. So do away with your so-called elections, as they breed corruption, and attract the feeble minded, like a moth to a light. Be like those that I mentioned above, be your own leader, and for others, you will shine like a beacon in the night. Do not worship the "Spiritually" minded beings of your religions, be a "Spiritually" minded being. Amen

Monday, October 8, 2012


" FEAR ", is self defeating, it is the absence of the "Understanding" of the "Genius" behind ones own existence. It has no reality in and by itself, it is an impostor, disguised as, F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal. There can be nothing out of place in the "Genius of Existence", as all is in "Exact" order, all at once, "Here & Now". So, step up to the plate, and except the "Exactness' of this "Eternal Moment", as it is custom made by, through, and for you. Allow for, observe, learn from,"Know" and let go. ((( Deep Breath ))).

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Know Thy Self

Those who do not see the ((( Mgic )))have not yet looked close enough at life.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who Could Want for More

Desire or "Want" as you will, but it will not be until ones "Wants" subside that they will truly be free from mental slavery, the bondage of ego. In the silence there is no "Want", as here, all are full, ((( Deep Breath ))) and let go, be in the flow. It is believed that ones "Intent" is the ruling principle upon what they receive, so let your intent be one filled with compassion, and let it be. Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man That he didn't, didn't already have. Be full in the ((( Magic ))) of Existence itself, as without it, one could not "Want".

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Consciousness is Eternal

Lost in a dream, believing that we are awake, becoming personal with our surroundings, even though, close up, they are fake. Energy in motion, light trapped in a black hole, spinning in a cosmic ocean, thinking that we know. Our common denominator is ((( Awareness ))), as all "Conceive", and can claim that, "I AM". Keeping in mind that it is all an illusion, is helpful to understand, as it subsides the anxiety that pledges the minds of man.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Want & Need Are 2 Different Things

A society that teaches its members to "Want" more then they "Need", is a society destined to be pledged with greed, vanity, gambling, corruption and war, and this society will destroy its own environment. This practice is called "Capitalism", (to capitalize, to gain and or, take advantage of others ). One can make the most money when others encounter great lose. For one to gain, others have to lose, tension is on. "It is a society of anxiety". Man has survived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years without currency, he shared and bartered, It was "Fair Trade", and the Nature flourished. It is time to act from a place closer to the heart, and reconsider our form of trade and only take what we "Need'.