Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Marketing religion, the military and it's impersonal brutal force or any other establishment and or institution that separates and divides the whole of mankind, is not only unnatural, it is a lie, the pinnacle of sin onto Creation and or God Its Self.
We should be ashamed, not proud to send our children off to war.
There are none stronger and wiser then All of Us.
"Its time to unite, not fight."
Recognise that we are One, therefore, that which we do unto others we, do unto ourselves.
Lead Us not into temptation and deliver Us from evil.
As, a house divided shall surely fall.
How many ways do we need to hear this?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Emptyness Fills Our Souls

Later in life or at Its end, one finds that all that they have strived for is empty, coming in and going out, moth to dust.
But at this moment of understanding, they become enlightened, to the true meaning of emptiness, their pure essence.
Now, this may sound depressing to those who are young and adding to their egos collective, to attempt to acquire a greater sense of self and do not know of emptiness or remember emptiness before their birth here on Earth.
Emptiness is Awareness without subject nor object and or thought thing or word.
Emptiness, is just, ever present and aware.
Mankind is now discovering this via his science.
He now uses the invisible to send signals, radio, cell phone, computer, TV, scan groceries, etc. etc.
There would appear to have to be an intelligent Universal Field of Aware Beingness, filled with information for our signals to work and for us to be able to put to work in a methodological order and direction these signals. An adhesive mind force that holds form together, even if the forms we witness are but holograms & or illusions of mind Itself.
There is a connection here and the connection appears to be universal and eternal in It's principle.
Be still and know that Emptiness fills our souls.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It Is as It Is

Let it be and it will come.
Focus in the moment, on your breath, sensation and Life's animation.
Nothing needs to be done.
As everything that will ever be already is.
At tone to the moment.
Be in the state of bliss.
What ever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye have it and ye will have it.
No effort nor questions need to be asked.
It just is as it is.
Follow Life's lead and you will succeed.
Being in the moment is our only task.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Are humans to become enlightened?
Is their something beyond their view?
Do they possess a spiritual angelical nature?
Does the law of attraction make them pay their dues?
Are the other species awaiting this awakening, for man to catch up & act together as One?
Or is man a mere mortal, destine to toil in ignorance under a dying sun?
Could it be for entertainment and fun?

Play It Safe

Demand gets no respect.
Lost are the things that we over protect.
Fear begets the very thing that it focuses upon the most.
A down fall will become those whom boast.
Over spending makes one uneasy and deeper in dept.
Refrain from words that will later haunt you with regret.
An unhealthy body is the result of neglect.
Being good to yourself and others is the best safety net.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All that Is

Can Oneness add to Its collective?
When It is already "All that Is".
Would It have an objective or feel a need for judgement or be protective?
Or would Its original state be the witness of Its own bliss?
With the knowing that, It is already,"The All that Is.
And of this Isness, is who you really are. And One can not and need not add to their collective.
It is of your own essence that you pray to.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eb, Flow and Rest

The human body is not designed to hit, be hit and compressed.
It has no horns,hooves nor exoskeleton to absorb and protect.
It is designed to flex and flow, easy as it goes.
Balanced at the core.
Symmetrical is its nature.
Its health is not to be ignored.
It is here to share, wonder and explore.
Not to fight, kill or sent off to war.
The human body is not designed to hit, be hit and compressed.
Eb, flow and rest.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Meeting has Been a Blessing

Our meeting has been a blessing.
Soul to soul.
Hand in hand.
Intertwined, caressing.
We are now more complete as one.
Even though it may appear at times as if we where growing apart, regressing.
Our meeting has been a blessing.
During times of madness and fun.
And if we should walk a separate path.
We are now more complete as one. We are All, Children of the Light.
The making of the sun.
Good, bad, happy or sad.
Our meeting has been a blessing.