Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Leader

A true leader does not allow themselves to get caught up in the calamities of others.
Remaining ever present,in the moment,to make the right decisions for their followers.
A true leader remains at peace,even with the threat of war,as when one is shakened, they can only make emotional chemical induced reactions,be it either, fight or flight,and of man's emotional history, we all know to well.
Wars and rumors of wars can only beget more of the same. A true leader is a servant that speaks wisely,sets good examples and remains focused at all times, and that is why a true leader is hard to find.

Hand me Downs

If one already adopted and or was handed down a religion, but in hindsight, heard for the first time, of the miraculous claims that their present religion allegedly possesses, they may chuckle, as one might do at the claims of another religion other then their own.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Moment is the Miracle

Most, miss the "Miracle of Life," while hopelessly waiting for the promise of miracles in Life.
Unaware that "Awareness" it's Self, is the miracle, anything that can be witnessed via Awareness is secondary, merely a reflection of the nature of It's own inner Being.
If someone feels the need to worship someone or thing, make it the presents of their own "Aware Beingness." Here & Now.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Universal Being

When the conscious observer reflects upon It's own nature, It recognizes It's self in the "Mirror of It's Imagination", and admires and believes what It perceives.
The observer and the subject which It observes, is one in the same,taking place simultaneously in the same fractal of space and time,"Here and Now".
Yes, the very same conscious "Being" which gazes from my eyes into yours and from yours into mine,is of One Universal Awareness & or field of "Beingness",witnessing It' Self.
There is no separation here, no division of "us and them",just One 'Being".
Therefore that which one does unto themselves and others, they do unto the "Whole of Creation". Which is All of, "One Family of Beingness".
Being is Being.
Let it "Be".

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christ Consciousness

If it is always "HERE & NOW," and it, appears to be so, then Christ is never coming back to rescue His flock, as there is no time, forward or backward to do so. If it is always "HERE & NOW," Christ is ever present in the moment, residing within, not without.
"The Christ Consciousness" & the "Buddha Conscious" are "ONE" in the same, they are not outer beings clothed in flesh to be worshiped, or expected to arrive at any time, it is an inner way of "BEING," to be lived "HERE and NOW".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Increase Wisdom

"Increasing Wisdom", will decrease the need for "ENFORCEMENT".


Wisdom does not require weapons to employ.
It is ECO friendly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Path of Least Resistance

If one must give to Caesar that which is his,"and most do", then while in Rome,its best to do as the Romans. But also,while in Rome,help the Romans find a better path to roam.
Lets walk the "Path of Least Resistance", one that is "Free to Roam",and let our guide be "Wisdom".
And our "Mother Earth, ONE Home".
Some might call it "Being in the Zone".

Keep It Open

To claim or personalize a belief that limits ones imagination, not only can cause one friction with other's beliefs, but too, stifles the genius of ones very "essence", erecting a mental wall of resistance to "The Omnipotent Bounty of Creation It's Self".

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing Left to Lose

It may be best not to possess that which one will fear loosing.
And ultimately, nothing is anybodies to begin with, be it, person,place,or thing.
As in loss,divorce and death, do they part.
And emptiness does it bring, which may be a good thing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flow On

Nothing in Nature moves or exist out side the whole,everything depends upon everything else and the more harmonious the parts,the smoother the flow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ancient Path

It is seldom that one learns from those who agree, and there are infinite possibilities.
What one does unto others,so shall they receive.
So,it may be best to research and monitor closely what one believes, as there are those out there which desire to manipulate and deceive.
Follow the ancient path of wisdom, and for the good of the whole, manifest our destiny.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School of Hard Knocks

When one is "absolutely" ready to break an undesired habit,be it a person, place or thing,they will. Drug rehabs have a very low percent rate of success.
It is a waste of time,energy,money and emotion to attempt to stop something that they themselves are not willing to moderate or end,no matter how hard they kick and scream,"that they want to be liberated from their addiction".
Changing ones beliefs can be enough to alter ones path.
For some,loosing their health or a loved one due to their addiction can be a catalyst for ending their suffering,and for others, they will take it to their grave.
Bless their souls.
"It is all how one thinks, that makes them float or sink".

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One who relies wholly upon blind faith based upon the myths of antiquity to answer lives unanswered questions and not apply science and reason to their investigation, may be setting themselves up for a life time of deception and betrayal. It may be best for one to research fully the belief that they are going to adopt for a life time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Its just good to "Be"

No further into the heavens could we be.
Heaven is not up and hell is not down,its how one perceives.
One can believe in this or that,but when it comes right down to it,"its just amazingly good to "Be".
Clear the mind,be still,go beyond all thought and its thinking and "Here & Now" all can see, that Heaven is amongst us, it is not a destiny.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy Cow

I don't want to step on anybodies toes, but it is time to expose, that nobody truly knows.
Religions are built upon myths,and those who follow them are aboard sinking ships.
They are told of great wonders in the sky, magical gateways to heaven when they die.
But I tell you Nirvana is right "HERE and NOW", closer then your hands and feet, none have to pray or spend a life time in wonder of,"when,where,why or how".
The "Kingdom of Heaven" lies within,and with "LOVE" we bow.
Holy cow.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Imagined opponent

Fighting for ones beliefs, dis-plays a lack of faith there in of their beliefs power.
Fighting for ones beliefs, is in and by it's self, a form of ignorance to the highest degree.
If all would stop fighting for their beliefs, which where not originally theirs to begin with, there would be no war.
If one desires to believe in something, do so, but don't fight for it. As one who fights for their beliefs entices the opponent of ignorance, which resides in all colors, sizes and forms.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the Hell are We Doing?

People are running scared of financial ruin.
Willing to be unethical and take dares, not caring who or what they are screwing.
Their health goes to shit, while the all mighty dollar they are pursuing.
What is wrong with this picture?
What the hell are we doing?
Man is the only species that charges themselves to live upon this magical Earth.
For millions of years they roamed freely,knowing "LIfe's"true worth.
They considered all other species as brothers and sisters,the Earth,their Mother,and their Father, the Sky.
They believed that All was of one "Great Spirit" from all high.
They knew that in Life's cosmic circle, they are born upon sacred grounds and upon sacred grounds they die.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silent Connection

Love breeds in the silence, as our hearts gaze into the eyes of the innocent,probe, and explore.
Scanning the horizon of Mother Nature,admiring the shear beauty in her birds,trees,water falls,sun,moon,mountains and their weather swept corridors.
Her powerful majesty,our hearts absolutely adore.
Love breeds in the silence.
And that is what the silence is for.
Be still,look into the eyes of the innocent,and witness unconditional "LOVE"at It's very core.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Observer

Most have heard that, "if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is", And this most likely would include the myths and fables of religions and the miracles weaved into their very fabric,lending them splendor and wonder so that they can be believed and followed.
But none can be absolutely proven, that I know of, and there is no one alive that was there to validate their actual occurrence.
They would not hold up in court nor with scientific research.
The true miracle is not something that takes place in the material world of space and time.
The miracle is "AWARENESS" It's Self, the Great "I AM", the projector and observer of space and time and "All" experiences there in.
What man considers to be a miracle could not be witnessed without the observer, so therefore the Observer, "AWARENESS", is the miracle, the observed,is secondary.
The observed would appear to be the reflection of the Observer.
Man and his form is not constructed of matter as it appears,as when it is viewed closely, it disappears into light.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hand Me Downs

If the beliefs that one holds preexisted before their birth, be it in reliogion,pollitics etc.,then theses beliefs are not truly theirs. As they where handed down from one generation to another,from their sosiety,father or mother.
Here, one must further their investigation into the beliefs that they hold and ballance themselves in this wisdom,and be open to all others.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


From where comes this apparent preconceived need to believe?
To probe inwards and outwards for a higher source, beyond who we think ourselves to be.
From where is our consciousness transmitted and received?
Is it from our own divine "ONENESS" that we play hide and seek?
The observed eluding the observer, chasing our own tails through heaven and hell just to get a peek.
While all along it is of our own divine essence that we search for, and in our hearts await the meek.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Quite Clear

Man is the only species that signs disclaimers,deeds,contracts and leases.
Attempting to add to their sense of self,to identify with notoriety,fame and wealth.
All the while neglecting their health and is the carrier of many dis-eases.
Consuming Mother Earth as he pleases.
While their poisonous toxins of death flow though out the sea and blow upon the breezes.
Empty, thinking that they must do,win or conker over someone or thing, so they are rarely at ease here.
Living in threats,regrets and feeding their fears.
How man benefits "LIFE" is not quite clear.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Win,Win

The more one helps themselves,the less others have to help them,and thus forth all involved will have more time to to nurture their spiritual needs,which have been left unattended for millenniums.
Helping others to help themselves is man's only solution.
Its time to lift the vale and realise that man creates their own hell,all caused by premeditated mental pollution.
Down size military and convert all bases into spiritual institutions.
And "Wisdom will become man's ruling power,the worlds new constitution.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Give it Up

Without equal cooperation amongst both or all parties involved in a relationship,be it the union between two individuals,tribe, nation,and or world,there will be a breach in the conductivity of the power that bonds the same, and disharmony will prevail.
Divorce,war and famine will swept the world, destroying our brothers and sisters of Mother Nature,and robbing All from it's divine potential.
"Are we weak enough to allow this to happen"?
Can man not recognise their Oneness, and the power that lies behind our union and be wise, and compromise.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Face It

No body or thing is truly anybodies,even though Man attempts to stake his mortal claim, with a contract here, a deed there,witting rings everywhere,but then comes the divorce,bankruptcy,and at death do we part.
Man struggles in vain, and dies tattered and torn with broken hearts.
And most humorous of all,he thinks that he is smart.
You got to laugh.
As it is a graveyard smash.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


To lose control of ones appetite in the material world, be it with food, lust,alcohol,drugs and or money, is to lose connection to ones will power, and therefore ones spiritual incite into their divine omnipotence.
By exercising ones will power, they shed light upon their physical, mental and divine potential.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roller Coaster

Getting ahead is an illusion.
Falling behind is a false conclusion.
Here and now is the only resolution.
Anything else is a form of mental prostitution.
Excepting the moment, good or bad as genius is the solution.
Stop the confusion.
End the delusion.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heavens Grounds

Someone had mentioned that they had found God, and all along I was unaware that God was even missing.
As I witnessed God in the trees,the mountains,river,prairie and sea, and all that can be perceived.
It is even in the air we breathe.
None can be separated from It's source, including you and me.
So there is nothing that one needs to do, buy or believe.
It is in all that we think, transmit, and receive.
God is ever present, here,now and therefore never lost to be found.
And we are standing upon heavens ground.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


According to the Bible, we are all one family of man, all sisters and brothers of one father and mother.
Therefore, in love, united we stand, and in deception, divided we fall, waring upon one another missing our spiritual call.
So come on people now, smile on your sisters and brothers,everybody get together and love one another, right now.

Love Is

True Love is not something that comes and goes, here one minute and gone the other.
And even when a relationship is disposed, true Love remains in our hearts forever for oneanother.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


One who finds themselves easily frustrated with others, is most likly frustrated with themselves.

Say What You Want

Say what you want, but want what you say.
As there may not be a second chance to have it your way.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Game of Life

One who seeks followers is not fit to lead, as they are the weakest link, caught up in self righteousness and greed.
One who acts baddest is the weakest of them all and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
One does not have to claim to be a hero, healer or savior, as their acts speak for them selves.
And in this wonder full game of life, one deals with the cards they dealt.
It is not in ones mind, but in their hearts that true love can be felt.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Raise Your Wings

One only appears to stand alone, but at a deeper level we are connected in "One" unified field of awareness, body of consciousness and or god head. All are united.
This is why, "what we do unto others we do unto ourselves", as the parts contain the whole and the whole It's parts.
We are One with our source. Yes, we are who we pray to.
All are of the Divine. Raise your wings and fly.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strong are the Meek

It is not the biggest and baddest that will win in the end, it is the meek who will inherit the world.
Innocence will always win over the aggressor.
But this, we do not see, as the results are veiled and lie beyond the appearance of the physical, eluding the human eye, blurring it's vision of the ethereal and It's grandeur.
The child shall lead the way, and Love, shall be It's guide.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sence of Hummer

The God of old was thought to be stern and serious with no sense of hummer, but then he created man and laughed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a Belief

One who droughts in a precise "Holistic Order" in that of existence it's self, may fear certain experiences in life, by not believing that, the "ALL of Creation" is precise in It's very nature of Being. And thus, mistaking experiences as being either good or bad, would tend to display a lack of faith in It's genius. Its just a belief.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whats the Hurry?

If eternity is in our very nature, and it is always here and now, then being in a hurry would be a waste of time and energy.
It would be an illusion and a lie to our health and well being.
Slow down, be still, and know...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Skip along in life.
Balance the beam.
Follow your bliss.
Believe that life is a magical dream.
Do as you do.
Split the seam.
Know that everything is you, and you are everything.
Whistle, "Zipity do da, zippity ay", and live as if this was your very last day.
Know that you are special and that, in Divine Love you are conceived. Know that you become as you believe.
And that you give, you shall receive. Skip along now, in the breeze.

Move Swiftly

The faster that one can let go of the things that trouble them, the swifter inner peace and enlightenment is bestowed upon them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Follow Only Your Dreams

Balance, moderation, even keel, steady as she goes.
Keep a level head, practice wisdom and know that no one truly knows.
Be your own leader, follow only your dreams.
This is the magic potion to a life that is Serene.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Center Stage

To except ones experiences and surroundings with admiration and wonder, no matter of their appearance, good or bad.
To believe beyond a shadow of a dought, that "ALL" is in divine precise order, and therefore not finding ones self upon a mental roller coaster ride of happy and sad.
To say "I love my Life and mean it", to be filled with intrigue and love in your heart.
This my friend is heaven filled with amazement and laughter.
And we are all here and now to play our particular part.
Its never to late to make a new start.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Conscious Investigation

As consciousness investigates It' origin, It looks toward substance to be the barer of It's birth. It searches high and low for an imaginary starting point, somewhere between here and there, a tick in time, atoms that collide, a big bang that constructed the Earth.
It studies an apparent evolution, taking thought, thinking in linear terms. Thinking that there must be a cause for It's effect and something to give It an artificial self worth.
But consciousness may be empty, impersonal, with no cause, time, space nor physical substance to live or die. It's true essence may be eternal, all pervasive and ever present, forever here and now. There may be no how or why. In the silence may be where It's inner truth lies. Be still and know.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Windows of the Soul

To gaze into the mirror and see beyond the flesh into the window of the soul.
This eternal void of emptiness is where we come from, and back into it we will go.
But don't worry along the way, in between the gap, as there is an omnipotent field of aware presence that forever knows.
Here in lies the ever present witness that sees, but is never exposed.
Here and now conscious life is bestowed.
Clothed in infinite episodes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It is Me and You

What is it that man desires to know, that isn't some how already known?
It would appear that from a preexisting Divine presence, that we receive our innate ability to question and answer, imagining and believing in a grand field of "Awareness" and It's infinite possibilities, radiating within It's twilight zone.
The whole of things would appear to know what It is doing, "this should be obvious". It is the things or parts that have little clue, other then, "that there is the genius Awareness amongst us".
And It's particles of Nature appear dual.
Some how, some non-thing, already knew. It's parts tend to label the whole of It's majesty as "God", picturing It's omnipotent presence in their own limited view.
But, of It's omnipresent depth and splendor, there is no reason to pursue.
As "IT", is "Being" me and you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blessed are Those

When one finds that they can remain relatively resilient and impersonal to that which appears to be a negative encounter, staying level headed, balanced and in harmony with the moment, unaffected by the experience at hand, no matter the outcome, they themselves are witnessing a glimpse of their faith in of the genius of their very nature, the Christ and or Buddha consciousness within their very souls.
Here, they know that ALL, is in Divine order and that Here and Now, the "Kingdom of Heaven" lies. Few get a view of It's glory.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Makes Ya Sick

There are many ways to destroy Life upon this beautiful planet and so little time.
"Lets see", how can we move faster toward our own under mind?"
As we already have meteorites, solar flairs, earthquakes,tsunamis, hurricanes and spinning upon an axis that shifts.
Why do we think that we have to add to our natural threats by living in technical ignorance that can slip.
Makes ya sick.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Heart of the Soul

When one points to, and or identifies with themselves, they usually point to their chest or heart region and state that, "this is me". Now this is a curious positioning of what they identify as their center of Being, as their brain appears to be the central location of thinking and believing. Could the heart or solar plexus be the point of origin, the central location of Awareness It's Self, the Great "I Am" and or the point from which their souls emanate?
Could all of us as a collective and or whole, be the totality of the God Head that we pray to? And if so, it may be that, what we do onto others, we do unto ourselves, as we are all connected as ONE.
It may do us well to act closer to our hearts.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Will?

We speak of having a free will, but then our emotions get in it's way. Mere thoughts can take us on a wild ride, chemically altering our body for insanity to lead us astray and our free will is then held at bay. Captives of what others may say.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Great "I AM"

Everything is happening all at once, all time, space and experiences.
Faster then the speed of light.
As "Here and Now" appears to be a constant.
And the Great "I Am", is centered in the mist of It's own conscious sight.
The Great "I am", is ever present, and It too, is centered within All souls, as All can identify with It's eternal Essence, as their "I Amness" is with them every where they go.
We All can say, "I am", and then we usually add a label or concept to It, to identify with an outter ego sense of self.
Such as "I am", a carpenter, doctor, lawyer, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, young, or old.
Never the less, we can All identify with the Great "I AM".
As It is the seat of All Soul.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lead Us not into Temptation

It is powerful to know, that we as a spices, have the ability to conker, and destroy all other spices,the Earth,and indeed,our selves.
" Wisdom must Now, be applied here."
We shalt not let the lure of monetary value and it's arrogance over throw our Mother, "Nature",or hell shall be our destination.

Do Onto Others

Man should rejoice that another species does not open hunting season on him because he is over populated, as he does unto other species. We must count our blessings.

Friday, July 30, 2010


It may be, that man inherits the programing of the sins and or fears of at least 7 generations, as according to the Bible. But he too may inherit the energy transference of the programing of fears of his present day family, tribe, and or society in which he is nurtured and or raised. To me this is obvious. This is the aggressive side or programing of man that can lead to argument and war.
But the duality is, that he too inherits or reaps the beneficial or positive side or programing of his cohabitation with his fellow man, "All, sons and daughters" of one family, of Adam and Eve. Quite the incestral story of the family of man, or at least according to the Bible.
Nevertheless man appears to adopt the positive traits of wisdom and technology across the globe, as most nations are willing to better their way of life via technology, which is a collective of many men and women world wide.
There is great potential here in energy and creation to aid the whole.
To unite in that in which we have in common and utilize the positive side of man.
This is the key to living in harmony not only with them selves, but too with the Living world as a whole.
Input and output are one in the same. Teach and set good examples of wisdom, love and compassion and the output should in theory be the same.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cast The first Stone

It would appear that nothing could be proven, to truly judge and condemn anyone or thing. As everything appears to be the result and or effect, of everything else that has ever been or will be, and all at once, Here and Now.
This is far out stuff, existing in a massive program.


Once one knows, that no one truly knows anything, they are at last, free to dance and follow their dreams.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Patita, My Love

Your very presents gives vitality to my soul.
Eternal is our connection.
Your genuine elegance flows.
You are the angle of my heart, and your smile, my wings.
Your enthusiasm lifts my spirit and makes me want to sing.
You have always been in my life, this is not our first time around.
You are my "Cosmic Wife".
We stand with solid grounds.
My love for you is swift, with no distance in between.
You are my love, my angle, my darling.
You are my everything.

Prejudice, Is but a Thought

The tree, does not appear to care who it shades, nor the flower, who smells it's sent.
The dog does not care who pets it's back, as it appears equally content.
Water will quench every ones thirst.
The sea, does not care who within it swims.
The air, gives life to all that breathe.
To all, the newborn grins.
The song bird and the coyote do not care by whom they are heard.
Prejudice is unnatural and a learned behavior, handed down by man via thought, belief and word.

Here and Now

"Here and now", appeared in the past, as there and then.
And so too will it pervade the then and there of the future.
Here and now is all at once, everywhere.
One can not contemplate or escape it's absolute presents, as the eternal "Here and Now" can not be known nor timed.
As the very instant that it is thought to mention, it vanishes without a sign, and with anything to find, but an empty mind.
"Here and Now".

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Butterfly Effect

There appears to be a transference of emotional energy, from one to another, everyone is included, siblings, couples, your next door neighbor, overseas, all creatures and their sons and daughters.
The human collective magnetic mind field, set and or mood, as our worlds oceans high and low tides on one side of the world influences the other.
There appears to be an energetic gravitational shift, or transfer that in turn and in tune fluctuates the whole, upon our Earthly Mother.
Yes, that which we think or do onto others, attracts and transfers back onto ourselves the same.
So look into the mirror and reflect for a moment, if you are looking for someone to blame.
Pleasant thoughts to you, be selective.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ricashae, what you do unto others will come back at you.
Ricashae, your own thoughts can attack you.
So quite your mind and live for the day.....
Ricashae, what will be will be.
Ricashae, the future is not ours to see.
Ricashae, things just happen that way.


To disgust the mundane is hardly worth disgusting.
As it is the same ole same.
Most are hustling, busheling, dazed, confused and fussing.
Take hold of your mind, venture out of time, trust in the divine and gentle nature of your soul.
See the signs, step out of line and freedom you will know.
Spread the wings of imagination and fly, come on lets go.
Follow your heart and flow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fancy Free

What would one be without an ego driven sense of me?
Without all that they have acquired and learned to believe.
What would they be?
Born again naturally.
Like a child fancy and free.
Laughing and dancing, shinning the way into a gentler destiny.
Radiate kindness and kindness you shall receive.
Just be.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Deception Is An Art

How can one truly own the sun or it's moon light that dances upon the water, a grain of sand, a piece of land, a flowers sent, another's intent, or someone else's son or daughter?
Got ya with the tie and collar, makes ya want to howler.
Contracts speak in forked tongues, jagged are their edge.
Nature lies on the gambling table, dangling on the ledge.
Politicians stand in line with closed minds and open pockets.
They declare war for special interest groups that deal in drugs, oil, guns and rockets.
Slaying our young on their battle fields while the tax payer flips the bill. How many more will we send off to war and how many more will they have to kill? All the while our so-called leaders are lieing through their teeth and to their hearts.
Cashing in on Mother Nature, while broadcasting false propaganda to the masses.
Deception is an art.
Will it be life, or ashes?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


To fret or worry over things that we fear the most, that could come to be, is to attract the very same into our destiny.
Whether it is over our location, our health or financially.
Now, this is a form of insanity.
So, believe in the genius of creation and that there are solutions to every situation. And that there is an "Ultimate Divine Order in Harmony" beyond our present imagination and how we perceive.
Now relax, and download this into the human collective of "Wisdom" and practice it's philosophy.
This is all that one has to foresee.
Oh, and refrain from living beyond our needs in vanity. Not just for the survival of our species, but too, for the good of the whole of our "Living Earthly Sanctuary".

Monday, July 12, 2010


What are the chances that "Awareness" could come into being?
How is it that it can perceive, receive, and believe, and all housed within One divine entity, into infinity.
My reality certainly seems and feels real enough, but so do my dreams.
This is amazing stuff here, existing within and without magical seams, and ever so keen.
This, in between.

Only Awareness knows

Does death fear life, like life fears death?
Is there an in between where we can get some rest?
Is it all part of a cosmic self help test, for whats best for our souls and more so, for the good of the whole, as we reap what we sow.
Will we ever know?
Awareness, on the go.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Can Not Buy Back The Extinct

Man needs Earth more then jobs.
How much more must we rob, from Nature and all that we hold dear? Why are most living in financial fear?
As "The Kingdom of Living" has always been here.
There is no "NEED" for our wants, for bigger toys and extravagant luxuries to flaunt.
No other creature charges one another to live upon "Mother Earth", and without Her presents, "Life" could not give birth.
How much is "Life" worth?

Friday, July 9, 2010

On And On.....

There appears to be no spot where "Is-ness" is not.
Lift a rock and "I Am" there.
"Awareness," can be witnessed everywhere.
"I Am" in my father, and my father is in me.
In the drop of water, so is the sea.
In the acorn, awaits the tree.
All information is in every grain of sand and every seed.
All is recorded, every thought, action, reaction and deed.
And so on and on........ through out eternity.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One does not have to learn to love innocence, as innocence, is Love's self expression, admiring It's own essence in reflection.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What Is It?

So, what is this "I Am", that we can all claim to be?
What is it feels, hears, taste, smells and sees?
What is it that is the witness of change, watching the body and it's surroundings grow old, but yet it's very essence appears to remain the same?
What is it that request a god, a beginning and end?
What is it that ask these very questions, investigates there probabilities and is the master of pretend?
What is it that chases it's own tail, back and into the future, yet it is stationed in one eternal moment and is both, the observer and the observed?
What is it that knows all languages and is the thinker of all words?
How can one tell?
What is it?
What is it?
Oh, what the hell.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Give It Up

Why is it that we allow others limited opinions to take us up and bring us down?
Is it of our own mental weakness, an insecurity that is not sound, not standing with a solid ground.
As others have no right to judge us, other then shear ignorance, not looking into there own mirror.
As judgement is a cop out, a weak imitation of fear.
"Why is this not clear, and year after year"?
Do away with judgement, relinquish our tears.
"Know this".

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One can not see the emptiness of "Awareness" or It's invisible intelligence.
They can only witness It's effects. The observer witnesses the reflection of it's own essence, dancing upon a holographic stage of imagination. This is magical stuff, here in the eternal now-ness of things.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Being Yourself Is The Main Thing

One who puts on an act for another, for fear that their true self expression my not be liked, is not only a lie unto themselves, but it restricts their inner strength and Divine potential. "Shine on".

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dancing In The Light

Why is it that man thinks that he needs an outside savior or god to protect and give him salvation? While all along the "Kingdom of Heaven" lies within. "Awareness" It's Self, "The Great I Am-ness" houses both, the observer and the observed. To believe and identify with false idles or titles, separates and robs man of It's Divinity, power and glory. Our prayers arise within ourselves and then are projected outwards. This outwardness is but that of an illusion of mind, as in a dream, a mere reflection in the mirror of "Awareness", dancing in the Light of It's own creation.

No Expectations

One who expects anything from a friend, is not a true friend.
Soul mates or true friends harmonize, they do not expect.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Awaken From The Slumber

I find it utterly amazing that we, (man), can complain about anything.
When "Creation It's Self", is in our face.
I find it interesting that an absolute state of Omnipotent perfection could bestow a conscious state of Being onto every one of us, man, fish, bird and beast, and all else, to say the least.
And all the while, this miracle is hardly glanced at or noticed.
As man is working at mundane jobs of industrialization and this is robbing our spiritual exploration and consuming the only Heavenly realm that we know of.
It is time to awaken "Adam" from It's slumber.
We are aloft the Heavens.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It is not how much one acquires in Life that makes them successful and gives them a sense of well being. It is how little they can live without. Kiss, ("Keep it simple stupid".)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Follow Her Lead

Man's greatest knowledge knows little if not less.
And at this point in understanding, the ancient path of the "Wisdom of Mother Nature" might be best. As "Mother Earth" is our only Heavenly nest. Please give Her a rest. But this too, is but an educated, uneducated guess.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

On To You

If ones "True Essence" was beyond space, time, matter, and It's appearance, would they worry or care over the mundane, money, age or looks.
And if they "Truly had Faith" in that which they call their (Omnipotent) God, they would stop their judgements, bitching and complaining, and realize that Christ did not write nor edit the little black book.
They would take Jesus off the cross, release and "forgive the others, for they know not what they do".
They would not harm any of God's Creation.
You would do unto them, as you would want done unto you.
And that is cool.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Life

Once one tags or places a name or number on someone or thing, they artificially separate them or it from the whole of creation. It is an illusion in the mind alone.
In Life's deepest essence, "All are "One". "One Life, One Being".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romancing the Ballance

In order to have a good balanced relationship with another, one has to 'feather together" in a harmonious overlay with the other.
Allowing the other their own space to eb and flow.
Excepting what they have to offer for the good of the "Whole", and letting all else go.
And when balance is sound, harmony will be bestowed.
Staying forever young at heart, while the romance grows old.
Or so I am told.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Acts of Kindness

If we believe as a species that we must give and be given awards for our personal achievements in life, then award our children by teaching them of the heart felt value that they will gather from preforming "Acts of Kindness" onto others. And not with trophies and money. The "Act of Kindness" onto others will allow our children to experience Compassion and the purity of "True Love", first hand, for the first time. We can then follow their lead.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Man's Only Sin, is Living In Doubt.

The ability to "BE", obviously exist.
Wow, holy cow, but what is it that we missed?
To not be Living in wonder and in a constant state mystery.
To imprison our minds in the mundane, same ole same, such a shame.
This is not how we are to "Be".
What seems to be the forgotten key, for man to unlock his "Divinity".
Could it be how he is taught to perceive and believe?
What will it take to awaken man, (Adam), from his slumber of the "Darkness of doubt?"
And realize that he is always at home and never alone or without.
And that he is nestled in an "Omnipotent Garden of Guidance", in which there is genius all about.
All, powered from within, and there is no way out.
"Man's only "Sin", is living in doubt".

Truly Believe

"Truly believe", that All of Creation, is in the hands of Divine intelligence and order. And that nothing is out of place, absolutely nothing.
Therefore, there is no reason to judge any outcome and or event, no matter if it is thought to be good or bad in it's appearance.
This is not only liberating, but too, it would appear to be a fact, when "Life" It's Self is investigated closely. This "Existence Thing" is absolutely mind boggling.


"Always remember, that we are guest of this world, not It's host".
This is a bit more humbling.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Self Employed

Some religions promise "ever lasting life", which is very enticing to the mortal Being.
All, ego driven, something that the mortal desire brings. To be who we are throughout eternity, to resurrect our personal identity.
But it would appear that one does not have to follow the right religion to receive "ever lasting life", nor It's eternal gift. As It appears that all are inter twined in "One" Moment of time, Here & Now, and nothing is missed. Not even a kiss.
Energy or spirit appears to be held at a constant, with no properties nor substance to wear, be created or destroyed. All is Here & Now. Life Forever is employed.

Cosmic High

Follow your own lead.
Go where you go.
Do as you do.
Reap as you sow.
And know, that no one knows.
So, don't wait for another to show you the way.
Your "Spirit" is made of fire, your body of clay.
Follow your bliss.
Arms reached out to fly.
On your mark, get set, now touch the sky.
A "Cosmic High".

Health = Wealth

One who neglects their "Health", be it physically, mentally, or Spiritually, to gain fame or wealth, " are the Poorest of them all".

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Awe

Past and future can never be known.
As it is forever "HERE & NOW".
All captured in "ONE" Eternal Instant, alone.
"Here & Now", there are no loose ends, to attach a beginning to an end.
Time and space appear to be figments of an "Omnipotent Imagination".
Living in a wondrous virtual Field of Pretend and speculation.
"What a sensation".

Shine On

When one frees themselves of mental slavery, they free others.
When others are freed, we free the World.
When the Earth is freed, we free God from within.
When we free God from within, we free the whole of "All that Is and ever will Be".
And we are a part of the whole of "All that Is and ever will Be".
We must stop looking else where for our Divine source.
As we are "ONE" with our source.
We must get this through our thick heads and it's programing.
We are of Gods image, the things that dreams are made of, "we are the Light",of the Divine Spirit It's Self.
Shine on.

Monday, June 7, 2010

True Love Has No Limits

If you Love your country, what makes you think that you could not Love the World?
Do you Love your children, be it a boy or girl?
And if you where another parent of another child who was from overseas.
What makes you think that you would not Love them too, bouncing them on your knee?
Well, I tell you its like that, as "True Love" has no boundaries, judgement nor prejudice to display.
As "True Love is ONE LOVE".
Play, children play.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In God We Trust?

If it is "Truly", "In God that We Trust", not only as a nation, but across the globe, then what are we fighting for?
Why we do we cast judgement upon God's Children?
Upon our own sisters and brothers of our nature, who live over seas and right next door?
There must be some doubt in It's omnipotent presents.
A flaw or glitch in It's very Being.
Why do we feel that we must protect It's stature, with wars and their fighting machines?
Is it possible to believe in God more fully?
Is it programing, or is it in our genes?
Because if we "Truly" believed in Gods power and glory, our World would be Serene.
"Do you know what I mean?"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slippery Rock

Religion is a slippery rock.
And even though the basis of It's Divine message was lost in translation.
It still draws quite the flock.
And around the clock.
It's Spiritual foundation was simple, but solid was It's grounds.
As It was secured by "LOVE and COMPASSION" for All Beings.
There was harmony all around.
But then grew the "Tree of Knowledge",speculation and the written language was formed.
The omnipotent "TRUTH" was then dissected and dismantled.
The Eve of Consciousness was born.
And "Thought" became It's thorns.
As now there was an idea of a good and evil.
Suspicion grew it's wings.
Witch hunts gathered their women.
Prejudice marches across the globe, and only more war can it bring.
And all of this disharmony was erected, by the stories that where told.
And to this day only a few have decoded the babble and what "TRUTH" realy means.
And all the while that man has been lost in this Garden, the flowers grow and the birds yet sing.
Get a grip and "let Freedom ring"

Friday, June 4, 2010

"I AM that IAM"

God is make believe.
Awareness It's Self.
And therefore It is the maker of All believers, believing as they do.
And All, believe that they are.
And this is why All, can think or say that, "I AM".
The "I AM" is centered in All, without circumference.
"I AM that I AM".
With a magical scene.
Heaven is about me.
Life is a dream.
"I AM that I AM", nothing more or less.
"I AM that I AM" and so are the rest.

Heaven or Hell

By not believing that "EARTH is HEAVEN".
We make It "HELL".

Wear No Feather in You Hat

"Wanting to be right, is so wrong".
If one is right, they are right.
That's it.
No more, no less.
They are merely more up to date on the issue at hand, then another.
Being right does not make one better then another.
And the more one boast,the more likely they will be the next in line to be wrong.
An impersonal silence can be good here.
Does this sound right?

Teach Spirituality In Our Schools

In these great times of knowledge and it's technology, combined with our ability to lend application to what we have learned and the potential catastrophic repercussions there of.
We must now sit back and ask ourselves, "do we want a smarter and more impersonal society, one that has lost it's ground to Nature and will march on command to the tone and lures of money"?
One that does not trust the other, for fear of economic loss.
Or do we desire one that is compassionate to others and this Great World as a whole?
Smarter may not be better. But when knowledge is accompanied with Wisdom we can soar.
Fly on.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy Stuff

This is "EXISTENCE ITS SELF", that we are talking about here, and that we appear to be Nestled within. I mean, "how could this possibly be happening?" How is it that there is a certain sense of Beingness about us and we do not have to do anything to experience it?
It is happening automatically. In the middle of "No Where and Nothingness". It comes complete with a conscious observer and something to be observed, and the idea of time and space for the observed to be witnessed within. This is absolutely phenomenal, but most go about their day in a mundane way, as if nothing utterly astonishing was happening. And "EXISTENCE IT'S SELF" is staring them dead centered in the face. But they continue to complain about their day and this and that. Hoping that one day before they die that they will witness what they believe to be a miracle.
"Well friends, if you haven't already figured it out".
Without "EXISTENCE," there would be no stage for a miracle to take place.
Therefore, "EXISTENCE IT'S SELF" is the miracle.

Crazy Stuff

Give Meaning To The Moment

One who awaits a brighter day, lives in the darkness of the past.
Cease the Moment, and give meaning to your life, right "Here & Now".
As "Here & Now", is the only "REAL" TIME that one has.
The "Moment," is an eternal instant and therefore can not be captured nor counted.
But one can count in & on the "Moment".
It is absolutely amazing, that all that is, or ever will be, exist HERE & Now, in One Eternal Moment.
"Absolutely Astonishing".


Take note, that this information in which I share with you and others is not intentional. It is not something that I "Try" to do. It is an automatic pilot thing. I feel that I am driven to express this information as many others that have walked this Earth before me. I do not stake claim to it's origin or content, nor do I care to. I am but a conduit. This information has always been in place, long before I took my first step upon this Magical Globe, that we simply label and call, earth. Most do not truly see It's grandeur, as they have been blinded by fables, myths, and stories of the mundane, as I was. The information that I share appears to be peaceful at it's core Essenes, It sounds true and can be understood when one allows for it's "ENTRANCE". It is the path that our great teachers walked and spoke of. It appears to be, the "science of our souls." And even if one disagrees after all is said and done. They will see how I came to be enchanted with intrigue. And here, there really is no-thing to disagree about, as sides diminish as thought subsides. Here & Now lies, "The Eternal Magic Kingdom of Power and Glory" that our spiritual leaders could see. Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is upon us, and most are taught to look the other way. See it Here & Now and you will be there. "Welcome to Heaven".

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Horse to Water

I do not seek followers, nor am I looking for a leader. As "I AM" on my own path and accountable for my own soul.
None can save another's soul, they can only point them in the right direction.
Its a horse to water thing.
Drink up.

Do As They Say

Why is it that we worship the spiritual leaders of the past and write and read about them in our Holy books, but not do as they say. I believe that if we did as they say, and not as we do, we would ALL, find ourselves at Peace. Peace in, Peace out. Shake it all about.
As a people, we need to make our government accountable, as they are our servants. Administer lie detector and other brain wave test to them before they are put on the ballot, during and after office, and they should insist upon these test. We can not afford to have weak minded people in charge, as they will take bribes from corporate lobbyist etc......They should not be exempt from anything, nor have a so-called, diplomatic immunity. As this, can lead to an injustice of criminal behavior. They do not need to live in big white houses, nor be chauffeured around in big black cars, etc.......If "ANY", and I mean ANY question and or conspiracy accusations should arise, of any sort, of an alleged improper or unethical conduct and or behavior of one of our servants. An uncorrupted investigation, if there is such a thing, should immediately go into effect with no legalities and or paper work to stifle the investigation at hand. We act upon it, RIGHT NOW. And there are many powerful accusations and or conspiracy allegations on the burner, RIGHT NOW. And if true, these acts can literally "rock our world". And one of the accusations is, the tie between OIL & WAR, & OIL & It's control over our Governing body. Put these conspiracy claims to rest. We owe it to ourselves & to the WORLD as a "WHOLE".


When one can look into their eyes in the mirror and say, "I love you". And mean it.
When they can say that, "I love my life," without hesitation.
When they can Cherish All Life, and treat It as equal.
When they have given meaning to Life, and there fore are not looking for Life's meaning.
They have become centered and grounded in the seat of their very soul.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Can't You See

A gentle touch of an invisible wind caresses my skin.
Song birds entice me from a distant tree. Butterflies flash dance before my eyes in Her beautiful Garden.
Father Sky's majestic clouds bellow above me.
Her flowing grass grows gently. Fish a flight, in her emerald seas.
"Oh surly this is heaven, that is all about me".
A blissful harmony.
How can anybody believe that Heaven is else where?
Some where in a make believe realm.
And by pointing in that imagined direction there is no captain at the helm.
So few can see that we are already standing upon sacred grounds. So, we use and abuse this precious world as a commodity.
Exploiting Mother Nature, dumping toxic chemicals into Her sacred grounds, sky and sea.
And if we rape Her dry there is no other Heavenly realm that we truly know of and no other place to be.
None will have a before nor after life destiny.
Why is this so hard for man to see?
Can it be that we where blinded by stories and myths that where taught to you and me?
The "KINGDOM of HEAVEN" is upon us, and we look the other way.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Upload Now

I believe that we need to upgrade God.
Let It out of the books.
Resurrect It's stature.
Take It out of our human form and give It an omnipotent look.
Pull back the dark covers that shadow It's Divine Light.
Bring It into the 21st century.
Get It out of the of the medieval nights.
See It both, feminine and masculine and wearing All faces of Life.
Need to upgrade God, to set things right.
Press "Love" to upload now.

False Prophets

False prophets have been upon this Earth for thousands of years.
So none have to ask in fear,"when will the arrive"?
They are the ones that have stifled your imagination and robed from you the knowledge of your Divine nature.
Seeking followers that will take sides.
And a house falls when one divides.
Their desire is to be land lords of all people.
To rule and control the masses like cattle on a long hard drive.
So, set your spirit free from superficial identities.
From your Oneness you can not hide. And your Child Within yet resides.
It is time to turn the tides.
Let Wisdom be your guide.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Collective Consciousness

Could it be that what we think about the most comes upon us.
Input, output, like attracts like, program begets program.
Our make up is magnetic.
Energy derived with an electrical chemical balance.
And these chemicals are put into motion via our thoughts and beliefs.
They then circulate through our bodies making us act and react.
They appear to be a controlling factor for our health and the healing agents of our bodies.
Attracting to us that which we love or fear the most.
Now then, if all thoughts from everywhere are alined by the same principle, then as a whole, hive and or collective consciousness, we may attract and create our worlds destiny.
If this is true.
What would you like to be your destiny, and the world's destiny as a whole?
"A trail of mystery,awe, love and compassion, or one of misery, dead ends and fear?"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bottom Line

We may be improving our way of life as a species via our technology, as we are computing,going higher,faster,growing bigger,and stronger militarily. But we certainly do not appear to be improving the way of life for the majority of the other species, our sisters and brothers of Nature,in and upon our Great Grandmother's Heavenly Breast. Our foods are poisoned, as they are radiated, processed and unhealthy. Health issues are ramped. Stress is at an all time high, trying to hold on to our possessions as we dive into an economic recession. Tempers flair and we yet have great prejudice in this country. We do not have to venture overseas to fight another for their beliefs as we can find plenty wrong with our own neighbors. And whether some say that there is or is not any adverse conditions or green house effects that we are responsible for as a species, I ask them this-Bottom Line: Do you believe that we could do better in respects for the only Heavenly Realm that we know of. There are no substitutes when it comes down to needing another planet to live upon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Like a bird pecking at it's own image in the mirror, we become trapped by our own reflection, captured in a false image of who we think we are.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enlightenment Is Ever Presant

It has come to my understanding, that one does not have to venture somewhere else, nor follow any path, myth nor story to attain Enlightenment.
It is my understanding that one just needs to be completely in the sensation of moment, without thinking, Here and Now.
And that is all.
"Simple is as simple does".
Now, if we could only learn to be in the sensation or stillness of the moment ourselves, we could then teach our children the same. But it appears that we are not in the sensation of the moment or there would not be such turmoil amongst the people of the world. So, It may be best to allow our children to teach us via their play. "A child shall lead the way".

Monday, May 24, 2010


"Awareness" is empty of substance and or matter and therefore can not be physically dissected nor put to death.
Mind can beget the illusion of matter, but not matter it's self.
Dreams are a glimpse of It's magic.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Closer To The Heart

Why is it, that when someone disagrees with another,that they both will argue in defence of their opinion and become mad.
And most don't even stop to reflect upon what makes this so.
The situation is dire and there is no other Planet to go.
This constant state of insanity is sad.
It will bicker and fight, us against them and not even at death will it part.
As it is merely passed down to the next generation.
We need to gather a better understanding.
One that is closer to the Heart.
This Us and Them has got to go.
As a house divided falls and we reep what we sow.
All are of One Universal Being.
All share One Life, staged in One Cosmic Dream.
There does not have to be this much stress and strife.
This we must know.
That our true nature is both, the seer and theseen.
Our only division lies in the reflection of our thinking.
And that is all it is.
And if one can move into the silence between thinking, they will be clothed in the state of bliss.
The "Tree of Knowledge" can be fruitful.
But It's seeds must fall upon open fertile grounds.
So no restricting vines of judgement will strangle ones imaginaion and pull the whole Tree down.
Now this may take some doing.
But it will become an art.
One that will bring All to a greater understanding.
One that is closer to the heart.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aloft In A Dreamers Dream

What brings us up and what takes us down, is how we think about whats coming around.
When its in our face and we feel that we must respond.
Take a deep breath.
Look closely about.
And ask, "whats really going on?"
Focus in the moment.
Let Wisdom reflect.
Don't do something that you will latter regret.
As most of the time, things aren't as bad as they may presently appear to seem.
Take a deep breath, and set your spirit free, as you are aloft in a Dreamer's Dream.
If you know what I mean.
Its never as bad as it seems.

Whats Up ?

The human species is out of rhythm with our Great Grandmother Earth, making Her skip a beat.
We are leaving behind a toxic graveyard.
We are the demise of our own defeat.
Her growth is in retreat.
Such a shame as with such a large brain, one would think that they would not shit in their own bed.
What ever happened to balance and keeping a level head ?
Our destruction can not be misread.
We must slow down our tempo.
As the odds would appear to stand highly against our species ever getting another living chance to repeat.
We must remain in harmony with our Great Grand Mother's beat.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pointing Fingers

When one judges and criticizes another they are indirectly criticizing the whole, which in turn only hurts themselves. Just as when one points their finger at another, 3 of their fingers point back at them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


If one desires something that they will latter fear loosing, then it may be best that they do not acquire that possession, be it person, place or thing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awareness Is The Common Denominator

All sentient beings are embodied with Awareness and or have Awareness in common. Awareness does not appear to be random. It appears to be all encompassing and pervasive. Awareness in It's purest form, with out the extension of thought is impersonal and unconditional. Therefore It is not prejudice. It is robed in all colors and forms. Awareness ever just Is. Awareness is ever present and is reading this very statement.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Absolute

All that can be absolutely proven to exist is Awareness, the "I Am", centered in all Beingness. All else including science, philosophy,religion,mathematics and substance takes Awareness to construct,study,account and or prove there validity. And when substance is probed and dissected down to it's smallest particle and examined closely by Awareness, the particle it's self disappears or dissolves back into the reservoir of Awareness. Emptiness is form, form is emptiness.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

There is order in and beyond the perception of chaos, or there would be no intelligence to monitor the heavens to observe and detect that which It perceives to be chaotic. Intelligence and or Awareness It's Self is orderly in It's own nature and comes before the mere idea of chaos and there fore is the Prime Mover and witness of chaos. Chaos there fore is but that of an idea which is housed within this Grand Field of Awareness. Therefore, that which the human mind perceives to be chaotic in it's nature is only because It can not comprehend It's orderly fashion.
The Witness is the first cause, Prime Mover and or God Head, if you will. There is order in chaos or this would not have been written nor read.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Be Friends With The Ones You Love

It has been said that "familiarity can breed contempt".
As we often hurt the ones that we are closest to and love, onto them our aggressions are often spent. Find another way to vent. Be friends with the ones you love or you may be looking for another place to rent. Just a hint.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Dog Chasing It's Tail

When one seeks diligently for a Prime Mover, First Cause, Supreme Being and or God with a thorough investigation, they will most likely find themselves included within It's circumference, if not the target of their own investigation. As once again, the observer and the observed, subject and object, the seeker and that which is seeked are one in the same. The search begins and ends at the same pointless point and Here and Now is that point.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Self Investigation

It is time to question religion, include science in the investigation and reevaluate what man thinks to believe to be God and the validity there of.
And if man can truly capture in mere words It's omnipotence and place It between 2 covers.
And boldly state that, "This is It".
Can man give up their self appointed authority over the dominion of knowing and self righteousness?
Can they looks beyond all books and their covers and see outside the box and witness that All are connected.
And that All Life is One Life and or Beingness investigating It's Self.
All are One. Aho

Friday, May 7, 2010


If one feels that they have a need to defend their religion and the God It represents.
Then maybe they should look for another, or for one that is more popular or suits their fancy or needs.
As the Great Omnipotent Power and intelligence that pervades all existence has absolutely no fear nor need for protection.
As It is, All that Is, and ever will be.
So, there is nothing outside It's circumference or omnipresent Being that can attack It, as It is totality Its Self.
All are encapsulated in It's cosmic Body of Being.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Story

I offered my self to the Universe when I was about 2 or 3.
I unbuttoned my pajamas and bared my chest to the Heavens and made a request, to be It's servant, if It ever was in need.
And this is what came to be.
And some may not agree.
But my writings are a composition of my nurture and nature, all that I have heard, every word, all that I have seen, every dream, all my teachers, and all that I was presented to read.
All are seeds.
So try not to judge me to harshly as you would think and do as I do if you where in my shoes, and I you.
This is my destiny and how I believe.
So lets make a truce and be cool.

Excuse Me

Trapped between 2 black covers.
Lost in translation.
A captive of mere words.
Committed to only one story, of righteousness and sin.
From beginning to end.
And are prepared to defend.
But we live in a Universal Field of infinite possibilities.
Stallion's of the Cosmic Sky.
Imagination on the lose.
And its time to put it to use.
No religion, no cry. Just one Universal high.
Excuse me, while I touch the sky.

Monday, May 3, 2010

In Common

Different beliefs.
Same source.
One Aware Being.
One power.
One force.
All are in the eternal cycle of birth and death.
Awaken to rest.
One Life.
One breath. In understanding this, we must invest.

Welcome Home

Take a deep breath.
Look around, you are already in Heaven.
There is no deeper into It that you can be.
Witness It's majestics in It's land, air and sea.
Take a walk through It's enchanted forest and see It's trees.
Smell the flowers along the way.
Taste of It's honey and just Be.
Stop waiting for someone or something to show you the way and eventually set you free.
As that special moment is Here & Now.
The guiding hand is at the end of your own arm.
All is in just order.
There is no reason to be alarmed.
The God you seek sees through you very eyes.
As the Kingdom of Heaven lies without from within.
Yes, All is of the Divine.
Welcome home.
Where have you been?
There is no way to Heaven, Heaven is the way.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bulls Eye

If you want to believe in a devil, go ahead.
But It has no existence other then what you have been taught and in what you have read.
It lives only in your head.
Sometimes, what seems to be wrong some how turns out to be so right.
Sometimes we don't learn until we get into a fight.
Then it all becomes as clear as day and night.
Sometimes we don't realize of our true wealth, until we loose a loved one or our
So the only difference between Heaven and Hell, is how clearly we see Here and Now and only time tell.
But in the mean while, allow Love and Compassion to prevail.
This appears to hit it on the head of the nail.

The Enemy

The enemy lies within us, as All, are of One Being.
God is at war with It's Self.
Its time to set It free,and just be.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Judge, Just be

The devil, is but that of a concept.
Just as the tooth ferry, Santa Claus, the boogie man and the likes.
And so too, is that, of there being a separate, outside god, and a wrong and a right.
Religions and judgements are constructed by thoughts alone, which solidify into beliefs, all, are but that of a conceptualized fa sod.
Its time to give our minds some relief.
As "Awareness," It's Self, is the prime mover, the Universal Reservoir in which All is conceived, a non local place, where nothing is, to erase, and thoughts become things, a fabricated dream.
Without "Awareness", nothing could be transmitted nor received.
All, are make believe.
And, in It's Omnipotent magic, lies you and me. All one has to do, is, just Be.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Am That I Am

I already am, who I Am going to be.
Right here and now is my destiny.
Yes, I Am the moment and the moment is me.
There is no separation, it is only how I perceive.
I Am that I Am, and so I believe.


Wanting to right, is so wrong.
If your right, your right.
That's it, no more, no less.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Is It, This Being ,Which We Call God ?

It is the mind behind all that is thought, believed, heard and all voices.
The Observer of All, people, places and things.
The feeler of sensation and emotion.
The seer of All collective choices and the receiver which witnesses what our choices bring.
It lives beyond birth and death, unaffected by gravities grip.
It is the hidden witness beyond loss and worth, Heaven and Earth.
And in It's invisible cosmic body, everything fits.
It is One, and therefore, needs no protection.
Look in the mirror, and see yourself in It's reflection.
Yes, God is you, and all that you think, say and do.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Take A Drink

If you want to be a leader, then follow your own path.
And, if you step in shit along the way, its your own.
Your stepping into your past.
If you are looking for a brighter future, then see it here & Now.
As all of the knowledge and books in the world can only show you how.
You can take a horse to water, but you just can not make it drink.
Your are a living picture of what you see, do and think.
Take a drink.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


As a species we convince ourselves of things that do not even exist.
Suspicion runs ramped.
And, what we dwell upon the most is what will persist.
And, diets, relationships, wars and hunger are in the red, running at high risk.
But yet we resist, resist and resist.
And without knowing.
We manifest our present moment in the reflection of our past.
And we say, same ol, same ol, as we aimlessly wonder, how long will this last.
Because we are in a hurry, got to be somebody, and get there fast.
And this magical moment, "Here and Now", we miss.
How silly, as "without thoughts Resistance, there is bliss".
Take a deep breath, be still and sense the warm lips, of Loves invisible kiss.
The divine deal is sealed.


AS a species, we can convince ourselves of things that do not even exist.
Suspicion runs ramped.
And what we dwell upon the most, is what will persist.
And, diets, relationships, wars and hunger are in the red, running at high risk.
But yet we resist, resist and resist.
And without knowing.
We manifest our present moment, in the reflection of our past.
And we say, same ol, same ol, as we aimlessly wonder, how long will this last?
Because we are in a hurry, got to be somebody, and get no where fast. And this magical moment "here and now", we miss.
How silly, as "without thought, there is bliss".
Take a deep breath, and sense the warm lips of Loves invisible kiss.
The divine deal is sealed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


If in deed, All are One, then when one finds themselves talking to another, they are literally talking to their Self's.
All are in the very same mind field, frequency, channel and or body of Awareness, or there would be no connection nor communication.
Now, this may sound crazy and it probably is.
And if all the chatter would cease.
If All could still their minds at the same time, even for a few seconds, at this time, Here and Now, there would be world peace, and All would know that they are of the Essence of God.
One Heart, One Vision, One People, One Love.
Be still, and know that Ye are gods.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sun of God

These are not our enemies upon which we wage war.
These are brothers and sisters of our own nature, aloft in the Mighty Heavens, out to explore.
The essence of Life Its Self is our common denominator, as It radiates equally through all Beings.
Life is universal, not prejudice.
All exist in One Body of Awareness, adrift in a magical cosmic dream.
Sailing within and upon a solar beam.
Yes, All is of the Sun, visible light, created in an image to be seen.
And It is ever so keen.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Unified Feild

From out of the One "Unified Field of Awareness", every thing comes.
All is but a thought, a solidified belief.
Even in our dreams, there is a Sky, Earth, Moon and Sun.
All are One.
Where do they come from.
As Awareness is empty of substance.
In It, there is no-thing to die.
It's House is built upon the foundation of eternal properties.
In It's mansion there are infinite possibilities and dimensions, ranging from low to high.
On can get lost in wondrous questions, of how, when, where and why.
But, It All just is, and forever has been, answers are denied.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All Are Chosen, Not Just One

If one is searching for God, look in the mirror.
Look all around, It is ever so near.
It is closer than your hands and feet.
God is everything, It is every creature and person you meet.
It is the Earth, Sun, Moon and Sky.
It is infinity, low and high.
It is every He and She.
Yes, God is all, It is you and me.
And all one has to do is "let it be".
Clearly see.

If Dogs Desire

If dogs desire, they may picture God in their image.
The leader of the pack, Pop eye on spinish.
A nice tail with a shiney white coat, strong jaw and the likes.
Under Dog, Scooby doo, Rin tin tin, Lassie with a strong bite.
Doggy God would have the biggest bowl of water and bone, enough for all to eat from, there would not be a puppy dog left alone.
If dogs desire, they may picture God in their image.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All Are Chosen, Not Just One

If you are searching for God, look in the mirror.
Look all around, It is ever so clear.
It is closer than your hands and feet.
God is everthing, It is every creature and person you meet.
It is the Earth, Sun, Moon and Sky.
It is infinity, low and high.
It is every He and She.
Yes, God is All, It is you and me.
And all one has to do is "let it be".

Friday, February 26, 2010

Centered In God

To make and declare an Omnipotent God to be finite, by assigning or clothing It in a name and personal human form, limits It's very nature, power and glory. It sagest an end for eternity, and displacement from It's Omnipotent principle and source.
Nothing could be outside It's source, and there would appear to be of only One Source, One God Head and or Aware Beingness. All Beingness is, One Beingness. Being ness is, Beingness, this can not be denied.
All else, are but mere thoughts, housed in this Being.
Yes, All, are of One Beingness. And this Omnipotent Being knows and can declare that "I Am", but that's all, as any claim beyond, "I Am", is and illusion, thought driven from the Tree of Knowledge.
This "I Amness", is centered in All, without circumference. All can say that,"I Am".
All are centered in "One Aware Divine Being". Yes, All are in there totality, of One center, One Being, Here and Now, and have always been and will be.
So, Here and Now, one needs not search for, fear, suffer for, nor pray to an outside god, as they are in their purest state, God It's Self. One Self, beyond name and form. So when one wars onto another, they war unto themselves. Very uneventful. Love thy neighbor, as they are you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

True leaders are not elected.
They rise to the top unprotected.
One knows of their compassion and wisdom in their actions and in what they speak.
They do not strike fear in others hearts, and for followers they do not seek.
Their concern is for the good of the whole.
Of separation they do not know.
They look into all eyes as One, in the same, viewing All, as brothers and sisters of One Universal Reign.
They are unconcerned with money and fame.
They know that Heaven is right here and now on Earth.
They know of It's grandeur, It's splendor, they know of It's true worth.
They know that God sees through all eyes.
They speak in truth, with no need to lie.
They know that once All recognize their inherent Divine True Being, All will witness the power and glory of God as they rejoice and sing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Born Again

Our false assumptions get caught up in the reality of Life and we miss It's magic.
And this reality as we know it has been proven to be unreal.
There really is no physical substance.
As when gazed upon with magnifying instruments we see through it's illusive atomic nature.
There is no thing nor solid structure that can be erected to fall die nor be killed.
And even in our so-called dreams we are alive, breath, touch, taste and feel.
Now we must take this information and apply it to our daily application, setting aside our limited point of view.
Drop judgement, be still and know that you are of the essence of God, the ever "Aware Witness", the "I Am" and see the magic, it is not just for the few.
Be born again, anew.


Monday, January 18, 2010


The Observer and the Observed are one.
IT recognizes It's own reflection, the dance of an illusive sun.
It believes that It is separated, a dog chasing It's tail.
It's caught up in a mind made, make believe duality, up & down, love and hate, life and death, heaven and hell.
Lost to It's Divine Nature, devouring It's own Being.
Wake up Adam, its time to play.
You have been asleep in a dream.
You are one with the seen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We are One, with our mothers and fathers, and so too, with our Grand Mother Earth, as if not for Her Heavenly realm, there would be no where to take birth.
We too, are One with our Universe, Great Grand Father Sky, as without Its vastness, Our Great Grand Mother would have no room to be placed.
We are One People, One Life, One Being. We are of One Divine Race.
In Oneness we have been placed.
Time to slow down Our pace.

All..........., Windows of One Soul

One does not sincerely bow with respect to another, do to commands.
One bows with respect to another, when through their eyes, they recognize the grandeur of their oneness, the Enlightened One within.

Friday, January 8, 2010


By being against something, that very thing that one is against, gains controll of them. They become their own adversary and or enemy. That which one resist, persist.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Be Strong

Saviors are for the weak.
For followers do they seek.
Be strong and know that you are of the essence of that which you pray to and of which most call God.
It is not outside you, this teaching is a fasod.
You are one with your source.
There is no one nor thing that you must confess or bow to, or to whom you must live in remorse.
It is time to travel our Divine coarse.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Unknown

Knowledge, is that which is thought to be known at the time about our reality. It is a speck or minute portion of the unknown. And when more of the unknown is known, that which was once known, becomes obsolete or proven wrong. For instance, the Earth, was once known, to be flat, and that the sun revolved around It. We now know, that the sun does not rise nor set, even though most yet use these terms.. Therefore, when one claims to know, and or be an expert, it surely means that they do not know. I do know, that I don't know. This, I know well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missing Our Mark

All that exist is thought, beliefs in our head.
Scenery perception, its context misread.
An outside reflection of something that is happening within.
The make believe movement of time, the illusion of sin.
Missing our mark, because we are not attuned to our source.
Lost, in a sleep in The Garden, way off coarse.
Four hundred billion bits of information are being processed by our brains, but on an average, do to programing and prejudice of belief, only 2,ooo bits can be witnessed, while unseen, our divine ice burg remains.
It is but a speck that we see.
If we change our way of thinking, we change the way we believe.
Heaven is amongst us.
Enlightenment, is closer than our hands and feet.
Take a deep breath, be still, there is nothing to seek.
Yes, you are of the magic, splendor and love, Divine in your very essence.
Hell, is our ignorance, it is not a physical location somewhere bellow.
And Heaven, is not somewhere above.
As Heaven, is right here, now, and here & now, It has always been.
Welcome home, go within.