Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ones Own Weekness.

One can not blame their leaders when they go astray, and fall victim of "temptation" and its corruption,greed and power..
One can only blame themselves for being a follower.
It is time to stand up to the plate, be your own leader, and save your own soul, as nobody can eat dinner for you and you yourself be full.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Most religions keep their followers inside their book and not outside the box where they can become leaders who seek no following, as here,they recognize and "Know" of their "Divine Oneness".
Take no religion, be "ONE" with your Source, and soar.
"I AM"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Divine Potential

Many religions teach values,morals and or ethics, and their followers are generally "good people" and therefore, they do great things for their community, and "this is "good".
But,religions too, administer a limit to our "Divine Potential", whether it is intentional or unintensional, it robs us from our "TRUE Identy" and exploration.
They exaggerate their stories,like a fisherman might tell their tales.
And more or less,they say,"don't try this at home",as we have others that will save you from the wretchedness of your own soul,so that you won't go to "HELL"!,"as if one could be separate from their source"to be saved in the first place..
And when one is told that they are born in "SIN",how do they begin to respect and cherish their own "DIVINE NATURE",and the world around them?.
It is time to leave these "Stories of a false Separation,idles" and sin behind, and mearge once again with our "DIVINE" ONENESS", the "Great I AM"; the Buddha,Christ Conscious state of mind.
It is amongst us,so one does not have to seek nor find.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Power of Suggestion

Doctors robe themselves in "White" jackets,as "white" is associated with being "Holy; clean and pure". They know that the "placebo; "the Power of Suggestion", can cure".
Judges,police,demonic cults,"Darth Vader"and some religious leaders robe themselves in "Black", as "Black" is associated with the "Dark Side";something to fear,making one weak and vulnerable,"Black is obscure.
"So it may not be that of the "Savior" who beholds the "Power"to heal, it may be the strength of ones belief in them, that make their injury heal".

Upgrade God & Download Its Omnipotence

"Take God out of the "humam form," and from between the hand written pages,set It free from the dark ages".
As Its omnipotence can not be bound. It is the composer of all religions,their books,all things,time,space,every species, including the human race,Its in every nook. Its "Beingness" is inside and out.Its all around,above,bellow;underground,Its all about.It is all touch,taste,smell,all that can be seen and every sound.It too is the composer of or dreams.It is the song of the bird,the flight of the bee,It is "ALL Pervasive", it is the land air,and sea. It is in the oxygen from Its trees that we breathe,and yes, it is you and me.
And once again,"all one has to do, is "just Be","Let Be".
Of this,"are we to blind to see?"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Speaking Words of Wisdom

One who argues, and that is ready to condemn, and fight in the "Name" of their God,or for their Gods alleged deceased human advisers to straighten theirs Gods image,power and stature,"so to,cast doubt upon their very belief in their Gods "OMNIPOTENCE".
As a "TRUE" believer, takes nothing personal when given opposition,to their "belief",as their "belief" is strong. And therefore,they do not become offended and feel a need to condemn and fight another's "mental opinion" in opposition,as they "Know",that it too,is but a belief,empty of substance to inflict harm onto them and the power of their "belief".
Keep in mind here,"that the "placebo" is just as effective as its imagined cure".
One needs not to "DEFEND" their God's "OMNIPOTENCE",nor construct imagined images;clothing them with empty "Thought" forms, and human characteristics, nor do they feel the "NEED" to "FEAR",praise,nor lend obedience to their "belief". One needs not to go to "WAR",to find "PEACE".They just have to go "WITHIN".
They "KNOW," that all they have realy have to do,is just "BE" and "LET it BE".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Omnipresent Zone

"This out side God thing has got to go",as nothing could be separate from its source,this concept needs to be understood for our "Divine Oneness" to be known.
None are truly alone. And,"Here & Now", is our eternal home.
Welcome to the "Omnipresent Zone".

And Sow On

From the assumption that I assume wrongly, "something," every day.
To me something may appear as so,but it is in actuality the other way,I just smile at my ignorance with nothing to say.
And from this assumption,I can only assume, that "others assume wrongly too".
Even those in "Worldly positions," every day are fooled.
And this is why it was stated that,"thou shalt not judge lest ye be judge",and that which you reap shall come back on you.
And in a life time,they can add up to be quite the karmic due,not only for the individual,but for tribes,nations and the entire world, they all, respond to this rule.
So play it cool.
"LIFE" is our school.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Heavenly Appearance

Man teaches his children all about God,and other metaphysical things that he himself does not really know. All "hand me down" stories,from thousands of years ago.
A babel of riddles,primative myths,a catch 22, as our world is yet at risk. What is it that we missed, and what can we do?
Where is the "LOVE" from which these "man written books" preach.
Religions cause an imaginary separation, and for some one or thing out side our selves, we are "lead to seek",but they are always, a bit out of reach.
Well the "Kingdom is Within", the "Great I AM" is ever near;closer then our hands and feet,right "Now and Here".
"God is our very essense,one does not need to search far and near".
Go within your "Totality",a placeless place of no need nor fear.
Baptize and cleanse your blurry eyes and "Heaven on Earth" will appear,and at last,
"LOVE" will be crystal clear.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dream Makers

"Religion, is a pacifier",and man dresses and adorns it with his ignorance and "Blind" Faith.
He resurrects its characters;"making believe",praying and praising,making real their ancient insubstantial stories,but yet, when he lays down his "self written" books,he finds that his troubles and fears yet await,dangling like primordial bait,and played and preyed upon by the blind elders, who have skeletons in their cellars,and with their own demons, they have a date.
"But this does not have to be thy fate".
"Know that there is no separation between you and your source";that you are literaly "ONE" with who you pray to. And here,there is nothing missing,lacking,to fear,nor outside your very "Being".
"ALL," is complete and serene.
It is but that of our "primitive beliefs," that rob us from our dreams.

Clean House

I find that when my surroundings are cluttered, some how, I feel that my mind too, is cluttered.
And when I clean and arrange my surroundings in an organized functional manner, my mind too, feels cleansed,organized and more functional.
Therefore, "I feel that my outer world, is some how a reflection of my inner world".
And by exercising this practice, I feel more at ease and find more leasure time for my self, friends an loved ones.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Attempting to add to ones sense of "Self", to make one feel more complete, be it through size,looks,religion,job,sports,fortune,fame, a lie unto ones "Self" and the "True Essence"of "their "Totality".
"ALL" is complete in and by "Being" its "Self".
"Nothing is missing"
"Oz," never gave nothing to the "Tin Man," that he didn't all ready have".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outside the Box

Before man was educated by his species,it would appear that he lived in harmony and balance with the "Whole of Mother Nature".
It would also appear, that he was then taught by a limited few, with a limited view, and therefore, has been programed not to think outside this "Primordial Isolated Box,"which has vastly restricted his unlimited potential.
The imaginary sides and or barriers of this "Primordial Box" must come down.
So that he can once again see himself as "Whole" and therefore, "Omnipotent in his stature and power".

Saturday, April 9, 2011


"War",is all about being lead to hate others that we don't even know.
Politics at its finest,"deceiving the public is its status quo".
And perferably, another from overseas, or across our boarders, are best to be chosen to be our foe.
One that possesses great minerial resources; oil,drugs,prime or strategic real estate,silver or gold.
Any thing to bring in the "Mother Load".
And its been thousands of years of the "same ole same",another "War Game",and they are rarely for the reasons that the public is told,just another dieing epesode.
And the scares of "War",are a heavey burden to bestow upon the innocence of our children,as their "War Torn Bodies and Memories",will devour their very souls.
There is another way to go.
And we must always remember, that, our "Great Spiritual Leaders" from all beliefs, stated in one way or another,that "we shall reap what we sow".

Friday, April 8, 2011


Its all about us, welcome to the machine.
Cover your ears,close your eyes,move aside and hide, all other "Brothers and Sisters of Nature", as man is here to construct his programed superficial dreams,some thing from a "TV scene".
Load noises, and explosions here,trees down,another building there,chemical ridden Sky's,red tides,polluted waters everywhere.
And, our once "Free" land, is now fenced and owned by the few,all cut into barren concrete squares,having "enough" just won't do.
And unto our other "Brothers and Sisters of "Mother Nature" it just isn't fair.
What happened to "Love& Care".
We should be ashamed,"Man-"Kind", appears to be a mis-given name,always pointing at some one else or thing to blame.
To me, "its hard to bare".
"How and why do we dare","Beware.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ultimate Good

Attracting business to ones area; heads in beds, also degrades the areas natural resources and or "LIFE" forms.
Bussi-ness is unnatural and unnecessary to regulate "Natures Balance" as a whole.
There is to be an ebb and flow in "Nature" or It will stalemate and become stagnate; wither and die. "Nature" must breathe; expanding and contracting perpetually, as "All Hearts of Life".
A fence here and a law there, constricts the "Whole Flow of Life", as a butterfly effect; something that touches and moves something, that touches and moves something, etc..... until the "Whole of Things" correspondingly shifts in direction.
Man does not have to make money to make a "LIVING", as the "LIVING," is already here, and in "Natures Bounty of Abundance" there is enough for "ALL". So give up your thrones, and come sit with the peasants in the woods, and learn of your "True Nature", and make your intent for the "Ultimate Good".

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Grass Does Not Toil

If everyone practiced patience and understood their sacred union with one another,and that,"what one does unto themselves and others, they do unto the "Whole", with practice,none would desire more then another. No one would be 1 cent wealthier then another. Their equality would be known, and "All" would yet be provided with their needs. Just as all of our other sisters and brothers of "Nature" are provided with their needs.
Anxiety would be a thing of the past.
We would once again ebb and flow with "Nature". Our "Earth Mother" could once again find Her balance and gather Her wits of "Wisdom" that She has to share with her child of all walks of "Life", through Her "Bountiful Power, Beauty and polished patience.
"WE are in class "Here"; it is our church and its best that humans as a species is out doors in "Natures Grand Theater" reaquainting "All", to their "Oneness"; and that "All", are connected, codependent upon "All" others.
Our species is not designed to be behind man made walls,working for a living, as the "Living" is already here. We are naturally nomatic in our nature, "hence our feet", designed to follow our food source, as "All of Nature" follow theirs.
"This is a "Spiritual Journey", not a financial one.
But as a species, we are clever enough to deceive one another, do to our illusion of separation. We are led to believe that we must pay to live upon this free spinning world. But yet our "Earth Mother" sends no bills our way.
This "Industrial,Capitalistic Age of Temptation and Consumption", has got to go.
Man as a species must "NOW Awaken" to their "Divine Union & Potentual". And "where there is a will, there is a way". It has been only a couple of hundred years or less upon this continent that man was nomatic without fences to block their way.
"We must once again "Ebb & Flow" with our "Great Grandmother Earth".
"Patient, need be our souls".
This understanding of our "Wholistic Nature", nurished with "LOVE & COMPASSION" shall be our road.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look no further, Seek no More

Why would one become affended when another mentions that the "Earth" Its Self, is "Heaven"?
Shunning aside this wonderous "Living Realm" as if It where nothing special; as if we could simply "Google" It and buy another on line.
Well my sisters and brothers of our powerful "Earthly Mother", we would not be given our "Grand Entrance', role, nor Stage to play it upon and exit from, if not from Her Majesty, our "Great Grand Mother Earth".
There would not be a human to have a concept of a "Heaven", nor of a God to occupy it.
"Awaken, All are in and of the Pressace of Heaven", "Here & Now".
Could it be that few notice their presance in "Heaven" because they are told to look elsewhere into the future, so they never see Nirvana before them.