Sunday, December 30, 2012

Follow Your Heart

Media says: "THERE IS AN ENEMY OUT THERE", and in order to be a man, one must be rugged, drink beer, play football, follow the leader, take orders, join the armed forces, and learn to fight and kill others to get what you want. Heart says: To be a man, be one of your word, display good character and compassion onto others, take only what you need, walk your own path, and know that your only enemy lies within. "Follow your Heart, not the Media". (((Deep Breath)))

Sunday, December 23, 2012


If man was left to play as a child, as he was intended, in this (((Magical))) Garden of Life" and not "Taught" to be an adult, he would yet be playing. "A Child Will Lead The Way", not an "ADULT". Play with your Pets and Children, let them show you the way. PLAY

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nature's way

Man is to be awakened by the radiant warmth of the sun, the singing of a bird, the trickling of a water fall, the sound of a wave on the shoreline, the crow of a roster, the laughter of his child, a kiss from his lover, the lick from his pet, and not awakened abruptly by an (((Alarm Clock))), only to hurry off to school and work, to try to make a living and get ahead, only to die shortly after, missing the JOY, WONDER, & SPLENDOR of the (((Miracle))) of Life its self. His daily activities should consist of stretching, exercising, hunting, gathering and eating well, quieting his mind, walking along a river, the ocean, through the woods, playing with his children, looking closely at a flower, the joy of a seeing a dolphin and the likes. This was mans life stile for thousands of years, "IT WORKS", it is Natures "Way", and the way of "Abundance" for "ALL".

Sunday, December 16, 2012


No one or thing can make you "Happy", ( so give up on that "Idea" ), its not going to happen, stop searching out side yourself. As, "Happiness" is a joyous feeling which radiates from within. It blossoms like a flower, and it is pollinated by the amount of "Gratitude" that one has for "LIFE". And once it has fully matured, it will not wither. (((Deep Breath))) and smile.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Master Within

In theory, the atoms that made up the body of Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammad, etc., are yet, ever present, "Here & Now", (((Radiating))) in all bodies. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within. (((Radiate))) outward Gratitude, Love and Compassion, and you will harmonize with the "Masters Within". (((DEEP Breath))) (((AUM)))


I do not believe that anyone who elevates their minds to that of the "Buddha or Christ" state of Consciousness would desire to be known as anything "Special", they would not possess the "Egotistical" desire for "Followers". They would not desire to have trinkets and statures, molded in their image, like a modern day sports star. They could only hope that they served as good examples to those that they inspired. They knew that "ALL were Connected", and therefore, that which one did onto themselves and others, they did onto the "Whole". They knew that "All" could do as them, and greater, as "ALL" were of the same Source. They were (((Enlightened))). Amen

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"The Marvel of Life"

If one does not fill complete, with who and what they are, and feels a need to worship some one or thing, than they need only to worship & cherish their own "Existence", as it is certainly a (((Miracle))). "A Dream Come True". "Count your blessings", as it is all for you. (((Deep Breath)))

Thursday, December 6, 2012

God is Inside Looking Out, Not Outside Looking In

No matter the appearance of mans madness, it is yet a part of the "Ultimate Program" and the Harmonic Rhythm of the Universe. I do not believe that there is a "Flaw" in all of "Creation. As if there was, I would not be writing this very statement, nor would there be a reader. (((DEEP Breath))) "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father". ~Jesus All are fractals of the "Father, and or of their "Source". None could be outside of their source, nor could the "Source" be outside them. There is no "Us & Them", nor, "Us & God. Ye are gods, (((Awaken))) Would not one consider that "Existence" itself, is a God like quality?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flow On

One needs not to elect officials and their militaries to led the way, one needs only to follow the bliss of their hearts, and Life will flow into place as it is designed. "All are pieces of "One" Cosmic Puzzle", "This must be Understood", and therefore, all must fit into their own "Unique" Position and play their own roles, and not the roles of others. "Life, is an Ebb & Flow", play your role, Ever "Balanced" as you go.


The "Idea" of "Us and Them" is an illusion, this, we must see clearly, as there is no separation; ( one from another, nor one from their Source ). In our deepest essence, we are who we pry to. Amen.


The "Idea" of "Us and Them" is an illusion, this, we must see clearly, as there is no separation; ( one from another, nor one from their Source ). In our deepest essence, we are who we pry to. Amen.

"Be On (((ALERT)))"

"The alignment of the planets are now upon us". (((Emanate))) Compassion & Gratitude everyday, from now on, into 2013. Lets be the "Critical Mass" necessary to make a Paradigm Shift in human Consciousness. "Heaven, is Here & Now on Earth", it could not exisrt in any other time nor place, so, it is time for the human species to act accordingly, and walk softly upon our Great Grandmothers Breast. "The Mental Gates must be opened". (((DEEP Breath)))

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pharaoh's Illusion

Man does not need "Ownership" to add to his ego's title to survive, nor is there really such a thing. Ones body does not even belong to them, just try to keep it from dieing. Ask any Pharaoh that was buried with their worldly possessions.


Death liberates one from their possessions.